Are you breathing dead rat? Gross huh.
I don't think we need too much more information that would discourage a homeowner to not want to enter the attic - or consider thinking about going up to the attic space. It's unsafe, dirty and often poorly lite. The stairways are often broken and the heat in an attic is unbearable in the south.
So...home sellers beware - don't be too surprised to find a laundry list of issues that need repair. Inspectors typically find poor maintenance - especially if the heating/cooling equipment and water heating equipment are stored in the attic.
There is hope - follow some of our tips and/or email your maintenance questions to [email protected]
Find these helpful hings from today's show:
Slip Resistant Tape
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2003-144/
OSHA: Confined Space Publication
OSHA: Confined Space in Construction
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00:00:01those tiny tips and today's tiny tip from Chris is make sure that you use LED line pick up sailing stay I was going through like a tenant's house and I always go through an open up everything first don't go in there I am here Smith and work in
00:00:24the house bringing a fresh perspectives on the latest inspection news and events and thank you for joining us and our son the open Mike show today I'm here with Charles mural and Christopher Murphy Chris operates a multi inspector company and metro Houston Texas and Charles and I operate
00:00:41of the old dogs we're just that we're the old dogs single inspector farms Charles's in Seattle I'm in Jackson Mississippi holding my own here today our show is called are you breathing dead rat or why homeowners won't inspect the attic and %HESITATION which I thought was real apropos
00:01:04for doing all this stuff you know this work with well without building these addicts that aren't accessible you can't get you can't get in them arming and we expect the homeowner to be feel safe and them it's crazy so I have a long list of questions I want
00:01:18to talk to the guys about today all concerning this topic and so I will not let's assume for a second here are guys that are I'm a homeowner and I'm going to ask you a question but I don't want you to answer it at the very beginning of
00:01:34the show want you to come to think about a little bit think about it and I wanna answered at the end so arm I'm gonna assume that both of you all of us do I know I do %HESITATION you suggest that the homeowner visit the attic occasionally especially
00:01:48if they're if it if there's a quick but there you know if you got a water heater up there if you got some reason I mean normally you want to go out there and look you don't live there forever and never have gone in your attic so here's
00:02:01a question I want to say I'm the homeowner and I'm gonna talk to you as the homeowner and I'm going to simply say what do you want me to pay attention to when I go inspect my attic you have then you you know you suggested that I go
00:02:14there or my looking at so hang on to that hang on to that because I want to talk about a few things before we answer that simple question for homeowners they're all I've got about eight or ten things here that I've been on pondering that I wanted to
00:02:33talk to you guys about and maybe we can help some of the newer homes our inspectors that that tune in to our show I'm the first thing I want talk about is air quality in it like in the attic the mask what type do you guys usually do
00:02:52you use a mask when you go in the attic either one of you well so I don't use a mask of if I'm kicking up a lot of insulation I do you Kerry are just like a basic just mass cover caring but I'm not up there long enough
00:03:08for I'm hauling major equipment moving around so I'm no I don't use a mask alright and I would say I do sometimes and I should and I'm old enough to know better but I don't and knowledge yes one of those yes no could depends questions yeah Klay dictates
00:03:29there's no question but what if there's a track equipment up there well that then it's probably not it's necessary but if you're actually wading through %HESITATION old %HESITATION regulator well I'm not marking it regulates Rockwell is probably the worst is Florence bothering the knows Seoul arm the National
00:03:54Institute of occupational safety and health has a look nice step of links that if you guys are considering getting in the home inspection business and you want to use a bit more %HESITATION you what you want to use the right type of mask and the right time breathing
00:04:12filter breathing apparatus will have a link in the show notes are that will help you and homeowners as well if you're listening in did Tom so that it will have you feel safer when you do make it in the attic what about our eye protection do either of
00:04:30you you wear glasses of any kind and they'll know not safety glasses regular classes there care I wear sunglasses outside but I'm guessing your cities saying suggestion when I'm opening up the panel box or taking some of the basic stuff off of %HESITATION H. track yeah we're talking
