The fall-out from major revelations in the Maria James cold-case continue, as her sons make a desperate plea to the Coroner.


00:00:02the song of a woman date has Thornbury Bookshop 37 years ago about his anger after police watch the investigation DNA evidence was mixed up clearing a pedophile priest who was AKA suspect
00:00:18for the past 16 years to take Davis investigating the 1980 murder of Maria James I've been on a wild goose chase now it's it's really difficult because any particular Three Investigators United work really hard the typical use to eliminate suspects was in fact an exhibit from another guy's arm Rachel Brown and this is Trice and investigation into the unsolved murder of Moria James
00:00:57we're talking about the possibility that they spray still been involved with the murder of my mother this brings a whole new order of magnitude is Kiest they would be interested parties in this that would very much like it just to go why
00:01:26my own blood found on a killer was used to rule out father bone joint and all those as suspect but the last episode Trice revealed a terrible bungle this pillar is actually from a different crime scene nothing to do with Maria James and norkia and I lost episode we reported that it was a peeler sleep that was the problem it was actually the pillow itself
00:01:50when Trice ask questions about Maria James is Cold Case books in July last year Victoria Police said they'd be held to answer but it mean to detective would have to sift back through that box maybe I'll pray being led to the Discovery business take maybe the case would have been reviewed regardless but either way we finally nor why these cases remained on soul for long
00:02:16Victoria Place is admission came from its assistant commissioner Steven Fontana to another YouTube Trace understand the pillow from a 1975 homicide Cold Case was sitting on a shelf beside Maria James is exhibits bag then at some point put into these back though Simla talk to the fam exhibits in both cases in one ended up in the other end. Probably sealed is not a cross-contamination Oates She's pure human era
00:02:51it's this foreign body pillar that's proven to babies cases greatest destruction one piece of evidence police have relied on to keep suspects in the frame over all the match with a worthless false clue
00:03:05but that's not all
00:03:12if it seems lining of the Spangled my child has been Desperately Seeking assurances from Victoria place that he's mom's exhibits and now being kept somewhere safe and he's being dealt another know he's been told Riley was the pillar added to his mom's exhibits back something else is being removed a quilt the bag was part of moms exhibits it was labeled as Maria James blood-stained quilt and somehow the quilt has been taken out of that bag and this pillow From Another Castle together has been substituted in that bag says he now finds it harder to accept the explanation that the forensics mix-up with just an accident what if all the killas blood that was all over the place apparently what if all of the exhibits are gone missing on one ever have an answer
00:04:12no evidence we may never know who killed Maria James
00:04:16I've seen a picture of these quilts in the photo book of the crime scene that died I was looking through it which were tied to Take payroll needles needles told him there's a good chance some of the kill of blood would have been spilled during the attack most homes they will have an injury themselves because I like going to the friends you detect they hand slips off the handle of the noise down onto the Bly so there's a chance the motor is blood was only quilt which makes it a crucial piece of evidence so how could it have gone missing
00:04:50Trace understands the foreign pillow and Marie's exhibits bag had very similar reference numbers if he's phaseable and office of Taylor Blondie Maria his bag now regarding the missing quilt as he had lost episode in 1994 thing and I haven't seen up to full he Cold Case murders was destroyed when exhibits removed from police headquarters in the state of a date to a new storage units a couple of Subs away
00:05:19Victoria Police has said bloodied exhibits were destroyed in the interests of occupational health and safety this explains Murray's missing quilt
00:05:29did Mark James is skeptical
00:05:33I would have thought that if exhibits were destroyed they would have been some records on our Tyson so that affect decidable in this case we destroying and they still exhibits because you know they were concerned
00:05:45even if it was just a simple note on the phone I will something like that
00:05:51and if this really was a buyer has any she icon understand why the bag the quilt was in wouldn't have also been destroyed along with the blooded killer from The 1975 homicide
00:06:04since the last episode of trace of submitted another list of questions to Victoria Place and again it's declined to comment it says it comes while investigations is still underway
00:06:17Victoria Police and what remains of Maria James is exhibits to its forensics lab for retesting in the DNA profile of the killa results should be annoyed by me. Timer
00:06:32for the first time in more than 30 years everyone's back in the frame
00:06:37Main Place looking for reason is like 32 early forties about 166 CM with dark receding hair and a medium build black James has been told police move first for cuz they if it's on a small group login with Maria about the style of some comic books the morning of her death
00:07:06remember police found twine in his backyard similar to what Murray's hands were tied with
00:07:13and there was the issue with a dry cleaners receipt with an arch about a possible blood stain found on his trousers next Mike James understand Peter the real estate agent might again be a suspect
00:07:25now just annoyed Kate this is a different patient to the paycheck who won the real estate practice Two Doors Down
