This Week in Amateur Radio #1003
Here is a summary of the news trending this week, May 19, 2018. This weeks edition, is anchored by Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Will Rogers, K5WLR, Fred Fittee, NF2F, Rich Lawrence, KB2MOB, and Jessica Bowen, KB2VWX.
Produced and edited (and a little anchoring too) by W2XBS.
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Trending stories in this weeks news service:
1. Cuba's Operation Meteor will Involve Amateur Radio
2. Maritime Radio Historical Society's Museum Station K6KPH is Back
3. Maritime Radio Historical Society's Museum Station K6KPH History
4. Scouts BSA Program Change Expected to Enhance Ham Radio Opportunities for Young Women
5. Last Man Standing Moving to Fox Network
6. Informal Amateur Radio Nets Being Maintained in Wake of Volcanic Eruptions in Hawaii
7. National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC will be On the Air for Annual Station Test
8. ARRL to Show Off Ham Radio at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018
9. Hamvention to Use AM Information Radio Station to Communicate with Inbound Traffic
10. ARISS Kicking Off 2018 Fundraising Effort at Hamvention
11. Puerto Rico Radio Amateurs Honored by Lawmakers on el Día del Radioaficionado
12. Solar Eclipse QSO Party Research Results Published in Geophysical Research Letters
13. FT8 Activity Bumping Up at Some Expense to Other Modes
14. Amateur Radio Parity Act language is inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act
15. Norway amateurs get 2x1 callsigns
16. Space Station digital amateur television signal is not being seen on the ground
17. Mike Corey KI1U ARRL Emergency Manager interview with KD1ICY
18. Reports from the floor of HamVention 2018
Plus these Special Features This Week:
On The Rails with Greg Stoddard, KF9MP
Amateur Radio History Headlines with Bill Continelli, W2XOY
Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT,
RAIN: What's New At HamVention 2018 w/Brian Martlen N8UDQ
Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB
Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige KK5DO
Weekly Propagation Forecast Report
WB8IMY/ARRL status update on the National Grid Chase Contest
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00:00:00With over nineteen years of service to the worldwide amateur radio community we are this weekend amateur radio you're all amateur radio and technology news magazine the bullets in service of the air this is addition number one thousand three was a release an air date of saturday may nineteenth
00:00:18twenty eighteen please prepare to take the feats air following the q tone welcome we are this weekend amateur radio north america's premier amateur radio technology news magazine and both in service of the air here are the stories that are trending as we come to air this week an
00:00:43informal emergency that is being maintained on the large island of hawaii in the wake of volcanic eruptions f t eight activity is bumping up at the expense of a lot of other modes The fox television network has picked up the options on last man standing maritime radio historical
00:01:01society's museum station k six kph is coming back on the air national hurricane center's wx for nbc will be on the air force annual equipment test next week the double r l will be showing off amateur radio at the air venture event in a skosh imager radio parity
00:01:22act language is inserted into the national defense authorization act we will have a couple of reports from the floor of the ham mention and our own greg started kf nine mp will be here with his third installment on taking amateur radio on the rails these headlines stories will
00:01:40come to you in a moment along with this week's special features we'll visit with bruce page kk five dio and get an update from am set and what's new with all those amateur satellites in orbit our technology reporter leela port w sixteen a beauty will tell us about
00:01:59how many seemed to think that google's new eh i called duplex has passed the turing test australia's own idol benschop v k six f l e b asks why do you contest our own amateur radio historian bill continent lee to be two ex ally will be here with
00:02:16an expanded edition of amateur radio history headlines and for those of us who stayed behind we will have a talk with brian marland and eight unique you exhibit chairman of the ham mention who will tell us what's new out there this year that's all straight ahead as addition
00:02:35number one thousand and three of north america's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine the bullets and service this week an amateur radio takes to the air right now reporting from edit bay to in our headquarters studio facility in a nondescript building here in albany new york where
00:02:55it's raining after a week of sunny nice weather i'm w two x b s and reporting from the western catskills in new york state where it's been a really good week for organic hay bale gardening i'm don ulich que tu es t j reporting from our news bureau
00:03:11in fayetteville arkansas where dan scoff kf nine c k k a local television chief meteorologist says we seem to have skipped spring and gone straight into summer i'm will rogers k five w l r and reporting from our news bureau just outside albany new york in the geek
00:03:30cave studios i'm rich lawrence k b two m o b and from studio wounded or central florida news bureau i fred fitty november fox to fox thirty minutes of solid amateur radio news begins now leading off this week's news too informal informational nets remain open on the island
00:03:51of hawaii the big island in the wake of recent and ongoing volcanic eruptions and seismic activity specific section emergency coordinator clement young k h seven h o reports no formal traffic has been passed the frequencies are being monitored all normal communications that are cell landline phones internet and
00:04:11public safety are operational they kill a way of volcano on the big island erupted may third spewing lava inventing high levels of sulfur dioxide an amateur radio net is open on seven point zero eight eight megahertz single side band and the voluntary organizations active in disaster on one
00:04:29four six dot seven two o megahertz repeater on monica was activated after hawaii's governor issued an emergency declaration a federal disaster declaration has been approved the hawaiian volcano observatory reports active vetting of lava and hazardous fumes continuing with no end in sight the hawaii volcanoes national park closed
00:04:50after roads and trails were damaged by lava media accounts report that volunteers are assisting about three hundred evacuees who've been staying at emergency shelters Some two thousand residents have been evacuated in all The u s geodetic survey has warned that new lava outbreaks could happen at any time
00:05:07as well as mohr Energetic ash emissions from the two thousand eighteen dayton invention i'm steve ford w b eight i am wide invention friday is overcast with occasional rain but that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm because of the rain showers Thie endure exhibitor areas are especially crowded to the
00:05:27point where movement is sometimes difficult Thie a r l expo area was especially crowded with a number of events taking place One of the highlights of the morning was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between a r l and saturn the salvation army team emergency network I'm
00:05:46speaking with my korey kay i won you The emergency prepared this manager and in the expo booth there was a memorandum of understanding this morning right Right It was actually a renewal of the mou between ahrar al and salvation army on bears saturn program it's a relationship we've
00:06:04had since nineteen seventy six and it was due for renewal we've spent the last year fine tuning and updating it revising it And got the green light last week to do the signing here in dayton and a fitting time for salvation army and saturn it's their thirtieth saturn's
00:06:21thirtieth anniversary this year so it's a double celebration for them and who was present at the signing on behalf of a roo president rick rodrick was there k five you are to sign for us and bill feast the saturn national liaison delivered a copy of the mou already
00:06:40signed by their national commander who who couldn't make it here bill w b a b c h has been a and ahead of saturn for about two or three years now and work with us really closely on the hurricane response last fall Do you know what this memorandum
00:06:55of understanding entails It really defines the partnership between us and saturn and salvation army uh that we agreed to work together towards that common goal particularly in disaster response a little bit of resource sharing that's always important we saw that last fall helping identify volunteers especially when net
00:07:16controls are always in need S o anybody listening Please sign up for net control you do not have to be a member of salvation army to join saturn but also coordinating response saturn and salvation army played a big role in puerto rico in the u s virgin islands
00:07:31so working with them to make sure that we weren't duplicating efforts or stepping on toes and we had ineffective and coordinated amateur radio response and that really hasn't come encapsulated within that mou Very good Thank you mike thanks There are many new products making their debut at hand
00:07:48venture this year probably more than i've ever seen at least several years Hi oh communications for example hayal audio as their new pr seventy seven d microphone a b m seventeen headset the h m ten x d microphone and the new h t h dual headset Another interesting
00:08:10item is the parametric receive audio system that heigl is showing In addition there is a power speaker as well We'll try to get more information on that in the next issue of u s t pal star has a brand new amplifier the l a dash one k one
00:08:28thousand watts r f sensing selling for about thirty four maybe thirty five hundred dollars ieyasu had a brand new transceiver and this one was under glass You might say it was covered by a plexi glass bubble You can see it but you couldn't touch it It was the
00:08:45ftd x one o one d it's ah one hundred watt software defined radio h f and six meters uh no word on the price but they say it will be available by the end of this year flex radio was showing several of their new transceivers including the flex
