I’m very happy to bring you this new episode.  I had the opportunity to interview Brit Bertino.  Brit was such a delight to talk to and she shares some great wedding tips and advice to help you plan your own wedding.  Brit is an Award Winning, Celebrity Wedding Producer who owns and manages a very successful wedding planning business called Simply Weddings Las Vegas.  She has been in the wedding business for many years now and during our interview, Brit shares her insight on what a day in the life of a wedding planner is like, tips on how to have a stress free planning process, ways to personalize your wedding reception and so much more!  




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00:00:01welcome to do before I do a podcast she novelists Franco this podcast devoted to engage couples from the exciting moment of saying yes to the unforgettable moment saying I do I will be here to help you check items off your wedding to do list offering insight and guidance
00:00:21throughout your planning process hi there and welcome I'm Shayna a lover of love celebrations and weddings and you can consider me your wedding guide that will give you advice tips and inspiration whenever you need it thank you so much for taking the time to tune into to do
00:00:38this before I do wedding podcast and letting me be a part of your day as you plan for your special day so regardless of what stage you're currently in during your wedding planning tourney this podcast is here to help you easily check items off your wedding to do
00:00:52lists I do you cover a variety of different wedding topics throughout my podcast by interviewing professionals in the industry and also answering some of your wedding questions so hopefully there's an episode for every bride and groom I'm really happy to bring you this particular episode today we had
00:01:11the opportunity to interview Brett Bertino bread was such a delight to talk to you and to share some great wedding tips and advice to help you plan your own wedding brit is an award winning celebrity wedding producer who owns and manages a very successful wedding planning business called
00:01:28it simply weddings Las Vegas he's been in the wedding business for many years now and during our interview brit shares her insight on what a day in the life of a wedding planner is like tips on how to have a stress free planning process and also some ways
00:01:43to personalize your wedding reception and so much more regardless if you're planning a wedding in your hometown having a destination wedding or planning a wedding in Vegas her inside can benefit all couples who are planning their wedding and preparing for a lifetime of wedded bliss so hi and
00:02:01welcome brit thank you so much for joining me today and being a part of to do's before I do think you Sheena for having me appreciate it so can you give the listeners the background story of how you started simply weddings Las Vegas and also does your background
00:02:16in general sure so I originally started my wedding background really on a cruise ship and so I was in charge of producing weddings on very quick weddings on a cruise line and I did that as soon as I got out of high school and I loved it and
00:02:34I would say the return and burned so it was very quick and fifteen minute ceremony that went to dinner receptions and sometimes they got married on the beach when we got to certain ports and I just had a great time I'm unfortunately I couldn't keep my sea legs
00:02:49so I was sick the entire time so I don't know yeah I was so bad and I am finished my contract came back to the United States and %HESITATION decide to go ahead and go into my own business and my family was really really supported out of it
00:03:03so I started in northern California and then three years into it I moved to Las Vegas so I've had my companies now for eleven years so that's a that's a long time it is congratulations on all of your six thank you so I do have two different companies
00:03:20I wanted to explain that I am and why I do what I have two separate companies so we have simply weddings Las Vegas which I originally started that was the California based business came to Las Vegas and I expanded and I had so many weddings that our is
00:03:36producing solely by myself I was doing about seventy five weddings a year by myself and became very overwhelming and the problem was is that I probably was not pricing myself correctly in a lot of people in the beginning will get to one of these questions that you have
00:03:51listed below later on on that we when you start to interview planners if their price point is too low it's probably not the best idea to move forward with them because they're not it's it's probably because they're just trying to get out there and get booked more business
00:04:09and I'll be honest with you I booked way too much business in my service level went down I'm so what I decided to do is cite any wedding under seventy five thousand dollars now goes underneath the simply weddings brand and brides can now pick and choose what type
00:04:23of package they would like so there's you know the D. I. Y. package the day of coordination packages we are full service we have a lot my packages that we have all these different arrays of services that fall under simply weddings on that I have a team of
00:04:37the quarter coordinators in Las Vegas that run those and I can still keep up with the quantity of seventy five and keep the service level high and then for myself if they decide they want to work with me directly I have the brick Bertino event excellence brand which
00:04:51is destination driven and full production and design services and I will only take on ten of those weddings a year and that's it no more because it still is signed it very important that I still have my hands in the simply wanting projects as well hope that makes
00:05:06sense well it does and I'm %HESITATION I'm very impressed by your to business models that you have going on and I like that you know you limit yourself so that way you're really producing quality weddings as well absolutely so most brides consider a budget for something like a
00:05:24damp coordinator or a wedding planner as an award winning celebrity wedding producer can you describe exactly what a wedding producer is responsible for you know absolutely and there's a difference between a day of coordinator as well as somebody that's fully producing a production and I see a production
