On this hour:  Hardy is in for Rich.  Manu Ginobili has retired.  We go over his career highlight killing a bat.  Odell Beckham has signed a big contract with the Giants.  Was it the right move?  John Sterling was very depressed after the Yankees loss.  Shaq Mason has signed an extension with the Patriots.  Belichick spoke to the media reguarding Mason, Decker and Guererro.....Kind of

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00:00:02okay men it gives it a little or will al Lowe hello welcome to our program the growing from Panama City not animosity is a nice place and what do not let me her show down there yet I'm not I don't think they're good or not plus we would
00:00:53it's been going on not only when I'm a member who I am %HESITATION and %HESITATION rate but at the and on the land plan now and not only in front and I made a mental than a poem and please enter my hammer out I'm I am I am
00:01:33now good morning rich radio program town fair tire studio six one seven seven nine zero ninety eight five parties in for rich today everyone seems to have a crude all this vacation I don't know I know how Wall active but love you get four weeks right yeah I
00:02:13did not take any vacation time in February so did you take it in March now so you were here the whole winter yup so that's the time to take vacation I agree and it didn't happen because there were Celtic things there were Brian things so I didn't do
00:02:29any of that and here I am took two weeks off during the summer plus an extra day here at the end of the week it out internet a rich is gone he seems to have gone like the last like every other week seems like everyone I have five
00:02:47weeks it seems like everyone has more vacation may well you all this is I heard you say this last week yet it everybody feels that way everybody goes on vacation or is not a vacation and seems like everyone else is on vacation and when you come back you're
00:03:03like the only one where is everybody around here no no no no no no no that not true you get the same vacations everybody else does people just use it up different you were called for a week and a half yeah you're going to that's what everybody's saying
00:03:19does Fred ever work does Fred ever work here's the deal if you're here and other people are going to like everyone gets more because they're not but I will tell you this is that this year's a little bit different because I was here the fourth of July and
00:03:32I everyone's takes the week before Labor Day off so it's like I'm here for a hearty it's all perception as I know everyone takes a week of it except for all I don't know me I'll be working every day Labor Day weekend well life love you like being
00:03:50on the golf course it doesn't matter whether I like it or not if you don't have to look at it as part of a deal out is that you have to do the girl turned well what my one more year they didn't know was going to be around
00:04:03next Labor Day we now but I'm sure that something that will never be able to see but I'm sure that if you it dead if you were negotiating if you've conceded that that you had to read receive something in return it's a give and take all yeah so
00:04:22I mean lived through in the Briar patch your huge golf fan and you got to do how many hours a day do you two of four hours a day are and then you how often do you hate how long do you hang out after that me the boys
00:04:34to go get a couple of cocktails after their round you know will be going to the club house and got a re hash no I have got to the point now where %HESITATION the thrill is by no means gone but I am not getting there road style two
00:04:50hours ahead of ahead of you know the the time out my rook reporting time just to wander the practice range and do all that stuff one or two days I'll get there maybe an hour before I get on the air and walk the course and go over the
00:05:03range but I get I get plenty of golf while I'm there so do you stay after your shift I'm not maybe one day if if I can get myself into one of the skybox allies like doesn't I I think the company has a scandal of the navy to
00:05:20wander into I don't know easily as well yet you just what you know what wallet punch a wander in there and see what happens when you get to the to the four level security and see what happens when a rising wander into the sky but I'm saying I
00:05:33surprise you weren't you the host of the gall show heard every weekend on this radio station were not insignia and an invitation I'm surprised by a lot of crap but yeah that would be one of them I you would think I would automatically be given a sky back
00:05:46skybox LA pass every single day US but it's not well really we got on yeah everyday will this function like one day I might get thrown okay yeah we were only there the one day and it was on that part three so got boring like on the sixth
00:06:02on sixteen bits on it it's on it eighteen now and it's better is he's he's got a box I think that's where it is this year my understanding is it is on a T. I don't think it's out of these visiting answers sports hub thing like the sports