00:09:05sixty six hundred m and the flex sixty four hundred m l a craft had quite a few people of their booth to see the new k p fifteen hundred amplifier There was an interesting kit amplifier the r f two k plus s s p a as it was
00:09:24called it's a one thousand watt h f and six meter kit built amplifier from germany will try to get you some more information on that as well In the next issue of u s t there are many more products to mention too many to mention right here but
00:09:41be sure to take a look at the a r r l facebook page where you can see photos of what we're seeing from dayton ham venture nine steve for w b h i m y seventy three's you're listening to north america's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine
00:09:57of the air were this week and amateur radio distributed worldwide at t w i r dot net the barrel is praising the work of u s representatives joe courtney democrat from connecticut Vicky hartzler republican from missouri and mike rogers republican from alabama for their successful efforts in securing
00:10:36language in the national defense authorization act or n d e a for fiscal year two thousand nineteen that aids in the survival and growth of amateur radio by giving radio amateurs the right to install in outdoor antenna at their residences with the approval of their homeowners associations This
00:10:53language text from the proposed amateur radio parity act in bill it's our five five five formed the basis for the courtney hurts lor rogers amendment to the d a the amendment offered by the bipartisan trio and accepted by the house armed services committee by voice vote will ensure
00:11:11that amateur radio operators will continue to play a vital role in disaster communication when called upon amateur radio has a long standing relationship with the department of defense They're both the military auxiliary radio service or mars as well A spectrum sharing the armed services committee passed the nd
00:11:27a by a sixty to one voice vote after a fourteen hour markup that ran well into the night the bill now awaits house floor action The senate will begin its markup of the nd a during the week of may twenty first representatives courtney and adam kinzinger republican from
00:11:42illinois spearheaded the effort to include the parody act language in the d a both their co sponsors of the parody act which has passed the house by a voice vote twice in the past two years Recognizing the longstanding relationship between amateur radio and the department of defense congressman
00:11:58kinzinger who served multiple tours in the u s air force as a fighter pilot and it's still a major in the air national guard and courtney who represents the house district that includes a double barrel headquarters have been champions of the legislation in congress The steadfast support of
00:12:12the amateur radio community continually demonstrated by congressman kinzinger and courtney has been a god sense and hudson director mike lysenko and two y bb the parity act wouldn't be anywhere close to this stage without their strong support organization is extremely grateful Senko who serves as chairman of the
00:12:30board legislative advocacy committee also recognized other promoters of amateur radio including house energy and commerce committee chairman greg walden w seven q y republican from oregon energy and commerce ranking member frank pallone democrat from new jersey and house armed services committee chairman mac thornberry republican of texas We
00:12:50are deeply grateful for their continued understanding and support the sun ko said A double r l will continue to press for support to an act the amateur radio parody act throughout the legislative process Despite largely dismal h f conditions there is no doubt that the recent fda digital
00:13:06protocol has hams on the air The mode has caught on so quickly that co developer joe taylor expressed surprise last fall at the rapid uptake of ft eight for making contacts on h f bands Judging by logbook of the world data more than two point three million fda
00:13:24context were uploaded in one month a net gain of one point two million contacts on all modes over the same month last year A r l radio sport manager norm few sorrow w three eyes ed said over the same period activity in some of the other modes has
00:13:42declined for more details Reporting from league headquarters we go to carla pereira k c one h s x who files this report interest in the new f t eight digital mode continues to increase with no end in sight this week a r r l radio sport manager norm
00:14:00passaro w three isay announced that f t eight q s o uploads to law book of the world have far outpaced cw and ssb combined and in just one month there were more than two point three million ft eight uploads As a result applications for a r r
00:14:19l awards using law book of the world credits have risen sharply So far this year air l has processed eight hundred ninety eight worked all states applications a seventy two percent increase over the same period last year Of those applications more than half were obtained with fda contacts
00:14:38The mode is also making itself known on v h f with applications for six meter vh fuh up century club awards up thirty three percent over two thousand seventeen Norman foot sorrow said quote i have never seen any i think quite like the enthusiasm for f t eight
00:14:54We didn't plan it this way but the introduction ofthe fda was perfectly timed to coincide with the air l international grid chase If your goal is to make contacts and as many different grid squares as possible as quickly as possible it is hard to find a mode that's
00:15:10better than ft eight unquote i'm carla pereira kc one hsx few sorrow said that while some feel that fda is taking over the world subsuming all other modes that's not the case activity in the traditional modes of ssb n c w has decreased only slightly by ten percent
00:15:30he said The rial decreases in rt t y nps gay activity and in the other w s j t x modes i believe poor propagation would have cut into ssb ncwo activity regardless of the new mode Anecdotal reports support few sorrows hard numbers with wall the wall signals
00:15:49surrounding the fda eight watering holes Late last year denny berg w b nine m sm achieved his goal of completing the eccc using f t eight It took him just four months I can tell all of you that this mode is spreading like wildfire throughout all the h
00:16:06f bands berg told the daily d x at the time He said he was able to work all states on ft eight in about six weeks of up berating taylor has characterized ssb ncwo is general purpose modes that are good for rag chewing d xing contest ing disaster
00:16:24communication and other purposes On the other hand he has said fda aid and the other protocols in the w s j t x sweet our special purpose modes designed for making reliable error free context using signals that may be too weak to work using other more traditional modes
00:16:43and sometimes even too far down in the noise even to hear On june twenty third and twenty fourth amateur radio will celebrate field day twenty eighteen This is ham radios open house featuring demonstrations of the science skills and service that is amateur radio hams from across north america
00:17:03will hold local field day events to display the array of equipment and technologies they use for public service and community outreach For mohr info visit a r rld dot org's slash field dash day there will be a season seven of the tv show last man standing in which
00:17:21tim allen a real radio amateur plays mike baxter K zero x tt the primary difference is that the show now will appear on the fox network A year ago abc acts last man standing which had attracted more than eight point three million viewers The network did not own
00:17:37the show but was license here from twentieth century fox jon um odio and and six j has been the co producer producer were supervising producer of the comedy who was instrumental in allen's getting his ham radio license in two thousand fourteen More than two dozen members of the
00:17:52crew were also inspired by the show's amateur radio component to get licensed Alan tweeted news of the fox reboot on may eleventh thanks to all you guys for the support and said we are back in a statement allen said When i heard the offer to create more episodes
00:18:07of last man standing i did a fist pump so hard i threw my back out it's the fans I could not be more grateful for the fans who wrote petitions and get up the passion and incredible support for the show the layered campbell memorial operators club station w
00:18:22one h q at a rebel headquarters recently received a donation from j k antennas in the form of a new model x r five j k ja g antenna the five band x r five j k replaces a multi band antenna that was no longer functional Matt strel
00:18:40o k c one x x and andrew toph both of x x towers incorporated were on hand on may second to finalize the construction at installation of the new antenna In addition the ballon used for this antenna was donated by ballot design which manufactures the balance use on
00:18:57j k antennas based on their specifications W one h q is used primarily by a r r l headquarter staff during their off hours Be sure to listen for the powerful new signal from newington produced by amateurs for amateurs and originating from albany new york you're listening to
00:19:18this week in amateur radio In response to calls from norway's contest in community the norwegian communication authority recently announced that it would permit the use of two by one contest call signs for individual radio amateurs with a few exceptions norwegian to buy one call signs have been reserved
00:19:37for club stations which also may use thie ellen prefix in contests The new call signs will use thie elsie prefects single letter suffixes available to all radio amateurs within our region call sign are issued for a contest use on lee and must be renewed every five years The
00:19:56new call sign format was used for the first time in april during the north's cam meeting two thousand eighteen norway's biggest ham radio event We pause for stations along the network toe identify we are this weekend amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air