00:04:49say you're yeah yeah yeah no never really thought about using them but I could see dropping my shades down whenever I'm opening up a panel behind no not you you don't wear skates do you so what about %HESITATION a drop cloth do you put a drop cloth down
00:05:07for you the financial analyst stay way down before you now definitely do cover closed if you can't they're going after class and no cover all that stuff from a guy and she soon tarps to put down and don't care the sheets but I do always clean up after
00:05:27myself so I make sure I clean up everything or I try to minimize my mass no matter what leave it exactly the way you had it right right how do you do that you carry a hand held back with you a battery operated or or courted back just
00:05:41my hands in my in my iPad notepads is so no real cleaning it up sweep it up to pick it up majestic and some people have those little bust us there things that you know I I have just never had one my view is people's brooms inside their
00:05:59houses are I've done people always keep in the same spot so I'll go in the garage and you know what I need so you need the the Bremer that the dust and the dust pan you go in and grab the homeownership they're not there for the vacant home
00:06:15you just do the best you can to clean it up right now and I document that you know for example lots of times the guide previous to me didn't clean up this mess so of document the difference degree at present under the hash that I didn't care and
00:06:32or at least loose trim on the hatch I'm now I'm here we're working with the homeowners would I take a picture yes yes she opens the door for me just yet the hatches right here we both look up and you know she said workers there like the day
00:06:45before and had just busted the Helen back you know over the covers wouldn't have I I bring the agent over and I said look I want you to verify with me dispatchers already broken and take a picture of it before I even touch it these things are all
00:07:00time stamps so you can kind of follow the inspection and that's why it the more pictures you take the more ballot that timeline it's easy so it's getting summertime it's getting hot it already is in Mississippi hell it's in it's hot in Mississippi all the time so but
00:07:18it's getting hotter in Mississippi now so do you hydrate prior to inspecting it's actually part of my routine in the morning I always drink two full glasses of water and then even the protein shake and then I'll drink I'll drink water halfway through the inspection too so I
00:07:36do I make sure to hydrate before I even get there very important now so so you know the question then would remain %HESITATION might be are some inspectors might be asking for several homeowners might be asking themselves what all what do they need to drink or how much
00:07:53eight ounces is considered an appropriate amounts to hydrate yourself eight ounces at least thirty minutes before that activity so if you're thinking about going into the attic and you wanna down I bought a good bottle of water and then go to work part of your inspection and let
00:08:13that lead at least thirty minutes passed before going into the attic and get real you know a real toasty afterwards to re hydrate study showed that forty five minutes to an hour for rehydration so if you're doing a roof inspection and it's hotter than hell outside and you
00:08:32come down then you cool off to rehydrate it's gonna take a little bit longer to re hydrate to keep that in mind so there are a couple things I wanted to are just tell our listeners about mild dehydration and how you can help that much you might not
00:08:46recognize that so if you're doing an attic inspection homeowners %HESITATION you you're gonna art you're gonna recognize %HESITATION some increase in thirst you're you're gonna have a dry mouth you can build tired this is mild dehydration you might be able sleepy you're gonna have a either a low
00:09:07volume or yellowish urine okay your you will notice that you might have a headache your you might have some dry skin or you might be a little bit dizzy that is mild dehydration so know that the more severe dehydration this is something you might want to prior to
00:09:26call nine one one you're gonna be busy you can't walk you know you're going to have a high heart rate a rapid heart rate you gonna feel lethargic you're gonna be confused so that you know some if you're working with someone that has severe dehydration you want to
00:09:43ask them it you know what what's your name where they live what time is it where is it you know what day is it those kinds of things that they're confused or they have fever you need to be calling nine one one so yes I like to live
00:09:58someplace on habitable well you never know when doll homeowners or out there working and and get going in the attic and if we're asking them to enter the attic we certainly don't want to give them you know yeah I'd like to speak to that because I have never
00:10:17recommended that a client go in their attic you never know a lot of our major equipment here in Texas it is in the attic right right so that's a big difference eighty to ninety percent of the houses I'd say the H. back unit in the water heater or