00:05:43is you know the ones that are very elaborate on need school staff and people with a lot of experience day of coordinators not saying that they don't need to have experience they do but honestly the bride's doing all the pre planning so it's really important that whatever information
00:06:01that the brides are collecting months prior to the wedding that they communicate that correctly over to the day of planner so everything goes smoothly so the real difference really before their responsibilities for Dave coordinator is really to make sure that that production up that day run smoothly I'm
00:06:20and then for somebody or that is producing an event from beginning to end that is going to include a budgeting from yeah site selection finding the best creative partners that fit the client's overall needs and wants and then also producing the events from beginning to end the day
00:06:38off so producers and day of coordination is definitely totally separate services and the day of coordinator I highly recommend that you get one just so that your friends and family are running around trying to help you coordinate everything they need to enjoy themselves too exactly and also puts
00:06:56less stress on the brighter the great as well loosely so I'm dying to get the inside scoop and I'm sure that the listeners are too so can you please describe a day in the life of brit Bertino so not just any day but an actual wedding day like
00:07:10what you do from start to finish from start to finish my day always starts with a little me time in the morning which means that I refocus I go to the gym I have my little time to myself and have my coffee and I ain't review everything step
00:07:27by step throughout the day and go through it in my mind and in my head on the morning of the wedding I get on site it just depends on how elaborate the event is a but I'll get on site usually around nine AM when hair and make up
00:07:42starts and I will be there Intel that party ends whether it's one o'clock in the morning three o'clock in the morning five o'clock in the morning our job is really to make sure that we are coordinating the loading of all the items making sure everything is there it's
00:07:59going as planned we're working with the catering department were working with sales were working with everybody on the site all over creative partners that are coming in on to make sure they have everything that they need and then as soon as the last person loads out meaning that
00:08:14the charges have been taken off the tables the linens are gone the chairs are set away we stayed there until the end we have to put the property back the way we found it and nobody really bright so want to sit there and do that in your family
00:08:27really doesn't want to do that all day anyway so we might might date is on my feet on we never eat I feel like we never get to %HESITATION and it's it's a lot of thinking on your toes and your feet because things never go smoothly everything always
00:08:43changes and we're here to make sure that we put out those fires and you and the guests have no idea what we put out all day long now you're like a magician yes exactly so when couples are looking to hire a planner or a coordinator or a leading
00:09:00producer what qualities should they be looking for and what types of questions should they be asking the planner before they hire them this is an awesome awesome question so like I mentioned before if their prices just seem too good to be true find out how long they've been
00:09:16in the business I'm that's always really important how many weddings have they coordinate it I would say if someone has done about twenty five plus weddings you're in pretty good hands they had a good experience they've probably change their stream line of business to you know really work
00:09:32well for them and for their clients find out what type of background that they have you know if they we get a lot of this %HESITATION because I'm also an instructor at a college is you think that all right you know planning your own wedding gives you enough
00:09:48experience to go out and start your own business it happens a lot you're going to see that a lot because there's no actual certification that you need to have on to to have a business such as as wedding planning if they have any type of certifications are for
00:10:03instance this US certified special been professional on the MPI certification anything like that if you see those designations behind their name look into it and if it's a certification not a certificate of certification back qualifies them as a professional in the industry not all planners will have it
00:10:22but your good ones really will have that and again just really getting their experience on it if they've done twenty five plus weddings I think you're you're in good hands twenty to twenty five and then after that you should be good to rock and roll with them other
00:10:39qualities to look for their style how are they presented do you know as planners were also designers do you trust this person to really are would streamline your dream wedding and your vision %HESITATION how are they dressed and how do they hold themselves are the well connected in
00:10:58the industry do they set on %HESITATION particular boards for wedding associations how connected are they because in the end do you want your planner to really look out for you and what's your best interest throughout the day because we have connections that you won't happen and that's the
00:11:14whole point of hiring a planner to make sure that we give you the biggest bang for your Buck those are some great points there and also one thing to look for our reviews online and also believe you know don't be afraid to ask for references as well yes
00:11:29and just you know those are all good really really good points as well and I would say that wedding wire in the not probably has the most on public reviews for you guys to repeal great so I noticed on your website and the simply weddings Las Vegas brand
00:11:45that you offer a list a variety of different planning packages to suit different couples needs so why would you recommend that bridegrooms budget for these professional assistance I think the most important thing is that you guys can enjoy your day %HESITATION if there's nothing nothing worse than you
00:12:01having to you know coordinate things and set up the tables and do the centerpieces and worry about the DJ being on time in the food service coming out on time I'm and then cleaning everything up or even your family and friends though they may offer to help in
