In this show @Frederick Van Johnson @Steve Brazill and @PhotoJoseph briefly discuss TWiP’s hiatus, then tear into GoPro and the failure of their Karma Drone. Then we’ll discuss low-light photography tips and finally we’ll round things out with a panel discussion around their favorite cameras.

GoPro fires hundreds of employees and says the Karma drone will be the last drone it ever makes.

What camera gear are you shooting with, and why? We’ll discuss our current gear choices as well as the latest offerings from Panasonic Lumix, Sony, Canon and Nikon(?).

One of the biggest challenges facing any photographer is the problem of making images in challenging lighting situations. And one of the most challenging situations is low-light. In this segment we will discuss some techniques for taming the shadow beast, no matter what gear you have.

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00:00:00after some of the long Hiatus this weekend photo is back episode 5:01 Starts Now
00:00:13walking back to 12 years source for photography news and conversation joining me today to discuss some of that week's biggest photo stories are mr. Steve brazzell yo what's up mr. Fredrickson some home sound of a veteran like radio voice from Los Angeles stepping on someone else that was the brassell eating out bad for you man Steve welcome back and to the show Welcome tells about you a little bit man not much to tell I host a show on your network that this weekend photo Network behind the shot that's been running a year now the latest episode just came out last Wednesday's with Scott Kelby and I've got one coming up actually with a triple um Valerie Jardin coming up next week and that's about it
00:01:13just shooting it I'm a concert photographer and and podcaster yes you are and I want to I want to give a special thanks to you Steve brazel so while twisp has been what am I A A you have been one hundred percent is a or in accident with behind the shot and all your other stuff you've been like I like what you were you were you like the guy that's the Army is like hanging out in the camp and you are still forging ahead with your M16 taking care of business on the front line so thank you so much for keeping behind the shot going official thank you in front of everybody for that it is absolutely my pleasure to be a part of the Great Network thank you thank you thank you welcome and also a friend of mine that I've known since my days at Apple Annie I think he was an apple as well mr. photo Joseph Joseph your real name I have to get used to not saying your full name
00:02:13it's good to be back my friend it has been a very very long time yeah what do I do what am I been doing so well with everything knows now I'm a photographer cinematographer videographer all that good stuff just making content making the content in these days I've been really big focus on YouTube and YouTube live specifically doing that live show for justice for the moment every Monday Wednesday Friday 9:30 a.m. Pacific at youtube.com slash go to Joseph talking all things photo camera image related and see if we can get away with talking about on the show star game that's cool and you got on your head on the whole streaming thing and I got to have to extend just like I did with Steve and it's an official thank you to you for letting me pick your brain over the last several months I guess getting my live streaming setup because you know you would think you would think live streaming is simple so I thought
00:03:13sure you want to do it professionally or even send me professionally it is it is a black hole is the biggest think that's the hardest part of it just getting it to always be good as opposed to oh look I got a good show yay it's hard to get all the time and I will talk about this in the coming weeks and with the setup looks like the biggest thing I've learned is you can you can put as little or as literally as much money into this as you want and your results will reflect that right now or you could just if you're sitting in a you have a studio space you did what was it over the holiday week you did a rebuild of your entire set up there and live streamed it that's right he was 45 hours of live-streaming just had a Migo going and so I can just talk to the audience
00:04:13yeah there were a couple two maybe 10-15 people watching at any given time throughout the day just watching what I was doing offering advice to read be great at crowdsourced a lot of how to design this thing cuz I ran into some issues got some suggestions for the hardware store the hardware store and it was stuck in my Wi-Fi network and it doesn't seem likely hand off to a cellular connection that I kind of had to put the turn the camera off and come back on for a minute but I'll talk to her for like something came back on using my cell phone's connection got in the car drove to the hardware store I should grab the two stories for I got what I needed I'm so bummed I missed that level of comfort that Joseph has where you just you know
00:05:13professionally with Graphics in the music and all that I can do that but then when you engage and build it like I've been doing over the past couple of weeks it is there's just the mountain of complexity to get this stuff done but yeah so much respect to photojoseph armchair quarterback perspective of it where is so easy to sit there trolls in the comments and things like
00:05:46good for you that's a good one and Frederick's been working on his for how long yeah it's been and had it going and then still you know one little glitch here or there is it's hard to see that's the thing I think it's not that hard to get up but it's hard to get those little intermittent glitches to never show up as Gremlins man I mean I literally was up until I don't know what time last night making sure all the stuff was bulletproof dialed in notes on everything and then we start the show 30 15 minutes before Showtime I start seeing this glitch in the camera where I'm doing this whole Max Headroom thing and I'm like really don't know why we don't know why we don't know why we have no idea why so now I'm going to spend the next you know part of my life figuring out what we're going but that's the cool thing about this livestream is that because you can I feel
00:06:46Joseph feel like it's a learning experience cuz each time I do a tester do a stream or or do something I learned a little nugget of something like oh you have to start this app before that app or you have to do that if you know in order to make things work and then it's just yeah it's it's called being on the front lines I guess enough of that show banter the first story that when talking about is a GoPro GoPro so GoPro made an announcement what about a week ago or so and they said that they are getting out of the Drone business you guys remember that Karma drone that they launched a little while ago the last show that I was on was the recall of that drone yeah they were falling from the sky is apparently in yeah lacity with a piece of you know several pounds of electronic gear on your head or any place else is damaging right
00:07:46so yeah so anyway so they're recalling it in there exiting that I want to talk about I want to talk on the Drone piece I think that's that's kind of obvious what's going on there but I really want to talk about GoPro as a company and is do they need to like retool do they need to sell to someone do they like what Joseph what's what does GoPro need to do to survive though. Just arrived at the huge question I mean getting rid of something it doesn't work is obviously business 101 cut the dead way if it's not selling if you haven't figured it out if your competition is beat making something so much better and cheaper and more reliable than maybe it's just time to move on as far as what they need to do their core thing this little the action camera they built their entire everything off of that camera and they're no longer the only ones doing it so it really comes down to competitive product in front of quality competitive prices are so many of those things out there on that brand if you see an action
00:08:46it's not a GoPro you're still going to say oh that's a GoPro it's like Kleenex is a generic brand name every little action cam GoPro they just got to keep working on that capitalize on that don't let that guy yeah but is it is it possible I had a question for the GoPro board of directors in the management team Mary's have they passed the Event Horizon well that the CEO has lowered his pay is only going to take a dollar in 2018 which he kind of had to do but I would are you a couple things first of all there are industry still that live on GoPro right I mean there are our video recording Industries where you can't get an easy camera somewhere and they still clip GoPros on you go on a on a concert stage and there's GoPros attached to drum sets all over the place it's still a very useful product the problem is
00:09:44that the GoPro 5 still works fine nobody is really running out to buy the GoPro 6 we've reached feature saturation so it's already recording in 1080P or 4K in the end they're doing what you need and their Mount system mounts to everything on Earth they don't have any features that are making people go out an upgrade to a newer ones I agree that they hit that feature saturation point but I also think that there's always room for improvement in this stuff as evidence by Sony entering the action cam space and taking a huge portion of GoPros lunch Sony makes it ridiculous amazing action cameras with Steadicam technology built into them and they are amazing I mean are you I will dwell in a blog post for this episode I link to that guy I forget is iPhone doe I think it is
00:10:44he did a review of one of the most recent or I think the most recent action cam from Sony and from what he says it's pretty amazing and it blows GoPros out of the water in with pockets depending on how you look at it as deep as Sony's it's kind of hard for a company like GoPro to even compete against that and then they tried to compete against Sony all the other action cam makers as well as DJI on the Drone front and you know and not really getting traction on any of them I don't think about this for a company that's had four rounds of cuts since 2016 and they've lost a fifth of their value in 12 months so my question would be okay yeah that you can always innovate
