This Week in Amateur Radio #1001
Here is a summary of the news trending this week, May 05, 2018 This weeks edition, is anchored by Chris Perrine, KB2FGAF, Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Will Rogers, K5WLR, and Jessica Bowen, KB2VWX.
Produced and edited (and a little anchoring too) by W2XBS.
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Trending stories in this weeks news service:
1. Second 3Y0Z Bouvet DXpedition Attempt Unlikely for 2018 - 2019 Austral Season
2. Deadline Approaching to Submit Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award Nominations
3. Collegiate Radio Amateur Wins Radio Club of America Young Achiever Award
4. Amateur Radio Case Attracts Attention of FCC Commissioner
5. Lunar-Orbiting Microsats with Ham Radio Payloads Will Make Use of WSJT JT4G Sub-Mode
6. Radio Amateur Engaged in Puerto Rico Recovery is among Crash Victims
7. Former Hamvention Home Hara Arena Getting a New Owner
8. ARRL Counting Down to Hamvention 2018
9. Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Communication Test Set for Saturday, May 12th
10. Demonstration proves nuclear fission system can provide space exploration power
11. Amateurs in Ireland to receive additional frequencies
12. Status Report of ARRL Official Observer Program Review
13. Hamvention Increases Information Efforts
14. ARRL Executive Committee Hears Updates on Parity Act, FCC Petitions, Small Satellites
Plus these Special Features This Week:
On The Rails with Greg Stoddard, KF9MP
Amateur Radio History Headlines with Bill Continelli, W2XOY
Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT,
RAIN: A "Before and After" talk with Bob Heil K9EID
Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB
Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige KK5DO
Weekly Propagation Forecast Report
Amateur Radio History Headlines with Bill Continelli, W2XOY
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00:00:01with over nineteen years of service to the amateur radio community we are this week in amateur radio your all amateur radio and technology news magazine of the year this is addition number one thousand one with the release of their date of Saturday may fifth twenty eighteen please prepare
00:00:18to take the feed to err following the cue tone well we are this week in amateur radio north America's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine the bulls in service of the air here are the stories are trending as we come to air this week the aid of
00:00:41laurel executive committee meets in Windsor Connecticut we will have team coverage and amateur radio enforcement case attracts the attention of the FCC commissioner the A. double R. L. is counting down the hours to hand version twenty eighteen while the hem ventured organizers are increasing information efforts through social
00:01:00media and texting the former home of the hand vengeance the hair arena is getting a new owner amateurs in Ireland are receiving additional frequencies we will have a status report on the a double RL official observer program and NASA has demonstrated that a nuclear fission system can supply
00:01:21power for manned space exploration these and other headlines stories will come to you in a moment along with this week's special features will visit with Bruce page KK five DO and get an update from AM sat and what's new with all those amateur satellites in orbit sitting in
00:01:37for the vacationing Leo laporte this week rich the bureau will tell us about important changes now available on the G. mail platform Australia's own uncle Ben shop VK successfully be will investigate the mysteries of SW our our own amateur radio historian Bill Clinton Ellie W. to excell I
00:01:54will be here with another edition of amateur radio history headlines Stoddard KF nine MP will be here to talk about operating amateur radio while on the rails and we will feature a before and after talk by Bob Heil canine E. ID on the benefits he has seen through
00:02:15his amateur radio hobby that's all straight ahead as addition number one thousand and one of north America's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine the both of service this week in amateur radio takes to the air right now reporting from our headquarters studio facility in the area of
00:02:34desolation in Albany New York where somebody finally threw the switch and it's spring I'm W. to XPS and reporting from our news bureau in armory square downtown Syracuse New York I'm crisper rain Cabey too F. A. F. reporting from our news bureau in Fayetteville Arkansas where spring has
00:02:56I'm will Rodgers K. five W. L. our energy pouring from the western Catskills of New York state where it's now tornado weather I'm don you like Kate to AT T. J. thirty minutes of solid amateur radio news begins now leading off this week's news meeting on April twenty
00:03:16first in Windsor Conn the A. double R. L. executive committee or E. C. heard a status update on several regulatory matters and the amateur radio parity act from E. R. R. L. general counsel Chris inlaid W. three K. D. Emily reported that the a double RL continues to
00:03:36work multiple avenues in its efforts to secure passage of the parity act he said the A. double R. L. continues to have solid support from house leadership and most notably from representative Adam can singer Republican from Illinois who Imlay noted has worked tirelessly to see how the parity
00:03:56act become law the EEC also discussed the FCC's recent notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the deployment of small satellites by colleges universities and commercial entities using experimental licenses on amateur radio spectrum the E. C. was told that the international amateur radio union has changed its previous policy regarding
00:04:19the coordination of small satellites called CubeSats and that the FCC policy is overly restrictive in some respects and insufficiently protective against commercial exploitation of amateur radio spectrum in other aspects am sat has requested a double RL's input the E. C. agreed that a double RL's comments should reflect
00:04:40our support for world radio communication conference twenty fifteen resolution six fifty nine and I a are you policies in addition the A. double R. L. will one support and encourage college and university amateur radio experiments where the sponsor of the experiment is an amateur licensee and all operation
00:05:00is in amateur spectrum and two will discourage commercial or part five experimental operations using amateur radio spectrum the E. C. ask immolate to file ex parte comments in support of petition for rule making R. M. dash one one seven seven five relating to frequent changing of vanity call
00:05:20signs and to file ex parte comments on the aid of our old petition for rule making R. M. dash one one seven eight five noting that the Canadian government has implemented a new continuous five megahertz band and permitted a power level of one hundred watts the easy also
00:05:39requested that Emily supporter request by certain eight of our all members for an S. T. A. or experimental license for higher terrestrial and EMT power levels in the seventy six to eighty one gigahertz band to permit amateur radio experimentation the E. C. asked in light to share with
00:05:57the national telecommunications and information agency or N. T. I. A. A. R. al's concern regarding and and TI a study to use thirty four fifty two thirty five fifty megahertz for mobile wireless applications that includes a portion of the nine millimeter amateur radio band the EEC also instructed
00:06:17in light to prepare and circulate for review comments regarding a double RL policy on a plan to make spectrum above ninety five gigahertz more readily accessible for new innovative services and technologies this could impact primary amateur radio allocations of one thirty four to one thirty six gigahertz and
00:06:36two forty eight to two fifty gigahertz comments would include a request for prior coordination of experimental licenses in the millimeter wave bands with the aid of our al our team coverage of the aid of our all executive committee meeting continues with Will Rogers K. five W. L. are
00:06:55in other business at the recent A. R. R. L. executive committee meeting A. R. R. L. Atlantic division vice director Riley Hollingsworth K. fours that D. H. the new chair of the amateur auxiliary study working group reported via teleconference that he'd met with the FCC's Laura Smith concerning
00:07:14implementation of an updated and improved official observers program several attorneys have reviewed the A. R. R. L. Straffen random of understanding and several commission attorneys who have reviewed the new manual for %HESITATION owes will be providing feedback on the proposal once the FCC's comments are received and addressed
00:07:34the working group will present its final report and recommendations to the EEC which will make a final recommendation to the full board after lengthy discussion the EEC directed C. E. O. bury Shelly and one of the X. Y. to work with the amateur auxiliary study working group and
00:07:52headquarters staff to update the full board and membership on the status of the amateur auxiliary program and potential changes in the interim the A. R. R. L. field organization may resume making a limited number of %HESITATION %HESITATION appointments concerning a our R. L. governance the EEC discussed a
00:08:10wide range of options to most effectively update a our our ills articles of association and bylaws and to bring proposed additions or revisions to the full board for its consideration in July the board in January adopted new articles fifteen and sixteen to make the language of the articles
00:08:29of association consistent with Connecticut nonprofit corporation statutes but filing these with the state was postponed for additional fine tuning article fifteen addresses the issue of personal liability on the part of directors vice directors volunteer officers and staff officers regarding breach of duty in their respective roles provided the
00:08:51breach did not involve a knowing and culpable violation of law improper personal economic gain a lack of good faith and conscious disregard or sustained an unexcused pattern of inattention amounting to abdication of duty article sixteen would indemnify directors vice directors volunteer officers and staff officers for any action
00:09:15taken or any failure to take action with conditions similar to those spelled out in article fifteen changes to the articles of association with at the organizations and formal name A. R. R. L. the national association for amateur radio to article one in accordance with Connecticut statutes a proposed
