It’s 2019, but apparently it’s still not seen as socially acceptable to wear a trainer to a fancy family occasion. Alex Hackett (@Miniswoosh) and Meg Parry (@MegTeksir) strongly disagree as they delve into their favourite luxury trainers on this month’s episode of UK6. And to clarify, by luxury, we don’t mean “designer” sneakers, we’re talking SATIN TNs. Have you ever been so inspired by a shoe release, that it became your personal mission to find the exact same fabric and recreate entire looks to match? Sounds a bit extreme, but Alex and Meg have and this episode, they explain why.
We’re also lucky enough to interview Jeanne Santoli aka @Viewmore — the unofficial Queen of TNs, live from backstage at the Nike Air Max Plus 20th Anniversary event in Paris. We also give a breakdown of the event and obsess over all the details that made our heart beat overtime!
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