00:11:30what could go pro do today to reasonably compete against those Deep Pockets of Sony that if all they care they can use it as a lost leader and just keep dumping money into it what could GoPro do really to get the leadership position back and it's not drones obviously the biggest surprise to me was that the karma actually hit number two in that market will largely in the brand of GoPro right like Joseph was saying I mean bacon if GoPro put out a camera tomorrow just a mirrorless camera or something I'm sure people would be like oh let me go try that meeting and they're fixing all the problems the other guys have and all this stuff right but it's that short-lived credit that you're not going to your not going to change the world with free you know how people work cited in the beginning and then it kind of went away
00:12:30say amen and I guess the overarching thing for all this is that
00:12:35you know it as a as a content creator build you guys are content creators artists photographers that you know you do you create sup you guys don't necessarily care that much you're married to the gear that you make your married to the end product for any and it's basic physics if there's a path of least resistance to getting to the end product that you see in your mind's eye you're probably going to go with that thing which is which is going to lead into what you know our old gear discussion do you choose you choose the gear that you use not because oh this thing has all these whiz-bang features but the feature set that that piece of gear has fits the art that you're trying to create in your mind's eye I see the term you're looking for as it's a tool I mean hobbyist maybe more brand loyal than they are feature-set right so they may may live in that ecosystem but for people who use it to actually create content
00:13:30it's a tool it's just a tool you know I'm a cannon shooter not a cannon shoot her because it's better than something else necessarily when I grab that it was the most comfortable in my hand and it does the job that I need an N to me I look at GoPro leaving the drug business and what I think to myself is 2018 they're saying they're going to be profitable by the second half of 2018-2018 is a deciding factor for GoPro hands down if they don't start turning it around in 2018 I think they're in Big Truck Yeah yeah and there's other things that we want to buy but some other stuff so if you want to volley for you know a portion of my disposable income you had to put out something that's ridiculous unless you're like you know one of our listeners and twit Pro members Chris Berry who has infinitely Deep Pockets and buys every piece of gear that's available if you know interesting
00:14:30weather in the in the Trevor in the live chat said the Samsung phones exploded in yet that line still persist mean obviously these companies with persistence and money can get out live the spr nightmares but only for so long if you don't turn it around you've got issues and wailing out as it doesn't send you say that is what he says about Samsung because if you're a GoPro and you only make your your you know for all intents and purposes of one-trick pony write that trick better be damn good if you're going to be a one-trick pony That Trick Daddy you're a Samsung on the other hand in my laundry room upstairs I have a Samsung washer and dryer so you know Samsung can take a hit on their phone business or camera business or whatever and suck money from other verticals to make sure that that one stays alive if you only have one trick you're doomed right
00:15:26I don't know Joseph what do you what do you use are you action cam user do you have one no not at all I never had that you've never owned an action cam at all now I just I never had a need for it it's just not my thing I'm going out to dinner with the Drone in till I guess about a year or so ago me little bit last night I finally got the spark and now that's like changed everything I love this stupid and were showing me shots of this golden bridge we have here that nobody ever shot before
00:15:55hovering above it yeah do little tiny planet pictures are so much fun there he witnessed the blood yes
00:16:16boy first of all Steve there's no more video tape so let's just listen that
00:16:25okay Joe's grill
00:16:28Stephen are out flying we won't say we're probably should have been there but we are flying anyway I was flying he was shooting me seeing what happened and it landed I catch to think of my hand all the time when it lands just like to come down hurry hold your hand out flat it's like feeding wild birds keep your hand flat and will be fine up a little bit too much I don't know why just not thinking what I did and so the snap my finger and it cut it in the car pretty badly but I just grab the Drone off the floor I crashed hard after that obviously survive though I grabbed it picked it up and was like oh and so we went straight to find somewhere to the bathroom or somewhere I can clean it up and found one and get my finger into the security guard you guys seen anybody funny dad run around here and I'm holding in one hand I've got a soaking red wet rag and the other hand I've got my drone in a box I put it back in his little box but I am
00:17:28holding the drawing to my other hand and I look at him and I say no
00:17:34any good I mean you've got a really accentuated because anybody flying a drone were looking for him and it was this almost like childlike
00:17:53and he just goes okay thanks
00:17:58yeah the world's brightest Security Suite hightailed it out of there ran into a couple of the security guards but they do you do you hand grab your grown now when you when you land at Joseph sometimes I think of the spark that you can do if you when you grab it I don't know if this works in the other drugs from the spark when you grab it if you just quickly flip it upside down it immediately shuts off failsafe you just get a good grip on it flip it and it's done by itself so why catch it out of the air when you
00:18:5810 digits though I don't know I just
00:19:02alright cool I got everything else to say about the action cam space or GoPro in particular for a move on now but Trevor in the chat room did bring up a good point in that is did GoPro really expect at their first gen was going to you don't succeed in the market cuz every Market takes time to develop yeah and I don't think they necessarily did I just I mean I don't have numbers in front of me I just think it did so bad that if they had long-term plans they want you got to know when to when to walk away yeah I kind of did a ginger with a Karma drone you guys number Ginger remember that that was the fellas the Segway before Segway launched and Dean Kaman was saying all this is going to change the way cities are constructed and ginger and all these get a thought leader Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos got their hands in early one or were you know pushing it and saying this is the best thing it's a new invention and then they launched it and it didn't it wasn't all that stuff right so I go pro on the other hand was saying similar thing
00:20:02it's not quite as crazy about the karma when it launches going to do all this crazy stuff is going to have a built-in osmo type of handle that you can just take with you and pop the camera off and put it over there they had all the stuff that got us all excited and then it fell down the problem I think was there there was all saturated competitive landscape that they were entering into it wasn't a brand new hey there inventing drones it was they were already benchmarks for what was considered to be awesome and they didn't reach that so and then not only did they reach it not reach it but the you know the aircraft for falling from the sky so yeah I hope they survive I'm not betting against GoPro but I tell you if I have if I have an extra $1,000 laying around I'm probably not going to invest it in a GoPro right now I mean by Mike there's other companies that are doing crazy cool stuff that I'd probably put that money in and seeing that are the big problem in this though this whole
00:21:02storyline just makes people a little more conservative on buying a GoPro product good product 18 so 18 or so months ago on one of those GoPro shows it was the idea that Neil saturation in the products were built and are built so well because they have to be because they're action cameras at the west and everything that there was no big compelling reason to switch from one to the next one just because it had this new little Wiz bang feature when the one that you have is operating just fine so who knows we have in the show notes here and before we move on to that one of mine or actually let the folks know that as of this show we are launching the brand new twit Pro Community it's a way for you to help support Whip and keep us on the air and kind of Urdu
00:22:02Reliance on advertising and other means to keep the lights on around here and it is at if you want to go check it out to whip Pro. Com it's twip pr.com it's a brand new community it is based it is built on a slack architecture so if you're familiar with slack you'll get in and instantly understand how twit Pro works and it's basically slack with a payment layer on top of my charging actually it's free for the first two weeks if you don't like it you jump out of there and then after that it's just for 99 a month so yeah check it out I love to hear what you guys think about it alright let's move into technique conquering low-light situations so this issue
00:22:50and by the way these these topics that we talked about come from the twit Pro Community that's where we Source all the stuff that's where we Source our questions and shoot Q&A and all that stuff but low light is one of the biggest problems or challenges that new and experienced photographers face when creating images right it's all about battling shadows and even Cameron manufactures the main one of the main temples if they hang their hats on is low light performance you know or reducing the Reliance on artificial light or strober piano continuous lighting and all that so what I wanted to talk about in this in this particular segment was in Joseph's let's start with you when you're shooting in low-light situations what if you're a new photographer you're like you know what genre that I want to go into is you know let's say Club Photography where you're taking pictures of people having fun in the club at night and you sell those pictures back to the manager and all that stuff
