Johnny FD will share the best and worst of his Nomad Cruise experience so that you can better plan for your adventure. Listen for travel tips and tricks learned during his travels to Gran Canaria, and Lisbon. Find out his future travel plans and why he chose to live in Ukraine for the summer.

Expect to hear from Sam Marks, co-host of Invest Like a Boss, on keeping your living expenses low while increasing your net worth!




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  • 00:12 - Recording in Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • 00:55 - Why Johnny FD almost didn’t go on the Nomad Cruise
  • 06:42 - The beautiful side to Gran Canaria and Sri Lanka
  • 14:38 - “Most people who travel have been to a lot of places but haven’t seen or arrived in any” - Johnny FD
  • 15:05 - Nomad Cruise adventure feedback and criticism
  • 23:21 - Living in Lisbon, Portugal vs. Gran Canaria
  • 23:22 - “Go back to places you really loved and maybe stay a bit this time” - Johnny FD
  • 29:13 - Johnny FD’s future travel plans
  • 31:19 - Find gyms while you travel the world
  • 33:30 - Travel and moving plans
  • 37:52 - Analyzing Johnny FD’s new net worth
  • 42:55 - “My net worth has crossed the $700,000 mark” – Johnny FD
  • 51:54 - Living expenses in the US vs international
  • 57:10 - Studying and learning Russian


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