00:12:17the and they just want to party and celebrate with you and not have to worry about all these little details so I highly recommend if you can budget for somebody even if it's just a day of coordinator on it's going to be extremely helpful or if you don't
00:12:32have the additional fines find one of your bridesmaids are really good friend that has always dreamt about planning and maybe put them to work I think that might be helpful but I highly recommend getting somebody that can give you some advice and point you in the right direction
00:12:46it's going to just cut down a lot of time and a lot of expenditures for you exactly and it's truly a great investment one that you won't regret I agree so you've been in the industry for many years now and you've seen your share of weddings what's been
00:13:01your favorite ideas to incorporate a couple style and personality into their wedding day honestly every couple that comes through our door is different we don't do a cookie cutter things are couples to have their own personalities my job is really gets to get to know them what makes
00:13:20them tick what gets them excited %HESITATION I I'm a huge fan of Pinterest I'm sure all you guys are on their but I do go into Pinterest if I you know most of our couples our destination but if I ever have the opportunity to go to their home
00:13:34and meet their parents I really can get a good feeling of their own style and personality and act that my biggest thing is you're my inspiration and I have to start with you and there's been a couple times were brides have no clue on what they're what they're
00:13:49seems going to be what's most important to them %HESITATION this is something very new to them and some of some of my couples their parents are doing all the planning so you might might couples are my inspiration so every every day ideas is completely different do you want
00:14:07to know specifics as to what new trends I'm seeing that our favorite ideas or yeah that would be great if you could share that I'm just some treasure at the photo booth of course everybody's kind of scene that %HESITATION but now they're doing the video booths on they
00:14:23are short videos that going to social media they are a lot of fun and you can keep them for yourself as a member of a book on it obviously it's digital but your guests also get to see that on video mapping on cakes seem to be very popular
00:14:40right now it's on a three D. mapping video so it's a plain white cake and then you put a video on the cake and it's all customized to the couple could be engagement shoot could be short videos of you guys it could be family portraits and pictures that's
00:14:57probably the newest thing that I've seen in the past six months that people seem to be really enjoying I'm I also have seen a lot of people could in a larger budget for entertainment on live entertainment so you're going to see more strolling entertainment and photo opportunities I'm
00:15:15in it just really adds a lot of excitement to the wedding and it's not that expensive wonderful note these are all little touches that couples can incorporate Mike you mention with the three D. video cake and you know you could do your engagement video some photos and just
00:15:31kind of make it your own exactly so even though you end the bride or groom plan for months in advance things may still not go as planned on the actual wedding day like you mentioned before so can you share your biggest wedding day nightmare that you've encountered as
00:15:46a wedding professional and how you were able to overcome a resolve it yeah we I'm here most of you may laugh but you have to remember the market that I'm in I'm in Las Vegas so it's a it could be a little a little ninety here sometimes yeah
00:16:00there's been a couple of them I think the biggest one is %HESITATION guess getting out of control they'd come here to Las Vegas they've had too much to drink we had a lot of the bridal party not show up on I don't know their money oh yeah and
00:16:14we're chasing them down and I have a large enough staff going to the casino they get they get stuck in the casinos drinking and gambling and that becomes %HESITATION that's very hard for us to continue on in world hold up the ceremony for thirty minutes and then finally
00:16:28in our couples either say okay we'll continue to wait or will move forward but you know keeping the bridal party in check that's hard and that's part when you have full planning services it is one of our duties we actually have one person designated to the bridal party
00:16:42to help keep folks like stroll on of course we've had a lot of things with power so you'll need to make sure that if you're plugging in a lot of things like the three D. mapping for the video on the cake or the %HESITATION %HESITATION DJ if you
00:16:58have specialty lighting elements make sure you have enough power there's nothing worse than having a reception and it's dark and people are trying to eat their food so there's been times we've had to run out and go and get additional power from different resources and you don't really
00:17:14have time to do that so you have to think twice and really ask the venue you know we have all these powers and items that would that need a lot of juice from war are items make sure that they can hold the water's edge in the in the
00:17:30rooms for you otherwise you'll be in trouble there's been so many I don't even know where to start although there's some great points there I think that it's really important you know to have your gas stating it you know in line with what you're expecting and also just
00:17:45keeping your bridal party in check as well loosely so after all the weddings that you've helped plan and produce what has been your most memorable wedding experience wow I got to say that on every time I leave the country and I do a destination wedding it is always
00:18:03my favorite experience because they're in the planning process there may be some language barriers in your thinking on my goodness are these people going to be able to I'm really really late and produce the ideas and concepts that I have are they going to have the items that
00:18:19I'm looking for to make this event memorable and and get the clients what they want and the memory to me is the actual experience that I have with all the creative partners in making things come alive in creating partnerships with other people and then at the night of
00:18:35the wedding when everything just goes off off the charts and it's unbelievable and the clients and the couples come up to you and say that was the best party I've ever been to that is the most rewarding memory that I can ever ever asked for and I enjoy