00:20:35this is mike korey kay ay one u a r r l emergency preparedness manager And joining me today is rob macedo katie one c y director of operations for the video ipod hurricane net and the assistant sec in eastern massachusetts for sky warn good afternoon rob Afternoon mike
00:20:54Good to be here Thanks Tell me a little bit about v i p hurricane net in what you do Yes of the vop hurricane net has been around for about fourteen years now and it links radio systems and all amateur radio systems via echo link in cairo P
00:21:12until one network help provide critical surface reports to the national hurricane center and other agencies that benefit from this information And that information helps to build a great situational awareness picture during hurricanes ah as they make landfall across the atlantic or other areas where with which we may
00:21:33have stations reporting in okay And i've seen there is also a viper weather net How the how did the two interact So the weather net is just ah our regular routine net that we hold every ah ah from june through november meets a weekly at eight p m
00:21:50eastern daylight time saturday evening and meets monthly ah january through ah may at eight P M and on december we back up the net one month one hour two seven p m eastern time and that's because of the sky One recognition day event that that's on that day
00:22:10So that's our kind of regular meeting net Ah that we utilize to help get people trained up for when we activate the hurricane net during hurricanes Okay great So dayton's coming up and you're going to be attending this year What are you looking forward tio but hamm mention
00:22:26this year Well yeah you know it's funny I certainly will be looking forward to the rapid fire talk on the hurricane net being a part of the panel on saturday morning with a number of other distinguished amateur radio representatives But i'm also looking forward to going there Tio
00:22:43renews some of the relationships with some of the amateur radio operators that i know personally Round ohio and you see a lot of your fellow amateurs from your local area at the ham mention so much as i'll be looking forward to kind of the formal gatherings and meetings
00:22:59and presentations i'm also going to be looking forward to all these other moments with the good amateur operators that i consider friends that we've built relationships with for years being ableto be with them during ham mention and as you know all the post events that happened after after
00:23:17the convention okay great thanks for joining us today and thanks for being part of a part of this interview and we'll see out of dayton looking forward to dayton thanks mike thank you rob maritime radio historical society amateur radio station k six kph is back on the air
00:23:35after a brief hiatus although still it minimum level at this point k six kph is intended as a tribute to kph the wireless giant of the pacific and relays the w one a w field a bulletin and w one a w morse code practice qualifying runs for west
00:23:53coast amateurs not all the case six kph frequencies were back on it first as we had to change antenna assignments to get the minimum service we have now said steve hough's w b six u z x who explains that k six kph was back sort of needing repair
00:24:10work in some of which is pending all said the crew of kasich's kph volunteers made some temporary repairs to get some intent is back in service and the station is now usable on eighty forty twenty seventeen and fifteen meters He said the case six kph expects to be
00:24:28ready to handle qualifying run transmissions starting with june and also will be transmitting the field day bulletins for the ft digital transmissions They'll have to wrestle eight seven eighths inch heel yaks between two different transmitters on seven and fourteen megahertz hawes noted K six kph uses original kph
00:24:47transmitters receivers and antennas No amateur equipment is employed The transmitters for most band are henry h f five thousand commercial units but the nineteen fifties vintage arcia commercial units known as k and l sets are used on special occasions Transmitting antennas are double exempted accepts for frequencies below
00:25:07twelve megahertz and h for over to the twelve and above all fed with open wireline Here now with a little history on kasich's kph is our own will rogers k five w l our will thanks don and now here's some background information on case six kph station the
00:25:27ba llinas california site that is now home to k six kph and kph originally was a nineteen fourteen marconi company facility with a three hundred fifty kilowatt low frequency rotary gap transmitter for overseas radio telegraph traffic after world war ended our cia took over the site and installed
00:25:48two hundred kilowatt alexandersson v l f alternators for commercial traffic and the kph maritime transmitter h f and new buildings were added in the late nineteen twenties point to point h f service was discontinued in the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies when satellites took over the
00:26:09traffic maritime service continued on lf imf and h f for awhile longer r c a modified the h f point to point transmitters for cw and n bdp or maritime telex in the late nineteen seventies the station was sold a couple of times and emc a international was
00:26:29the last operator selling the license and closing the station in nineteen ninety seven hawes recounted emcee i replaced all the transmitters with new henry five kw commercial units and rebuilt the antennas globe wireless purchased the kph licenses and operated the k f s half moon bay palo alto
00:26:50facility and the kph frequencies from other sites said the ba lena's point reyes sites were dark until the maritime radio historical society made a proposal in two thousand two the national park service and the point reyes national seashore to restore and interpret the site which would include putting
00:27:12it on the air The nps does maintain the building and pay for the power but there is an irregular budget for radio and antenna maintenance hawes explained m r h s has been buying tubes in parts and paying for some antenna repairs and pre trimming The park is
00:27:28obtained grants over the years for major antena work and there is another one pending for later this year to rebuild some of the h frames transmission line supports The work we did and paid for was to get back on the air until the fold rebuild work is done
00:27:44haas said Twenty h f and tennis are on the site The four six and eight megahertz and tennis are extended Doubles eppes zero point six for elf for each die poll element the twelve seventeen and twenty two megahertz and tennis are referred to by our cia as h
00:28:03over two types a many curtain with eight half wavelength phased elements in two rows Marconi t antenna is on site for the five hundred kilohertz kph transmitter and there's an eight hundred foot flat top and a one hundred foot vertical wire at the center of the flat help
00:28:22w x for nhc the amateur radio station at the national hurricane center where nhc in miami will be on the air for the annual station tests on saturday may twenty six from thirteen hundred until twenty one hundred U t say this will be the station's thirty eighth year
00:28:37of public service at the nhc The purpose of the annual event it's the test amateur radio station equipment and tennis and computers in advance of the atlantic hurricane season which begins on june first and runs through november thirtieth The event is good practice for him radio operators worldwide
00:28:52as well as for national weather service staff to become familiar with the amateur radio communications available during times of severe weathers said w x for nhc assistant coordinator julio ripple Wd forearm We will be making brief contacts on many frequencies and mode exchanging signal reports and basic weather
00:29:08data exchange sunny rain etcetera with any station in any location w x for nhc will be on the air in h f v h f u h f two and thirty meter a prs and one link subject must contain forward slash forward slash w l two k the
00:29:25hurricane watching that frequency of fourteen three to five will be primary for w x for nhc Operation will also take place on the hurricane at two zero zero to twenty one hundred utc i r a p no nine to one nine echoing weather dash talk conference note seven
00:29:43to zero three and florida state weitz arnett and local v h f and us jeffrey peters will be contacted que es cells are available via w d two for our with an s a t s a we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this
00:29:57week an amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air and now with the latest technology news and commentary from petaluma california this week an amateur radio is proud to present leo laporte thie time is now two am in macabre belgian congo home of the
00:30:38jungle telegraph weighed like to say hello to got to go on mrs at all the boys up of the transmitters i felt i don't know what he's how you how are you feeling these days I feel now i'm gonna unusual situation because i overshare already i'm on the
00:30:56air talking to people five days a week four days a week so by the time i get home i feel like anything that anybody wants to know about me is already out there so i don't use twitter and instagram and facebook and social networks like that probably the
00:31:13way a normal person would to let people know what i'm up to and to promote stuff it just ah i don't i don't feel the need is same reason i got my hand license you my amateur radio strikes i don't really enjoyed it took the test that the
00:31:27general license and all the equipment and stuff and then i never use it because i realized wait a minute i'm already talking to people for my work all day every day and the last thing i want to do i know they're people i know are bell our bell
00:31:41he'll do his ray used to do his radio show get off the air and then go on and talk to hands for two more hours i just want to go home and watch tv and just wanted shut up hello everybody leo report here the tech guy the other
00:31:55element that we talk about an awful lot is artificial intelligence and voice right They kind of go together things like the amazon echo in the google assistant google's showed off and its developers conference something it calls google duplex that wass at the same time terrifying and exciting It
