The NFL season is in full swing Sunday, but all eyes are on a certain ad campaign off the field. David Meyers speaks with Bloomberg News Business of Sports reporter Eben Novy-Williams and Bloomberg News diversity reporter Jordyn Holman about Nike and Colin Kaepernick.

Eben's latest: Calls to #BoycottNike Don't Crack Top Five on the Outrage Meter
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00:00:15NFL season kicks off this weekend but for many fans it's what's happening off the field with Colin Kaepernick rather than on the field is dominating the discussion is like he's moved to feature the athlete good for the game and the country this is to talk today's topic is
00:00:30a complicated one should help me unpack this is Bloomberg news business of sports reporter Avenue and Bloomberg news diversity reporter Jordan hall Evan let's start with you and what exactly Nike did he yeah sure so as most people know Nike new ad campaign Colin Kaepernick controversial quarterback turned
00:00:48activist is that one of the main faces and the voice of the TV ad %HESITATION this is a very calculated decision by Nike they are banking on the fact that all of the ill will and there's been a lot of it people on Twitter saying they'll never buy
00:01:01Nike again their banking that all of the ill will he's going to be outweighed by the amount of people out there who say Hey I like Nike I support what they're supporting in Colin and I'm willing to buy more or buy extra Nike gear and how the %HESITATION
00:01:16calculated the as you say banking on how they calculated the success of this campaign so fiasco Nike is a former company but you know a lot of people I talk to call them a marketing company they've been so good at this in the past they know their customer
00:01:29and the customer is mostly in out two thirds of their customer base is under thirty five years old it's very multi ethnic and those are two and talking in generalizations here but those are two groups that generally skew more towards the supporting Colin Kaepernick type out one other
00:01:43thing that he's tried to do recently they're really pushing their brand in urban settings in cities across the country %HESITATION and again you know if you're if you're a city dweller you might be more likely to turn to lean towards the the kind of issues that Colin Kaepernick
00:01:57is raising so you know urban centers young Americans multi diverse ethnic groups of Americans those are all Nike's fan base and they're banking on this decision being the kind of thing that brings them to stores and online into such as generating people to the stores eventually but they're
00:02:13also can offer media from absolutely there is you know as of Thursday this week it was a hundred and sixty five million dollars of free media out one thing that I think is kind of being overlooked here you know a lot of the Nike endorsers of come out
00:02:26very supportive of this Serena Williams at the US open has been very happy with it you know a lot of their NFL clients Tiger Woods even commented on it this week that's important for Nike you know the they they really pride themselves they've lost some ground to adidas
00:02:38recently largely in these influence our worlds if if people out there if you're a celebrity and you see not only the Nike sticks up for its athletes but also that it's willing to Wade into social issues that you care a lot about that may mean that the next
00:02:52big star that's available a free agent for a shoe deal may be more likely to go to Nike and that that doesn't that's a non zero effect on their bottom line you we saw the ratings for the NFL's opening game from last night they were down eight percent
00:03:04from last year is is the debate started by captain X. protest against police brutality over the past two years is this kind of behind this this fall offerings I would think in being part yeah the NFL has a number of major had wins one of which is you
00:03:18know rule changes that they've made that are very confusing for viewers out there a lot of penalties in in the opening game this week which which angered a lot of people the Capper Nick thing it is a part of it but I would argue that you know it's
00:03:30it's a different it's not the racial protests that that that Colin started it's more the debate over whether or not he has a right to do it and the way the league reacted %HESITATION end to end president trump has not you know he has not helped in that
00:03:42regard he's you know even this Nike deal he's tweeted at least twice about you know why didn't he do it I wouldn't have done it it's a bad big mistake at center %HESITATION but yes the the the political protest aspect of the NFL and its involvement is certainly
00:03:57affecting the way that consumers view the NFL does these two have deals together Nike in the NFL it seems what Nike is doing well might be good for their bottom line isn't good for the NFL yeah it's it's a great question and from what I understand in my