00:09:35change to by law twenty three would clarify the schedule of director elections pursuant to action at the January board meeting the easy reach consensus to develop a revised policy on board governance and conduct of members of the board of directors advice directors or its code of conduct using
00:09:54a template from the National Council of non profits and an edited version of the current conduct code and that hawk committee was formed to draft a proposal to be presented at the fall executive committee meeting and subsequently to the full board A. R. R. L. will publish white
00:10:11papers to explain all changes to the articles of association by laws and code of conduct in advance of the July board meeting international affairs vice president J. bellows Casero QB discussed several I a are you issues including worldwide harmonization of six meters the I a are you also
00:10:32is evaluating the potential for disruption of amateur frequencies by low frequency remote power charging systems as well as band planning issues related to the new F. D. eight protocol A. R. R. L. delta division director David Norris K. five you said updated the east sea on the progress
00:10:51of the ad hoc working group that's reviewing board advisory committees Norris expressed concern that over the years advisory committee chairs of neglected to provide feedback evaluations to the board on the activity and participation of their at point tease the ad hoc working group is exploring options to improve
00:11:11advisory committee structures and procedures and in one final item the executive committee approved one hundred ninety two new A. R. R. L. life members you're listening to north America's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air we are this week an amateur radio distributed worldwide at
00:11:33T. W. I. A. R. dot net C. C. commissioner Michael O. Riley has use the latest chapter in an amateur radio enforcement proceeding to reiterate his call at the commission abolish its administrative law judge or a LJ system with more details on this late breaking story we go
00:12:11to Carla Pereira KC one H. S. exit league headquarters who files this report the long standing case involves efforts by William crawl W. six W. PJ of diamond spring California to renew his license last week the FCC denied reconsideration of crowds petition to have the commission assign a
00:12:31new administrative law judge to his case crawl argued that the current judge Richard simple is biased against him attaching his own comments to a memorandum and opinion ordered released on April twenty sixth a Riley said he uprooted commission's opinion that crowd was appeal was justifiably tonight but he
00:12:51expressed concern that the judge took unnecessary actions and crowds case and in another unrelated proceeding it has been ten years since the FCC sat cross license renewal application for hearing and nearly as long since crawl requested disqualification of the judge assigned to his case crows license renewal hearing
00:13:11centered on whether he had violated FCC part ninety seven rules by intentionally interfering with and or otherwise interrupting radio communications transmitting one way communications indecent language and music and whether he is qualified to be and remain a commission licensee and have his renewal application granted in two thousand
00:13:34sixteen the FCC imposed a twenty five thousand dollar fine on Crowle for intentionally interfering with the transmissions of other radio amateurs and transmitting prohibited communications including music the penalty included an upward adjustment reflecting Mr Krauss decision to continue his misconduct after being warned that his actions violated the
00:13:54communications act and the commission's rules the FCC said at the time crowds license which expired in two thousand seven has not been renewed but crawl may continue to operate while his renewal application is pending I'm Carla Pereira KC one H. as sex on a larger scale complaints about
00:14:12the ALJ process are not isolated incidents but paint a picture of questionable decisions coupled with an elevated level of any fiction C. o'reilly said it seems to me that too often the commission has led to reverse itself the decisions of the ALJ or dress one ALJ decision or
00:14:29another this reality only reaffirms my call to consider eliminating the ALJ process altogether said all Riley the penalty represents the full amount proposed a December two thousand fifteen notice of apparent liability for forfeiture or an et al and the FCC said in August second forfeiture order is based
00:14:48on a full base forfeiture amount as well as the upward adjustment reflecting crawls decision to continue his misconduct after being warned that his actions violated the community since act and the emissions rules Mr crowds not tonight he made the transmissions of property and a all in this proceeding
00:15:04but argues in large parts of those transmissions were protected by the first amendment of the constitution the forfeiture orders said we have examined cross claims of bias in accordance with our president a task made more difficult because crawl provides virtually no detailed factual support or references to the
00:15:21record of his allegations the FCC concluded in this month's memorandum of opinion and order ham mentioned twenty eighteen will be held on may eighteenth through the twentieth at the green county fairgrounds and expo center in Xenia Ohio it is the largest annual amateur radio gathering in the United
00:15:40States and sanctioned as the twenty eighteen a double RL Great Lakes division convention A. double R. L. expo a large exhibit area in building to call the test the building will serve as the hub for a double are all activities booze and program representatives more than ninety team
00:15:58members will support a double R. L. expo including eighteen headquarters staffers recent additions to the aid of our all expo guide includes schedules for the A. R. R. L. stage and meet the authors table M. vengeance theme this year is amateur radio serving the community the A. R.
00:16:18L. will reflect that spirit by sponsoring for forums on Friday and Saturday that will comprise a public service communications track convention goers attending three or more a double R. L. sponsored public service communication forms will earn in a R. L. certificate in recognition of their commitment to ham
00:16:37radio public service training and development at the always popular A. R. R. L. membership form at noon on Saturday in room three Great Lakes division director Dale williams' W. A. eight E. F. K. will share an update on a proposed new guidelines for amateur radio emergency service volunteers
00:16:57he'll also discussed plans for a new volunteer management software system aeris connect Williams is leading a team that seeks to upgrade aeris training and ensure the service continues to be a valuable partner for it served agencies into the future the Dayton Daily News is reporting that a Louisville
00:17:16Kentucky based developer Michael heights of Garrett day LLC properties is in the process of buying Hara arena which served as home to date and have mentioned from nineteen sixty four until twenty sixteen heights told the Dayton Daily News that he bought out income tax liens on the property
00:17:35from Montgomery County and is hoping to close on some bank cleans it later this week it's not known how much heights has invested in the property so far the six building Hera arena complex include some one hundred twenty acres of real estate twenty five acres alone devoted to
00:17:52parking height said his priorities to clean it up and secure the property Hera arena has been visited by camera carrying urban explorers as well as by vandals since it closed the I. R. S. put the Hara arena complex on the auction block last August to satisfy a tax
00:18:12lien but no successful bidder came forward and iris staff member who was involved in the twenty seventeen auction told A. R. R. L. early this year that the agency would not try again to auction the parcel but suggested that other lien holders including a mortgage holder and the
00:18:30town of Trotwood might go that route at one point the asking price for Hera arena was seven hundred seventy five thousand dollars Dayton Daily News reported in March that Hera property owners trustees owed back taxes and around three hundred fifty thousand dollars to banks heights is known for
00:18:50buying distressed properties and getting them shovel ready he plans a Monday news conference to discuss the purchase and his plans according to the Dayton Daily News heights is purchased other properties in the area by buying up tax and property liens and his reputation for buying a derelict properties
00:19:10and turning them around goes back several years of former West Virginia University basketball player and distance cyclist this seven foot hole heights is said to be a fearless investor the Wampler family had owned and operated Hera Reno since its humble beginnings in the nineteen fifties when when player
00:19:31battle arena then a dance hall and later an exhibit hall familiar to him mention visitors was built in what had been a family owned orchard when Hera closed in August twenty sixteen the estimated economic hit to the Dayton area was said to be thirty six million dollars a
00:19:49year visitors wanting up to date information while traveling to or attending ham virgin are encouraged to take advantage of text alerts made available this year dealers will share important weather traffic parking and other information throughout the weekend of the show to subscribe to the system user should text
00:20:06ham mentioned eighteen two eight eight eight seven seven seven invention has credited Greene County sheriff Jeanne Fisher K. X. eight G. C. S. with making the alert system possible the alert system is the latest addition to inventions efforts to disseminate important visitor information for many years Hamm venture
00:20:24this had a talk in station on the date and amateur radio association repeater at one four six dot nine four megahertz one twenty three dot zero PL tone to give directions and other assistance a traffic bulletin board station has been added on the one forty five dot six
00:20:40five two five megahertz frequency to periodically repeat needed information the text alerts and the talk in a traffic bulletin stations will all share information about road conditions accidents and other incidents detours parking status and other news and information ambition general chairman Ron Cramer Katie eight E. N. J.
