On this week's podcast:

• We offer some suggestions on how to get extra privacy on your deck. • A homeowner is having a problem with his air conditioner condensation line. We discuss a few HVAC maintenance tips And: • Danny helps a homeowner with their outdoor waterproof TV cabinet project.  For a how-to video on this project click here. • Joe has a simple solution that will have you grabbing the pool noodle next time you need to strap something to the roof or trunk of your car or truck.

Question of the week:

Mark from Texas writes, “I am a huge fan of your show, got only was able to see it sometimes. I love that is on Prime now! We share a privacy fence with our neighbor in the backyard. They have a dog and we have a dog that likes to run beside the fence and bark at each other. Of course, there are bare spots where our dog turns around. When it is wet, our dog tracks in the mud. What do you suggest making it look nicer and reduce the mud getting tracked in? I’m sure many homeowners deal with this problem.”

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