Christoph Huebner is the owner of Schwarzstorch Oü, a personal holding, and service company in Estonia ran through the e-Residency program. Christoph is an entrepreneur by heart and has been self-employed in the marketing & insurance industry for almost 20 years.

During this episode, you will learn how to qualify for the biggest tax breaks and legal loopholes as a European and US resident. Find out the perfect health insurance for long term and short term digital nomads. Listen to the end for everything you need to know about the Estonian E-residency program.




Time Stamps:

  • 03:29 - Christoph background and introduction
  • 08:19 - Small company remote work relationships and meetups
  • 17:42 - The benefits of working remotely outside of your home country
  • 21:21 - Paying little to zero taxes as a US resident
  • 23:48 - “Paying a salary through a foreign entity is the key to avoid US national self-employment tax” - Christoph Huebner
  • 29:13 - Losing your health insurance when relocating to another country
  • 33:00 - “If something severe happens to you abroad and you come back as a care case than you might be F#$%ed” - Christoph Huebner
  • 36:34 - Obtaining affordable healthcare with short term and long term options
  • 48:07 - Calculating your estimated cost of insurance
  • 58:18 - The perfect insurance for 25-35-year-olds
  • 01:01:23 - What is Estonia e-residency & what are the benefits?
  • 01:21:40 - Will Stripe support for Estonia e-residents be available?


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