00:21:00has said that all three efforts should help make arrival in parking more efficient talking station operators can also provide directions to anyone who might have missed a turn or otherwise need assistance during invention this year hourly prize winners will be posted on Twitter as soon as possible as
00:21:15well as displayed on monitors throughout the fairgrounds following Sunday's grand prize drawings when as we posted on Twitter and on him mention websites prizes page we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this week in amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of
00:21:33the air on June twenty third and twenty fourth amateur radio will celebrate field day twenty eighteen this is ham radios open house featuring demonstrations of the science skills and service that is amateur radio hams from across North America will hold local field day events to display the array
00:22:14of equipment and technologies they use for public service and community outreach for more info visit A. R. R. L. dot org slash field dash day I'm Steve for WB eight I am lying in this is the propagation forecast for Friday may fourth there are no spots on the
00:22:33sun at the moment so the solar flux indexes dipped to about sixty eight with that in mind if you plan to take part in the Indiana Delaware New England or seventh area QSO parties this weekend you'll probably rack up your best scores below fourteen megahertz especially at night
00:22:52there's a stream of solar particle due to arrive over the next couple of days and that's going to make forty and eighty meters even more attractive since geo magnetic disturbances may seriously disrupt the higher bands on VHF and UHF California is the place to be for band openings
00:23:09over the next couple of days however hams in northern Florida and South Carolina should be on the look out as well and now with this week's satellite update here's Bruce page KK five DO now and then the question comes up what is the best satellite tracking program of
00:23:26course it depends if you're using a windows based computer light necks or mac it also depends on what your perception of the best goo he is a few of the programs you can take a look at our sap PC thirty two for windows G. predict for line X.
00:23:44or windows or possibly mac doppler for the mac a quick Google search will come up with each of them and the opportunity to try them free of charge then comes the question of the best logging program for satellite operations we have some special needs as we have to
00:24:01indicate which satellite we're using as well as one two or four grades for the contact this would be an entire hour to run through many of the more popular programs do a little research and see which one will work best for you even if you're operating from home
00:24:20and only one grade the station you might be working could be on a double required great boundary this is Bruce page KK five DO are you ready for another trip into amateur radio history I'm bill cotton alley W. two X. or Y. and I'll be back in a
00:24:38moment with another edition of the ancient amateur archives here on this week in amateur radio in December twenty fifteen com rag Ireland's regulator published a draft radio spectrum management strategy twenty sixteen through twenty eighteen the society responded with a comprehensive submission to this draft and a summary of
00:25:01this was published in the March twenty sixteen addition of echo Ireland in June twenty sixteen comrade published its final radio spectrum management strategy twenty sixteen through twenty eighteen and indicated its intention to grant some additional spectrum to the amateur service this is now been done and is in
00:25:21line with some of the requests made in society submission the seventy megahertz band has been extended to sixty nine point nine megahertz to seventy point five megahertz this is an increase of two hundred and seventy five kilohertz over the existing band of seventy point one two five to
00:25:39seventy point four five zero megahertz and is the full band that may be allocated to the amateur service under the European common allocations table further spectrum covering all modes including digit modes has been granted on a secondary basis at thirty to forty nine megahertz and fifty four to
00:25:59sixty nine megahertz the latter band also includes digital television in addition to all other modes these do frequency bands are listed among the bands available generally to radio amateurs in annex one of a recently revised version of the amateur station licensed guide document com rag nine slash forty
00:26:19five R. four which is available on the comrade website the new bands in the forty megahertz and sixty megahertz region will among other things facilitate modern type beacons in the region of these frequencies as well as moving the existing seventy megahertz beacon on seventy point one three zero
00:26:37megahertz to this section of the band designated for beacons I RTS the Irish radio transmitter society will be producing a local band plan for these two bands in consultation with countries that have allocations of these frequencies and the I a are you the society would like to express
00:26:57its appreciation to calm rag for the release of these extensive spectrums to the amateur service on a secondary basis this is bill continental E. W. two X. all why with amateur radio history headlines nineteen eighty three our ham in space all one Garrett W. five L. F. L.
00:27:19becomes the first amateur to operate on board a space shuttle he makes hundreds of Q. souls on two meters another cold free license idea pops up amateurs are overwhelmingly opposed the proposal is dropped nineteen eighty four the ten year license replaces the five year one the FCC stop
00:27:39giving examinations turning the duty over to the new volunteer examiner program the HF phone bands are expanded and the amateur population is up to four hundred ten thousand nineteen eighty five state and local rules which restrict amateurs antennas must now comply with the FCC's new policy expressed in
00:28:01PR be one the FCC gives itself pre eminence in antenna regulations and states that local ordinances must provide for reasonable accommodations regarding amateurs antennas this is been amateur radio history headlines with bill constantly W. two X. O. why for this week in amateur radio at its most recent
00:28:24meeting the A. R. R. L. executive committee directed the A. R. R. L. headquarters staff to resume accepting a limited number of appointments to the official observer or %HESITATION %HESITATION program as necessary and where needed under the current rules and standards in twenty fifteen following the FCC's decision
00:28:44to reduce the number of its field offices and field agents the executive committee of the A. R. R. els board of directors authorized a review of the oh oh program at that time the FCC had approached the A. R. R. L. about revamping its oh oh program to
00:29:00create a more efficient highly trained group that could assist the FCC in its efforts anticipating a much quicker resolution the working group for this project decided to suspend new appointments of %HESITATION owes in O. O. coordinators until the new program with its expected new requirements and regulations was
00:29:20put in place the group did not anticipate the length of time it would take to bring the proposal through the approval and implementation process it should be noted that even during the time period when new appointments have not been made the more than seven hundred existing ojos remain
00:29:37on the job and the %HESITATION %HESITATION program remains in effect during this extended period concerns have been raised from the A. R. R. L. field organization about existing vacancies in the O. O. program as a response the executive committee feels that a limited number of appointments should be
00:29:55allowed at this time even with this action any new %HESITATION appointments are being made with the understanding that a new program is coming with new requirements and new standards for %HESITATION owes for more than ninety years the A. R. R. L. official observer program has aided thousands of
00:30:13amateurs and maintaining their transmitting equipment and keeping their operating procedures in compliance with the FCC regulations the O. O. program as part of the amateur auxiliary has been working directly with the F. C. C.'s enforcement bureau since the mid nineteen eighties high standards of operation benefit the entire
00:30:33amateur radio community and everyone's continued cooperation is appreciated a radio amateur and quite a Rico Air National Guard member involved in hurricane recovery died may second when Hercules C. one thirty aircraft crashed in Georgia killing all on board among the nine fatalities was Eric the circle ins W.