00:10:33both stored in the attic nights I'd say it's closer to five percent of that stuff is yeah and Mississippi of chart Chriss in Texas I'm in Mississippi and I would say that ninety five to ninety eight percent of our our new house almost a hundred percent of our
00:10:50new house stock within say the last twenty five years %HESITATION summed up the marble hallway heaters and the heaters in the garage but almost all of them have all the equipment in the attic and which are not on such terms yeah it one hundred percent yeah it's a
00:11:07hundred percent yeah I have a question about you had water heaters and add it to our yes Sir and that's that I find that kind of interesting because actually they should be more a station in the attic yes do you have any numbers as to how much I've
00:11:26never really looked at it but I have always thought that there would be more efficient because it's about a hundred four degrees up their **** yeah yeah I mean they I can see running a hundred feet of packs all around the attic before it gets to the hot
00:11:39water heater and you need NBA huge Christian it it's great works great in the %HESITATION worse greatness summer fall but not so great in the winter %HESITATION because my shower freezes bomb you know regularly when it gets cool if if we get down to fifteen here which is
00:12:02about my limit it fifteen and it's also my limit for coldness and if it stays fifteen for many days I'm moving to like Florida likes to call home but now we have it and that's a different kind of uninhabitable that's the exactly so let's talk about %HESITATION OSHA's
00:12:21%HESITATION you know I have no one wants to talk about ocean my god so but but we have to sometimes we we need to especially if you're a multi inspector company if you're a manager and you're paying especially if you're paying your employees by the hour if your
00:12:37pay they if they're in poor he employer relationship is crawling in a confined space and a hazard that might get OSHA's attention so in fact OSHA has a ruling and has a publication in print it's called the guess what confined space publication fine dark confined space as one
00:13:00that may contain certain hazardous contagion conditions guy so the next we've got a a hazardous a confined space protocol okay OSHA has that the %HESITATION there is a another level to that and that would be a permit required confined space think that's gonna be born white man holes
00:13:25but the the the %HESITATION they're still a little bit of confusion out with a lot of the bomb the energy writers who have to put their their guys end were really really tough situations to get all tied up roof boots and you know ceiling of registers and things
00:13:45of that nature so armed having %HESITATION so what what it what it what would be a permit required confined spaces three thanks for thanks now I'll name in real quick they have the potential to to contain hazardous atmosphere okay that might contain a permit that meant that my
00:14:06force you to get a permit that may contain material that has the potential for and golfing the entrance to which might burn yeah okay so fit if that's the that's the case or has an internal configuration where the entrant could be trapped and ecstasy aided in it inwardly
00:14:24converging walls by a floor that slopes downward type person to a cross section that sounds to me like a man hold to me if you've got you know a space you're you're putting someone in a space and it gets smaller and smaller and smaller on the other one
00:14:39the last one is that contains any other recognize serious safety and health hazards or that's a broad one here is that sound like OSHA though you know all the specific things and %HESITATION by the way anything else we can think up yeah it almost sounds like an addict
00:14:58it almost sounds like an addict Israel most most crawl spaces even of the code requires eighteen justice Clarence for system twelve inches on the beams that doesn't fit oceans requirements in the combined space so there's a conflict there between ocean and the building codes as well so you're
00:15:19just saying that they're not ever built to that standard no they there if they are built to code and help him most four inches under the beams and eighteen inches of the forces on you're not going to meet oceans requirements for all for just crawling through what's required
00:15:38for I couldn't for space confined space to be in non compliance rate you've got a lot more colors in that rescue personnel have to be able to get in easily and so will we inherently are in a job were if you have to conform to OSHA standards heroes
00:16:04and crawl spaces on the server I don't know how you work it out there was an employee of somebody I think you have to be self contracted person to do this job well we'll have our show notes to %HESITATION force those that are interested in following up and
00:16:25want to read the pamphlet %HESITATION and print it and handed out at the corner at the red light at the end now at the corner to anyone that cares %HESITATION will have the show notes about OSHA's standards so what about lighting you carry any special lighting any kind