00:23:50what should they be cognizant of is it is it the camera body the sensor is it something else what's what's what's your Top Line advice for those folks embrace the darkness
00:24:03but look at you go to sleep
00:24:10you going to last in August you have to subject little it have to be lit but I think that you talked about battling the shadows and I think part of low light photography is not trying to make it look like daylight photography and take letting the Shadows go black let them go really dark and embrace that contract that you have no but that's that's a perfect thing for Steve to talk about as a concert photographer he's got really really dark spots and really really bright spots need to try to make everything light and bright stuff we just completely get washed out but by exposing for the highlights you end up with some really deep rich Shadows that can make images look fantastic and all day about that I'm sure as far as advice I mean yeah sure that the better the isopropyl makes you get me camera the better like you're going to have getting some images that you want to work with in this little situation but Fast Glass that's always an important one makes you have something with the big big aperture whether you're adding on either one of my favorite fastest lens from Olympic skiers and all manual lens after
00:25:100.95 the great blight look like it so many but that's perfectly fine with me and I will explain all that you're speaking in photo Joseph terms that are way up here so fast glass what is Fast Glass mean so when you look at your aperture on your lens that's the case is at 4 at 5-6 F28 whatever it is the smaller that number the bigger the after the after being in the hole that allows light to pass through the lens and hit the sensor the bigger that whole the smaller number and then reason it to inverses because it's actually a fraction that before is focal length over
00:25:46the phone number to stand on its own so the the smaller than ever the bigger the whole the bigger the whole the more like can come in and that means you need either lower ISO or you can have a faster shutter speed to make proper exposure so that's what they mean by Fast Glass so you want that lens that has a really big aperture it gives you not only nice salad at the field gives you that much Boca that most of us are seeking for most types of Photography Steve Brazzle you are a concert photographer pretend you emailed now don't be self-deprecating you are a world-class concert photographer you shot probably every band that we know of by the way speaking of that slate and non sequitur I'm a little bit bummed I'm a lot bit bummed today because Joseph as you know I was telling you I thought we were chatting earlier the lead singer from The Cranberries passed away yesterday yes Dolores Dolores
00:26:46Gordon Ryan is the last name and I used to love that band I like parts of my life have a soundtrack to The Cranberries for some reason young she was I think 46 or something it's sad yeah yeah that's at that said so anyway yeah the Cranberries in 4 Non Blondes were on the on my soundtrack of I love 4 Non Blondes yeah zombie zombie zombie was cranberries at what was 4 Non Blondes my favorite song from the what what's up what's up what's up Yeah Yeah Yeahs all good Segway you are a concert photographer you shot like you shook hands and God selfies with bands that people would not believe and singers that people would not believe in the pictures and we will thanks a lot of the pictures in the show notes for this the picture that you shoot are in these ridiculously challenging situations right
00:27:43what Sexy Can I can honestly say I have shot and almost any concert photography for worth their weight has in the worst light on Earth probably and really Joseph kind of mail that you want Fast Glass right you want to .8 or faster you want
00:28:02to embrace the dynamic range one of the things about low light in almost all situations if it gets really dark then the difference isn't the lights in the dark tend to be more pronounced right if you have one light in a dark room suddenly you have clipping whites and clipping blacks Less gradients in between embrace it go high ISO like for me as a concert photographer we don't use Flash we can't put a reflector in to do feel light but you're looking at a scene that has more dynamic range I mean the lighting directors job at a concert for example is to push the the the world of the human eye to push the limits of the human eye which is much more dynamic range than a camera can catch like all photography it's a trade-off right it's it's it's a world of choices you have to decide what you want to keep if you want to keep the face then you're going to lose some Shadows you're going to lose some highlights
00:28:58and you have to make that choice you have to realize I want their face not to be blowing out where their arms not to be blowing out photograph to get them properly exposed and if you have shadows that are too dark you can bring them up if you have some blonde highlights you're going to have that but the key is any camera today high ISO is amazing I mean the cheapest consumer cameras today do really really good at high ISO when you add in proper noise reduction and and what I mean by proper noise reduction is
00:29:33stop noise reducing the entire image do selective noise reduction if your sky has noise in it but their skin doesn't reduce the use layers in Photoshop whatever technique you want and reduce the noise where you need it don't reduce the whole thing because then suddenly the detail in the eyes goes the detail in the teeth of the hair go with it do it selectively on the large areas that need it but keep the sharpness where you needed as well and you can shoot it a much higher I so yeah so when people are making the decision to buy a new piece of a new camera body should that be their number one concern the low light performance depends on what they shoot I mean if if here's a good example if you're a parent in your kid is in high school football in your shooting from the stands or in a marching band marching in high school football Lighting on a high school football field is not like the NFL it's really bad
00:30:26but if that's what you're going to shoot then yeah you're going to want to look at low light but if you're shooting you're your son or daughter is a soccer player and they're playing at 3 on a Saturday then it's going to be the least of your worries whether or not you can get low light because I get any cameras going to do reasonably well and Real World level low light really depends on what you're going to shoot but don't make the mistake I made when I first picked up a camera which was and actually Joseph knows this particular camera store in and he held up this the sales person he held up one lens and said you know luck you can with your Canon xti you can buy this one it's 70 to 300 F 35256 or you can buy this nice white one that's 70 to 200 2.8 and cost twice as much right and in my head I win and I'm not even kidding in my head it was well that goes to 300 in that goes to 200 that's better and my camera is black and that lens is black why would I buy a white lens and it was the
00:31:26worst mistake I ever made the by a variable aperture lens cuz there's a beginner I didn't understand that just assuming My Lens changed my exposure and so by understand that the money you spend on gear comes back and helps you as you learn not just after you weren't so you're saying in it if low light or if Catherine Lowe license isn't part of the genre photography that you want to tackle you can save a lot of money basically yes a lot of money through the lens the more expensive the space but it's it's not just the speed and Lil I got to keep ability those Pastor lenses are generally better lenses better glass better sharp is better contrast better color correction dark color saturation color reproduction better image resolution there's just so many things about a good piece of glass that make it so much better than a cheap one it's not
00:32:26new orleans's resolve more lines so now that we have these really super high resolution image sensors
00:32:35we and if you're using older glass it may not have been designed those really high resolution standards to buying good glass last you forever so with people when people ask us the question and we've all got the question I bet the people in the chat room you've gotten this question what camera should I buy right we always get this question is that the wrong question should they be asking what's lens should I buy because your lenses and I tell people your lenses like I have lenses here that I've had for decade do you know or more than one decade and those lenses travel with me and I don't want to give them away and I want to load them to people it's like these but camera body is it to get a new camera body comes out almost every other month and those are fleeting so to both of you guys should people be putting all their money into like you said Joseph fast glass instead of the next whiz-bang low-light body that comes out it's definitely that stuff we were going to put more of your you can just disregard the body
00:33:35show me a good camera body but it's perfect example so I only said we got the gh5 and then the G9 just came out which is more geared towards a still photographer I've gotten a few emails from people saying about the gh5 I'm really were still photographer should I sell it and buy a G9 like okay well this is going to cost you money right you're going to sell the G5 or so it will make much money but you're going to lose some money in the deal doing this is it really necessary for what you're doing there are a few specific features of G9 does that the other camera doesn't and yes if you need those features need those pictures there's no discussion about it but you really need.