00:30:52P. four oh XP of Rio Grande Puerto Rico the cargo plane attached to the Puerto Rico Air National Guard hundred fifty six airlift wing went down shortly after take off while on a routine mission to Arizona Eric has been part of this unit and this aircraft to serve
00:31:08during both hurricanes Irma and Maria A. double R. L. spokesperson assistant director Puerto Rico S. M. Jose Ortiz Vincennes and P. Forgy said in a statement the people of Puerto Rico thank him for his service an ultimate sacrifice he will be remembered according to media accounts the sixty
00:31:26year old aircraft was under repair in Savannah before it took off it had been used in several hurricane relief and recovery efforts and was reported to be honest way to Arizona to be decommissioned we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this week in amateur
00:31:41radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air and now with the latest technology news and commentary from Petaluma California this week an amateur radio is proud to present Leo laporte Leo is on vacation so in his place is yours truly rich the mural on the
00:32:20tech reporter for KTLA five news in Los Angeles Leo like I said is on vacation so we'll just have fun in his place some in his beautiful studio here and believe me he gets a lot done from one see let me tell ya I'm gonna try to replicate
00:32:36as much as I can do you guys like change you know I'm talking about like when you get used to something deal like when it changes well that's exactly what's happening to G. mail this was the big news this week that Google is giving G. mail a revamp
00:32:53and I remember when G. mail first launched it was April first two thousand four and the reason I remember that I didn't remember the exact year but I remember the exact date I was working as a reporter in Shreveport Louisiana and I remember being so excited for this
00:33:10new email product new web email and why was I so excited because at the time your best bet for webmail was a well Hotmail or Yahoo all of them offered a measly amount of storage I think maybe Yahoo offered the most I know Hotmail had about two to
00:33:30five megabytes not gigabytes megabytes and there was a time when you got your email and you actually had to clear out your inbox because there is just too much in there and you email comes along from Google this small little company that was sort of taking over search
00:33:47on the web and next thing you know they're like we're giving you a gig just to start and counting and they change the entire way you look to your email because you never had to delete anything you would archive something in fact finding a delete button at that
00:34:04time was nearly impossible you just pressed archive which I hated by the way because when I got a newsletter or something I did not need anymore after I was done reading it I wanted to lead it so you could delete but it was not that easy anyway fast
00:34:18forward a decade are gosh fourteen years now emails used by over a billion people worldwide probably one of most popular products for Google and now they're changing it up they're giving it a revamp with a bunch of new features to let me go through some of these new
00:34:35features that are available now I've already switched over you don't have to but as a tech nerd of course I want these things immediately whether I like them or not there's some things I like some things I don't the biggest basically if you've used it what's called inbox
00:34:52by G. mail that's kind of what they used as a model I think they took some the best features from that I personally did not like in box did not work for my work flow but a lot of people do and I think they used some of those
00:35:03features to kind of come up with the new G. mail number one you're looking at your inbox now if anyone has sent you a file or a picture it's going to be right underneath the message so you don't have to actually click inside the message to see this
00:35:16is very handy because sometimes if you exchange something back and forth with someone for maybe you know ten messages and you said Hey what's that file can you send that to me and then when you go to look for that file or that picture or whatever you have
00:35:31to go back and look through all the messages in all the attachments to find it now which is front and center right on your home screen which is really nice arguably the biggest change is now the snooze button so if you don't want to respond to an email
00:35:46right away you can now hit the snooze button on the email and your options for snoozing are later today tomorrow next week next weekend or some day or of course you can pick a date and time that you might think all that's a procrastinator is dream to have
00:36:04a snooze button well can be actually very useful so for instance for me the way I do most of my emails kind of a triage so I go through my inbox and I like in box zero so I go through and I kinda triage emails the ones I
00:36:18need to reply to our reply to the ones that can wait I kinda leaving their they linger with this news I can now snooze things until the next day because mostly I check my email in the morning the most when I'm replying but in the afternoon just kind
00:36:32of like just on a emergency basis not emergency but if it's a real if it's an email that needs to be applied to all reply so now I love this news and as I say this Monday morning is coming up tomorrow there will be a lot of emails
00:36:47reappearing in my in box at six AM on Monday morning no just replies another new feature which is really neat so this will look at your emails and kind of wonder what happened to you so for me a lot of times I'll talk back and forth with someone
00:37:02and then I'll go system basically not intentionally but I just kind of forget and so now GML realize that and say Hey you know you're talking to this person and you kind of just left him hanging want you reply to the email that you stop replying to five
00:37:16days ago and that's another one nudged replied another favorite of mine that is on mobile right now that is coming to the desktop is smart replies and this is kind of mixed I think sometimes it works brilliantly sometimes it doesn't but Gee male sort of looks at your
00:37:35messages a machine will read the contents of them yes a machine is reading your emails and artificial intelligence will suggest three simple replies so let's say someone says Hey can you do lunch Friday at noon now normally you have to think about that look your calendar come back
00:37:53right stuff well the smart replies will say sure that sounds great or something to that effect I can't do noon how about one PM okay or no I can't do that now I'm just making those up I don't know what it would actually come up with but those
00:38:08are the types of responses and a lot of times you'll just get responses like sure that sounds great are awesome or sounds great can't wait to see you then just super simple things with one tap you can send back to someone now these aren't life changing but it
00:38:23saves you a bunch of keystrokes a special on your mobile device now you have this on desktop it works kind of well too so right now I just got an email from someone and the three replies are yes I'm still interested yes I am sorry I'm not and
00:38:37I love these but I feel bad using them because I am basically letting a robot reply to my friends and colleagues when they email me and I feel sort of bad doing that but it is highly efficient and I am a huge fan of that but I also
00:38:51think it's kind of weird that a robot is taking over my personality because some of the things that comes up with I wouldn't necessarily say it in that way but it works and so there's my reply one thing I really like is a couple more features by confidential
00:39:07mode which is I. if you have a sensitive message you can set it to self destruct you can also make it so people can't forward copy or download or print the message but keep in mind someone could always take a snapshot of the screen or a screen shot
00:39:21so that to me is giving people a false sense of security I don't think that's going to be used as much there's also easy unsubscribe a new task sap and one thing that I've really wanted for a while on my main email screen now I can see my
00:39:36tasks my calendar and also my notes all on one screen there is also a tasks app that's new for iOS and enjoy the you can download you can get there the all these features right now if you don't your email press little settings button and it says try
00:39:53the new G. email and if you don't like it you can go back but there will be a point according to Google where you will have to take these new features and the new G. mail I'm loving them and I'm gonna I'm a person who did not like
00:40:05in box and I'm I'm okay with these changes I will say the only thing I don't like so far by the way is the fact that the delete button shifts around whether you have an email open or an email closed we pause for stations along the network to
00:40:21identify we are this week in amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available online at W. W. W. dot T. W. I. A. R. dot net Ruth will it KM for L. eight oh one nineteen year old student at Michigan's Kettering university has
00:41:01received the radio club of America as young achiever award the RCA young achiever award is presented to a student of high school age or younger who have demonstrated excellence and creativity and wireless communications and who have delivered a presentation at the annual RCA technical symposium receiving the award
00:41:20allowed her to attend the international wireless communications expo held in Orlando in early March I was shocked to have received this award I never dreamed I would be able to attend such a prestigious wireless event will it said in an article for Kettering university news it was an
00:41:38honor being recognized by the radio club of America and to be presented with this award it was an eye opening experience for me to be exposed to the field of wireless communication and to be introduced to discussions taking place among first responders and the government regarding emergency situation