00:16:42of hanging flashlights anything like that that would help you do your inspection during the inspection six hundred minimum room and LED I would Charles I carried the I think our ours has a six hundred standard setting and then a boost up to nine hundred if I want to
00:17:01hit like far in the back there attic area the flashlight that I carries a Fenix flashlight cost nine hundred forty dollars but man it's a beast and it it's hearty you can run over if you wanted to yeah I recommend spending very good money on the flashlight that's
00:17:19the most important tool you have when I want something big enough to lack a dog in the notes with two I'm not some yes so as some of these are teeny guys that are about six inches long and their struggle Heileman but right you can almost swallowed them
00:17:37yeah yet there I like something of your yeah so minds upon link so yeah you're not going to have a dog with no you better you better throw it at him yeah you can we stayed at in Mississippi got a chalk at at that doubt so all of
00:17:56that sucker try this is mine right here okay yeah I yeah yeah yeah I know those of you listening on the podcast Charles a and R. Chris just held their flashlights up to the camera very cool and LED LED flashlight she was well make sure it's a bright
00:18:15white light because you don't want it to be the yellowish going to cover up water stains which is a really huge and that's what most people's our own lamps are there like a yellowish light so if you're just looking at a yellowish light it's already going to cover
00:18:28up the water stain so I always tagged the ceiling as we walk in with a flashlight and you'd be surprised how many water stains you're gonna come across sure intent what we do those tiny tip send today's tiny tip from Chris is make sure that you use the
00:18:45LED light to pick up ceiling stay where you can't beat a six hundred plus looming flashlight for scanning walls for unevenness or pastor cares or where they took a door or a window out all this stuff just jumps out like crazy it right color paints them unit like
00:19:08crazy up so it's it's you know we've we've already mentioned in the summertime is hotter than the default already here %HESITATION what do you wear and what do you where do you wear long sleeve shirt he put on any kind of other clothing to go in the attic
00:19:25I will in the attic I work PFG or the Columbia's shirts you can see them on my you tube channel and when it's ever since I moved from those polos to that Columbia sure people think it well it does it looks professional it looks like a working man's
00:19:43shirt and it feels great almost like pajama or the long sleeves a short sleeve shirt you have the option between to roll them up roll them down I like to keep them down whenever I'm in the attic or another in the attic space or from crawling through bushes
00:19:59but I think those up yet she's are great I mean they're they're really good shirts so what about the towels what about those towels that that you can put the water in that you throw around your neck and talked the end of the towel down into your shirt
00:20:15to keep you cool while you're in in the hot attic me and I'm so glad I don't have antics like that number I added anything extra like that I just found out that I'm up there long enough to break a sweat but I'm not spin in you know
00:20:32an hour plus in the attic yours we're up there like twenty minutes you know so it's not enough that I'm gonna die but egos get toasty up there yeah when you get sixty three you'll be looking for an air conditioner to carry with you up there because you
00:20:46can't take the heat when you get old like me so what about %HESITATION reckons bats rats squirrels spiders lizards birds if you found a snake up there no no no buyer I know most of the things in the attic or nocturnal so I know I'm scared I'm aware
00:21:06they're gonna stay quiet so I haven't came across anything crazy but I do have a funny story where I was going through like a tenant's house and as I always go through an open up everything first the tennis like no don't go in there I'm like well why
00:21:20is like that's where the raccoon she had a raccoon indicator was you loose that walked around the house I think it lived with them I have found more rodents in the attic with thermal imaging has actually seen them live running around there in this in the comments in
00:21:40the Facebook page on Mr Maginnis he asked if high lumen flash lights up wash out your photos and I actually don't I use a separate photo for my flashlight so by cat if I see a water stain I identified with my flashlight but I don't use my flashlight
00:21:58to take a picture of it because there's their own LED flash within the camera so it doesn't matter you turn the flash off in your camera right does or doesn't wash out Dustin going back to the drop cloths Justin says branded drop cloths always hello Dustin never misses
00:22:17a chance to to catch that Brandon there's just in case someone comes in on you while you're in the attic or if you are if you leave it there means good after you leave it that's that you know forty cover the dog with it or yeah I would