00:34:16are you really maxed it out are you doing everything you can possibly do if you hit the wall with that Cameron you're going okay there's things that I want to do that I cannot do it this camera because of limitations technical limitations in the counter kitchen with that camera but you got money to burn go buy another lens or stick the money in a little camera savings account and wait until something comes up that you really really need I cannot achieve what I want to cheat with this camera body but this other model does it's $2,000 but it'll do it yeah people approach approach buying camera gear in the reverse whereas you like you know hey I see a concert and I see Steve shooting concert let me find out what Steve shooting with him to buy that exact same kit and then I'll be Steve Brownsville or Joseph is doing this amazing livestream if I buy everything that Joseph has I'll be able to do a livestream just like Joseph that's not necessarily the case I think if you approach it from the river
00:35:16person say okay what is it that I'm shooting what are the kinds of things that I want to shoot and then build your kid to shoot that you can't I don't think me and I use this analogy was doing the talking for a while back and I like you cannot you can't be Batman right or Iron Man with a suit that does everything that you need and eating it comes at you you just hit a button and now you're ready for that situation you have to approach it from the reverse and and you know in the case of these superheroes you're like okay what's my villain okay my villain has these Powers so I need a suit that can counteract those kinds of powers I see an actual you nailed it I think most people do walk into a camera store in want to buy a camera that will let them now photographing anything that that shows up in front of them for the rest of their life right so if you are shooting auto racing or NF
00:36:16football and you need to freeze people at Thousand thousands of a second and you need 16 frames per second will then that's the type of thing that's going to let you decide what body to do but somebody in the chat room mention this and it's true by as much cameras you can get and then you'll end up spending a ton of money on lenses you will in my experience keep lenses for years and years and years and you'll change bodies two or three times or more with those lenses glass matters the glass hands down your the glass are your speakers and the camera is your Receiver right it may get what you need but it's got a pass through something for you to see it and if your glasses bad you're going to notice that down the road so glass really matters but really just pick what needs for you and understand it may not be enough you may for shooting you want to be a wedding photographer and you go out and start shooting high-end Nikon's
00:37:12but then you decide you know what I really want to shoot on a TV set and I need a mirrorless cuz they're quiet as it's really not whether or not you know Frederick loves his Panasonic it's does Panasonic do what I need to get done and it answer usually will be yes but still tool for the right job for example with the shot that you're looking at on me or looking at me on right now this is a Lumix a Panasonic Lumix GH4 but the more important piece of it is the glass that I'm using on it so I'm using a 15 mm f17 like a lens and that's pumped into the computer and that's going into the hang out so people like your background slightly out of the glass that's doing that I can put a different glass piece of glass on the run to get a completely different perspective of this scene but this is the one that I wanted works for me now I can take this glass off and put
00:38:12funny camera that I want and keep rocking and rolling it but you know it's it's the end result that you keep in mind and I thought about the Steep as you know I thought about the shot long and hard right foot board blowing it and then and now here we are so on and it's interesting to because somebody what you just said about you can take and put on some out somebody said that they're using a Sony a Canon lens on a Sony body in the room and then Tim Engle brought up a perfect point that we forgot to say rent rent is so easy to rent gear and people go well but it does cost and I don't want to throw the money at that if I'm going to buy it but the truth is if you want to make the right choice
00:38:54rent yet cast of rent and that's great thanks to him for PostNet a chat room because renting get let you put your toy in the water without committing renting is like dating rights you can date a lens before you buy it it would just go where did you come up with this I just don't know what is troubling your rent would be good the prices here in Osseo for 6 months limit to hire I get to high prices in 6 months when we're not talking about renting for the long term for a weekend to try it make sure really is the gear that you want and in the cases of some really expensive gear that you might not need all the time the great example of be something like a 300 millimeter of to 8 lens if you're on the counter
00:39:54listen to holding whole thing and that Lens comes out and you need that lunch again next year if you're if you're shooting for money you can pass that rental fee along to your client as a line item right and then get to try out the lens and not even you know take the expense of owning the Lambs are paying for the Lambs you just saying in order for me to get this shot of this being out this amazing car that you want me to shoot I'm going to need this gear and in there is this particular land you go rent it from lensrentals or borrowlenses.com and build your uncle to the races tonight so yeah we went a little bit and I apologize to the folks in the chat room Michael John Barber I know you were waiting on us to talk about the the gear segment we're definitely going to get to that I think that's that's going to be one of the most sensitive parts of this conversation I also wanted to get both of your opinions on the
00:40:54C yes so we kind of skipped over CES in the new stuff that came out at CES the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada was just about a week or so ago and they that's where a ton of stuff some fictional and some real come out and hit the world and in some sometimes change the world that's where these big announcements come we look at it from the standpoint of Photography and what's new for photographers and there's a lot there was a lot of a lot of new stuff that came out Joseph going to start with you I know you had a chance to look through some of the offerings that came out what stuck out I mean we have to be exhausted about it but what stick out for you as a as a as a winner from this year show me to be honest actually I've watched a bunch of videos Roundup videos and I haven't seen anything that really got me that excited I haven't and I know I haven't watched everything obviously I was not there I'd be having to watch everybody out there I got a bunch of my bookmarks I watch him during lunch to see if there's anything that catches my attention but I have yet to see something that really made me go
00:41:54cool I can't wait to get my hands on that yeah yeah yeah I got to get it and I kind of feel the same way the big the biggest thing that I saw that got me excited and I don't know I mean a lot of the stuff is based on your perspective and what your mindset is at the time so my mindset was this live streaming stuff that I'm getting set up so I'm kind of looking for live streaming things to make my live streaming life easier and one of the things that I saw it wasn't particularly targeted live streamers but it was from DJI and their new osmo gear the new mobile osmo mobile but also an osmo a larger version of it that you can put your mirrorless DSLR all right which you know I was thinking of course I got to go back there on the Shelf I'm like I'm use that thing exactly 5 times
00:42:46so I want to get it but then I know people like to mingle who's in the chat room who uses his all the time so I'm like well maybe if I got one that I could use with my mirrorless gear I would use it more and specially now time live streaming cream content more maybe I need it so that's that's the one thing that got me excited I don't know what about you anything exciting I'm kind of like Joseph in that I kept watching every year there's something that when they they announce it or it comes across the news feed I'm like oh really and I will be driven to go look it up and nothing grab me like that when I manually on my own go okay let's go look at top 10 lists for for CES there are a couple things that found I found interesting first of all the new DJI osmo mobile is interesting to me. Because of the battery life of the battery life is much better than the current one I own the current one and I do like it but you can't get away without talking about the new LG roll up television
00:43:4565 inch 65 inch rollable OLED TV show when you want to watch it it unrolls and then it rolls back up like a projector screen television exactly a big flat screens but you always have to mount a projector on the ceiling or put it on a table and here it's an OLED TV so to me imagine a high-end bed room or conference room where it's built into the ceiling and the door opens and it rolls down or rolls up and shows and then disappears I think that is kind of a neat idea to have a roll of old television the other thing was why charge and why charge was a system if they got a bunch of different products there but one of them was a ceiling light
