Molly Fiona Maine is a freelance creative from London specializing in illustration, graphic design and marketing. Her passion for creativity and travel has taken her around the world to 43 countries and now works with clients in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

During this episode, Molly will share how she brought herself out of £15,000 debt to working as a freelance creative digital nomad illustrator who travels around the world. Learn to become a digital nomad, improve your skill set, and ways to grow your business locally and globally. Find out number one problem for new digital nomads and how to live your ideal life!




Time Stamps:

  • 01:38 - Top coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 03:27 - Why Molly started traveling
  • 06:52 - “It got to a point where I thought I really need to make a big change now” - Molly Fiona Maine
  • 07:22 - Struggling to pay the bills and pay back student debt
  • 13:15 - Graphic design & marketing work placement in India
  • 18:41 - Learning to be a digital nomad and improving skill set
  • 24:17 - #1 problem for new digital nomads
  • 29:15 - Meeting a boyfriend with the same passion and goals
  • 33:56 - What is Wetherspoon?
  • 34:28 - Traveling around with your significant other
  • 40:30 - Growing your business locally and globally
  • 45:14 - Print on demand and the creative process
  • 48:25 - Staying in Chiang Mai in the winter and TR Visa
  • 51:31 - “Don’t be scared to think really big” - Molly Fiona Maine
  • 52:07 - How to live your ideal life!


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