00:41:56preparedness will it who is from Lawrenceville Georgia is the recipient of the A. double R. L. rocky mountain division scholarship at Kettering she is pursuing a double major in mechanical engineering and engineering physics she is president ever schools recently revived amateur radio club G. M. T. E. amateur
00:42:15radio and electronics club Kate H. P. S. as an amateur radio operator I've mostly only experienced a hobby side of radio will it said this conference allowed me to see a broad range of applications for radio and technology it was very energizing to attend all sorts of workshops
00:42:33and seminars and learn how much our daily lives are touched by the field of wireless communications this award is not will its first recognition in the world of ham radio last spring she was the keynote speaker at the thirty second annual DX dinner held in conjunction with have
00:42:50ventured where her topic was experiencing the hobby of a lifetime she also spoke at the thirtieth him pension youth forum in twenty seventeen on plugging into your valuable club resources the previous summer she was a member of the twenty sixteen Dave culture memorial use the exit venture trip
00:43:08to the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba and her article about the experience wanna QST cover plaque award I'm Greg stuttered KF nine MP on the rails reporting for this week in amateur radio these days more and more people are deciding to take the train instead of flying the
00:43:24crowded skies with their cramped uncomfortable seats crazy drunk people were being treated like a criminal at the airport this becomes especially true when people realize that the trip itself can also become a part of the destination at the airport and on the airplane using electronics like a GPS
00:43:42VHF scanners and sometimes even your laptop computer can be forbidden or even seized so what about using ham radio or other wireless electronics on board a long distance passenger train you can probably visualize that modern passenger rail cars are highly electronic in operate many high amperage AC circuits
00:44:02inside on the outside trains often share the real right of way with very high voltage noisy power lines running alongside the tracks mile after mile the R. F. environment inside the Amtrak cars tends to be as noisy as inside any modern day American home these grounded stainless steel
00:44:20train cars attenuate outside signals and service directional barriers to our F. it can also tend to keep radio noise safely inside the car but I was still able to listen to AM and FM broadcasts with my tiny H. T. and I could work two meters simplex in some
00:44:36repeaters just fine from inside the sleeper car the modern Amtrak cars are often two stories tall which gives you a definite height advantage over working from your car using my tiny H. T. is a scanner worked better than I expected rail companies in the USA have their own
00:44:53band from one hundred fifty nine to one hundred sixty two megahertz divided into about one hundred channels every fifteen kilohertz the use analog narrow FM for voice and also some telemetry beacons they also use a special gear on higher bands like two hundred twenty point one in four
00:45:11hundred fifty two megahertz into the realm of cellular from eight hundred twenty six to nine hundred twenty eight megahertz but most of these are for data and telemetry on a recent Amtrak trip I found most of the crew using FM handhelds most of the larger rail stations used
00:45:26FM simplex following the same channel schemes I found online you to program all one hundred rail channels into your H. T. in follow most of their voice traffic listening to the dispatchers at the larger stations provided a good source of information about work being done on the train
00:45:42cars causes of the laser possible traffic conflicts up ahead real employees have their jargon just like in aviation and it was interesting to hear them use the read back method to make sure that instructions from the dispatchers were correctly received Amtrak does not own the tracks they run
00:46:00on but shares them with the host freight company that actually own and maintain the rails which means passenger service sometimes as to park in wait for the free traffic to clear this also means Amtrak is operating %HESITATION passenger service on a rail network design for freight trains who
00:46:17probably don't care about how smooth or quiet the ride is it also means that delays are generally well communicated by radio from the conductor to the dispatchers on one of those one hundred VHF channels so you'll be well informed about the delays and that most commonly asked question
00:46:33how long till we get there on my two and a half the rail adventure I was the only passenger that knew the actual cause of some of our delays which are common for Amtrak service so they're very up front about them if you search online for Amtrak radio
00:46:47channels you'll find lots of resources list of channels and what frequencies the dispatchers use it's well worth the time and easy to program into your hand held using programming software on your computer like my little yeah a su H. T. that ran the entire twenty two hundred mile
00:47:02trip on just three double a batteries there is one caveat I'd like to offer people intending to write our US passenger rail carriers about an interesting thing I discovered this winter while riding on the Texas eagle wine from Los Angeles to San Antonio in the north to Chicago
00:47:18our train stopped in el Paso Texas for about an hour I grabbed my cellphone detect my location to relatives and got a text message bounce back advising the hours accessing a Mexican cellular company it said I should tax back a particular code to avoid being billed at an
00:47:34astoundingly high rate I didn't fall for that trick in my text was never sent but the lesson learned is whenever you're near the US border be careful when using your cell phone or even your H. T. you may have been switched to a foreign cell company with huge
00:47:48data and text rates without any warning and it's some areas along our borders transmitting on two meters or UHF may also not even be allowed the el Paso train station is just a couple hundred feet from our border with Mexico my best advice is to put your cell
00:48:02phone in airplane mode when you're near the Amtrak station in downtown el Paso Texas in our next episode will cover using your HD on the train I'm Greg stuttered K. F. nine MP from Phoenix Arizona on the rails reporting for this week in amateur radio we pause for
00:48:19stations along the network to identify we are this week in amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available as a podcast on iTunes Google play and tune in dot com we'll hear about Bob Hyles ham radio routes from the Minneapolis studio of the
00:48:59radio amateur information network I'm kept Peterson KC zero did you why with a rainy port this both a little old and a little new one of the pioneers of microphones for both amateur radio and the audio industry as Bob Heil canine E. ID Bob has been the manufacture
00:49:17of high quality microphones for amateur radio in the broadcast industry from is more research Illinois facility near Saint Louis since nineteen eighty two Bob is one of the real cheerleaders of ham radio second only to Gordon west WB six and away during the live town hall meeting at
00:49:32the twenty all for Dayton ambition Bob spoke about the enormous influence ham radios had on his life since age fifteen like most of you I got so infatuated with ham radio in those days and fifteen years old on mama took me down like Walter ashen bought this TV
00:49:50S. fifteen the SX ninety nine and my gracious it's all of these wonderful things you heard and then all of a sudden I hear the most gosh awful signal and it took me a long time to figure out what was no this is six meters in nineteen fifty
00:50:07six there was single sideband on six meters and I've finally figured out that it was KC zero DG now he's on the side and %HESITATION on AM while I was fifty miles from Saint Louis I was a pretty good trick to do ground wave in those days well
00:50:25he was just blown away that I would take the patience and time to do this but I don't know who this was on the other end so every night at seven o'clock we made a schedule and he'd be making changes because he was building this six meters single
00:50:41sideband transmitter and here I was on a M. over the years of time we got to meet that person was Kayser of the G. E. Larry burrows they had engineers CBS Saint Louis and so I became really really involved I thought wow this is be cool if you
00:51:02build a swimmer's finally one day my mom dropped me off at the station well he says I'll help you but I'm not building up for you and he taught me how to build I learned how to solder on the back halls of KMOX you couldn't do that today
00:51:15though unions wouldn't let you but then it went from there to where Africa just went nuts I put up a hundred and twenty eight elements in nineteen fifty nine Bob Drake called me says can you come here to our Dayton ambition and talk about that I'm nineteen year
00:51:32old kid I didn't know that I was doing was Bill Haley again in one room west shaman another downtown and to build more six hundred people and I just absolutely centered my life around ham radio not knowing what an incredible institution that was because that was my college
00:51:54education it just went from there every thing I did was based on ham radio geography speaking skills chess being able to talk to people it was amazing what you do in a little town of twenty five hundred people to really speed this up by I got involved in
00:52:14the rock and roll sound world kind of a backwards deal I was flying the pipe organ all those years when I became a ham I had already been at the fox three year and still playing orders are pipe organs and that's where I learned to listen listening is