00:44:33that charges electronics that are in the room so it's it's distance its distance Qi charging basically and nothing's come to market yet it's that's one of those things it seems like vaporware for now we should have done a year ago they showed your discharging iPhone from across the room right in between microwave and if this one does you're just asking what could be interesting if this does actually turn into a physical tangible product
00:45:10count count me in that could be awesome cancer is I'm standing between it in my phone free free vasectomies while you wait exactly literally racer on the little green box still be good about being an early adopter and more about the end result in does this thing that I'm going to spend money and more importantly time on actually make my life easier like what what is that going to take out of the mix like this what did the Chargers make my life easier I don't have to find it with my phone out to find a little lightning nipple and put my phone on there and let you know it what would my eyes have clothes I just throw my phone over there any charge it so it makes my life easier in the car I can just set it down and it's charging something like that it's like I don't want to be that early of an adopter well but there is there was some stuff that
00:46:10really well ingrained in the system now that was announced at CES and that is everything had to do with personal assistance so there was a lot of new products for homekit don't say the word don't say the words a lot of new products for Echo products thank you the a word you know for the G word assistant so a lot of new home assistant products and home automation products and and Internet of Things products came out and I really think none of them jumped but that's okay if we're building bricks to make that part of our Lives more stable and more more available
00:46:47I agree and I think about that and that you wanted one thing I want to touch on Joseph one of the things that you turn me on to it with this whole live streaming Journey was a product from I'm at the fan right so that epifan webcaster X2 so this is a box if you if you folks are interested at all in live streaming to Facebook or YouTube one of the problems that I hit early on was and I have this beautiful 5K retina iMac that I love but still it would throttle the processor whenever I try to send a livestream using like wirecast software whatever up to Facebook or YouTube Joseph turn me on to this epifan webcaster X2 product which basically does all that for you so you take an output from your computer plug it into that thing and it streams so it is you plug an ethernet cable into it it's basically a computer and it's a dumb Droid and all its job is to do
00:47:47is to take your stream and pump it up to either Facebook or or YouTube and it works flawlessly it just works you know is you hit a button in your online is strange what you want to be using a lot of those boots with contact going forward so but the point is I didn't even know about that thing and I did some research turns out it was announced at a prior CES like CS last year or something they released it so I missed it it's things like that that make me feel like okay what did I miss this time around it seems like I'm just so much stuff there's no you can't you can't figure it all out without going down a personal tangent rathole to find the thing that you're looking for and then you find this gold of of device it's all the problem or just asked Joseph or just ask Joseph or Alex Lindsay or in a box
00:48:47teeth covers as with Alex he will spend your money so cool so why are you shooting with that gear and I mean this is the question everyone has right we're getting us these questions in the chat room like why do you shoot Joseph you shoot with Panasonic Lumix year if you were the one that turn me on the microphone or thirds and Steve you shoot with Canon gear for a particular reason let's start with you Steve why you shoot Cannon why you shoot Cannon why don't you shoot Sony especially considering we know Sony has some sort of magical unicorn unicorn dust inside their bodies when it comes to low-light performance right and you are in a gig you should concerts that need little life from it's mine I shoot Sony a really good question actually and yes I'm a I'm a cannon shooter I carry two bodies to every show I carry a 5.3 in a 5D 4 and I carry a Trilogy of actually I carry for lenses but the Mets
00:49:47Trilogy for concert photography 16 to 35 24 to 70 70 to 200 but I also have a sigma 15mm fisheye that I like and the reason that I shoot Canon is I started with Canon it felt the best in my hand at the time in the these brand new Sony didn't exist I'm invested in lenses could I switch yes but
00:50:08I have friends that I've taken out to shoot concerts with me which is rare but I periodically get the chance to do it and one of them who you know Troy he shoots for his weddings Nikon D50 but he also has so nice that he some that are normal somebody's converted to infrared their beautiful cameras when he has taken those on shows they generally work fine but most people that I shoot concerts with that try to shoot the Sony's are the Maryland systems find focusing issues in a concert especially the type of stuff that I shoot which is more rock and metal you will have somebody run in front of you and run away while there swinging hair and spit flying from their mouth and which just hold on have that picture in your head
00:50:58for just a second maybe Joseph wood swing some he's got the beard and so the thing is a lot of times while they have great auto focus in the Sony a lot of people complain that they just in that environment they do great low-light and they focus but when combined and super low light they don't Focus fast enough for them for me that's part of it I like Fast frames per second the mirrorless would give me that I would love to have some some faster frames per second but what I'm getting out of my 5 before does what I need right now I'm not shooting something where you like got like a Scott Kelby you've got a an NFL player in the air catching something in your going to fire off the 15 shots yeah I do three shot bursts and that's about it I want those three shots to happen quickly but I do it in three shots burst you recognize that there may be superior gear or at least
00:51:58you're in different ways gear to what you have but it's like we're seeing the beginning it's the art that's important you're able to get what you want and it's predictable when you go said in there you can go into a concert hall or an arena with confidence knowing that if you do X Y and Z you're going to leave with an SD card or a CF card full of stuff that you can then edit later and in other words you're not going in there experimenting right now in the bottom line is the camera doesn't take the picture iPhone or Samsung phone whatever into your hands do Brazil and you put the best possible hardware for shooting concerts in it and what they're doing or not a great photographer and we know he's going to come up with better pictures yeah it's it's the camera do that's really a camera doesn't take the picture and and Joseph said something earlier when he was talking and he said you know before you replace your gear have you really reach the limits of your gear
00:52:58and that's a great experience I shot a can of an original Canon 7D for years and I but it up against the fact that I needed better low-light performance I needed faster focusing excetera excetera when you have that limitation though and it again Joseph also mentioned mentioned manual focus lenses I know people who should concert for manual focus lenses that limitations sometimes will push you to do amazing things because you're the one making the shop but what I love to try a Sony in in photo pit sometime yeah and I'm sure Troy would lend me one if I beg him properly and buy him a nice Scotch I mean it's kind of the standard for most most photographers have a 24 to 70 in a 70 to 200 and then the third one is usually a 16 to 35 I have the 16 to 35 2.8 Mark 3
00:53:58and then I also use my Sigma 15 fisheye which is not the sharpest it's not the art series it's not the sharpest tack in the shed but boy when it nails and it's a really nice look it's just I don't know I don't know maybe because I'm spoiled by having you know that the mirrorless technology and able to see my exposure and have focus peaking in there if I want to shoot manual for something like that I'd be I mean I started shooting manual cameras my first camera was a Nikon F3 right so I know manual I only thing that came I had auto focus it was no Auto it was just f stops and shutter speed and ISO that was it but now with these two supercomputers we have that have lenses on them there's all these things that you can do you know including the focus peaking and being able to see your exposure before you click the shutter that that Linus security blanket is what I want when I go into situations where you know that are unknown do I can see I can know that Italy