00:22:31like to know how much that cost because that you know it's a good idea you can just say Hey I was up here and I did my best to stay clean you know it's a really good idea so all pose this question to you probably both know it
00:22:44but %HESITATION what is the minimum hatch access opening size inside opening to be able to get and what is the minimum that a builder or home or needs to have left for you when you arrive at the inspection was the minimum hatch size opening I can fit in
00:23:01and I'll get in it yeah yeah get in at eight it's got to be whatever fits between twenty four inches on center by thirty you got it twenty by thirty %HESITATION according to our cars and on lips book twenty by thirty and in Canada twenty by thirty six
00:23:23and then a guy that's thirty inches of clearance above it as well so it can't be right down each is for head right when you get in the attic once you pass through the ceiling right that's right and that's these that measure from the ceiling Charles to your
00:23:37members or from the top of the ceiling joints it's from I believe from the sailing guys is not from the insulation that's from the ceiling not like if you got eighteen inches of insulation I'm as it from the top of insulation it's gonna matter if you are crawling
00:23:56through a two by twelve verses eight to be six ceiling that's right give you less six inches less squeeze money what about the minimum wage at Forest Service walkway what is the width of the the minimum wage of the service walkway going from the opening of the to
00:24:15the walkway to the motion at each and a half that that would probably work very small man we go for truck requirements is like it's like thirty inches or something like that in within a just a certain distance of from the attic space to hear them major equipment
00:24:36and other low yesterday I noticed thirty by thirty work platform right right thirty by thirty work platform that passed to they're not always I've always thought that it was twenty four inches twenty one or two feet wide solely femme we've got anybody in the group that wants to
00:24:53look that up and post that on what's the minimum with the service walk away from the equipment to the opening of the of the attic entry %HESITATION where I'm saying twenty four Chris all thirty think Charles is it thirty all of the walkway part I'm not sure about
00:25:13is saying this the platform in front of whatever your work and yesterday turned and that also I want to make sure it's clear that that doesn't limit me getting to the equipment I'll do what I actually do to get there safely and if I can have a visual
00:25:29pathway can be on the ceiling joys store I can make it to the equipment I'm gonna go ahead and Chris is a home inspector he is going to be in that house addicts every day and probably sometimes six days a week offer homeowners who go in there once
00:25:45a year %HESITATION if you feel uncomfortable in your attic call Chris go for it that attic yeah you go on safe you will fall and hurt yourself you'll go through this if you can't see the floor don't step there that's a that's a good tip and for the
00:26:05out for another home ownership if you leave the provided walkway that that has been left for you to transfers yes keep three points of contact at all times to get moved like a sloth you hang on with hands and only move %HESITATION you know you have three points
00:26:26of contact at all time in another another good just basic type as I always say don't look and move watch where you're walking in and stop plant your feet and then look for the problem you know so go a few feet stop look and then that's that's how
00:26:43I teach my inspectors or anyone in the attic look where you're walking and then look for the problem so that you know that the intent here is to take help homeowners be able to understand that that %HESITATION and for inspectors and home builders whoever's listening to our podcast
00:26:58and can get the point across that aisle it obvious to me that if trained professionals that are in the attic every day we are still struggling with making sure that we are safe and can get out without damaging it homeowners have got to be mortified by going into
00:27:20the attic didn't they don't ever go in one and when they do it's either hotter smelly or something's going on so it just drives home the point that we need to do a better job of access folding stairways attaching them head room you know lighter steroids to in
00:27:37my opinion some of those attic ladders are put up there these brand new houses their heavy pretty heavy so lack of access so who have you have either of you heard of something called the choice mate it's a platform that has a strap on it that you can
00:27:54carry up into the attic and I found it today on a %HESITATION website that offered cable contractors tools and the like and I thought it was real cool I thought man this guy could build this for really easily it's a you know it it takes up a space
00:28:15that about twenty inches by twenty four and it has L. brackets under the bottom of it that allow you to set this piece of plywood down in between or on top of the joists but the arm angle are keeps it from sliding %HESITATION %HESITATION will put a %HESITATION