00:52:30a mental process is an art and I was very very honored to be able to learn that art from tuning in voicing that word it's a pipe organ lattes what gives me a lot of the credibility to be able to do what we do today power to do
00:52:47it if it wasn't because of ham radio well let me tell you another little instances really wild I opened this little music shop I quit playing nightly I don't know what I was going to do I was teaching Hammond organ him close and this guy comes in and
00:53:02he's got this fender well to me I was out on my car I didn't know what this thing was it was an amplifier as a word says you understand music shoppers are well you know we teach piano on Hammond organ well I got distinguir okay as a way
00:53:17to know when being a ham wait a minute you know no was not in my vocabulary I turn it around it's got a pair of six L. six isn't a five you for that was what was in my Harvey wells okay so so what's wrong while I knew
00:53:32it was wrong you try to make a go to twelve and it only went to ten the five you for was all gone the chassis upside down screen resisters were burned I put in a Paris six all sixes changes occurring resistors Adam and my junk box every ham
00:53:49as a junk box you throw away nothing and I wasn't half an hour I had his amplifier going this guy went crazy he said all wow how did you know to do that only am schematic things no I didn't need that I was a ham well then he
00:54:05went on to tell all of his buddies up in Saint Louis first thing you know it's are you Speedwagon it's Michael McDonald now these were kids they work Ario Speedwagon yet they work Michael McDonald that you knew yet but they all went to school around there five became
00:54:21the guy because I had a soldering iron to this day I've never tasted beer smoked a cigarette and I've spent most of my life with some of the biggest drug addicts in the world however I respected what they did I didn't have anything to say about the personal
00:54:39life but when it come to that stage I owned it because I had soldering iron Jerry Garcia called me one day and said Hey we've got all the speakers on the stage and we we had seven semis full I guess it was a lot how else do you
00:54:53get fifty thousand watts of power who else but a silly ham would put fifty thousand watts of power together on audio we were the first I didn't know lad I thought does what she had to move and sold what did a ham due to get the speakers off
00:55:07the stage I went and bought some round twenty five G. each did the data that the dog Jerry Garcia was thrilled that he didn't have speakers on the stage I invite everyone of you the next time you're at a concert to look up and tell me what you
00:55:19see and every time you do that was involve hile is ham radio they gave me the idea to be able to do these crazy things in my life would not be even close to what it is I'd still be playing a Hammond organ for a hundred Bucks a
00:55:34week and a holiday and trust me and having a lot of fun at it but I wouldn't have quite changed the world the way that we have a we got into this business twenty two years ago because I didn't think things sounded right the same reason I got
00:55:47into the ideal world then I thought man the stuff that I didn't like their music I did I'll plan Jesse Crawford stuff for the thirties and forties but I respected what those kids students more talented and I know you're going to say well I got a Plato's last
00:56:02but the need to do something with their sound and we help them with that so many things the talk box that I invented and we were the first guys to build a life consulate all this and then to wrap it all up real quickly %HESITATION I got a
00:56:16call from the guys in Cleveland and they say we like pre come up and go to the rock and roll hall of fame about what is to be cool so I went there and we had a meeting with the curator and he started reeling off stuff knew more
00:56:27about me than I did how do you know that you did this job you have that consul yeah you were the first guy do a modular power idea have some of the stuff I CD out this fall the rock and roll hall of fame is putting a display
00:56:43of high all sound in their building I'm not here to get your applause I certainly appreciated but please before you did that usually go another five thousand Bob pile that was the entire community of ham radio there was that energy it was whatever it is it drives me
00:57:06that still drives me it's that sort of ham radio it's still there for me what's really sad is that the newcomers to this hobby don't see or feel that spirit some times and that's the sad part if we had a thousand Gordon the west's and a thousand bill
00:57:27Pasternak's of thousand Dave bells all these guys that have the same type and more energy to me wonderful but we don't and that's what we have to go out and be the evangelist I am not just one of a kind of a lot of me out here and
00:57:44I I just wish the rest are would come on forward and tell you what all ham radios done for them because it's just amazing and I really hope that you guys take this in the the way that I say it to you because I'm not here to brag
00:57:59about anything if anything gets right up on its is hobby because I wouldn't even have a clue what's going on in the wasn't what I learned today crazy Harvey wells said still is on thirty eight eighty and thirty eighty five every night I still have it going but
00:58:15anyway we have a lot of fun and I hope that you guys can go out and help us create even more excitement because there's a lot more to do we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this week in amateur radio your amateur radio and
00:58:30technology news magazine of the air we heard a two thousand four Dayton ham bench and talk by microphone pioneer Bob Heil canine E. ID through the years Bob is put his ham radio skills to good use creating mega audio systems and technical gadgetry for rock and roll concert
00:59:07performers Bob spoke about those early days in that two thousand four talk in twenty fourteen Bob Heil gave a short keynote speech at the twenty fourteen Pacific con held this year in San Diego in early October thank thank you very much you have to remember it all started
00:59:28with ham radio everything I know came from amateur radio and I have to tell you what an incredible honor the happened when the rock and roll hall of fame came to me and wanted to know more about some of the history and then when I showed him I
00:59:46still have a lot of the pieces he said you have some of this I said I am a ham we don't throw anything away I had a very honorable blessed life in it all started because at the age of fifteen my body in high school was taking a
01:00:11ham radio test that what that all about so I joined him and just magnificent things happened because of that and I've met such incredible people through the way and it's been my college education when they did the display at the rock hall they said do you have any
01:00:32one thing that you'd like to do or shell and they had already picked out some of the magnificent things that happened and I said but I have one request what is that and I said when you do the signing age you make sure that you tell the public
01:00:51that my education was amateur radio amateur radio is in the rock and roll hall of fame never forget it because I've worked and saved magnificent studios and our readers with some of the great engineers of the world and there always ask me well what college did you go
01:01:18to where did you learn how to do this while this is fabulous how do I I'm I'm just ham radio none at all where did you go to college ham radio what you don't understand I said no you don't understand ham radio is the greatest educational thing in
01:01:35the world for technology because we are afraid to do anything as most things happen in my life journal last was with the James gang and I was put there just a couple of years after I got into this crazy business and we didn't know we were hammers for
01:01:58a couple weeks and all of a sudden we figured it out and our relationship changed you can't walk on the stage and move a microphone stand you can't move the cable hardly hear live all my goodness right in the middle of the song to come on not attracted
01:02:16to this let's do that knew that we were constantly constantly changing things and experimenting and that's what ham radio brought to this and it continues to do that I'm very blessed by all of this and we continued today and new technologies as we showed here new technologies I
01:02:36had fun we mean technologies of the headphones the headline no it's not Paul Klee was the father of the hi fi sound system of the hi fi days back in the forties and fifties the man was a genius nineteen seventy I got a phone call one day and
01:02:53I picked the phone up and you should you highlights it yes Sir visit here and I'm going hall could be just as god on the other end of this farm what can I do for you you got I got you got a fifty thousand watt BA and I
01:03:06said yes Sir I want to come and see it he couldn't believe it nobody had done that I didn't know that I my hand I was just doing what Walsh and I needed to do analysts call because I wasn't afraid that's what brought so many things to me
01:03:23and now some of Paul's wonderful things he taught me about tuning speakers any enclosures are now in our new head set it's going to change the headset world we've never had that before and I never thought about doing it until a couple of years ago and just one
01:03:41day boom my wonderful wife Sarah owns Heil sound I just invent stuff for her I'm serious he's an incredible business lady she takes very good care of me it's been a great relationship but you think back about all of these things that happened in all of our lives
01:04:08and you look back at a hundred years ago what were we doing or was audio and always stays there was very very poor and as a long into the twenties a ten watt amplifier was huge it was a big deal and then you came along with another ham