00:54:58Austin Focus cuz I see the green halo around his head so and I know the exposures right when I press the button now it's on me to get the composition right maybe is lazy or maybe a technology another tool yeah it isn't Joseph what about you man you're shooting Lumix Panasonic like I said you're one of the driving forces that pushed me into the mirrorless were letting you push me until it was the Olympus I think initially you switch a DSLR shooter Frederick I still have all my Nikon gear yeah I have a crapload of Nikon lenses and F3 and F4 body so if you're if you're interested just let me know
00:55:41Joseph why why mirrorless why do you shoot what you shoot with a meeting right now you're recording yourself in a micro four-thirds black magic body right right so the the the path the muralist it's a long story but I will do the short version I had a Olympus om-d something right after I get unloaded me the Buddy a loan it to me to play with and I really enjoyed shooting with it I didn't think that I would I Was a Fool pranks nada nothing but I would enjoy your list but I enjoy the cameras are ended up buying one and using that it's kind of a my fun camera my home cameras always a lot smaller lighter weight in the Canon DSLR shooting with soap and got to a point where I decided to take a client project party or something like that and the results are grayed out of that and then I started using it more and more I got the point where I no longer wish I was using the microphone of course some of those guns
00:56:41Sonic Adventure meme over to the Panasonic side of things and of course now I know it's all but but yeah that's that's how I made that journey in and I love it and I know if there's any gear there's advantages and disadvantages there's no doubt about that many of the advantages of shooting this way like getting the exposure peaking of exposure through the viewfinder your colors that use under the focus peaking all the great things that we get to the bigger cameras as well so in the end and when you say use a tool that we use the tool that works for you why does it work for you I mean you could like you were saying was Steve Steve could take you know any camera and create like Rumpelstiltskin you know straw golden straw you can do the same you choose this body and system why
00:57:36a big part of it was just I was having more fun with it I really found reignited my passion for photography working with the smaller lighter more technologically enabled it was just a lot of fun I was having a blast shooting with them and the images were as good in some cases better than what I was getting before so why not embrace it it's if you're having fun doing it for free because I got to pick something to do for a living and I guess I've ever go into photography and I'll make it easy living doing that we saw the paycheck at the end of the day so if you're not having fun doing it then what's the freaking point and part of that fun is the gear I'm a gear geeked up always been a geek I love the stuff it's fun I enjoy playing with it and enjoy the new tech a but there's a lot more than you
00:58:36I made the change to going there a list partially because pretty much anybody that's here including in the chat room where all Geeks writing mean we don't log in to watch live videos or do podcasting or anything if we're not partially you know Tech nerds okay you love the focus peaking and you love the the electron viewfinders and all that all the tech that goes behind it was there anything when you made the switch that ever made you question was it the right switch mean in other words is there anything I don't say that you miss that's not the phrase I'm looking for but you know what I mean a couple things there a couple of straight up features that I didn't have back then but have evolve their way into other shooting was a big one can I can Shoot Tethered I can do that with Lumix cameras until recently so that was one of the big things that it was probably the only time that I've had that are broken up the cannon to do a shooting this is not years ago
00:59:31was because I actually had to shoot each other just the way that she was the client the room had to shoot each other so I had to can
00:59:41something else or something that I really went yeah right I was shooting Canyon in 22 or 23 megapixel whatever we're all 16 megapixel for a long time and I did miss that resolution a little bit
01:00:11but I felt it if I put two images side-by-side at 100%
01:00:17images for sharper than I was getting out of the cannon that was one of the first like real Shockers to me how can this be sharper it's a smaller and if I scaled the bigger Canada file down to that same size there's the sharpness so I felt like the effective resolution the effect of sharpness was no different that was that was a big part of it was a big part of the ability to switch seeing them or just as sharp if not sharper and I end up not missing the resolution of course now we got that 20 plus megapixel resolution in the microphone is not that big of a difference from discussions an argument to side one of the big questions that comes up when people are discussing the argument between traditional DSL ours and micro four-thirds like yours like ours Joseph the Lumix series is the lack of Boca or the ability to throw the background out of focus and separate your subject
01:01:17from the background what do you what do you say to those folks are like you know I still for kids because I you know and I shoot DSLR is because I need portraits that have a blurry background what do you say that to watch my last video from the store Justice for the moment where I highlighted the nocticron lens aperture to give him focal lengths distance whatever you put two side-by-side you are getting less of the Boca with micro four-thirds beautiful friend that's just science there's no way around that but that doesn't mean you can't get the book of you use the right lens to get it and you'll get it right like my f 0.95 lens that I have for micro 4/3 that doesn't exist in Canada can an F-1 lens stop making it 15 years ago or something so there you know there are the rare exceptions but it's not something go in the store and just buy the $400 price I paid for mine
01:02:17so there is if that's what you want the tools are there for it and yes those are going to be the more expensive lenses that crazy Chinese lenzo to talk about 2.5 notwithstanding nocticron F 1.2 is 85 mm equivalent to 42.5 mm F 1.2 so that's how that turns out to like $85 or something like that but it is is a beautiful ends with good salad at the field and if you look at that you go that's not challenge the field Anonymous today yeah and I love that limbs it's not a cheap lens is it is a beautiful inmate dies fast dollars with a top-of-the-line
01:03:04Lumix camera for shooting Stills if you were talking about still photography you talk about the G9 which is what $1,600 so put those two together and now go shopping for a Canon top and Cannon body or top-end Nikon body and a lens to match it and you're spending double that is shot an infrared camera a Sony with the electronic viewfinder and instead of trying to figure out what's this going to look like in infrared you don't know till you bring it up scene that lie as you change your settings is almost addicting yeah yeah it's all alien see us when they come visit you not exposure down two thirds of a stop and you see that change in camera it's phenomenal when you see your histogram in camera and you adjust you want to get your black black and so you take
01:04:04exposure over under explosion you dial it down until the bottom of a histogram hits that wall in the left me go my boxer perfect push the button to take the picture what you've done that I think the thing that the thing it's sold me when we were discussing Olympus so many years ago Joseph was Olympus and I don't think Panasonic has this feature yet Olympus had this feature or has this feature where you could do a long exposure and it would draw and render on the back of the camera as the long exposure was happening so you could do a waterfall shot and just open it on bulbs and see the water just slowly getting more and more cotney overtime and then stop the exposure when you want it right that was I can't do this with the film
01:04:55now that is a cool picture know you're right that isn't on Panasonic cameras have to ask somebody about that cuz that is a really cool feature a performance right so Panasonic just released at gh5s and I know you did a review kind of a comparison between the gh5 and a gh5s on your photo Joseph YouTube channel so I encourage people to go check that out definitely but for this audience what's the difference is is Panasonic with the gh5s going after Sony on the low light performance cameras and can a micro four-thirds considering the the laws of physics today compete with a camera with a larger sensor on the low light front about the S is meant to compete with anything cuz there's nothing else like it on the market it is a very very specialized camera anybody has the gh5 and
01:05:55this is a totally different camera this is a companion camera of the gh5 it's unlikely that is designed for video it's only a 10 megapixel sensor that's in there 4K videos on the 8 megapixel so it's a little bit bigger than it needs for 4K but if you're shooting still 10 megapixels is pretty small pistol shooter do we need to buy so he's ugly as 420 500 native ISO for low-light situations shooting 2500 ISO in a 14 bit video file and you're getting that because of these this low resolution sensor you have much bigger pixels in there so it's much better low-light Gathering capabilities you end up with much cleaner image so it's specifically for people who are shooting low light specifically for video and the other thing on it is that it does not have the stable stabilization in the body which for a lot of people that's just a that's a showstopper right there it's not
