What an exciting week in the tech industry! 2018 has been exceptional so far. First, Facebook kicked off their Developer Conference on May 1st and 2nd. Then Google had their Google I/O event May 8-10. Simply incredible and gives you insight into what direction each company is headed.

First, I will be diving in with  WWDC event(s) that started yesterday on June 4th. There are 4 main pillars: iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Today, I will be focusing solely on iOS and split them into 4 separate sections to make it a bit easier to follow.

Listen along as I high level precisely what they are doing. Once I get to the end of this series, I will specifically address the differences between these 3 companies (named above) along with what they have in common to suggest where we (as an industry) may be headed.

As always, love hearing your opinions, so please share your thoughts here or on Twitter. Enjoy!

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00:00:00alright happy Tuesday January 5th everyone is that time I cannot believe how quickly I thought this week is already blowing but maybe hey that's just because I'm excited being in this industry we've got this week at June 4th we have Apple's keynote or 2018 WWDC Keynote
00:00:20I should probably start drinking this Dasani sparkling lime but I'm not going to and I just want to take a quick specifically on Apple WWDC 2018 Kino and just things that they're doing and kind of walk you guys buy like step-by-step if you didn't watch it I'll just kind of clue you in with the high level of detail here there but mostly just high-level so you have an idea so this will be something that you can listen to while you're in the car you're at work and just give you an idea of what's going down so let me tell you how I'm going to break this down first and foremost I mean the keno was long it was roughly like 2 hours and 16 17 minutes Vanessa how long it was and that's pretty phenomenal just considering once again how long did you sort of things can can last
00:01:20so the noise you hear they have sorry for the book creaking I wanted to double-check that and so on and so forth let me continue on here to do today is Tuesday June 5th so I'm going to come specifically on iOS and then on tomorrow Wednesday I will cover a watch OS Thursday TV and Friday Mac OS so again this is just to give you a little bit of a high level and understanding just in case you didn't catch it and it's not too many of you are not quite as Kiki as I may be like I love the stuff like I literally to me is like watching I don't know some sort of Marvel Avengers movie or what not like it just brings me that much excitement for well further Ado let's just go ahead and start with iOS so first off what's really interesting is IOS is special seen it gets better software updates and support versus you know Android in general right which of course let me just give you this claimer like so I am
00:02:20I'm employed by Samsung and while I have some Pious here and there I'm going to try to keep it as crystal clear as possible without me letting up in the water so again these are just type of thoughts or my own specifically and again covering just what is news so I'm seeing it currently iOS 11 at has an adoption rate of over 81% considering Android right now and it has 6% I mean it's pretty damning and it's always a struggle at the Android is because you have so many different flavors you have so many different skins that go with the overlays of what the manufacturer to put on it makes it very difficult to make sure people have the latest and greatest and right now it's it's it's today according to Apple I was customer satisfaction rating is it a 95% which is pretty good despite of the issues of them counted here recently I want to see baby slam Billy mentioning specifically iOS 11 look at them have quite a bit of bugs that has popped up but I think you know again I'm just going to give the benefit of doubt you I think I really try to do a really good job of cleaning that
00:03:20up and making it something extremely useful while dividing their customers with those feature so if something is really important I'm at what they're doing here which is unprecedented sit down at the moment is it support is going back until I get the 2013 which to be very specific that is when the 5S launch and that's pretty phenomenal can just give me the history and if the sum of the things that it's going to allow those users and but by the demo that they use it was a 6 plus if I'm not mistaken but like I'm 99% sure he have any ways to use a 6 Plus install iOS 12 on it and they roughly got like 40% faster app launches followed by 50% faster keyboard display and then 70% faster Camelot which is pretty phenomenal like this actually pretty cool so I definitely got to give them I'm some props going through and really just
00:04:20cleaning up the the software and making it a bit more usable and it always supporting and back dating so I think it's pretty cool huh so one of the first things they got into WWDC was that a Ocotillo and so what are AR kit to let me say it slowly it does have a new file format system is called iusd Z soap u.s. is in United States D is in Diego Z is in Zelda and anyway she knew a file format is really good for sharing and so does Universal scene description which is what it stands for is optimized for sharing but like doing so in a compact single file and it's an open Forum at I think it's really really important given that I'm sure they want the adoption rate to be high and to do so let me make sure it's an open formats that developers and everyone is really digging in deep and making applications
00:05:20using the sort of file format so it's going to be more so catch significance in being used in margaritas right now this is still pretty early and so they need to make sure they get as high adoption rate as possible and also a new launch or a new life and death is also called measure and what this can do is it can easily measure a real life objects and get their Dimensions so what is nice is that the levels also built in the same apps as well versus the old stand alone so you really find a measure is a new place to host a level and of course to us measurements now I'm going to pass it for a second just also mention there's a lot of third-party apps that it can easily be dismissed they go through which is so interesting considering to this is like United hours conference and yet you know Apple's got to make the decision to start including some of these just ran out of treating a great out-of-the-box experience because I all these customers are going to go find that all these different useful tools and of course I'm at.
