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Well. Sorry guys and gals. It’s me again. Unkle Bonehead actually started to record today but just after he hit the button two thirds of the town of saint johns had a power outage. Thats about 2600 of us that actually had to get off the internet. I cant remember the last time I saw that many people out for walks on a Sunday afternoon. I dont know what happened. But the lights all got real bright and the three here in the studio actually popped. Then the power came back at about half power. So we quickly and I mean super quick like that Flash guy from the comics unplugged everything. And I mean everything. Even the cell phone chargers that werent charging anything. I’m so glad I dont have to charge. We got the power back but now it’s time for the walking dead and Bonehead isnt going to miss it. So he told me to do some quick announcements for you.

So here is the first. You probably dont even care about this but it will affect you. We changed our media host. We are no longer using the internet archive. As of saturday all our media files are being hosted at castos dot com. You should notice a huge increase in download speeds for the podcast or streams for all of our shows. We also updated the look of bonehead media dot com we a different theme. I think it looks much nicer and cleaner.

Another major announcement is that there is now a patreon page for bonehead media. You can find it at patreon dot com slash bonehead media. If you dont know what patreon is it is a website that allows you to support people you like such as this one. We have 5 different levels for our patrons. We started it on sunday and already have our first patron. Thank you Door to Door Geek from Podnutz dot com. You sir are awesome!
Now lets go over the levels of patronage.

The first level is just one dollar and is just if you only want to support us because we are cool. But you will also get access to some content that is only produced for those patrons and not available to the general public. This will include things like a patreon only podcast feed.

The second level is 5 dollars. This will get your name in read and posted in the show notes of an upcoming podcast episode. Plus the stuff from level 1.

The third jumps to 20 dollars and is all about advertising. You will get your name, website or business listed on a permanent credits page on bonehead media dot com. Plus the other stuff from the other two levels. To me this seems like a great deal. Excellent cheap way to advertise yourself.

The fourth level is something that I would do if I wasnt already in it. On the 50 dollar level not only do you get everything from the first three levels but the boss will name a character after you in the upcoming sci fi podio drama slash ebook The Organix. This doesnt have to be your name. It can be your podcast, business or website.

And finally the big one. At the 100 dollar level you will get to be an ongoing character in the entire series of The Organix. No matter how many books there will be. This can also be your podcast, business or website. Oh and yes you get access to all the other levels as well.

Another announcement is that the boss is going to start another podcast for his employer and will most likely be hosted here. It may have content that most of you wont typically find interesting but you are welcome to listen to it.

Thats it for this episode. I promise that Unkle Bonehead will be back next time. He is happy healthy and ready to get back behind the microphone.
Until then keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.

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A podcast for those who are interested in getting into or already are in the trucking industry from a 20+ year veteran driver.
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