01:04:29radio guy there was going to Notre Dame he watched the football team trying to practice that newt Rockne was screaming them on top of this little tower in they couldn't hear him soul this ham radio guy built a little amplifier of course at which tubes and he built
01:04:56this thing and gave it to new and said here and had to settle speaker horn and now nude could talk to the football team while they read your bursting in practice that guy was Alkhan Alkhan went on to form a great company he called it his electric voice
01:05:18Alkhan formed electro voice went on to own ten tak who's a great wonderful powerful man in electronics where did he get his knowledge amateur radio art Collins all of these guys to think about all these great companies it all came because of their love of amateur radio as
01:05:45we got into the hi fi world there were so many guys that got into it we would not have Ampex tape recorders we wouldn't have television because of all of the things that amateur radio brought into their we don't think about their education we don't really know where
01:06:08many of them went to school because we really don't care came from hammer you know all and we could be here all night citing examples but even today when you look at many of the software companies and all of the computer things it was all because of ham
01:06:26radio we wouldn't have an apple computer think about that apple computer yes yes Steve Jobs was an incredible visionary marketer and all that but who built the apple computer it was lost in the act and he is a hand these are things that we need to think about
01:06:59and base all of our goings on in the next hundred years and the fact that if it wasn't because of amateur radio we wouldn't have to many of these things and I'm very proud to be a member of the ALR elevate a life member for a long time
01:07:17back in the seventies I have it because we have to have some organization to keep us together or we have no direction and this way we do have a direction but the main direction we have is one I talk about it a lot when I talked to many
01:07:34clubs I do a lot of club meetings these days clubs need programming clubs get dormant clubs are boring many soul Gordon George myself we do meetings via Skype and we are really waking up a lot of clubs because now they have a purpose to come to a club
01:08:01meeting and we can teach sanction and that that's what we have to do today we have to share this and so many guys on on the why we are sharing it is a world of his own company meeting why because were boring well we don't have to be
01:08:18we have the most exciting hobby on the planet a you pick out which part you want but it's all exciting and I love doing these club meetings because we're sharing what we learned the past one hundred years and if we don't continue that and keep these kids out
01:08:37there Cochran on what we're doing then we're going to lose it we're not gonna lose we're not going to lose it Carol is going to make sure that all of this together we need to continue this hobby along because this one hundred years was of a wonderful time
01:09:02for all of this but we've got to make that next step and take it into the next century and make sure that amateur radio is important then as it has been all through the past one hundred years I really appreciate you inviting me to be here I had
01:09:20a wonderful time what a great organization you have and I really really hope that all of us can make a lot from the next one hundred years thanks very much everybody will see you on the air and gas on the air make those transmitters warm that concludes our
01:09:42old and new look at Bob Heil canine E. ID founder of Heil sound in nineteen eighty two and developer of audio technologies for concert venues and hams everywhere Bob delivered this keynote speech in San Diego as part of Pacific on twenty fourteen in October I'm kept Peterson KC
01:09:59zero did you why bidding every seventy three we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this week in amateur radio your amateur radio in technology news magazine of the air available online at W. W. W. dot T. W. I. A. R. dot net the ill
01:10:36fated three why zeroes that D. expedition to prove a island halted earlier this year because of poor weather and engine problems with its transportation vessel will very likely not be re scheduled for the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen austral season organizers say it has become apparent that the chance
01:10:56of finding a suitable and affordable vessel for the twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen austral season is becoming less and less likely the team said in an April twenty sixth news release it appears that the very earliest we could mount a second attempt to activate Boothbay would be the
01:11:16twenty nineteen to twenty twenty season or possibly beyond the three Y. zero team reports that it has reached a fair settlement with transportation contractor D. AP and has received a partial reimbursement of its payments are vessel bit tonsils is now back in Pune to out in us and
01:11:36we believe that the container with our personal gear and equipment is intact we will be arranging to transport the container back to the U. S. arriving in a few months the three Y. zero said organizer say they want to offer pro rated returns of the D. expedition funds
01:11:54in their account although this will not happen until after the shipping container has arrived and the D. expedition has paid its bills and knows how much money will remain this is going to be an enormous task with one hundred thirty seven de X. clubs and foundations and three
01:12:11thousand seven hundred individual D. x.'ers the announcement said the process will take some time we ask that you be patient as we complete this the process to claim a refund as not yet been established at this point what the three wise zeros that the expedition team plans to
01:12:30offer a choice of a pro rated refund or contributors may designate a foundation or club to receive the contribution any unclaimed refunds will be proportionally distributed to the major contributing foundations and the three Y. zero books will be closed we are all unhappy and extremely disappointed that the
01:12:49project was not completed due to a mechanical failure of our vessel the announcement said this left the captain no choice but to abort the mission for safety reasons please accept our teams heartfelt thanks for your outstanding support of this project China's twin launch Chang for mission to the
01:13:08far side of the moon will place a pair of micro satellites in lunar orbit to test low frequency radio astronomy and space based interferometers two satellites deal SP W. A. one and TLS WPA to discovering the sky IT longest wavelengths pathfinder are expected to launch in June no
01:13:27carri amateur radio and educational payloads but not a transponder equipped with low frequency antennas and receivers the astronomy objectives of the two spacecraft will be to observe the sky at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum one megahertz two thirty megahertz with the aim of learning about energetic
01:13:43phenomenon from a celestial sources they will use the moon to shield them from radio emissions coming from the earth microsatellites represent the first phase of Chang for his mission the satellites will piggy back on the chance for a relay package and will deploy the two hundred by nine
01:13:59thousand kilometer lunar orbits the mission involves placing a relay station and a halo orbit to facilitate communication with tanks for lander and rover which will be sent to the far side of the moon in December because the moon's far side never faces the earth the satellite is needed
01:14:15to serve as an earth moon relay Chang for mission will be the first ever attempt at a soft landing on the far side of the moon the military auxiliary radio system or Mars will sponsor the traditional military amateur radio communication tests to mark the sixty seventh annual armed
01:14:33forces day on Saturday may twelfth armed forces day is may nineteenth but the A. F. deep cross band of military amateur radio event traditionally takes place one week earlier in order to avoid conflicting with him mention complete information including military stations modes and frequencies is available on the
01:14:54US army Mars website the annual celebration is a unique opportunity to test two way communication between radio amateurs and military stations authorized under part ninety seven dot one one one of the amateur service rules it features traditional military to amateur cross band SSB voice NCW practice using legacy
01:15:18inter operability way forms and the opportunity for participating hams to utilize more modern military modes such as mill STD serial PSK an automatic link establishment or a L. E. military stations in amateur radio stations are authorized to communicate directly uncertain sixty meter inter operability channels these tests give
01:15:43amateur radio operators and short wave listeners a chance and a challenge to demonstrate individual technical skills in a tightly controlled exercise scenario and to receive recognition from the appropriate military radio station QSL cards will be available for stations successfully contacting participating military stations military stations will transmit US
01:16:07me unless otherwise noted on the schedule unselected military frequencies and will announce the specific amateur frequencies they are monitoring Mars stress the frequencies used for the test will not impact any public or private communications and will not stray outside the confines of the exercise an armed forces day
01:16:28test message will be transmitted utilizing the military standard serial PSK wave form M. one ten followed by military standard serial STD wide shift FSK eight hundred fifty hertz RTTY as described in MIL STD one eighty eight dash one ten A. B. technical information regarding these wave forms is
01:16:52available the A. F. detest message will also be sent at zero three hundred UTC in CW those who wanna QSL should complete the request form on the Mars website foundations of amateur radio in the past I've talked about the standing wave ratio the SWR and how it describes