00:32:15was both very exciting and then very scary group google duplex is um well it's a couple of things First of all a cinder pitch i showed how the voices of google assistant are getting better and better center pretty eyes the ceo of google i mean just starting to
00:32:33sound pretty human Then he showed how they're bringing real people into the google studios like singer john legend and then using his voice to lay on top of the automated voice they've always used really human voices but there's a certain mechanical sound you know when you ask amazon
00:32:53echo or google assistant you ask him a question or cirie it's it sounds a little bit like a human because they did use real human voice samples but then it also the way they put it together sounds machine like so google's done a lot of research on how
00:33:07we can we overlay human speech patterns they call it pro city how can we overlay human speech patterns on top of the machine generated speech to make it sound more human and they're getting very good they did a demonstration with john legend i mean how would you like
00:33:24you know john legend or scarlett johansson or sean connery as your google voice You could soon you'll be able to have it all that was exciting but then the next thing they showed was terrifying it was google duplex now this is still in the project's stage there's a
00:33:43test in computer science called the turing test it's not it's not widely loved by artificial intelligence researchers but it is kind of for better or worse what we've got as a way of of we were looking for something to pass the turing test What is the turing test
00:34:03Well ifyou're in a in a room and you're talking through a screen to somebody or you're typing it somebody can you tell which of the people you're talking to is a human and which is a machine a computer And if you can't tell that that artificial intelligence is
00:34:19indistinguishable from a human it passes the turing test nothing's done that so far except maybe it did let me see if i can find some voice samples I want to play this for you because because when you when you hear them and google by the way did get
00:34:33a little bit of heat on all of this because the voice sounds so good Uh it's maybe indistinguishable for human it sounds and then what they did with it is they had it go out and do really world stuff and that's when it got a little bit scary
00:34:51because they had google duplex calling to make appointments for instance for your for your harris hair salon let me play let me play a little bit of this play this you can hear it now What happened is what happens here is you're going to hear the google assistant
00:35:11calling a hair salon the receptions to the hair salon doesn't know she's talking to a robot so the person making the appointment is not a human is a robot Listen happening out here Hi i'm calling to book a woman's hair cut for our clients that high i'm calling
00:35:32the book a woman's hair cut from a client that's google assistant that's not a real human and listen they're going to stick in things that google calls dis fluency sums and us to make it sound more like a human but also to cover up processing because there is
00:35:46still some processing going on this is not a canned conversation this is a conversation happening based on what the human is saying and the computer has to handle difficult sometimes challenging issues inhales it quite well i'm i'm looking for something i may third so give me one now
00:36:06that poor receptionists does not know she's talking about robots and by the way the school took a little heat for that they said in future the robot will announce i'm a you know what is it going to say hi this is google assistant i'm calling for maybe i
00:36:21don't know that all eyes the displaced so what time are you looking for Around at twelve pm we do not have a club p m available the closest we have to that is a one fifteen do you have anything between ten a m and twelve p m depending
00:36:40on what service she would like what service is she looking for Just a woman's hair cut for now okay we have a ten o'clock ten a m it's fine okay what's the first thing the first name is we saw ok perfect so i will see lisa at ten
00:36:54o'clock on may third ok great frank rate have a great day back that's a real call but it's not a human and the human it's a human and a robot what do you think You want to hear it much more challenging one here's a here's duplex calling to
00:37:08make a restaurant reservation Yeah maybe you hi my electricity table for wednesday's e seven er people um it's not noticed by the way the human didn't understand for seven people know four people four people then one day at six p m oh actually we need so rely up
00:37:38like a pie people off you go you can come so you may not understand what the human is saying she is a pretty strong accent she's saying we don't take reservations for less than five people for four people you just you just can come now normally artificial intelligence
00:37:57a computer is going to be baffled by that sentence right didn't didn't faze do place how long is the wait usually tio be seated when Tomorrow all week air for next wednesday uh seven oh no it's not too easy You can cover for people Okay Oh i got
00:38:19you I don't know how the how the how the computer understood what was going on very difficult understand the accent even for a human but much more fascinating to me and anybody who's kind of understands how computer artificial intelligence work it it handled what a real curveball we
00:38:41don't take reservations for parties under five and it handled it some commentators myself included thought this i think it passed the turing test it passed that test i talked about where you can't tell the difference between a human and a computer now there's little things it does that
00:38:54sound a little robotic voice isn't perfect you know we're trained human brain is trained to recognize normal human speech we recognize nuances very fine nuances and they're just slight odd things in there that might make you think about it doesn't sound quite right i don't think you jump
00:39:14to the conclusion that it's computer you just you might say uh it doesn't sound quite right they're making huge strides google said we have thousands of calls like this way are going to roll this out as a product sometime this year the idea being you could say to
00:39:31your google assistant and i'm sure amazon will follow quickly although it feels like google's kind of starting to win this race but you'd be able to say your google assistant they call this a lot of making appointment for me for wednesday at three and it would do it
00:39:44now at some point it won't be calling a human anymore right It'll be calling another assistant at the salon at which case i imagine there'll be some sort of no secret handshake a look and they'll start going but for now the human computer interface is very challenging and
00:40:04something computers have always had a hard time with and google you know damn well you got to be careful because demos air you know can be can be fool yeah but local seems to have done it you may remember this day is a day that you first heard
00:40:17a computer sound like a human very convincingly it means hello hello Hi Um i'd like to reserve a table for friday the third hold on one moment ok this's hard for a computer a november third how many people for two people Two people yeah what I love the
00:40:53ways it for two people right computer doesn't need to do things that fourteen people but they went for extended that or just to pretend it was thinking five p m and the first name is daniel he and i e l want okay you're all set ok Great thanks
00:41:20See you next friday Thank you Goodbye Wow What do you think of that google duplexes that i mean you would would you be fooled by it I think you would You might think the person calling is weird a little odd little off little we call an uncanny valley
00:41:38uh i think you'd buy it what they don't what they didn't do is play the calls where the it went all the heck like i uh uh click but the ones were worked it worked pretty well i think we're you know we're getting for a while i've been
00:41:57saying that a i is a marketing term for the most part when you you know i mean good goodness gracious it's like bitcoin blockchain you know they just added to something oh it's got a i like its and that sells it it's a marketing term and a lot
00:42:11of the time it is it's just a computer program You can't really say that the amazon echo is artificial intelligence so it's not it tries to understand what you said and then and then respond syrian same thing most the time responds poorly it's a computer program if this
00:42:27then that but what we just heard is i think it's starting over to the next level where it's it's not it's not artificial intelligence in the sense that is thinking it's not a thinking machine you not talk but i don't think anybody assumes that i would be thinking
00:42:43if that's what you if you think of how nine thousand it's like thinking like we do you know that's not a requirement for a i really the only requirement is that it acts like a human and is indistinguishable for any human we don't need to know what's going
00:42:57on inside and it probably isn't thinking as we understand it Nevertheless it's kind of like talking to a human wow what do you think A ce faras I know google is not going to release this technology to the public This is their secret sauce but they may let
00:43:13you use it leo laporte a tech guy we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this weekend amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available online at www dot t w jr dot net all you're ready for another trip into
00:43:54amateur radio history I'm bill continentally w two x o y and i'll be back in a moment with another edition of the ancient amateur archives here on this week in amateur radio and now with this week's satellite update here's bruce page kk five d'oh are you going to
00:44:14operate the satellites on field day this year Whether you are after the bonus points for the double r l or participating in the am sheffield day you'll want to read the article written by sean k x nine x that appeared in the june two thousand eighteen issue of
00:44:29stressed he if you do not have access to that article you can find a link to it on the am set out of work home page we would like you to work the satellites and to make it more enjoyable making a contact is necessary making several contacts is