00:07:32and then that the Telecom wacko that he had been found in in Queensland to a sexually assaulted two female and he had us some twine and a knife in his car is attention
00:07:53and remember Janet Hudson the driver Haley crashed into the suspected killer
00:07:59well in the early days of being vestigation she picked this Telecom work out of a lineup and this man dude looks similar to a place by speed of the killer besides you've seen on a podcast image
00:08:12but what about Jeanette hugs and evidence of recent Herald Sun article reports she likes it picked out a different man of the one that she saw off laying the crime scene
00:08:23suspect for the interesting piece of cake
00:08:27but heard his name in relation to the case but knew that he previously being ruled out by day and a but given the pillow book shop. James says he's back in the frame
00:08:38Keyshia Ka'Oir kill his former partner Vicky Cleary stabbing her outside a kindergarten in 1987
00:08:48Bacon's brother is Phil Cleary a form of federal and pain verify footballer he's been campaigning on Family Violence and Justice issues ever since in fact he was largely behind runny nose decision in 2001 to test Marie James is exhibits the day and I we've got my blood will never go to Price all
00:09:16and from that I was I was at aluminized play the k i s Cold Case file to clear he says he's a guard he spent days pouring over it to check for signs of pain
00:09:40Field House Mankato psychotherapist suspected him of Maria's Moto and so she wouldn't reach patient confidentiality she told a colleague to tell police they should question him
00:09:52there was also a 1982 Crime Stoppers cool nominating Care at the motor of which Phil says police never followed up on its symbolic against women and field workouts a story he's had second hand from a source he can't name
00:10:11K I said to someone I killed Maria James I think it was sitting ass karting monument and it was said to fry and someone which doesn't mean he was telling the truth he might have just been using it because he knew the person you of the book shop but I am told reliably I could have said I will do to you what I did to the woman in the book shop I press feel for his source that he asks if I didn't reveal my sources touche so I can't collaborate this for you
00:10:46I'm a strong he says cares a long shot because no clear connection with ever proven between him and Mariah so there's an absence of a little thing called Marty
00:10:58it's worth noting he Victoria Police has to divert attention to many suspects in this cold case it can't afford to have tunnel vision if criminal charges laid against someone any prior sustained focus on other suspects could be used by defense lawyer as an ex go pay for a reason why they client should walk so we want to make it really clear we haven't had access to Maria James is called cake box in that box they could be evidence pointing to other suspects with a coolie compelling Marty's this series is concentrated on Father's Buongiorno in a case because they have the strongest most hits wave managed fund so far
00:11:40I'll central question has Bane was Mariah James murdered to cover up the sexual abuse of his son Adam
00:11:48this is certainly runs got feeling
00:11:52Adam sexually assaulted by the first two days before the priest is playing in the purple box criticizing Maria did Maria go and confront him over the fact that he sexually assaulted Adam if that was the case then he was going to be cold outside your watch look for Marty and that was pretty strong and possible motive always been skeptical about saw the bone Jonah's elimination that's a suspect in his mom's death just bought and eyewitness account that the priest was saying covered in blood on the day of her murder
00:12:27and now the bloodstains exhibit seems to have gone missing Mark is sure still that something sinister has taken place
00:12:36I can't exclude the possibility that in the past I conspiracy had a code now if someone asked me if I could happen today I answer would be definitely not but in the past the Catholic church is being accused of of covering things up so I just can't exclude the possibility that
00:13:01they will some type of a cover-up Kerry Ritchie put these question to the assistant commissioner statement Fontana at a Victoria Police press conference back in July
00:13:19people that work at the church very powerful to be some sort of influences that is not of Fame hottest pictures of human error is not in relation to the mat and that's got nothing to do with the Catholic church or any other you know 9 times out of 10 it's the last time it'll take a lot to tamper with evidence you need access to evidence rooms you need to know exhibits reference numbers it's highly unlikely conspiracies behind the day and I bungled and missing evidence
00:13:59but then again it's not impossible
00:14:03do you want to meet up to look at Dennis Ryan the man who. Victoria to face up to the existence of a group within its police force colloquially known as the Catholic Mafia hit was at a great but I had Catholics
00:14:19think I'm fortunately guy their relations to the Catholic Cathedral North to what's I was sworn to do and they lost he was to the people of Victoria
00:14:31I visit him in Madera a long 6 hour Drive Northwest of Melbourne to learn more about this era in the sixties and seventies and about the link certain offices Woodbury to to protect the pedophile priest
00:14:46Dennis Ryan is 85 now with the same frame in a raw choco he doesn't own a cat hopes are to make today he feels some Uggs with water and carefully shuffles them one by one across the kitchen to the microwave but back then he was fuse in 1971 he tried to bring charges against a pedophile priest Father John Day who was being protected by Cartel within Victoria Place
00:15:18offenses committed off of that's so disgusting that the conspiracy that went out in my time
