TruckinNutz 012-TruckinNewz and Coverz


Welcome to TruckinNutz episode 12!

I’m back from my short hiatus. I was planning on releasing an episode about elogs but I’ve decided to wait on that because I want to have my companies elog specialist on the show to talk about it. He is way more knowledgeable than I am in that department. I’ve had a great 2 weeks. I spent one weekend in Indianapolis visiting my family and then had an awesome Easter dinner of bbq ribs with the in laws last week end.

One thing I seem to be getting interested in lately is VR. I’m stealing one the kids headsets this week to watch some movies on it in truck this week. Do any of you guys watch movies in VR? Where do you get them at? Do you put them on your phone? I know there is free app on Steam to mirror your desktop in the headset but I don’t want to install steam just for that. I wonder if you could broadcast that through OBS and do a live stream podcast in VR? How frickin cool would that be!

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Diabetes Update

While I do have two news stories that is under this topic heres a quick update on my battle. My doctor has put me on Trulicity 3 months ago. In those 3 months my sugars have been cut in half. I’ve gone from 238 to 221 lbs and went from a BMI of 42 down to 38. So as it stands right now I’ve been disqualified from getting bariatric surgery. Which kind of sucks because I wanted to get it. But it is also a relief because I didnt want to go have major surgery. Doing it this way means I’ll most likely be taking drugs for a rather long time but at least I wont be cut open.


Other Updates

I’m still writing and working on The Organix. I’ve got a very cool and long story arc developed and I’ve written a great Prologue and Epilogue. The story itself has 5 major battle scenes and 9 main characters. I’ve got 7 of my real life friends written into the story. With 5 of them being included in the 9 main characters. So that means that 2 of them are going to be killed! One is a particularly gruesome death. But it is a pivotal point in the story for the main character.

In case you dont know what The Organix is its going to be a muti part ebook that I am going to release as a podcast. Set in a year span of 2017-2018 a truck driver and his friends teams up with an artificial intelligence sent back in time from the future to stop other AI’s changing the timeline of the future. I originally wanted it to be strictly a sci fi story but it is turning out to have a lot of trucking in it. Perhaps the second book will be more sci fi but this one is definitely a cool trucking story. There is even a scene that goes on in a weigh station that is hilarious but shows just how stupid laws can be in the industry. I c

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