This original Canadian true-crime podcast examines unsolved cases of the missing or murdered. Each season focuses on a single cold case in the hope of uncovering new information, while also exploring the affects each case has had on the families and communities involved. In this special preview, we share an excerpt from the show with you.


00:00:07Rachel brown hair back in your Fade to let you know about a podcast I thought you might want to check out if you like to trace then you might also be interested in someone knows something much like Trace each season of SKS focuses on a single Cold Case she's now in its third season and this time it's investigating the murders of two black teenagers in the u.s. in the 1960's hippie Revolt in 1964 the Ku Klux Klan and he returns to Mississippi with Thomas More who's the brother of one of the victims to get the case reopened and to confront The Clansman according to the FBI informant surprised
00:01:07find that D in Morehead survive the journey from the homochitto forest to Parker's Landing
00:01:14upon arrival the boys were dragged out of the trunk and thrown on the ground
00:01:19Charles Moore was chained to a 1944 Willys Army Jeep engine Henry D was attached to some old train rails and flywheels
00:01:30Jack Seal James Ford seals brother said that they discussed shooting the boys but decided not to because it would have gotten Blood on the boat
00:01:41clients when asked one of the boys if they knew what was going to happen to them
00:01:46she noted that he did and one by one they were taken by boat out onto the Old River Henry D first followed by Charles and thrown overboard while still alive
00:02:07this is what's on Bald Hill Road in the Bronx
00:02:11and prepared and tossed over to misanthrope
00:02:19according to the reports
00:02:22they were still alive
00:02:35what is a gram site
00:02:38no one at this father the last
00:02:42Menace II with that child would have to do is on this phase today
00:02:50it's a goddamn thing
00:02:53I plan to do something by
00:03:01that's from the podcast someone knows something if you'd like to hear more you can listen And subscribe wherever you get your podcasts ogre she cbc.ca forward slash SKS to find out more if you haven't already listen to make sure you go.

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