00:28:35a link in the show notes to something called the choice made in kind of see what I'm talking about and if you guys have any ideas or what have questions about it I plan to build one and I'll put some links on in the group and and all
00:28:51my all social stuff so keep an eye out for that they only ask you go ahead Charles yeah I was just going to say are not only is that minimum size for the access twenty by thirty she it also has to be whatever it's gonna take to get
00:29:10whatever each track equipment out of the attic I would love to believe that tell you how many water heaters left the attic and tell yeah yeah there's a ton of equipment which brings about in any you open a can of worms as we always do on this show
00:29:28is we just love them weekly work so the issue is that the new mandate for water heater sizes are so large they will not fit out or in a folding stairway opening the the size of the wit to the water heater won't go in unless you can go
00:29:48taller then they will we call it tank doesn't have to be as big a diameter as so you can do it if you've got the high got you down at the height of this well OO what he's saying is that when they first initially put a man they
00:30:07put a man when the house is framed so they just stick it up there and whenever they go to take them out of the house is finished and it won't go down the attic so that almost no water here prior to this requirement was twenty twenty one inches
00:30:24in diameter and they're all I mean that's a that's a big tank as a white tank I can I think it that they're pushing tankless water heaters myself it it Hey arm had a an ulterior motive in mind and you know I'd like to go on record as
00:30:43saying that they had an interior Marty of own law whenever I really hope not plus water heaters will just make those sorry dogs so big you can't get them in the attic and someone will have to buy a tankless water heater near but you know like this so
00:30:59you have a fifty gallon tank you can get a four foot high one is suppose your old three foot high one and it won't be as big a diameter yeah if you got a head room that might work yeah yeah so let me ask you this have you
00:31:10ever seen a guard rail in the attic to prevent you from falling down the whole if you got stairs going up there they're required and not with that with a laugh I can Celeste let's make let's make sure we're on the same page if I have a full
00:31:26set of folding stairs and I pull it down in the center of the garage and I. transpersonal stares I get in the attic and I reach out and I grab nothing I get down on my knees and I crawl over two near a brace where I can stand
00:31:41up and hold on to the roof brace there is not a handrail or any kind of metal railing to prevent you from falling down and accidentally falling in that hole down the stairway co general that minimum standard being that they're not going to go there with that yeah
00:32:00it's also a really good point too though is like what is the reason why the emphasizing this is is rather put their filters so you know I'm less I had child person isn't going to be able just to do there quarterly or aren't depending on if you have
00:32:16passed not or not two month maintenance to change a filter on your AC unit yeah I know it's a problem I I don't think that anything that needs to be home run or maintain it should be an addict so obviously there that would be that would be that
00:32:31that would be the best thing is is to just clip it off at the ceiling line because that's where the going to dust and then and then just put the roof on right on top of that and have no attic space and below the roof you know they
00:32:43are obviously the the best case scenario for okay see would be no no duct work in the attic that's right so why have there is a reason not gonna have the duct work and get the unit out of there too that that would be a fantastic %HESITATION it
00:33:00be such a huge are working that was one of those if I were king I would have them all change that way but the reality is there not that way millions of homes or bring up a really good question too and it's been happening a lot even with
00:33:14the Meritage homes down here in Texas is they've been foaming the attics but my problem that I and with that myself is but the phone an attic space in your put a twenty five year shingle on it how you gonna know your roof is like an in twenty
00:33:30years or so I mean Charles or what experience do you think what kind of roof would you recommend with foam insulation your intake of regular composite shingles okay I'm not a fan of composite shingles and all I like I've got a standing seam metal respond snap lock roof
00:33:52on my house and I think it's awesome it's recyclable well asphalt shingles are somewhat recyclable I think it it still huge drain on natural resources and I'm actually what I was lead here and here is the metal roof you know the metal roof is where it's at a
00:34:11hundred year roof certain very little maintenance on it and I was just wondering you know that's something that's hard to lead Charles down the path and he's already Beecher there yeah yeah yeah yeah help all stars on his house yeah I know I don't know how he keeps