00:06:20rubber stamp card they can have to find different ways to differentiate themselves not only in the App Store and that particular Marketplace also aside from what apple is doing so is a danger that developers typically take on by me that's just unnecessary and again that you know given that Apple's providing a platform developers come out with ideas sometimes Apple does take those ideas and integrate them again we can be really creative by are constraints and buy some different situations that were put into so I have no doubt so developers are really going to turn this into something more so special also one of the cool interesting demoses when Craig use the news app to Denver how you can bring images to life and a r i specifically know that the air icon next to the image which is really interesting it's that I don't know if you've it again if you seen the video then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about but you know that they are icon is pretty neat meaning let's say you know you're you open up the news app
00:07:20and the description that they gay for the gym I should say it was like a fish she had this fish has some rocks and look it was in water and it had this a AR icon I'm going to Tapped it a game like a 3D interactive view of it so I'm sure there's going to be some sort of restrictions on a percent sure about how that's going to go like I'm very curious of how they do that how did they decide because me you can't just do that with every photo you have to have the data to give you that that 3D type of rendering so I'm really curious to see how that turns out I'm inside from that they are kit to revise enhancement on improve the face tracking a realistic rendering a 3D object detection a persistent experiences and shared experiences and I really love how I talk to people I literally can manipulate and share the same as varmint in real time and then they did mention that you can have a third person to observe her so that is actually pretty cool so that was really it for a are they did like this Lego demo
00:08:20few demos I even back during the last WWDC but I'm really curious to see how this takes off again the only really moving into their second year of developers having access to this and seeing what comes to life and then there's photos so photos and I can spend too much time here but basically sources got much better in simply improved and so just a test on a few days so I can. I really like the sharing suggestions and that's when the photo app to automatically prompt you to share photos with other individuals at full resolution of your iMessage meaning let's see if I've taken a bunch of at pause for second let's say my wife and I are taking pictures of a sign of his that's a second birthday party which hasn't occurred yet but it will and let's say you know she's taking a bunch of photos I take in a bunch of photos can I go to share these with her well especially I'm really curious to see how like I'm it identifies let you know you can do facial recognition on iOS which everything is done with machine learning
00:09:20device meaning nothing goes into the server but if you can let you know that is Victoria what's interesting you know I can use things like TPS a few other things to know that these were taken around the same time cuz you need to get your time stamp location summer so forth and if I share those photos with her it will intelligently asked me if I'd want to share back so that way we we all have you know the entire set of photos that were taken at a particular time and it's really cool to me I think I made this is just something that again awesome and share with a friend's phone was just you against Jeff sharing photos from that same team background was also looking for those who might be familiar there something called Facebook moments and is very similar to that but better with privacy so meaning you know it's private wood end-to-end encryption why use it on device machine learning so again not saying that Facebook does not but one thing that we do know Apple takes very seriously is a customer's data and it stays all on device where I Facebook really likes to play
00:10:20the server I scan your face and you may recognize that when you see things like a they tried to tag you and ask if this is you and you tag yourself in the photos you could have taken way back when as a big have machine learning but more said is done in the cloud so very interesting approach and then there was Siri and like this one was if I'm being honest right like it is a head like a double-edged sword because again after watching Google IO and seeing Google duplex like completely taken back it was absolutely 1% ridiculous and I'm so first what she tries to do and I'm going to cover some of the things they did and it may be shared with you why I think they did and I'm just going to be very a transparent on my my knowledge base the first is short cuts which means you can program any third party app assuming of course that the shortcut is supported with a phrase to be used to launch the app they gave the demo of the top hat with it like you know I'm saying
00:11:20hey Siri I lost my keys and then assume you activate the specific app in the window that you typically see Syrian and watch that command so it's almost like you have to set up your specific touchpoint your specific commands
00:11:32from a security standpoint I see why they prefer this gives again they want to be very careful of the learning side and keeping everything on devices possible
00:11:45wow that is cool it's just not to the same caliber is Google I mean just let's face it just not again it depends on what you value more do you value your privacy more or do you like really cool features and you don't mind these companies manipulating using your data so something consider then there was Siri suggestions it has now gotten even smarter on device and will alert you to perform certain actions so for example if it's somebody's birthday like your grandmother this in your calendar Sue would suggest you call her or if you got a coffee the same Cafe is a routine would I be in something like Peet's Coffee or Starbucks to with t that up for you to order in advance meaning and notices you do something habitually and brings it out in the devices they will do that again because of location apps to being open and again everything is on device not McLeod that's where Apple makes a differentiation I think that's pretty cool
