Episode . Travels in a Mathematical World is a set of 64 podcast episodes from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Hear mathematicians speaking in their own words about their work, their careers, interesting areas of maths they've worked in and maths history. Hear the variety of work mathematicians do. For more info and show notes visit www.travelsinamathematicalworld.co.uk
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00:00:00travels in a mathematical world is a set of 64 podcast episode from The Institute of mathematics and its applications the IMA sechrist interesting areas of mathematics and Maps history of listening to the podcast will give you an idea of the wide variety of work undertaken by my petitions in fact listen to this to give you an idea of that variety expensive do we've taken Humpty Dumpty apart no attempt to excel at school the answers to 6 weeks professional career was one time and I went time in the Netherlands it's about people being able to
00:00:59understand what you doing why you doing it and when you do say leak in which is which is structurally very architecture parametric equations interested in using mathematics to predict things could found took them to investigate on mobile how much congestion how much delay in the city center this new bypass is going to relieve sculpturing the computer generation 2D images from mathematical concept
00:01:59sussanne enables us to explain the generation of the Earth's magnetic field but it also has applications
00:02:07very very much I'm just at the algebraic Siri where is the engineer's are very much more practical as you make you want to make sure that I said the proportion RFP false claims in mathematics and its application the fully transformed and 55 people died during the evacuation absolutely haven't even taken off who's texting on the ground if I break and they couldn't get out so I started work developing computational fluid dynamics models to put it simply if you imagine the Earth has earthquakes so by passing Earth waves along the floor as earthquake does we could mop the floor we can make cracks in the Earth
00:03:07isn't reading level of prescription you want to know if you want to understand say the relationship between pressure and temperature and volume one third of people in Western society and its beliefs that this disease start initiated insights on the inside of an archery where we cool though it will share stress is very loud gossip I say it's cold outside of the company that did not help build and the way you lie what it is you bring it some kind of issue and so this world Optical tragic toys
00:04:06things be understanding mathematics you almost the perfect understanding you've taken away all the annoying bit Surreal Life if you wish which make which muddy areas and once you understand something you understand it perfectly or you understand perfectly why you can't understand it any better communication is done to people who are already interested they might be nice to take it to just a lay person in the street to that event then in principle you might be there just is very weak and I was at the wrong station trying to explain some ass to the curb
00:05:02set at that picture and dress and you want to hear more you can find all episodes link to from the website www. Travels in chains on your preferred podcast directory and make sure you download the full set of 64 episodes I don't forget to check out the IMA at www.aa.org.

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