00:34:28doing that he's well only because I've been you know I try to do and I argued for like I tried to talk to my clients about installing ASCII breakers in their old houses and I had to do it to my own house so nobody can say what do
00:34:44you do to your own house a yeah that that is that that thing where the cobbler stuck to children go barefoot yeah yeah yeah you maker yeah yeah yeah so do clients follow you in the attic when you go up as you allow them to fall out of
00:35:00the attic want them in the attic never completely up to them it's honestly completely up to them and I stay on them I'm like Hey I'm gonna nag you a little bit but I don't want you to go through it you know in there like I'm fine I'm
00:35:14fine and I am but I haven't had the issue because I'm always be like a tree step three step you know yeah I had I or I I told my client you know I'll do the attic and report back to you and I I'm halfway down traversing through
00:35:31these stresses and I hear this noise and turned around and standing on the sheet rock sailing with the a trust between its legs and then I just it was all I could do to not freak out and scare him since the fall service sailing yeah and I know
00:35:53you see every day we see stories of home inspectors going to ceiling so our clients not gonna fall through the ceiling at not let them and so do you think that that's one of the fears for for homeowners for the reason they don't go in the attic and
00:36:09ever check anything I mean I've gone into attics and check the equipment and I'm I've left them %HESITATION data information encouragement you need to check do not that's that's not a set it and forget it water heater you need to go up and maintain it they don't hire
00:36:25it done and they don't go up there themselves do you think they're scared what do you think they don't go it's hot it's darker too hot okay yeah most lot of times actually the light on to the bulls burn out you know lighting yeah and %HESITATION it's dirty
00:36:40yeah a lot of people worldwide there are bad air mask we're talking about lighting caring flashlight where I reckon when the roommate qualified parties %HESITATION go in the attic qualified parties so they should hire the hardest work done so we should be for my soul so the question
00:37:02is then are we missing an opportunity to market re inspections are continuing an inspections for this for this client that will not or cannot go in the attic there's like a steadily once a year inspection we go out there and if the shoe fits wear and I I've
00:37:21told clients is that look a year from now you can call me and I'll come back checklist up for it you can't do any work for them within a year after year I think it's fair game I did that was lost sand in that catch you know they
00:37:37like to get in behind the screen build nests and there's the front as open and honestly as companies that have employees are allowed to go on is generally said they had not come clean it it's hard to find somebody that's a great ancillary service from inspectors frankly because
00:37:55we don't want to sell the time you know who had a who are looking for other ancillary services we have our last podcaster to we we covered ancillary services so Charles just as reiterating adding one to a go ahead Chris that actually leads into I've had this idea
00:38:13for ever just like people choose our filters even if it's sent to their door out I'd be like you know someone charge me forty but I can figure out how to you know mass doctors have a warehouse full of them and then I just have a part of
00:38:29my inspectors routes were like you have to get this house and do these filters and that's a steady income right there just real Celtic a look at your equipment drop leash on the line and also change your filter Chris we'll talk later about that if you'd like to
00:38:45not think it's awesome awesome idea you're right there cell charm if you want about this monthly service it's %HESITATION by a quarterly service will knock it out you know it's always Charlie is in with us it is in the weapon are with us and he's he says that
00:39:01the passage way requires continuous solid flooring which is a minimum of twenty why twenty four inches nice nice car thanks art yep thanks mark create that soak the insulating cover so you pull the to pull the thing off you crawled in there you stuck your latter in there
00:39:18you're up in there you got a little head room you start out you drop it back down and it's a single piece of dry wall arts piece of quarter inch paneling or it's a piece a three quarter inch paneling with no insulation should the homeowner should you do
00:39:32you talk about that do you say Hey man a big gray that if the insulated this but some poly styrene or act is required to be insulated attacked by stand point out is that does that ever make your inspection report absolutely weather stripping more important than installation in
00:39:48my opinion no one yeah gets messed you don't mention that that is the dead here's a here's another question is when you say we don't really do that is that is that a real estate agent hot button so they'd be something that a real estate agent would find