01:06:55and that's a very specific reason that was designed that way for people who need to have the camera not have stabilization it was a lot of situations were having stabilizer is bad it gets in the way of the shot it bounces when you don't want it to so this can resign specifically for those users, I'm a Lumix guy as well right so I knew that this was coming and I was thinking of me and I just I just fell in love with my gh5 and now there's an S is this are we Appling it like an apple releases a new iPhone all the other ones suddenly look like crap right I was like is this now happening with Panasonic in my camera bodies typically for videographers in cinematographers and filmmaker strives so I have a question for Joseph cuz I watched your video on this camera
01:07:54and if you haven't seen it go to his YouTube channel and watch it where you go through the gh5 vs the gh5s and I have two questions one of them is did you ever figure out how they're doing the Dual native ISO and the other question is isn't this a marketing blunder because if if people that own the gh5 which is really in no comparison to the gh5s if all of those people are going out darn I wish I had waited to buy the gh5 not understanding it's unrelated shouldn't they have called it you're the g h b v r v 5 for video where something totally different so it didn't confuse people like Fredrick I so I stayed on its technology I don't fully understand there's two different receptors or something I'm sorry I got to come up with a good simple explanation of it
01:08:54she's not the person to spend the camera at all it's it's actually gotten some of the other and Sonic cameras it's in really shows up in high-end video work so it's not this is not unique or particularly new is just showing up in style camera for sure they don't have anywhere near the marketing budget that someone like Sony or Canon or Nikon have and so this is why people like me or doing what I'm doing and trying to get the word out more grass just a naming convention at the gh5 low light then maybe that would have been better but hey you know I already down about Final Cut Pro 10 when that came out if you drive on the Final Cut 10 left the stupid Pro off of the name you would have played so many fewer people but you know
01:09:54calling it calling at low light version no change my blue light cheese 5 l l that have been really cold but I'll figure it out see if yeah it is it is it could have been like a g h v v right and that would have bet would have been more obvious the S moniker I think we're all trained that s means better with iPhone right next increment to upgrade to the previous so you immediately think it's an incremental upgrade and I'll be honest when I looked at the specs myself I'm thinking what are they doing here and it wasn't until I watch Joseph's video that it all came really clear that it's a video camera
01:10:54it doesn't have I missed this is BS and you're like no help that's it's not for you this is not for you right let me choose me for somebody else is very same for videographers shooting with Eva which is a bigger video camera on this is an awesome this is awesome for B & C caps much less expensive much lighter more portable it's fantastic it's a video camera yeah yeah it's I don't know I was just happy to watch your video and then find out that I did not make a bad decision and putting my love into the J fox 87 r33 from Sony I have that up on my screen here so I just have one comment on it so you want Dean stops of dynamic range that's like like bleeding Sony literally has a magician's working over there I don't understand like crazy like what is there a camera that does more than that
01:11:52I don't think so I don't know maybe getting into medium format but I could be wrong 3 it just seems like that be a no-brainer for you pray somebody put one in my hands would I take it to a show and shoot it and see what happened oh yeah but you can do that we just talked about rentals right you can just go rid of monsters maybe I should do that I probably shouldn't know I know I know people who shoot maryles and they loved it but more commonly I hear complaints about it in that particular type of environment but if it's the auto focus isn't as improved as they say it's supposed to be 42 megapixels 15 stops of dynamic range
01:12:36I'm sorry but you know Cannon CEO came out this week and said he realizes that they're not innovating fast enough and 2018 you know what kind of want to look at him and go yea thank you very much you're writing it the other day when I said to him is where it where have you been in other news this wheel thing for vehicles may catch on one day how many how many a 7 series did they release between a 5D 3 and a 5D 4 yeah we would our about 15 minutes overtime and went to wrap this up I'm jumping to our question segments and just for the full set of watching it in the chat room thank you so can I wear that so many people in here I was not expecting this going to be able to show up for the live stream and in the chat I am humbled and encouraged so thank you guys for coming in was FYI we will be calling our questions from the toy
01:13:36Pro Community as well as the that quit Facebook group both of which I will link to in the comments are in the description for this video but the first question for the return of this weekend photo episode 501 comes from Christopher Berry who is a member in the twit Pro community and he says as someone that is still wanting to create to create a successful business with photography were the main elements to focus on when Chris when you want to create a sustainable photography business that's the first part the second part of his question is when choosing a camera system what are the most important things to consider Steve brazel let's start with you on creating a successful photography and sustainable photography business what are some tips that you want to throw towards Christopher Berry don't you concerts
01:14:27stars for food right I'm probably the last guy to ask in that sense but really it's a business it's like any other business right you have to figure out what your car costs are how much you need to make you need to figure out how to charge appropriately and and one of the biggest things I see and I don't know why but one of the biggest things I see in the photography Community is its entire business Community people just afraid to charge what they're worth you know I'm I'm in this community and I don't think people will pay it in every business I've ever work dinner or owned there's been times where I've done you I haven't raise my rates in years I really need to raise my rates I'm afraid that I'm I'm going to be in trouble if I do and I raise my rates and you know what happens I just develop a different clientele and you have to decide what you want to make and charge appropriately that's a big part of it is stopped working for free and and and try and charge what you can get other
01:15:27it's going to be again like any business you have to understand your marketing you have to understand who your clientele is and you have to understand customer service right you can you can if your sole proprietorship and you don't have an office and you're working from your cell phone and you happen to go golfing one day and you're on the Tee Box in the phone rings you know what maybe you need to answer the phone when you're standing on the golf tee so that you have a response time the people expect any client that calls me I called him back guaranteed within 4 hours no matter what as well but I would I would people ask me this question cuz I put on my marketing hat and try to answer this as best I can and the response I generally give people as if you can it's a it's a lot of this is about positioning right so in trying to avoid the Rat Hole of the race to the bottom when you position right so you could end it you zoom out
01:16:27I'm mr. analogy right so if you zoom in on you say okay who do I want to be most like do you want to be a Walmart or do you want to be targets or do you want to be like if you're selling jewelry if you want to be the the jewelry counter and Walmart you want to be the jewelry counter and Target do you want to be the Mom and Pop jewelry counter down the street from you or do you want to be Tiffany you know like which one of those best fits you and it's okay to be any one of those but each one comes with its own overhead are you going to be Tiffany's you going to Brand Build you're going to position you're going to price Tire you going to be that you know you don't care if you turn off 90% or 95% of your potential customers cuz that one 5% is going to pay more than all those other ones combined right on the other side of it with Walmart strategy you want a crowd of people all of them paying for your $12 diamonds right coming in in the end