00:06:15hub is the station that broadcasts from their there for the sports up gets that I shall I a club so where what point hearty you brought it up at what point did golfers stop going in and having in the the nineteenth hole in going in and drinking after
00:06:33the tournament after the rounds like professional golfers yes I'm sure some still do but it's after Tiger Woods when everybody started taking the the fitness aspect of the game much more seriously like now I gotta go practice now because there was a time where people would like everybody
00:06:49they would go into everyone look like Craig Stadler was great though I mean you could go I mean Norman did it I mean I mean you could be fair in go in and have cocktails I mean it doesn't mean that he's you know eating seventy five cheese burger
00:07:02and more of a more serious attention to the and they started treating it as as other I I guess a lead athletes did but I'm quite used to get waste then she said that about all four eyed little devil used to burn aged wasted burnings with them specs
00:07:21but I think I don't know if it's so much a golf thing Fred is it is like a cultural thing I mean like Larry Bird used to crush beers after the game I know that that was that was a college Wallace used to crush peers at games well
00:07:36that's what he would be the eight the ire that he wouldn't raise shower were hiding so you know at some point I don't know yet you know pick a point nine these like mid nineties guys started taking things a little more seriously in terms of that I'm sure
00:07:51they're always you know they get the guys would never touched the stuff after a game but in terms of like just normal people want to have a beer after a game but that that seems to have ended like twenty twenty five years ago don't like that now you
00:08:04hear about guys that link like Josh Gordon said that a bunch of them drink before games not like drunk but drink before games which is hard to imagine playing football even after you've had a couple that I could see it being high but I couldn't see it either
00:08:21the growth of my god Hey guys Hey baby what's up not much I'm up early every morning I was up at three thirty this morning and the radio in the truck on is what is going on ninety eight five sports are caught on so Amy this morning was
00:08:39%HESITATION she spent about fifteen minutes talking about my new retiree the other three hours in the track she was talking about the old school and reminiscing taking calls callers saying so what about the actual sketch and I do hear yes used in them and she was so happy
00:09:00at the end of the show she was like she was like I love the show yeah it is the you know in day guys again what what about the thing you put your face in with that males and then use they are yeah that existed well boy remain
00:09:18issues we have how many of you have heard of trivial pursuit okay the one I heard driving in it in bumper to bumper traffic at five o'clock in the morning on the expressway is worse at five than it is at night looking John give me back on the
00:09:35bed sick how do you like your new line love can't nodes of that that is not bad except at five o'clock this morning is the worst I've ever seen yep but the one I heard someone called in sick setting your remembered Twinkies as like you can go get
00:09:54a twenty right now or even he is probably one in this bill okay remember jolt Cola Cola yep dad certainly did exist all the sugar twice the Kathy that jolt that was so you know that that's certainly did exist Amy but it may have even been a muse
00:10:11said what about Twinkies yeah that he even with a box of Twinkies in a grocery store right now they never stop making him when he's talking but I don't see what's funny about that like remember that well you don't understand funny Fred I know but just trees on
00:10:30a nationally syndicated radio show I think she knows what she's doing is absolutely true that's absolutes that is a a shift that everyone would adore national national talking to all the the people that you're talking to a couple hundred people in Boston she's talking to a couple hundred
00:10:48million across the country so I mean that's true I mean there are a hundred million people who listening to each other icing couple hundred million oh yeah a couple hundred million yep it's like the last episode of mash every night with their all right take coming up what
00:11:04happened last night so the they can John said the Yankees lose the news on the patriots montages nods to nobly just like %HESITATION we heard is retired and no doubt back on the that'll chance meeting huge mistake he these seeds are we don't have anymore Hey we don't
00:11:22have all the sports minutes any what yeah we don't really I forgot about that habit of it tastic okay so there you go let more time for us to speak fantastic are a it's five catcher in boards you got the audio in the we got the party that
00:11:52I got all kinds of audio anyone alright you tell me the audio that you want to read I'm not going on and I will play it all right now about a minute you know you just want to roll right in doing his blogs got some stuff on I
00:12:09might have been on my night so model I got it I got it I think mono backed yeah so here it is it's an easy walk along border hears about back I would you got a ton of crap for that too for killing a bat yeah I bet
