I know its been nearly a month since a real show. But I have been extremely busy. I had to put Clifford out to pasture. Well, not him per say but the truck part of him. We are in a rental truck from Ryder till at least August or September when the new trucks start rolling in. The one I get may not be brand new because I am still kinda down on the totem pole in seniority but at least it will be a Peterbuilt. I was promised. I’ll just be glad to get out of this Volvo.

Goodbye ol’buddy. I already miss this truck!

I am trying a different way of recording this week. I just got a Zoom R16 mobile recorder/interface/control surface and have been playing with it all day. I got this so I can record in the truck during the week. It can act as an interface to your computer to get audio in and out of the computer and it can also record straight to an SD card. It will also work as a control surface for your DAW so you can control the faders, pan, start, stop, etc without having to use the mouse or memorize keyboard shortcuts. And just for my nerdy Linux friends it works 100% with the latest AV Linux 2018 straight out of the box. Nothing to install nothing to download no kernel to recompile. Its just frickin awesome. Oh its got a ton of effects built into it. I can go more in depth at a later time. Lets just say that my workflow just got a major improvement. I will be recording on the Zoom and then importing the files into Ardour, Reaper or Studio One to master and convert to mp3.

I’m also going to share a song with you at the end. It’s called “Hammer On Down”. It’s an original song from me and is a work in progress. It will eventually have lyrics. It’s kinda different than what I usually write being its somewhat countrified. I call it Hybrid Country. Its hard rock but still has that back woodsy, grab a beer and lets do something stupid feel to it.
Working lyrics for the chorus is as follows.

Fire up that engine
Get that truck a runnin
Roll in another town
Time to move along now
Hammer on down.

Lets get this thing rolling!
Heres the links.


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