Lýdia Machová is fluent in 7 foreign languages and is currently learning Swahili. Her goal is to help people enrich any form of learning with additional learning based on 4 pillars of language learning.

During this episode, Lýdia will share those pillars and how you can put together your own combination of methods and resources that suits you best. Learn some tips for first-time learners and find out the most useful languages for travelers. Listen to the end to hear how Lýdia runs her business while traveling including insight into her successful course creation and implication model.




Time Stamps:

  • 06:34 - An effective process and system to language learning
  • 10:05 - What is a Polyglot?
  • 18:09 - “If you can fall in love with the process of learning the language you’re bound to succeed” - Lydia Machová
  • 20:16 - Learning new languages for the first time
  • 29:23 - “When you really need to communicate suddenly you find yourself being able to communicate” - Lydia Machová
  • 36:00 - Immersing yourself into the launching of a country
  • 43:07 - Running your business while traveling + course creation
  • 54:36 - Successful conference events


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