00:12:51you that there were all kinds of psychopaths after him but blogger according to you your research that was probably about the highlight of the man's career it's interesting because he retired yesterday at the age of forty one is a key part of all the San Antonio Spurs teams
00:13:06but he wasn't necessarily starter and you look at all of his numbers he never ever twenty points a game never led the league in anything you know average whatever was four rebounds and four assists a game wasn't a starter for the last seven years of his career and
00:13:19frankly when the spurs a really really good he was at the start of their either and yet I look and unanimously across the board he's considered a first ballot hall of Famer and I find that very odd and it's one of those rare instances because I thought about
00:13:36it till like okay yeah hall of Famer but the numbers don't back it up right we're it just because he played for irony was on those good teams now the argument is overseas he was really good he won a gold medal with Argentina in two thousand four he
00:13:49was a Euroleague final say that's the problem with that kind of thing overseas factors in that's the problem with the basketball hall of fame right is that it makes no sense it's everybody whether you are modern generally whether what with it whether your look lebron James or the
00:14:05best high school player to ever come out of Costa Rica brought you're going into the same hall of fame is one that right basketball hall of fame now is impressive the basketball hall of fame but it's in a mall right %HESITATION yes it's part of a mall in
00:14:19Springfield Massachusetts right across the hallway from a subway okay so it's a it's a very very Johnson's right across the street right across the hallway from the subway I'm telling you it's true how how last year because the hockey hall of fame is very very small and it's
00:14:37in a mall odious y'all yeah it's it's a small town okay yeah it's not in a living there okay well yeah it's not impressive at all but but take away the the the notion that the hall of fame for basketball you know includes everybody from all walks of
00:14:52life and all that stuff I IC general Billy as that guy who when he said I'm like oh yeah he's really he was really good again you watched him he seemed to be doing a lot yeah you know and I know you don't get in the hall of
00:15:06fame by four movement away from the ball but but if you will has that movement away from the ball guide you you list the advanced stats like office of rating and defensive rating in over the last twenty two years his net rating which is defensive from off or
00:15:19whatever the case will be better than Tim Duncan's his overall plus minus in the last twenty two years is like third best all time I mean if you look at this kind of stuff you like okay some for the stat gigs something for guys who watch the game
00:15:33hall of Famer Barrett was there it's a you know it's a lot of fun of those stats yeah we're just invented cell if you played anywhere before the year two thousand five you don't have the benefit of those stats is kinda like as we are in the dell
00:15:47technologies championship week he's kind of like Freddie couples Freddie couples baby boom boom couples right his hall of Famer right ready yeah well I mean everybody knows me seems like you guys yeah he is really really good how many majors a one one really won the masters but
00:16:04he had a certain roommate in college I hadn't heard this story have you know I have now I'll let you know this you know who your own with and I do not young Harry reams of Deep Throat fan the two of them were on the golf team accused
00:16:22of a young Harry redeems no I'm just kidding he lived with a he roomed with Andy Gibbs I need to take a year off after Indy get died how do you give died I want to say it was some kind of old now wasn't asphyxiation it was something
00:16:41a little under toward if I remember her exit because I'm I'm guessing he died of an overdose he could do was never in the Bee Gees are he was only thirty years old when he died in I still haven't gotten over it eight thirty AM on mon March
00:16:58tenth nineteen eighty eight he had some my chest pains he slumped into unconsciousness and died as a role a result of %HESITATION I'm gonna go with myocarditis I'd go with overdose I'm I'm at think that's how it's pronounced how do you die inflammatory cardiomyopathy inflammation of the heart
00:17:21muscle now how do you get information to the heart muscle drugs now which drugs give you information of the heart muscle Tylenol that's not true that's not good for your liver the I don't know if you can't be taking that stuff walk you take down all I know
00:17:37we take their Advil yes gotta be careful about that too put a hole in his stomach Cali cocaine addiction and behavioral problems was the rabble rouser o'kane binges reading here well as opposed to most people who do cocaine for fifteen minutes and then let it alone well that
00:17:57was a fine line of cocaine now I will know nothing about this drug makes me crave another yet but it was a nice online okay now I'll be on my way would you like some more cooking Sir nothing I'm set said no one ever I I gotta get