00:18:50that part about my job at the end of the night when someone says that's the best party you've ever been to let's do it again exactly out after all those hours being on your feet it's all worth it at the absolutely so no matter the type of wedding
00:19:06whether it be you know intimate extravagant civil or religious in your opinion what are the top three things that couples really struggled the most with in regards to planning their own wedding my biggest advice that I can give to any of my couples and anybody that's listening please
00:19:21please please consider our online doing marriage marriage counseling beforehand and it's not my job as a psychologist I am here to you know really create a beautiful day for you on but I've heard so many horror stories between families the couple I just highly recommend that you go
00:19:40and seek some marriage counseling before hand and I don't think you'll hear that from many planners but there's just a lot of things that you should have shout and a lot of things get brought up during the planning process and you don't want to be startled by them
00:19:53if you can if you can have a third party to help guide you on trust me it's going to make your life a lot easier I know it sounds funny but I hear every story imaginable and I just highly recommend that you take the time just to get
00:20:07some some marriage counseling between you and your partner because I've actually seen where couples get so stressed out over family issues or things that they never spoke about during the planning process and what happens once you are actually married no split them up and that's the last thing
00:20:23that you want to happen I completely agree with you there Jack knife before we got married we had our pre wedding counseling and because we are getting married in the Catholic Church we had you know regimented schedule of what we needed to do but I do agree with
00:20:40you that every couple who you know plans on saying I do you should definitely do some type of counseling %HESITATION and just kind of get to know each other more really digs deep into you know your goals your aspirations just what you guys want and making sure the
00:20:54guys on the same page very good I couldn't agree more so brit you are quite the accomplished planner when it comes to the world of weddings are there anything else that you'd like to share with the listeners today I'm I just think that you know enjoy your day
00:21:10how fun planning it if you have in your budget to hire a professional I'm I highly recommend that you do it is so important you stay organized I know that everybody else has a busy life on but finding a professional that can help you I'm not trying to
00:21:25sell myself but I'm also just trying to help you because you just need to have a really good time and you don't want to worry about all the tiny little details I just would make sure that you really interview the person make sure they're a good match on
00:21:38if you have a small party in its twenty people are less I'm sure you can handle it on your own anybody over twenty people that's when you want to consider maybe getting some assistance we're only here to help you we're here in your best interest and %HESITATION that's
00:21:52where just think of us as your it we are your really good friend during the planning process and will make everything happen for you wonderful I'm and so just before we sign off for the day today just wanted to you know get your information now you have a
00:22:08lot of different services that you offer but can you describe your plan like a pro yes so for those that are currently listening in I am running a special in its called plan like a pro and it's three hours of consulting and planning tools to help keep you
00:22:24organized throughout the planning process and the day of your wedding and you be working with me directly and I normally charge one thousand fifty dollars and if you mention that you listen to this podcast it's seven hundred and fifty dollars and again it we're going to walk you
00:22:40through the steps if you can't quite afford a day of coordinator of at least you can consult with a professional and you could be located anywhere it can be anywhere around the world I'm in will help guide you through your planning process and help you negotiate things and
00:22:55basically how to talk and walk in plan like a pro wonderful that is such a great deal and especially for those brides or groom said are listening right now like Britt mentioned %HESITATION if a wedding planner up on winning planner or producers not on in your budget then
00:23:11this is something that's great for you to take advantage of it such a great deal and such a valuable investment as well absolutely so write thank you so much for your time and giving us the inside scoop on %HESITATION wedding planning and writing producing for the listeners who
00:23:27want to learn more about your amazing services of your company where can they find out more information they can go to simply weddings L. V. dot com that's the simply writing site that lists all the different types services again that simply weddings L. as in Larry V. as
00:23:43in Vegas so its Las Vegas so simply weddings I'll be dot com or they can go to my website Brent Bertino dot com and they can see on a list of the services I offer there as well and if you'd like to email me directly I'm I believe
00:24:01you're going to see you know you're gonna put out a little note on social media but you can email me at be Bertino at simply weddings L. V. dot com wonderful celebrity mentioned all the sites that you just mentioned will be listed on my website to do this
00:24:17before I do dot com will have a recap of this podcast and also share it on our social media sites so thanks so much again bread and I really appreciate Encina alright so lots of great stuff from for it I hope that you enjoyed listening to this episode
00:24:32as much as I enjoyed bring it to you don't forget to visit to do this before I do dot com so you can get all the links to Brett sites and also to see a little recap on her plan like a pro opportunity that she's offering that to
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00:25:00I love being able to bring you content and also helping you check items off your wedding to do list this podcast is continuing to grow because they have such great listeners who share this podcast and also continue spreading the word about it so thank you so much in
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