01:17:13some of the characteristics of your antenna system as a system because it's not just the antenna it's the connection between your radio and the antenna as well the call I to feed line data links and how you've connected your antenna all feature in the performance of the entire
01:17:28kit and caboodle as an aside that's why measuring an antenna was an SWR meter at the bottom of the antenna Wiley bolting it to the top of your modest is likely to give you a different result when compared with the measurement performed at the radio during the week
01:17:43I was asked about how cutting an antenna changes the SWR the question included a quite from the A. double R. L. single band dipoles page which states if you see that the S. W. R. is getting lower as you move lower in frequency your antenna is too long
01:17:59trim a couple of inches from each end and try again the person asking the question Phil wanted to know why he was seeing a different behavior I've seen the same myself and until I had the benefit of an antenna analyzer it also made little sense to me the
01:18:16reason it makes little sense becomes clear once you realize what assumptions you working under when you look for antennas on line or when you buy one often it comes with a lovely SW autograph you'll see frequencies on the horizontal axis in SW are on the vertical axis you'll
01:18:31likely see a lovely mostly horizontal line with a dip downward at the frequency where you want to use this antenna the assumption you will almost automatically make I know I did for years wells that outside the graph the line continues on its merry way invites directions that means
01:18:49that you're assuming that the S. W. R. comes down in one place and the rest of the time it's high if wishing made it sigh the benefit of an antenna analyzer you can graph the whole hatchet spectrum and depending on the hardware you might even be able to
01:19:03see VHF and UHF for higher one thing you'll immediately see is that the SW are is all over the place it's Oppen down crazy lines across the whole spectrum you'll find enormous highs in some very interesting lies along the way it's one reason why I can use an
01:19:19antenna intended for the ten meter band on the two meter band when your making an antenna like a single band dipole you might find yourself in a position where your antenna SW are is going up and down like a yoyo around the frequency where you want to debate
01:19:34the higher the frequency the more likely that you'll training into in a different deep or different high outside the one that you're actually looking for one other comment the A. double R. L. quotes which is talking about Hey Jeff dipoles states that you should remove a couple of
01:19:50inches from each end let's take that literally two inches from each end that's four inches in total let's call it ten centimeters between friends if you're trimming a dipole for a hundred and sixty mages you'll change the frequency by just over one kilohertz but if you're doing this
01:20:07on six meters then the same trimming will change the frequency by nearly one megahertz and if you start hate Jeff recommendation for two meters the changes on my six megahertz so trimming a couple of inches as the edible RL suggests will work for some die polls on some
01:20:23frequencies but might get you completely crazy results for other frequencies now you know why the SW are isn't high across everything except way you care it's all over the place and sometimes that helps and sometimes it doesn't I'm alright Victor kilo six foxtrot Lima Alfa Bravo you're listening
01:20:42to north America's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air we are this week an amateur radio distributed worldwide at T. W. I. A. R. dot net Friday may eighteenth is the deadline to submit nominations for a double RL's annual Philip J. McGann memorial silver antenna
01:21:20award the award celebrates the efforts on the part of an individual a double RL member to boost awareness and understanding of amateur radio services and benefits to the public the A. double R. L. public relations committee will recommend a winner if any to the A. double R. L.
01:21:36board of directors which will announce the award recipient at its July meeting the words namesake journalist Philip came again W. A. to M. B. cue stroke SK served as its first chairman of the A. double RL's public relations committee and helped reinvigorate the league's commitment to public relations
01:21:55again award recognizes a radio amateur was demonstrated success in amateur radio public relations and who best exemplifies began volunteer spirit activities for which the began award may be presented include efforts specifically directed at focusing the media's and the general public's attention on the value of amateur radio this
01:22:13may include such traditional methods as generating media coverage for a specific event or non such traditional methods as hosting a radio show or being an active public speaker the award is given only to an individual must be in a double RL member in good standing at the time
01:22:28of the nomination the nominees must not be compensated for any public relations work involving amateur radio including payment for articles and may not be a current A. double R. L. officer director vice director paid staff member or member of the selection committee check out the specific criteria for
01:22:46nomination and nomination form or contact a double RL communications manager Dave is very KC one JM acts to obtain a form the names of past began memorial silver antenna award winners have been posted on the A. double R. L. website and finally this week NASA and the department
01:23:03of energy's national nuclear security administration have successfully demonstrated a new nuclear reactor power system that could enable long duration crude missions to the moon Mars and destinations beyond NASA announced the results of the demonstration called killer power reactor using sterling technology or crusty experiment during a news conference
01:23:27Wednesday at its Glenn research center in Cleveland the killer power experiment was conducted at the and then asked a Nevada national security site from November twenty seventeen through March of this year safe efficient and political energy will be the key to future robotic in human exploration said Jim
01:23:47writer NASA's acting associate administrator for the space technology mission directorate in Washington I expect the killer power project to be an essential part of lunar and Mars power architecture as they evolve kill a power is a small lightweight fusion power system capable of providing up to ten kilowatts
01:24:08of electrical power enough to run several average household continuously for at least ten years for Calipari units would provide enough power to establish an outpost according to mark Gibbs said lead killer power engineered clan the pioneering power system is ideal for the moon where power generation from sunlight
01:24:29is difficult because lunar nights are equivalent to fourteen days on earth kill a power gives us the ability to do much higher power missions and to explore the shadowed craters of the moon said Gibson when we start sending astronauts for long stays on the moon and to other
01:24:46planets that's going to require a new class of power that where you've never needed before the prototype power system used a solid cast uranium two thirty five reactor core about the size of a paper towel roll passive sodium heat pipes transferred reactor heat to high efficiency Stirling engines
01:25:06which convert the heat to electricity according to David post in the chief reactor designer at and and essays Los Alamos National Laboratory the purpose of the recent experiment in Nevada was two fold to demonstrate that the system can create electricity with vision power and to show the system
01:25:24is stable and safe no matter what environment and encounters we threw everything we could at this reactor in terms of nominal and off normal operating scenarios and crusty passed with flying colors said post in the killer power team conducted the experiment in four phases the first two phases
01:25:43conducted without power confirm that each component of the system behaves as expected during the third phase the team increased power to heat the core incrementally before moving on to the final phase the experiment culminated with a twenty eight hour full power test that stimulated a mission including reactor
01:26:03start up ramp to full power steady operation and shut down throughout the experiment the team simulated power reduction failed engines and failed heat pipes showing that the system could continue to operate and successfully handle multiple failures we put the system through its paces said Gibson we understand the
01:26:23reactor very well and the test provided that the system works the way we designed it to work no matter what environment we exposed it to the reactor performed very well such a damn inspiration could pave the way for future killer power systems that power human outpost on the
01:26:40moon and Mars including missions that rely on in sit you resource utilization to produce local propellants and other materials the killer power project is led by Glenn in partnership with NASA's Marshall space flight center in Huntsville Alabama and the and an essay including its Los Alamos National Laboratory
01:27:01Nevada national security site and why twelve national security complex for more information about the killer power project including images and video visit that NASA web page this week in amateur radio is heard on nets and repeaters all across North America and around the world a great repeater systems
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01:28:28oh is produced and distributed under a creative Commons non commercial share alike licence now for the staff of this week in amateur radio this is Jessica Boeing KC to V. W. X. saying seventy three until next week

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