00:44:46even better you can read about all of shawn's tips and tricks to help you make your satellite contact whilst you are perusing the article looked at the information on the top of the first page there's a link to the am set field day rules the rules are easy
00:45:02rule number one make a satellite contact rule number two repeat rule number one make your contacts with fm sideband cw or digital on ly hitches and set only allows one contact for fm satellite this is to allow more operators to make there a double r o bonus points
00:45:21enjoy the satellites and you're guaranteed to find someone on a satellite simply picked a satellite and there will be someone there and most likely not just one person on awful lot remember the satellite golden rule if you cannot hear the satellite do not transmit something is amiss either
00:45:39you're kept so wrong your frequency is wrong or you have radio and antenna problems this is bruce page five d'oh welcome to the ancient amateur are i'm bill continental double two x o cairo egypt nineteen thirty eight in the pre war time of colonial empires this conjures up
00:46:29an image of europeans in white linen suits sitting on the veranda of a luxuriously decadent colonial hotel oppressive ceiling fans dark mysterious strangers peter laurie and sydney greenstreet however for amateurs cairo in nineteen thirty eight meant a setback The first international radio telegraph conference was held in washington
00:46:55d c in nineteen twenty seven although amateurs lost almost forty percent of their allocations the concept of amateur radio as a legal international hobby was established The second conference was held in madrid in nineteen thirty two and produced no changes in ham radio Now the third conference was
00:47:15at hand but times have changed Italy germany and spain were under fascist dictatorships stalin was directing a ruthless purge in the soviet union and japan was at war with china The short waves were filled with propaganda broadcasts and military communications under this cloud of uncertainty delegates from seventy
00:47:38one countries assembled in cairo on february first nineteen thirty eight how would amateur radio be treated under these circumstances Actually american hams came out of the battle with no major losses despite the number of dictatorships at the conference there was no attempt to destroy amateur radio which after
00:47:59all allowed individual citizens access to receivers and transmitters The most serious threat came from japan which proposed that amateurs be limited to fifty watts input The japanese plan was easily defeated the double r l had pushed for expanded h f bands but the american delegation mindful of the
00:48:19potential hostility at the conference did not propose it the headlines in the july nineteen thirty eight issue of q s t summed up cairo American amateurs retain all frequencies after a terrific fight yusa puts up splendid defense european hams shortchanged by greedy governments and european broadcasting to invade
00:48:42the seven mega cycle banned in late nineteen thirty nine in europe The seventy two hundred through seventy three hundred kill a cycle segment of the forty meter band would be shared with broadcasters starting september first nineteen thirty nine They also lost half of the eighty meter band to
00:49:00broadcasting and other services and the european five meter band was scaled back to make room for television However it could have been a lot worse The next international conference was set for rome in nineteen forty two It never took place In other nineteen thirty eight news the amateur
00:49:20population was stabilized at fifty thousand after years of growth This was partly due to the increase in the code speed from ten words per minute two thirteen words per minute in nineteen thirty seven with regenerative receivers and crystal control transmitters which meant that two stations having a q
00:49:39so would probably be on two separate frequencies Many hams felt that fifty thousand was the saturation point for our bands On october fourth nineteen thirty eight the fcc issued complete new amateur regulations Included in the package where two newham bands at one twelve and two twenty four mega
00:50:01cycles What could hams do up there Try amateur television and all electronic form of television was replacing the mechanical spinning disk and qs t carried several articles discussing the theory and construction of an amateur tv station w six x o was an experimental tv station in los angeles
00:50:23which would soon be followed by other tv pioneers such as w two x b s where have i heard that call sign before on september second nineteen thirty eight the new maxima morial station w one a w was dedicated at two twenty five main street in newington connecticut
00:50:43This station was in memory of hiram percy maxim the founder and the first president of the cotterell who died in february nineteen thirty six less than one month after maxim's death floods roared through the connecticut river valley and destroyed w one m k which had been the league
00:51:02station Later in nineteen thirty six the double r l board of directors allocated eighteen thousand dollars to build a memorial station to honor w one a w as well as to replace w one m k The station would stand alone on main street in newington until joined in
00:51:21nineteen sixty three by the double r l q s t offices which moved from west hartford on september thirteenth nineteen thirty eight ross hall editor of q s t died after being electrocuted in his home He had been working on a home brew tv receiver ross was a
00:51:41native of australia and held the call three j you while living down under he did not hold a u s license because his citizenship application was not finalized despite his lack of american amateur privileges ross hall was instrumental in early v h f u h f developments he
00:52:01designed practical and inexpensive five meter stations and greatly contributed to the knowledge of the h f u h f propagation His death dramatically pointed out the dangers of working on live circuits and for months thereafter q s t ran articles on how to switch to safety No discussion
00:52:22of nineteen thirty eight would be complete without including the great hurricane In the fourth week of september new england and long island already soaked by previous rainstorms were pounded by the unnamed hurricane which was completely unexpected Over six hundred people died and damage was five hundred million in
00:52:41nineteen thirty eight dollars The new w one a w memorial station just three weeks old survived without any damage Although power was lost for thirty six hours hundreds of amateurs grab whatever generators and batteries they could find and set up emergency station on five meters am and on
00:53:01one hundred sixty eighty and forty meters c w amateurs with the on ly source of communication for dozens of communities and handled everything from health and welfare traffic to police communications It was a superb demonstration of public service at its best In our next installment we will look
00:53:20at amateur radio in world war two Yes amateurs were off the air but what did they do if they weren't in uniform What fill the pages of q s t and what was this W e r s join me as the ancient amateur archives seeks the truth your
00:53:40time is up Go in peace but we turn again to our next installment off the ancient amateur archives we pause for stations along the network will identify way are this weekend amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available as a podcast on itunes
00:54:18google play and tune in dot com I'm steve for w b eight i am y and this is the provocation forecast for thursday may seventeenth last week the earth made its exit from a stream of solar particles but it looks like the sun has turned the fire hose
00:54:57on us once again there is a hole in the southern portion of the sun's magnetic field and it's sending a stream of particles are way the stream will reach us today And the effects may last through the weekend There is a pretty good chance we'll see disruptions on
00:55:13the h f bands as a result all of this despite the fact that the sun is once again spotless on via jeff and you age if six meters is still happen especially for f t eight operators as one ham reported the band seems to be open to some
00:55:29where almost every day the weather system moving into the northeast is causing brief openings on two meters and seventy centimeters and if you're lucky enough to live in southern california two meters has been open over medium paths on a very frequent basis The signal from the digital amateur
00:55:47tv station aboard the international space station cannot be detected on the ground the unit indicates it's functioning However so far a r i s s has been in a loss to pin down the problem a series of steps they're currently being undertaken to diagnose the problem It may
00:56:03tenth announcement from paris said However if an actual failure occurred on the ground based evaluation willfully diagnose the problem The arrows international team is working diligently to bring the system back to full operation as soon as practical the sda tv system known variously as ham video in ham
00:56:22tv Harris said it would be in coordination of its space agency partners and sponsors to expeditiously troubleshoot the issue on board and unnecessary trouble shoot and repair the device on the ground The d a tv transmitter has proved to be a valuable educational asset that isis crew members
00:56:38have enjoyed employing over the last few years during areas a school and group contacts Astronauts tim peake kg five bb i pay although this foley a z zero j p a and thomas pace quit g five f y g in particular made routine use of the d a
00:56:58tv system to enhance the heiress ham radio contact experience ground stations in australian europe of function to receive and distribute the amateur radio tv signal from the ground Crews are under development in the u s several hams and japan have set up ground stations that i received the
00:57:15d a tv signal peek inaugurated formal use of the d a tv system for two thousand sixteen airs school contacts with students at the royal masonic school and rickman's worth England home of g b one r s m the d a tv system located in the columbus module