00:12:44so there's a shortcut editor will you be able to set the stuff up yourself in this was interesting so it's not quite as intuitive as Google however is just much more secure when it comes to the price that I can't hit that home enough so this is a giver take is this like okay what do I want I want something that seems really cooler very useful I said cooler wow well anyways I did this is a word I'm looking right now after being up since 4:30 a.m. and its 8:15 like I definitely got to get my mind to and he's here I probably need to relax I probably shouldn't be doing this but you know I'm the guys I'm just going to do it anyway. It's just move through at this one more time again I just mention that it's just not as intuitive as Google but for the stand alone and I'm just really curious to see how this works in real life and again it's how you set those command you set the expectation of what Siri can do vs. what I can't do so again I'm really looking for that third-party support
00:13:39so there was also some my quick little update highlight so that you had on news got some updates I really really did he was just a greatly improve the design a little bit so I got like a fresh a look and it really looks good on the iPad like that's where I think it shine the little bit more iOS and then the stock app and I mean finally finally this thing is much better but that was you that was even the stock app I mean you know how dated this thing was so Apple news is now in stock that's real cool and it's about time versus that Yahoo news on Mike really are we still choosing a depending on Yahoo News with a part of Verizon now so it's just nice to see that they integrated their own that's something they do in-house it only made sense so I have no words of this really taking forever to update but you're at least it has finally happened and you can now View and just to me was always a big tank white you can now under stocks do the full article that leaving the app there's always been a pain because every time I do at from new
00:14:39what time's a few others just like they always wanted me to purchase the app where to purchase to say the subscription which was very problematic for me cuz I'm like we're not going to read these articles so something to think about ask for voice memos another one good to see you cite little refreshed this one is much easier to use and finally usable on iPad like I don't know why I've had is mrs. for quite some time and then iCloud Support has been added so just makes it easier to sync across and the other thing they did was iBooks and so the name iBooks is completely going away and I'm sorry I was doing a lot of removal of anything with the eye in it I don't know if it's just very hard for them to obtain the rights of those names because you know a lot of people try to copy with other sorts of different stop. For example
00:15:30I read a website Typical Gamer I really love Richie Renee's work there anyways besides call Ardmore said you have all these are the things called and is now just typical Apple but I think this is a really good move of what they decide to do there and again the whole design really want you to do it just makes you want to read more like the book icons are much larger and it really just matches the rest of the OS meaning things like music the album art covers if you're very familiar with apple music weather be on Android or iOS like to me that real clean aesthetic I will clean look now Apple Books almost said I books have a book that has that clean same look too awesome
00:16:14they also brought a new feature called Do Not Disturb add time and I really really really love this new future and I'll just keep all those notifications from being on your home display like this infuriating so you in bed I don't know maybe wake up the mail tonight perhaps you drink a lot of water that you should not have right before you went to bed and now is you light up your phone you're not going to be like this whole heap and mass of a bunch of notifications because if you like me the issues you see it and you can't unsee it and then you want to check it before you know you waste an entire hour unforgivable sounds that they finally got rid of this clean this up so you look at it and she's a real clean UI and let you know the time great the time and give me the flashlight in case I want to make my way to the restroom like that is all I need say really clean that I'm really excited about it and then you can also set like certain timers with your a 3D touch the icon meaning when I say timers just like okay like you know do not disturb you want to front hour until at the evening
00:17:14until I leave this location so I can know if your last day working at a Starbucks or something he said when I leave this location it will say and do not disturb until you leaving on automatically switch just in case you forget since you're not going to miss important information of course naturally until the end of this event and again it will look in a calendar list he have a movie too movies two and a half hours long its going to make sure that that doesn't pop up again I'm I'm sitting here going to make a quick low Pieology the AC unit has kicked on so you can hear a little bit of a background noise but it's one of those at once again hey let this is life is going to pick up a little bit at Noise Okay so what are some other changes that we made notifications again like it's finally finally here the given a much more robust way of controlling or notification so for example once one comes in you could choose to have that deliver quietly or simply turn it off and I like that because if you just chose to have it
00:18:14and you here for the first time where you start to see you too A whole bunch of come in now you're very cognizant me like okay this notification continuously goes off like GroupMe and for those who work with me about what you know what I'm talking about and now you may choose to say okay you know what perhaps I'm going to just ignore this I'm going to silent I have it just delivered quietly which means like I still get notifications visually but I won't hear anything I'll just simply turn it all off you get really important and then one of the best aspects yet his group notifications it was so strange like they have this at one point and I got rid of it I think this one is a much clean away that they've done it and I mean I cannot tell you guys the struggle for anybody who uses Iowa and don't play Coy with me when you see those notifications like they come if they can have it is absolutely ridiculous that you literally just burn hours going through those things like I really do love notifications on iOS it is terrible and consideration
