The Importance of a CB Radio


I got to be careful what I say. Not only is my family listening now, HI PEGGY! But I have a couple people from my safety department, possibly the big boss (Hi Dave) as well as a couple of our drivers listening to me, lol. This should be fun.

So just a disclaimer if this is the first episode you’ve ever heard there is most likely a cuss word or two that gets thrown out once or twice. But I do try to keep the show family friendly.


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This week I’m going to talk about a well documented and well proven piece of technology called the Citizens Band Radio. It can help you with your daily work better than any app on any phone operating system. It’s better than a GPS or even Google Maps. It can help you maneuver in tight spaces, on the road at highway speeds and can even get you out of a very dangerous situation. 


Main Topic

For some of you new drivers your company may have a policy that you cant have a CB in your truck. If it were me I would tell them I quit and go drive for someone that allows it. For the number one reason that a CB can save a life. Yours or someone else’s. I know that some use the “its distracted driving” argument and I will argue with them till I turn blue. These are mostly the same people (who most likely have never been inside a moving truck let alone drove one) that has convinced a bunch of other people who make laws that we should have a computer in the truck to tell us when we are safe enough to drive. They say don’t use a CB but yet they stick a tablet on the dash that a driver has to constantly take his or hers eyes off the road to check to see if they have enough time to make it to a stopping point. One thing about these elogs that don’t make sense is the warnings of when you are close to end of hours. Each company has them set up at different times but nearly all of them has a bright screen overlay either in red or white accompanied by flashing lights and they all want you to touch a button to acknowledge that you see it. While your driving? But the CB, phone, GPS is a distraction. Hello? Pot meet kettle, guess what color both of you are?

Lets list some reasons you should have a CB in the truck.

6 Important Reasons to have a CB and use it!

  2. Ease of maneuvering a 75’ long 13’6” tall 8’6” wide truck at highway speeds
  3. Communication of road conditions and weather
  4. Communicate with shippers and receivers
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