00:57:32of the international space station allowed students at the school to see as well as listen as peak operating as g b one as as answered their questions about life in space The one way d a tv downlink takes place near two point four gigahertz while the two way
00:57:48fm audio component is maintained on two meters The d a tv system was first proposed more than seventeen years ago k one sld ground station received the d a tv signal it was commissioned during a series of tests in two thousand fourteen The amateur radio on the international
00:58:06space station team and ham mention will be working together again this year as aris kicks office two thousand eighteen fundraising campaign that will include a special drawing on the last day of his invention toward an aris challenge coin display value to two hundred dollars We are happy to
00:58:22be able to make the heiress challenge coin display a very special part of sunday's prize awards so two thousand eighteen him venturing price committee chairman bill sarah and eight and artie the price features to aris challenge coins position side by side and a display that shows off each
00:58:38side of the coin Noting ham ventures two thousand eighteen theme of amateur radio serving the community ariz pointed out that it serves communities by inspiring great numbers of youth to explore science technology engineering and mathematics and amateur radio the primary goal of paris two thousand eighteen fundraising campaign
00:58:55and ham mention Is to secure coverage for the expense space related components needed to finish building the multiple units have custom built multi boulders power supply and help defray some of the costs of continuing heiress operations The power supply is part of the next generation heiress interoperable radio
00:59:11system well to replace the aging intermittent ss amateur radio gear now in space having invention partner with harris really puts our two thousand eighteen fundraising campaign into gear aris chair frank power k three hbo said radio amateurs can contribute to aarhus online or by visiting the heiress booth
00:59:29and building wanted him mention donors who contribute one hundred dollars or more to aris we're receiving a r i s s challenge coin is a premium a mock up of the multi vultures power supply that harris will launch in the future will be on display and a raffle
00:59:42will take place at the boots and win a single challenge coin display heiress expressed its appreciation to everyone on the hand section staff whose personal efforts a rating arison its fundraising and publicity's goals we're so pleased and proud to know that hand veteran believes that the aris team
00:59:57and this goes of picking the interest of young people and communities in a unique wild way for stem an amateur radio a double rural areas delegate rosalie white k one sdo said to avoid a repeat of the first day traffic tangles of its twenty seventeen w and xenia
01:00:14ohio invention twenty eighteen will utilize a low power information radio station on sixteen twenty kilohertz am to get out the word on traffic parking and event details to visitors as they approach the city The town is bracing to host an influx of some twenty five thousand amateur radio
01:00:35operators exhibitors and the curious nearly doubling genius population while the event is underway may nineteenth through the twenty first hand mention sponsor the dayton amateur radio association is hoping things will go more smoothly this year due to the web of two lane roads that serves the venue The
01:00:56green county fairgrounds and expo center have invention establish shuttle bus operation to alleviate traffic congestion The hope is that the information station will persuade visitors to park at the shuttle lots and take the shuttle to the venue according to the michigan firm providing the information radio station Its
01:01:16signal will blanket xenia and three to five miles into surrounding green county directing approaching motorists to the five special parking facilities The founder of information station specialist bill baker hails from xenia His company also is broadcasting and exhibiting at hand mention building six booth sixty five zero three
01:01:38to introduce visitors to information station technology which is used nationwide have mentioned twenty seventeen reported the second largest attendance in its sixty seven year history With support from member volunteers a double r l will put amateur radio on display for visitors at the air venture ash cash two
01:01:59thousand eighteen the giant annual air show held july twenty third through the twenty ninth in wisconsin Organized by the experimental aircraft association the event attracted more than ten thousand aircraft and nearly six hundred thousand visitors in two thousand seventeen who enjoyed aromatics displays informative program's hands on workshops
01:02:19and diverse aircraft spending all eras of flight The crossover between amateur radio operators and pilots aviation enthusiasts and air show attendees had a strong correlation said a double r l central division director kermit carlson w nine x say who is part of the volunteer team organizing the ham
01:02:37radio exhibited air venture attendees include many licensed and prospective amateur radio operators A double rails exhibit will promote amateur radio to newcomers and inform all attendees of these similarly diverse technology and innovation enjoyed by both hands and pilots and pilots are doing all sorts of things from the
01:02:57sky including long distance h f communications aircraft tracking using a prs beacons and search and rescue carlson said Developing the capability to communicate from your aircraft to a ham on the ground is also fun a double r l is posted the short survey that device pilots who are
01:03:14radio amateurs to share their ideas for exhibiting at e a air venture the aerial display will build on existing ham radio demonstrations at the show including e a amateur special radio events station w nine z l organized annually by the fox cities amateur radio club and appleton wisconsin
01:03:34and set up with the pioneer airport airstrip in osh kosh w nine z l will be on the air throughout the week of the ash kosh air show you're listening to north america's premier amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air were this week and amateur radio
01:03:50distributed worldwide at t w jr dot net foundations that i'm into radio the other week i participated in a contest this particular contest was on the eighty meter band around three and a half megahertz the contest itself while we're the ever mention the harry angel morial sprint runs
01:04:31for one hundred six minutes in commemorates every year of harry's life at the time the oldest radio amateur in australia i made two contexts counterman weep to so you could do the thing that i might have done in previous contest smiled thought well that's not very many contexts
01:04:48and got on with life you're free to do that but i wouldn't be talking about this today if i shared your view in fact i'm sure that in my activities as a radio emitter i've managed to learn and in some ways unlearn some things along the way in
01:05:02a previous contest time might have operated a club station made contact to plenty added to the overall club score added new countries and multiplies had some good natured ribbing to go along with it and walked away with nothing to show for it on my own log the truth
01:05:16is that for many of my own ear contest activities i made context for other call science those of fellow emitters clubs special events you name it i made contacts don't get me wrong there's absolutely nothing wrong with that nor was it a waste of time island loads from
01:05:33those experiences but my own call sign log rarely if ever got an outing in such activities so this contest was for me for my call sign using my radio my internal my location my patients and my skills i did the contest because i wanted to for me as
01:05:51you know i'm a fan of operating q r p that is low power So this contest i used five what ieyasu fifty eight five seven d a multistep vertical entertainer screwed onto amount on the back of my car parked next to a river with water to the east
01:06:06of me so i could benefit from any gain that water nearby might offer me as an aside i'll talk more about water and gain at some other time because it appears that not is all as my handed down in hush hush tim's from mentor to me would have
01:06:20me believe i don't yet know enough to point at anything but there's more than apparently meets the eye watch this space anyway to contacts not even that far for me about two hundred thirty kilometers south in twenty kilometers northeast both with essays b i heard about twenty stations
01:06:37some up to three and a half thousand kilometers away but they were dealing with s seven noise where i had none that's right No noise s zero in the middle of the city in addition to a heart stopping moment when the lights came on in the car park
01:06:52where i'd set up my biggest fear being noisy lights which turned out to be unfounded My other takeaways were that i really should bring spare batteries for my early day lamp and that i called it an lcd lab last week not sure what i was thinking i logged
01:07:06using pen and paper in doing soil was upholding a fine tradition of radio emitters everywhere Pen and paper is by far the most popular method of logging and was to contacts made that's not surprising i'm still on the lookout for sensible logging on a phone but so far
01:07:20that alluded me perhaps i should write one and sell it become rich and famous retire become loved in the community kiss babies who am i kidding Seriously though what would the ideal phone based logging app look like to you as for the baby kissing famous one let me
01:07:35know when you meet him I'll stay away I'm on a victor kilo six foxtrot lima alfa bravo I'm greg stoddard kf nine and pee on the rails reporting for this week in amateur radio this past winter i took a very nice three day trip on a long distance
01:07:50train and brought along to hts one of which could do a p r f so ham's i knew were able to track so my progress online as we cross the western united states the long distance passenger trains in the western u s travel through some very remote areas
01:08:05of the country with no hint of cellular coverage and no fm voice repeaters either But i was able to get some distant a prs stations and my route could still be tracked by relatives i was going to see in chicago by watching for me on a p rs