00:19:14of what Androids doing again let's keep it real - I know again I seem a little biased but I'm keeping it real right now then there's a new physical screen time I was taking a few strong stance I know they got hit a few times during the air as stakeholders call so I'm doing when they have like their Financial reviews they even have some animals to straight of acid what are you guys doing we noticed a big issue especially the youth and apple taking this really seriously to every week now you're going to get a weekly activity summary and so it'll detail things like a social networking entertainment versus productivity apps me how much time are you spending on those and you can even get data how often you even pick up your phone and was drawing you in like something went off it knows which one it is and start to give you that data so you can really analyze your own usage and you can even sit at limits which I think is really cool and this does synchronize across all devices so when he can create the same
00:20:14like allowances for kids I just want to really got me side if you can't tell and so um to me I think it's really cool me if you kids doing really well you would have been some extra time you can and it's the device it's going to help manage that after you know that the parents set everything up and so it doesn't always pick the pier at the bad guy so from other things like that you got down time to content and privacy settings again parents have full control and this works across iPhone and iPad with a Stanley sharing setup so you have to have that which is controlled by the parent devices really really important as for the last two things they covered at least within iOS one of them was messages and now when it cut message right now so the whole new level like they started to do tongue to text you add to this with an emoji we have like the ghost is there now a koala get a tiger at a course my favorite the T-Rex and just when I thought I couldn't get in
00:21:14more complex they also announced an emoji that is very similar to what Samsung is doing with ar Emoji so I was surprised but not surprised to see that and I will say the diversity of Creations I mean it's just incredible it's almost certain that you would just be able to be able to distinguish among his family and friends because I mean there's that many of them I mean they creations at the customization I mean again things like I color skin tone freckles hair style glasses Sunglasses or Sonny's I think this is the one lady doing called it I mean it just it goes on and on this is a really nice I set up really nice feature. Love how well this works in messages and again with a camera I mean this is all you can do is build him right there within iMessages in particular so I think you have one place to do that is going to make it so much easier and speaking of that are the last but not least then you have FaceTime and so
00:22:14for a long time, people really excited when they heard that they introduced group FaceTime and again I mean I have no words better late to the party than never I suppose but I think they really did it right so what I mean by that you can do up to 32 people simultaneously that is absolutely crazy and so they just a few little things to note here is it also integrated into the messages app right like to the standard to Saga classes at since you can go from like a group chat directly into FaceTime call easily and by the way this audio or video and members of the group can join in and drop out at any time so for those of us who don't like to be involved with that at maybe gets a little too chaotic is out of control you can kindly bow out and continue with your life and be more productive until a question someone may ask is okay wait a minute so how does this work on the screen you fit into your hand I mean seriously like literally something that
00:23:14doesn't get much bigger than like wet a 5.9 inch display I believe his or 5.7 in I had to make sure I got this right I did anyway how this works is if they have multiple tiles that appear and it still be up for the time and I'll be different sizes so I want you to imagine on your phone you got four different tiles the speakers always the largest in the bottom have like this roster and ideas of the person who is talking comes to like front and center and larger than a rest and it's for the others again there's a group right there the bottom kind of scroll through that manually so you can pick and choose who you see so again automatically the person speaking is always going to pop up for some for us otherwise you can manually go to the Browns roster and then manually pick who you want to take a gander at it in last night at least you can even apply sticker packs be so it's almost like a Snapchat on steroids so yeah really cool mind you there
00:24:14some demos at arguably where strongest Google at Google IO but I think the directions at both of them a really going into a very unique and I'm really curious to see what they do was industry moving forward because they're taking two different path to very similar type of future
00:24:32one of them respect privacy a bit and really gives a lot of power to the end user and the other and not saying that they don't respect their customers however they believe that the customers are willing to return in certain freedoms and their data to other get better products and better services so that is for you to decide but again that's really something up for iOS 12 of what we can expect I'm sure there's going to be some hidden nuggets especially want that the next iteration of whether iPhone is it comes out that I'm sure with you about between August and September to really stay tuned for that and remember tomorrow I'm going to cover OverWatch or ask what's exciting about that won't we have to look forward to and what this means within an industry so again ladies and gentlemen I know it is only about 8:30 but I tell you what I'm going to hit that bed early like you guys don't understand like I'm going to be out cold x's on my eyes straight up Drool on the pillow like that is coming I just cannot wait so again thank you also spending time with me again on another episode of those conspicuous mean
00:25:32hi this is Tim's mom about to sign off and again I'm going to make sure I get plenty of sleep so I don't Ramble On I don't say like 100,000 times and I come off a little clearer and more concise and thank you very much love you all and I will talk to you shortly

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