Kevin Cook has a successful YouTube channel with over 125,000 subscribers. He inspires others to pursue their own dream of traveling and living abroad!

During this episode, Kevin will share how he found the balance of being present in his travel while vlogging his passion. You’ll learn how to monetize your YouTube channel including the importance of finding your niche. Find out if vlogging everyday verse once a week is best for your brand. Listen to the end to hear how you can stay in shape while traveling all year around.




Time Stamps:

  • 02:33 - Enjoying the moment vs vlogging every second
  • 05:01 - Working with Chinese government clients
  • 13:37 - Monetizing your YouTube channel & finding your niche
  • 24:41 - “Maintain your own voice. That's number one” - Kevin Cook
  • 25:36 - Meeting subscribers and Tinder dates
  • 34:08 - Producing quality vs. quantity video content
  • 45:47 - The beauty of Ukraine and traveling like a local
  • 58:35 - How to stay in shape while constantly traveling
  • 59:36 - “I will not get up early unless I have an ocean to jump into” - Kevin Cook
  • 1:10:47 - Sri Lanka - A gem of a city & surfing culture


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