00:18:14to bed guys I apologize if I am to awaken feel far too good to want this feeling to continue ninety hours later but now I feel awful can I can I recapture the feeling for fifteen seconds by doing another line by all means give me one yeah that's
00:18:31why can't do cocaine I never would do cocaine is that I don't think I'd survive the next day when all your Sir tone is been taken out of your head all like what is it dopamine and serotonin whatever it is what do you what do you do what
00:18:47all I reminisce we went supported hearty back fifteen and just you just I think it is an arms folded you see that looked wistful look at this not wistful it's god I never want to feel that again well it's just that the next day the next day is
00:19:09so awful what I mean like the the night after or the morning after and then the next day is so bad yet my dear friend stood on his balcony it was gonna jump off because he he couldn't handle coming down off of it yeah yeah %HESITATION it's depressing
00:19:26is what it is but I would imagine when every single receptor in your brain is released every chemical that again that causes good feelings that the next day might be a little bit of a tough road to hoe a bit of a let down yeah I would imagine
00:19:39it like when your brain has to go out and I'm gonna build all this crap up again there you go you're gonna feel real sad for a long time your friends just like all right dude does not me out for awhile when you wake up to all be
00:19:55better off yep that's why can't that's why I never did cocaine I never touched it is because I was deathly afraid of the next day have first fifteen minutes is good though see I don't know if I can do something that's been hard on every scene you look
00:20:10like really don't I think it's that look Freddy I agree it's that look in his eyes of my god does both awesome and horrible not even you know what I'm not doing the justices smoke fifteen minutes I'm not a total moron full sized myself for fifty I was
00:20:31gonna say I'm %HESITATION than that yeah I was going to say that's the pretty quick turnaround now that's like us all like what is that stuff go D. the the the hallucinogen that supposed to be like insane the empty hall yeah he was glad that you like what
00:20:52the hell is wrong right what would you possibly want to do that see that's the thing with the with with that you're told ahead of time it's a nightmare right you take this and it's a nightmare in it's like you know it only lasts five minutes but it
00:21:05will seem to you like two days right but people take it anyway at least with other drugs and they're all you know almost all bad ideas up you say okay this can be a nightmare the next day but tonight's gonna be really really fun whom okay you weigh
00:21:23the consequences on your mind he might give it a shot your shouldn't but but that was like Mitch Hedberg on heroin like people were coming up to him by the way I saw him like three not in concert I saw him at the thrashers game he was doing
00:21:36stuff for me is doing the voices doing the voice over for the commercials %HESITATION people were like you know stop doing heroin and uses it now I like it like I don't stop doing it like that that's just too good Joe I heard Joe Rogan talking about that
00:21:51is that yeah everyone had these interventions with Hedberg and he was just like now yeah I I like the way it feels which sucks because I hear is stuff now and I I mean he definitely had is his thing and he was he was essentially like Henny Youngman
00:22:08who's like a stone or you know king of one liners but I was really really funny any good at the way his mind worked it was it was awesome them with the best as he did a special and it was completely bombing for like the first ten minutes
00:22:25and he was acknowledging that he was bombing there and he was like you know I'm from the special easily and then finally the crowd turns around all right that when we come back we had to send patriot stuff also John sterling very depressed last night here the headlines
00:22:56ninety five discord sober toucher and rich your slumping red Sox I had the night off last night so your cross your fingers you gonna say what's happened with the keys we're taking a white hot Sox team on in done things didn't go well for the boys in the
00:23:17pinstripes no they did not Fred been John sterling was none too happy and on the ground to first Davison will go to the bag touch up and there's your ball game shut Congo win now the white Sox take the first game of the three game series they beat
00:23:36the Yankees by the score of six to now do you think he said that the game is over I think is is is I always got to go home I've never heard it at the end of a call with the Yankees lose I was half expecting say Chicago
00:23:49wins should because %HESITATION and move go again I mentioned all the time but you do you know about the article that was written about him years ago did he lived alone in this like kind of nondescript apartment outside like in Jersey and he would come home and he
00:24:07would have VHS tape all the soap operas during the day so we would go home alone and just watch like it is the most depressing thing he's divorced he was divorced I think he's remarried now but at that time he was divorced you know he only saw his