01:08:19dot fbi online even in western texas near the little town of marfa home of the famous marfa lights I could still get apres coverage I think the added height of the two story tall cars used in the western u s was a definite plus on signal coverage Those
01:08:36tall passenger cars put the horizon way far out much more so than driving in a car I did give some thought to trying to work some cw on twenty meters during the trip the trying to transmit q r p on a cop surmising tenet from within a day
01:08:50grounded stainless steel car that doubles as a noisemaker on h f I decided not to even bother but i bet it still be possible I'd like to hear from anyone who has been successful working h f from inside a sleeper car on my tiny handheld ht i put
01:09:04one band on whatever channel the crew was using and the other band on one four six dot five two simplex It was surprised how much the frequency is used across the western yusa but i could not pinned down or train crew to any particulary channel They seemed to
01:09:18change to whatever the nearest rail dispatch was using Maybe i'm wrong on that in some parts of the country where we used to have many rail lines stretching as far as you can see Today many of these lines are reduced to a single track or gone altogether Problems
01:09:33arise with passenger service when a freight train stalls air brakes and airline on a stretch of single track than nothing gets by in the hours of delay can build and build Bringing your two meter hd can mean you could be the only one on the train that knows
01:09:46why you're sitting by that one tree for two hours not moving an inch I've had more than one hand tell me they bought one of those cheap china made hts and programmed all one hundred v h f rail channels and one four six five two and brought it
01:10:00along rather than risk losing their four hundred dollars ht Since the sleeper rooms don't walk if you're not inside them this sounds like good advice Each room has one hundred seventeen volt a sea power outlets will be sure to bring your ht charger and a short outlets stripped
01:10:14to power things like your laptop in your gps to in parts of the western u s rail network with decent cellular coverage I saw several younger people playing online shooter games on laptop computers seated at empty dining tables up in the observation car where the cellular coverage must
01:10:30be better and there plenty of one seventeen volt outlets One young boy was playing a live action shooter game Wearing a headset and talking to his teammates around the world from a seat inside the observation car talking in a full outdoor voice perhaps unaware that he could be
01:10:44heard over the entire car and nobody could carry on a conversation within ten feet of him and his mom was sitting right next to him and never tried to quiet him down the main lesson to be learned here is that the only means of communication on the rails
01:10:56today that always works is v h f two way radio next time you're thinking of taking a trip why not consider including ham radio and take the train instead of the plane and all the hassles at the airport in those tiny uncomfortable seats This is greg stoddard kf
01:11:10nine p in phoenix arizona on the rails reporting for this week and amateur radio amateur radio will have a role in cuba's soon to be launched operation meteor aimed at aiding the island nation in preparing for natural disasters Among the new strategies under review for implementation are civilian
01:11:29first aid training assistant rescue missions damage control and large scale needs assessment The nationwide initiative aims to mitigate the impact of natural disasters especially in rural areas and safeguard life on the island lieutenant colonel wood freddo kobus said operation meteor will also work with cuba's radio and television
01:11:53services the island's communication system and the emergency network of the amateur radio federation of cuba or frc To find tune their emergency responses on friddle messa army go c o a t v c information system coordinator for the frc ease santiago affiliate suggested that operation meteor will strengthen
01:12:17the capacity of the country and its provinces to face strong earthquakes hurricanes intense drought fires health and technical logical disasters and would enhance the communication systems capabilities to face disasters in cuba In twenty seventeen hurricane irma affected twelve cuban provinces destroyed more than one hundred fifty thousand homes
01:12:42left ten people dead and cause some thirteen million dollars in damage we pause for stations along the network toe identify we are this weekend amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air aah ham ven shin twenty eighteen preview from the blooming midwest i'm larry
01:13:23mcclure k b nine d i p here comes the twenty eighteen ham ve engine may eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth in xenia ohio for a sneak preview here's brian markland and eight you dick the inside exhibit chairman speaking with rains have holly casey nine rp what are the changes
01:13:45that we can expect have ventured twenty eighteen well the first thing that people will notice this year is our traffic committee has worked really hard to work out the kinks that we had last year i would encourage everyone that is able to do so to use the satellite
01:14:06parking it makes it easier for everybody we have put something new in place for twenty eighteen to help with the satellite parking we now have a package pickup area so if you go out and you buy a five hundred pound amplifier out in the flea market or some
01:14:25other large item that you don't want to carry back on the bus you can check that at the package pickup they'll give you a ticket you go get your vehicle and our volunteers will even help you load it in your vehicle if you need assistance that i think
01:14:39is one of the more significant things we've done for this year A significant change that we've made for the vendors this year is we will not be using big top style tents like we did last year We're bringing in what's called a clear span ten a clear span
01:14:57ten is more or less and aluminum frame for a building The tent panels get stretched in between there and it's capable of withstanding much more significant weather events than the tents that we had last year So the vendors that are in the tents we'll have a lot more
01:15:17comfort this year and knowing that they're in pretty much of building as opposed to attempt right next to those tents is another big change we have brought back and improved the emergency communication vehicle area that's going to be right next to the town says you come in the
01:15:36main gate we're bringing in emergency communication vehicles from all over the country right now i believe there's anywhere between a dozen to two dozen that are interested in coming if your club has an emergency vehicle and you want to see how the other guys are doing it or
01:15:54if you're just interested in what clubs air doing around the country there will be representatives from the a double r l out there consulting about how amateurs work with the community and that also falls in line with our theme for this year which is amateur radio in the
01:16:12community the double r o will also be giving several talks in the forums on how amateur radio works with local government state government and federal emergency management agency's throughout the country those air some of the biggest changes that we've made for this year another big change that i
01:16:31think is really important for people to know is we've moved the prize booth this year hopefully we've moved it to a place that's going to be easier for people to find we have taken on a new building this year it's called building for or e four on their
01:16:47map in the back of the four the entire back of the building is going to be our prize both and we'll have a nice big digital sign out front to help you find it just look for the banner that says prize booth on it and that's where you'll
01:17:04turn your tickets in this year one of the great improvements of the hand mention in xenia wass the food the food was very nice improvement are we going to have the same variety of food trucks this year We did last year this year we've actually added a few
01:17:25more food trucks i'm going to leave that as a surprise for the folks that are coming but the selection of food is going to be a little more varied this year than it was last year and some of the favorites that you may have from last year will
01:17:41be back this year everything from cheese curds toe barbecued ribs to plain old pole part in which is i can't speak highly enough on the fairground for their coordination and helping us find all of these food vendors and bringing them in many of the vendors try to source
01:18:01as much as they can locally especially like the cattlemen's association that is a local organization it's local beef there's a pork barbecue stand they get their pigs right here locally they do what they can to try to get the freshest product possible and there's nothing more fresh than
01:18:22getting it from down the street i don't remember ever eating so well at any invention parking is always an issue when you draw some twenty thousand plus attendees they're gonna want apart somewhere you have the old buses that will be running this year that really made a difference
01:18:42last year and whose drivers i found were very courteous and in a nice job made in a trip to the hand mention a whole lot more pleasant i would have to agree with you First student is the name of the busing company Normally they bus the kids to
01:19:04schools and you know they dr kids back and forth to schools every single one of their drivers has been consummate professionals and they along with many of the other citizens in the senior area want to see a succeed in our show They're excited that were there and it
01:19:24shows in all of the interactions that we have from the tram drivers who are volunteers that come over on their own time the trams being the tractors pulling the trailers with seats in the back of the golf cart drivers that ferry people back and forth between the cars