01:17:27probably going to net around the same but one of those people is going to work harder than the other right I think I would much rather have 50 high paying customers than 5,000 customers that aren't paying that much because on the 5000 side you're going to have a lot of people you got a lot of customer service and you got a lot of you know there's a lot of work that goes along with that 5050 people people that are that are paying a lot of money as a kind of general rule don't complain a whole lot of people that make less money tend to complain more and generate more customer service and more work for you so but you know there's no one right answer for that it's how you want to position your business right so Joseph what do you think it's too easy to go into it and think okay I've got to try and get everything everybody every Market every possible customer I got to get them all because I need to make a living and I got to take anything that comes in the door and I
01:18:27say yes to every opportunity and it's really hard to not do that one of the hardest things to be able to do in lessons to learn is to say know it's hard to see opportunity might be great exposure I don't get paid for with some podcast like really is it really worth my time to go into yet another one of these seminars podcast whatever them being invited to so I just got to say no sometimes you someone asks you to do a shoot and you know it'll be it'll be cool and you'll get great exposure but I can only pay you this much and you're thinking well you know that will that will pay for the car payment this month will pay for the insurance bill but that's awesome take this time should I say no is it was my time better spent doing something else
01:19:27yeah yeah that's that's that's one of the hardest things even even for non paying gigs right for friends and family and I I tell people you know you're the hardest thing to do is say no
01:19:38people that are in a better friends and family there asking you to do free work you know it's hard to say no and what I generally Council people as is to say you know you don't have to say no but you can if you want to do the game do it for free but attach an invoice to it and discount it 2-0 so you associated in this give in and won't take you for granted for future asks for every invoice I send if I had hours that I chose of my own free will to not bill for let's say I thought it should take 8 but it took 10 hours I'll build the 8th and I'll build 2 hours no charge
01:20:21because then when they see it they see the no charge and then if there ever is an issue with invoicing they understand I'm honest and I'm going to take care of him but I'm going to be there with them but there's one other thing that I want to point out because one of the things that that Chris I asked was from a business point of view how do you position yourself as a business and how do you how do you grow that business and in the photography world at least only show the work that shows yourself how you want to be seen I see so many people dump 50 pictures on Instagram
01:20:51and you know from one shoot it's like no no pick one or two put them up self edit yourself make a good portfolio and only show yourself the way that shows you well know if you do get the opportunity to shoot something that's not going to pay but it is going to be a really great project for you whether it's going to be worth portfolio piece or it's just personally exciting or challenging you just want to do it there's nothing wrong with doing something for cheaper even for free if you're getting personal satisfaction that right one question is actually a observation in the chat room is from Dan Donovan and Dan says if you want to make a living as a commercial photographer I highly recommend joining asmp the American Society of media photographers you learn about the business side of photography I agree with that you guys agree with that
01:21:43Giant and any organization join a local photography organization join PPA or a state-level or like I'm a member of a local level here in Southern California get involved in all of that type of stuff it'll always help you yeah yeah it's hard it's it's both easy and hard to be on the business side of the stuff because on the on the easy side is easy to be insular and and cut off from everyone even with social media you're like all I'm working on my price listen to do it I'm going to do it by myself and then I'm going to release it on the world and they're going to love it right but in reality the hard part of it is to not do that and is to say hey Joseph what do you think about this or hey Steve I'm thinking about pushing this out what do you think does this does this blurble text read well and then take that take their comments and incorporate them where you see fit and then move on
01:22:38so yeah this is the suspense up all right let's move on guys with look at that where the end of twit 501 we made it the Google I'm going to say the hangout didn't crash but it may still hang out in Christ we met Subaru we yeah we we've had a bunch of people in here watching thank you for the the live viewers that showed up to watch this think if you're watching this Lori play thank you so much for for watching the show if you are in the chatter participating or just lurking thank you for being in the chat where at the end the end of another episode of this week in photo the first in this new strain of 500 shows if you want to continue the conversation remember you can jump over to twit Pro, that's our brand new community in fact it is launching today this is the this is the first time I'm actually mentioning it mentioning it per publicly it's been circulated amongst some friends and family but this is the
01:23:38first time that it is been minted the show or the community has been mentioned publicly so please get in there let me know what you think like I said it's free for the first two weeks anyway so just get in there kick the tires and and communicate with us this is how you can continue the conversation with photo Joseph and Steve brazel speaking of you to where can people go to stalk you and keep up with you photo Joseph where you at online we just let it go to Joseph that's everything you need to know had to you too but you did yeah everything is everything is better Joseph and right now the place I want people to miss the most is the YouTube channel subscribe if you haven't already hit that little bell to get notified when I go live it's the Bell is helpful to notify when people upload videos are you watch those anytime when you live it's only live once if you want to participate you got to be there when it goes life so hit the little bell you get notified when when I go live 9:30 a.m. Monday Wednesday Friday and and then there's other
01:24:38shows that happened at other times throughout the week but those are the big ones and I got to say congratulations to me wanting to return to the universe and the podcasting and introduced as live streaming component so thank you for that on you when you do that show you play your studio like an expert musician playing an instrument when you do it's scary to watch sometimes is caffeinated he is frenetic he is knowledgeable and it is never boring too much coffee it's like watching Rick Wakeman on keyboards were both hands go opposite directions at one time but man I appreciate it wouldn't have it any other way thank you alright mr. Steve brazel man what about you where can people go to stalk you a couple of different places but first I got to just say follow photo Joseph on Twitter
01:25:38because he will always post when he's going to go live and it trust me it's a great show Frederick welcome back to you and this is normally going to be streamed live for twisp so make sure you subscribe make sure you follow Frederick Frederick on the social media so you know when he's going to be like for me I'm Steve brazel pretty much everywhere it's like the country Brazil but two L's at the end Twitter Instagram Facebook is Steve Braswell photography I love Twitter that's what I use most and it's Steve brazzell. Com is the website and of course behind the shot you can go to this weekend photo.com click the link for behind the shot I've done a year I've got like 33 episodes or whatever in there and go watch all the past episodes and And subscribe I love it and I know you weren't expecting me to say this but people should also listen to you on terrestrial sort of Old School radio School radio on the Airways m.com say it again I was in its KCAL
01:26:38fm.com KCAL fm.com in nowadays I mostly just do weekend Sunday morning 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific time and I fill in when they need it but I love it love it alright well thanks to both of you for coming on and we got Brian Fisher in the chat room who is the host of twit Glam he sang Just 499 shows until I take another break yes that is very true yeah welcome back my friend it's good to hear you back doing this it is good to be back man I've I've needed this podcasting youtubing therapy and it is this is really good alright folks I like the guy said if you're watching us on YouTube please subscribe and make sure you hit that bill so that when we release a new episode that you'll be notified and also follow this weekend photo and Frederick van and these guys on the social media so you know what we're up to and when were up to it and with that it is time to take that lens cap
01:27:44this is Twitter

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