00:24:21kids intimately he go home and watch like days of our lives because he was at the ballpark and missed it yeah see I take it that that is one of the worst jobs that you could have it's not as in all sports in all of entertainment is is
00:24:36being a play by play guy or color guy you got it just imagine just like waking up its Kansas city in the middle of July you've nothing to do you get a just kill the day before the night comes around and if you you know start missing a
00:24:51week's worth of soaps than your loss I I get it did you all know you want to know spoilt well no but dead in at that point maybe %HESITATION you know you can get the park a little bit later maybe watch days are of our online you've watched
00:25:04more TV probably than anyone I know yeah the Browns were you ever a soap opera person like a daytime soaps burdens on now never watched anyone with any kind of regular I don't I've never seen a full episode of a soap opera I guess I in college I
00:25:21I started watching young and the restless really my friend Jason Rogers watched and he and I would watch it and then without a couple of the other guys in the house got into it and it's amazing you can go back years later and and pretty much pick up
00:25:36real all yeah seem to be old Nikki still there others Victor yep they're like what's the one with did like creepy looking kid or something like that %HESITATION small wonder okay I understand now so you would sit there and you would watch over here there isn't one was
00:25:54like a weird looking dude look good weird look I don't know what this is all the eye patch see he's on one of the snow I know the guy who's the guy with the I I don't know it wasn't it was the young and the restless you know
00:26:05what probably happened is really probably in high school I would watch about five minutes of the soap opera until things and then they needed a sock so I'll see you guys would sit in and you you do that every day I'm pretty much here at least few times
00:26:21a week yeah edges I'd wind up one year with a with a class schedule then I'm pretty sure started making class schedules for another semester to that would not interrupt young the rest now what was like a plot of young and the restless that would get you in
00:26:35I mean it was always something between Nikki and Victor I think they were you know axes at the time and %HESITATION you no doubt knew people in their lives did it didn't really matter it's just it the energy just filled the void yes yes build up an empty
00:26:49hole before I found drugs there was an intent ironically that wasn't until after college see stop hosted a one to one two the there's the soap operas off the table yeah okay or I don't know you could be up for a couple days I don't know who the
00:27:05opportunity to local young I think yeah you know what to do both not watching a lot of TV in that state of mind are you know get a little bit of that well Odell Beckham Odell Beckham junior has signed a oculus contract is going to be the highest
00:27:22paid receiver and all football there is %HESITATION sixty five million dollars guaranteed and the problem is so dull Beckham is that this was a terrible idea they hand him money like this given his past but I have to imagine that half of this has nothing to do with
00:27:41football he's because the the giants are going to be good for a while so they keep him around he's the biggest star yeah I mean he in terms of like little kids I think he's a big star in football might be the biggest Jersey seller yeah yeah I
00:27:56mean my son in all his friends don't don't my son knows nothing about football nothing you never watch any games and he's got a teacher with a dull back of making that cat yeah this let's get you've ever seen still but I guess you have to figure that
00:28:34this deal is half about football and half about keeping in the tabloid Beckham Beckham has been wildly a response not off that he's not shooting people is not going to jail but he's shown massive in maturity issues and then he shows up at camp you know then plays
00:28:52nice to get the deal done which Odell Beckham would you bet is the real Adele back up I yeah in any great to play nice to get paid do you think he's going to go back to his normal self I do yet so it's ninety million base but
00:29:05his his sixty five million in guarantees sixty million is over the first three years of the contract tonight entirely stupid I mean they didn't tie themselves down for six or seven years here they've got I imagine a large out after three if it's really bad right but if
00:29:21I get sixty million dollars guaranteed to my normal personality is the kind of like half **** everything than what it what am I going to do in advance it now no he's like he's our guy they did I can't believe you spent this much money on this kind
00:29:34of immaturity and this kind of weirdness I mean why would you do especially for a team that again is not going to be good for awhile yeah you have it upper thirties quarterback was in Tom Brady what have you in the whole idea was that you were supposed