00:15:27is a major conspiracy and I didn't golf the highest ranking officer in the police force down Dennis Ryan that conditions of the Catholic cartels break going all the way to the top is if you shed by the former Chief commissioner Victoria Police make Mila
00:15:47he told the Royal commission he's pretty assessor's office Victoria's 15th police chief commissioner Reggie Jackson had become corrupted by anju influence
00:15:58Ryan's attempts to prosecute a case against pedophile priest Father John day so he must resides within the Victorian police force been hounded from it
00:16:09I filed to investigate that I filed to do the Judy which was want to do they conspired what they did was criminal he kind of comment on the Mirena James types of course he left the job he loved it used before she was murdered but he's socially seen the worst and priests as well as though he's intent on protecting them well the Royal commission has showered and I have shown in my phone under investigation
00:16:42that kayak hypable
00:16:46Discount Tire of collusion Dennis speaks of rings true with the many emails I've received from Lisa notes about the power of the church and when it comes to the church as rh1 victim tells me not to he reported his violent abuse he's medical records were deleted
00:17:05Audubon Jonah was a big cigar in the community with a great deal of influence within the Circle T traveled in I've received emails climbing father Bunch owner had powerful connections
00:17:17my James wonders if these connections could be the reason behind his mom's quilts disappearing would be at the behest of some very powerful people episode 2 he was sent to trial in 1996 for the sexual assaults of three boys
00:17:47it was a question but soon after a Victorian tribunal rules he had committed child sex offences and awarded the victim's compensation
00:18:01the Marine James exhibits were tested for DNA in 2001 and we know about that time the red herring killer was already in her evidence bag
00:18:11I've always understood the father born John I didn't become a suspect until 2007 so before 2001 baby nor impetus for anyone to tamper with evidence possibly incriminating him write a recording cold into the homicide Squad was sucked but believe it was Lighting on tonight apparently just before I had been in their father buongiorno was called into the homicide Squad detective dealing with sex crimes 100% that Victoria Police have
00:18:55advise me very clearly that in 1998 August of 1998 father born joined I was called into the homicide Squad to be interviewed but we can't tell you the detective name but I've asked him about this interview he doesn't remember it taking place
00:19:15the next obvious question is why back then do detectives not ask you and Adam even bother going to write a story with you doesn't mean assaulted by father I can understand why back then Adam all the self but particularly Adam one and I asked if we were his victims because that would provide a potential motive
00:19:41I'm sorry I just can't understand that and I can't reconcile I just can't say confidently one way or another within the Catholic Church what is even cooler is in to feed in this investigation
00:19:56but it is something I'm continuing to look into
00:20:00amok James wants the car not to do the same he's hoping they'll be a decision soon on a new inquest me Bongo UPS in evidence going missing not sure if it's being destroyed you know being told different stories about what happened with those exhibits are these are the types of things that I want the car in her to get to the bottom off I've checked in with the car that's called the James Brothers application to have their mothers initial inquest funding set aside so I can you fax in circumstances can be taken into account is still under consideration
00:20:39we know that Victoria Police array testing Ray James is exhibits hoping to find the killer of DNA if they do I'm hoping they can compare it to the sample I'm still keeping safe wood used to belong to Father a case twin brother to see if this pedophile priest should be added to the suspect list
00:21:01and I seem to be becoming a reluctant to try to obtain a someone else has contacted me offering something even stranger he's a book deal out who had a crazy arrangement with removalist company they let him into shops in houses being ghosted and he could search for Lisa Marie Treasures one of the shops he found himself in was Maria James's he says he took a collared of books from overdrive that was being used as a bookcase was just full of comics magazines old Playboys to let you know I just remember saying you know flicks of things across the Aging of the of the front of the wheel drive but then they definitely would books that have blood on them tell you no
00:21:50I was initially skeptical about all this the book dealer went into Meraz old-time 17 years after her modem would bloody books be lying around off to Old that time
00:22:03I mean trick to say where these cars the book Taylor has to rummage through a big storage facility to find these bloody books like a splatter of something when he does his promise to hand them over to place rest assured will update you on that
00:22:22this investigation has taken on a life of its own and we have to wait and see if the car and it decides to reopen Maria's case or is Victoria Police find a trace of the kill as DNA when they do will bring you an update
00:22:38sorry to everyone who's Kohl's or email them so far thank you the traced him and I are grateful for your legs and Maya can Adam James a blown away by your support sorry as always please email us with any new leads to Trice at ABC. Net. Are you or contact Crimestoppers on one 800-333-0000
00:23:01and I'm just typing that well I'm looking at this podcast really is a final chance to to get an answer as to what happens in fact I think that if this podcast doesn't succeed it's never going to be solved
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