00:40:10picky owe you didn't insulate the the the drop down open so I'm sorry I misunderstood what you said yes we do call out insulating the attic at access yeah that's right apologize I I was off in my own little world I was thinking it would over here and
00:40:27you're already jumped up your honor we are making a million Bucks a I started going out how many how many times a week or date we hear an internet discussions about moisture issues and attics well the the biggest bypass is missing weather stripping on attic access hatch so
00:40:49you got called for it to be there I don't know it's pretty dry I think that the unity level in my house is about forty five fifty percent year round its domestic conditions were right but when you have sixty percent moist air going into the attic in the
00:41:07winter that's much less gonna condense out on your roof sheeting yeah if you could find that here it it's just not below seventy percent here ever it's just because the winds blowing them that date for out of the north or but thirteen in it but in the in
00:41:28the northern right eat corn in the fine you're you're you're just asking for trouble to have a on one of the students attic access management is one of the big bypasses net and honestly Gordo tests will fail because of it certainly Jeff Davis here in baseball he says
00:41:51he always come calls out uninsulated attic and or sell out but I agree Jeff that's that's that's good so do you suggest that the homeowner inspect the attic is part of your typical orientation to wrap up so we're almost ready to wrap up here and if not why
00:42:05not we talked about that how often should a homeowner visit the attic space in the main question which I want you guys to answer you know we're going to do that at the end what should I pay attention to when inspecting my attic so if a homeowner were
00:42:19to call yet order if you don't have this conversation with the homeowner it doesn't apply to you but Chris what do you think shut up shut up a a tent what should I pay attention to you you've told me to Hey man you need to go up and
00:42:31check on your water heater right we're gonna be looking for this also depends on the individual but I always say I whenever they're up there with me in the attic space I always show where the shuttle charge you always want to double check your shut offs reaching or
00:42:44the connections also you always want to change your filter if it's in the attic space I always you always tell him where the coil pans are shown if they're leaking and then a good place always drop in bleach I'd say those are is basic steps to take a
00:42:59look at it can mmhm charging any comments rodents would be comparable guessing yeah rodents %HESITATION and for that you're just looking for droppings you're looking for defeat you detain or had that happen how that sometimes a nice little around the whole the mice are in there sure trails
00:43:21in the installation trials yeah who are sending insects birds Greg share here another group he said out rusty nails stains any type of microbial growth probably you always want to keep an eye out for two as well just opportunity to look at vets as they passed through the
00:43:42roof last acting attentional trip flakes and I don't think it's possible the teacher homeowner everything they need to look for I want it professionally with dad at least every two years and land agent got a track equipment up their world and probably in the context of having nothing
00:44:00service every year which we sort of like going to the doctor and the doctor says you know what you could do these three things to help maintain your body and I'm gonna give you up a medical book here and you could read all this medical book and you
00:44:17could do your own diagnose but I'd rather you not do that what error here are a few important things to look at so that's kind of the analogy we're making here folks when if you're or we're getting near the end of our our path here that if you're
00:44:32it if you just bought a home your new home owner and you you want to be conscious about it you want to do the best you can %HESITATION you certainly don't want to especially if you have a quick met there don't neglect it it if you are thinking
00:44:46about it you should be thinking about it number one and if you're not comfortable going up there hire professional to regularly check your equipment and maintain it saying this is that this is a common inspector territory held at least we all have these things are trying to figure
00:45:03out and celery services to make more money and this is an obvious one ranks surveillance Chris on no Sir just I'd recommend just keep it simple for the homeowners I always like to keep it simple checked all shut offs checked the pan always ginger filters for the Texas
00:45:22environment or the south were yours upstairs make sure the light bulbs stays work so you can see yeah I look I mean those are those are all great those are all great suggestions %HESITATION we're going to %HESITATION %HESITATION check you guys out next week %HESITATION please tune in
00:45:41again and and hang out with us or catches on you too for Christmas and Charles

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