00:29:48to drive to quarterback this year instead you took a running back he's probably gonna be all beat up by the time that you get any good again so back home is got to be a business decision it's got to not be about football that catch it just made
00:30:03him a tremendous amount of money he doesn't make that catch a game he doesn't get that day off now sixty five million guaranteed now Josina Anderson says forty one million fully guaranteed at signing right in sixty million over the first three years of the contract so it's massively
00:30:19front loaded as most big contracts are by the way ride ride so after three years I had I don't know what the what the dead money will be it's a has been listed yet but after three years it looks like the giants can escape but for these three
00:30:33years hang on man but they get I mean you just tables so much money I know in the end very little incentive he'll be twenty eight after those three years in very little incentive to our I mean what's my incentive at that point you've given me what I
00:30:50mean sorry twenty nine so that's about right wide receiver gets to be thirty thirty one tends to go the other way unless he's you know a spectacular player giants even though these three years you gonna have to cross your finger in these matters are not making the amount
00:31:07of money that he's being handed right now at this moment because they had to rework the deal for this coming season and that's re work so that he only gets one point four five nine and in salary but a twenty million dollar signing bonus just say so here's
00:31:25yet but yeah here's twenty mil just for this year and then soda cans for years so he's got one year left on his current deal so for you so who'd be thirty at the end of that big block of money that sounds about right so kids if you're
00:31:38a tall learn to run fast in you can get away with almost anything and be rewarded for all right that we will be back we will get to that page read stuff if ninety five this some were Dutcher in rage big Punisher yep left as far as who
00:32:07could have seen it happen to live to far too actress Morocco who used to write for Big Brother magazine interview those with the most respondents choose any said like two thousand dollars why you'll never seen of he got rich use imported threw a punch at him is that
00:32:28right he estimates the Bon Jovi I don't know what kind of condition reject them or was and what he has done is to Bon Jovi's Superman tattoo the worst had to that's ever been made and then read through him Richie Sambora sure which seemed boring idea why would
00:32:43these kids in the car was this is ninety five discord seven take us everywhere you go also listen at home or in your office on the smart speaker over there just simply ninety eight five to sports up the guy came out of Georgia tech where they ran the
00:32:57option now on a hearty Scheck mace is fifty million dollars richer hamaneh's that the right number you sure if he E. million move greenbacks a man who knows this is definitely a good time to get done but on you know just moving forward on your cell phones on
00:33:19the season and you know that the best over and done with now and you know I'm trying to get practice tomorrow I'll turn it over and done with as of now the world is your oyster you'll never have to work again what are you talking about now it's
00:33:33time to go back to back to practice five years the million dollars for Shaq Mason what what rounded getting it taken fourth fourth fifth wheels something like that Ford for the you know what he was he played a Georgia tech where they ran the option if you'll recall
00:33:54a double check then a student for the medium that you gave away what's up with Jackie said I don't know I don't like examining reject Mason silly goose shuts down on the job for some time you got here he came from offense the arms quite different Marvin actually
00:34:09adapted quickly and the real good job learning new techniques he's an athletic player as good strike that balance %HESITATION excellent one blocker can pull on him so he's gotten better each year analyzed on the job force now it could anyone tell and I'm very proud of remembering that
00:34:25he went to Georgia tech where they ran the option always check then asked about Eric decker who is now retired and I retired to have a good retired to some of that sweet sweet last I'd never leave the house I know I'd never get sick of being you
00:34:40never got almost paid for think he can certainly a lot from self but to me that a great career a lot of respect for him going on back to when we we talk to him coming out of Minnesota when Josh traffic down in Tennessee jets and so forth
00:34:54so on joint working with them %HESITATION again really have a lot of respect for what he did and I think he's decided to retire from football so we wish him well for **** what he did right smack a ruse and not you know what people got hearty from
00:35:07Alex Guerrero fever all they do they they they can't they can't find out enough about it and luckily got bill Belichick is there to provide more fuel to the Alex Guerrero signed see what's going on with his Guerrero character right what's he got going on you know the