00:04:11reporting I don't think they can give the NFL a big heads up and you're right you know that Nike is the official Jersey supplier the NFL they extended that deal ten more years just a couple months ago %HESITATION and Colin is suing the NFL %HESITATION claiming that its
00:04:24owners have colluded to keep him out of the leak you know so the fact that there are many other big Jersey suppliers out there with a public facing campaign you know backing up this guy a former player who's suing the league I imagine that doesn't make the NFL
00:04:37all that happy one thing that you can make an argument for is that people who are angry at Colin Kaepernick %HESITATION their anger now is focused on Nike like he is now enemy number one for them Nike and Nike is the group that supporting Colin Kaepernick whereas maybe
00:04:51two weeks ago enemy number one was the NFL you know and and very controversial whether they're letting players protest some people will be in the locker room for the national anthem but if you come out on the field you have to stand the NFL has in some ways
00:05:04kind of pass the Buck of the being that the corporation behind the anger over Colin Kaepernick from itself on to Nike and maybe that's something they're happy about seven thank you thank you let's turn to Bloomberg news diversity reporter Jordan home and now in Jordan when cap ex
00:05:20first tweet on Monday came out what kind of reactions did you start to see so when I saw that tweet for Monday afternoon a immediately people my time line were saying I'm gonna go out and buy some more Nike gear and just praising Nike for that moved to
00:05:34see that you know there prominently featuring captain Nick it was only a few hours later that I started to see those videos of people cutting off the screws on their %HESITATION socks are people saying I've I like my converses anyway not knowing that night kills two did you
00:05:50%HESITATION were you surprised to see that video of people burning their and their Nike gear I can't say I was surprised I was more so surprised to happen so soon obviously a move like Nike prominently featuring captain Nick on what's going to bring a lot of like bring
00:06:05the tensions that we've seen for the past few years %HESITATION back on social media it was the destruction of Nike's stuff that that was surprising to help us understand the fundamental misunderstanding between a Colin Kaepernick someone who's pro his calls and some whose anti his costs so coming
00:06:25cap neck like you mentioned he is pro testing police brutality racism in America and doing that by %HESITATION you know taking a knee during the anthem and other athletes subsequently have done the same what people are refusing to understand about why he's doing that is that they just
00:06:44don't see the severity of the racism in the police brutality like people of color in America do so if you can't even agree on how intense and how a destructive racism is thing you're just not going to agree to what do we often see this tension clashing in
00:07:01between sports and culture because sports has long been thought of as X. gave his own from the daily grind in all of and politics and all of these things but that's just not the case because in a lot of the structural things that happen with sports you see
00:07:17that play out in other industries that the work force is predominately black or brown and the people who run the teams and the industry are white so there's this power dynamic shift and then when you have the players calling that out that's uncomfortable for someone who's thinking I'm
00:07:33just going to lay back watches him and relaxed so it seems Nike is doing what president trump does with his tweets he's a they're appealing to one block one people that will always be with them their base and not caring what the other side of the conversations he
00:07:49does that tell you kind of sense as well that's interesting yeah I think the Nike has definitely leaned into this idea that Hey Capper neck whatever you feel about him we're going to endorse what he's doing you know you had the whole at that it's his voice is
00:08:04his you know name and face on the Billboard but I think that kind of goes back to when we can agree if we agreed that there is racism and there is police brutality it is not a bad thing for this corporation to an old go behind that say
00:08:20like yeah we don't want that either turn home thank you thank you bloomer Jordan Holman and having a family of six for joining us today make sure to follow Jordan and Evan Jordan's at short intervals and Evan is nobody underscore that's a tech doctor today thanks for listening
00:08:35please head on over to iTunes and let us know which I'm Dave Meyers you can follow me on Twitter David a flyers and get all your updates twenty four seven at tech to hi and thanks and I teamed up with State Street global advisors to uncover the bold
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