00:35:25there was just a documentary about a mall last summer but I want to know what's going on with Guerrero Pronto right so so when you want to know about Alex Guerrero would he ask is bill Belichick was the reason to house right yeah are gonna get all responsibilities
00:35:44all people in our position would be here for you know months going through all that so a month that is quite a length of time a lot of people with a lot of things to do I mean that is a lot of people lot of responsibilities I mean
00:35:59obviously if you can ask the man the question he has to answer fully right right every has to detail the responsibilities of everybody in the organization when asked that question very easily rather not spend all that time so was it a month and they should go they should've
00:36:13gone can you give us a list a comprehensive list I bet you I can read in two hours and then you challenge him in that way a month read that indeed looking he split the can we can cut down a little time and I mean I read Ulysses
00:36:28in five hours I mean you're gonna give me this thing and act like you're better than me leave it alone Evelyn wood's speed reading dynamics just plow through that I stand on my head and read everything in the news stand I mean that's the case speed reader anybody
00:36:44can help you great space coasters narrator I don't remember the speed reader though who can do a handstand injure it read everything in the newsstand speed reader speed reader I can sing the theme song of the great space coaster but that's about it okay okay that's I tell
00:37:03you what that team had a hell of a bridge to it when they break it down welcome home stepped out so a cruise in the forum and geographic role flown to the others side with only the rain barrels all the great space coaster he'd known bull or you
00:37:23know whatever it was a strange show was the Electric Company that's a little bit before my time Morgan Freeman and electric easy and you know it was it was easy reader that is named the Electric Company on a lot of those shows in the seventies late sixties like
00:37:40that one with the puppets those two brothers that made those shows aria seals and Croft those using crop they were brothers but a lot of that very informed why LST mom and they just kind of shoved in your face as if kids would HR puff and stuff yeah
00:37:58HR puff and stuff they they they admit H. above his stuff is frightening the Electric Company is just is just R. gaveled lunacy yeah yeah do you know I read so you do your kids watch sure those shows on Disney and on Nickelodeon did some of them like
00:38:16to gain shows salmon CAD what have you iCarly yeah they got away from home a little bit of the region out of them their agent out of me you know what it's it's ironic but now they go to the cartoons because the cartoons are geared toward like an
00:38:29older all rights well my kids are smack dab in that and then I made the mistake of reading something about why and how there there's a very scientific way that they're made and now I every time I watch it I can't like what Mike speaks to the kid
00:38:43like at a molecular level just to keep their attention like right the backgrounds are always super colorful in like have a lot of stuff popping out there they shout their lines and so once you've heard that this is in that you realize that they've figured out how to
00:39:01keep kids attention because the kids have no interest in the plot right of the shows are just completely just wanna sit there and stare at something is there any show your kids watch that you will sit down and watch with them %HESITATION the Goldbergs I like to go
00:39:17a very sad I watch American housewife not like a kids show that you will watch and we watch a lot of mash yeah no I will not watch any the kid shows on when I'm down there but like I said I'd like not like okay I'll I'll give
00:39:37you one right now that like we bare bears we go and I don't know but the I mean it's still like little ten and fifteen minute blocks are legit money moments the first one that I ever saw was something are one of the bears fell in love with
00:39:54a giant burrito any carried the burrito around with them and it was that you don't like it his size and I got like all nasty and rancid never flies around it let's just to discuss thing obviously the bears mentally ill but that's it that's the next episode of
00:40:09the people that you don't wear a hospital gown should of the bear but we could be used in a way that would give the leisure now large breed a like a human sized burrito even better you put it in the Mike the Michael Landon foil all right so
00:40:28what will be taken out of the band like a copper I knew deep I don't like that I don't want kids walking around with a when you find it funny I find it an aberration to god an aberration the cut it makes sense all right %HESITATION you talking
00:40:51about bang in that dudes I was talking about thinking about in my head okay ten minutes to get them to well what I was thinking about ten minutes ago paying in do you get up Mildred our good friend Mildred is %HESITATION done just that soon there will be
00:41:12no commercials they're just the headlines

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