01:19:44and the bus Is all of these volunteers air coming out on their own time They're not personally getting paid for it between them and the professionalism of the bus drivers and bus companies that we've hired it really goes to show how much of a quality community that the
01:20:02senior area is You're getting a sneak preview of the twenty eighteen dayton ham ven shin from ryan markland and eight you dick you the insight exhibit chairman for this year's show of shows we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this weekend amateur radio your
01:20:21amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available online at www dot t w jr dot net are you more comfortable now A week before the second hand mention in vina and you were a year ago when this was all brand new experian's i would say that
01:21:05schedule wise i feel much more confident this year for insight exhibits and overall through other committees that i work with we understand a little bit better what we're getting into there were a number of contracting jobs that her arena picked up for us it was just part of
01:21:27paying for the venue a hair arena that we have to research and sub out for ourselves now there's still some learning going on as with any show or any event at this large of a scale there are things to be learned every year we learned a lot we've
01:21:46made a lot of changes that we hope will improve the show overall and we've left some things out that created a lot of extra work between all of that we're not less stressed about the show because we have a finite number of hours to get an unknown number
01:22:08of things ready for twenty five plus thousand people to show up and we have to open the gates nine a m friday morning is it a little easier this year in some respects yes in other respects its justus hard because we want to put on the best show
01:22:28possible for everybody Where do i find out about this So how do i learn for i need to drive or not dr teo i can tell you what are official talkin group has told may is we are going to be running talkin and information for talkin is going
01:22:45to be on the invention website from the talk and station they will be giving traffic advisories letting people know which lots are full If a lot does happen to fill up we will also have secondary talkin station that will be for on ly updating what's going on and
01:23:08letting people know about traffic hazards and things along those lines The newest information tool that we have this year is people can get text alerts sent directly to their phone We have information on the ham mention home page and in order to get those you text him venture
01:23:31in that's with a capital h eighteen and you're going to text that to the phone number eight eight eight seven seven seven him venture in eighteen text that too eight eight eight seven seven seven that's sponsored through the green county sheriff's department any important weather events that we
01:23:54have any important traffic events that we have or other general announcements that we need to mass distribute the information i would subscribe to this service that's going to be one of our primary modes of communicating with the masses when you're not able to talk to the talkin so
01:24:14these text alerts will work even when you're three or four hours outside of town also check in on our website we keep our website as up to date as we need to and as things change the information on the web site will change and you can also watch
01:24:32facebook we will be updating facebook will also be updating our twitter account so there's a number of different ways for you to get the information this year if you have your two meter radio with you talkin will be handling a large portion of disseminating information for us and
01:24:51they will be doing that on the darryl repeater one forty six nine four pl of one twenty three we will also be running a traffic bulletin station on one forty five dot five to five between those two frequencies that should cover most of the dayton area However if
01:25:10you want to get information as your coming to ham mention and you're still quite a distance away we do have the ham mention facebook page which is fairly easy to find at facebook dot com slash ham mention we also run a twitter account you're welcome to subscribe there
01:25:30at him venture in between those three and also the text message service ham venture in eighteen text that two eight eight seven seven seven that's going to be our primary mode of letting people know what changes if any that there are on their way to the show and
01:25:50as always check in on the website there's an announcement important enough it's going to be splashed right across the front page of the website one of the challenges that you're running to horse with all these people of logic it's complicated when a facility like university of dayton has
01:26:08had some tremendous apartment the rent for very reasonable prices as decided they don't want to rent out to the public anymore is because i have such a demand for spring and summer students we have just recently updated many of the hotels and motels in the area on the
01:26:34invention website you go to him mention dot or ge and just click on travel and accommodation just go to him mention dot or ge and click on travel and accommodation and there'll be a listing of hotels in that listing of hotels is a new tab called campus housing
01:26:52central state university and wilberforce ohio just outside of xenia ohio is offering lodging food and parking for the twenty eighteen ham mention we have their website listed there that if you go to the ham mention website we've got a link to go over to central states website from
01:27:11there and they're going to be offering services very similar to what were offered through university of dayton i think the fact that we had a lot for people to discover last year contributed greatly to the positive opinion that we got of the show I would like to leave
01:27:29some of the smaller things for people to discover on their own and affidavit an invention coming up may eighteen nineteen and twenty in xenia this year there's some construction happening on to thirty five for those that are coming from the north who may have used to thirty five
01:27:51to get into xenia Two thirty five will be closed in the fairborn area this year and we're encouraging people to go down seventy five south two thirty five east and take thirty five east into xenia and then follow the ham Mention signs because the local detour for two
01:28:13thirty five is just that it's thirty five east you can save yourself about ten or fifteen minutes where the detour time if you take seventy five south to thirty five keep your eyes and ears open and your radios turned out we'll see you when you get to the
01:28:30show and that concludes our sneak preview of the twenty eighteen dayton ham ven shin being held this coming weekend may eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth in xenia ohio thanks to the inside exhibit chairman brian markland and a g q for the skinny on this year's show of shows i'm
01:28:52larry mcclure k b nine d i p we pause for stations along the network to identify we are this weekend amateur radio your amateur radio and technology news magazine of the air available online at www dot t w jr Dot net boy scouts of america's radio scouting coordinator
01:29:32jim wilson k five nd says that although the program name for ages eleven through seventeen will change to scouts p ece and begin admitting girls starting on february first two thousand nineteen the organization's name remains the same Perhaps the big difference is that girls will now be eligible
01:29:50to earn the radio merit badge as part of their scouting program wilson told a double r l girls are already a part of venturing a coed program for ages fourteen to twenty He pointed out that venture scouts of both sexes will always be able to earn the amateur
01:30:04radio operating rating strip and the morse code interpreters strip for jamboree on the air Girl scouts have always been welcome to participate throughout the world wilson added Now they'll be participating in not only the girl scouts but also in cub scouts and boy scouts Yusa wilson known and
01:30:21worldwide most national scouting org's have had female members for quite a while now with just eight percent of countries admitting boys only The amateur radio community of puerto rico was honored by the island's house of representatives on may eighth in san juan as part of the celebration of
01:30:37el dia el dorado aficionado or radio amateur day observed each year on the second tuesday of may the office of representative nestor alone so vega w p four bl prepared a resolution they are our el puerto rico section manager oscar trento k p four r f was among
01:30:59those on hand for the occasion Puerto rico governor ricardo rococo never varies had issued a proclamation earlier noting that puerto rico's four thousand amateur radio operators contribute to the art and science of radio and serve as goodwill ambassadors of our island amateur radio day offers the opportunity to
01:31:21exalt the valuable service of the radio amateurs of puerto rico and their contribution to the development and evolution of this important means of communication in our society the proclamation declared A r r l was recognized for providing amateur radio equipment following last fall's hurricanes as part of the
01:31:42hameed program and for organizing the deployment of ham radio volunteers to help with puerto rico's recovery at the event alonso related how as a visually impaired youngster local radio amateurs helped him get his license enabling him to make new friends on the island and around the world that
01:32:01he now considers family members resta presented alonso with one of the a r r l hameed kits similar to those sent to puerto rico with volunteers after hurricane maria last september dressed old later spoke about efforts to establish communication with the american red cross the puerto rico electric
01:32:22power authority and various agencies and hospitals on puerto rico and he outlined preparations under way for the twenty eighteen hurricane season The governor's twenty eighteen proclamation was red and presented to the a r l puerto rico section team for its work during the post maria relief and recovery
01:32:42efforts as well as its active role in emergency nets and monthly meetings The resolution of the house of representatives in recognition of amateur radio day was red and personalized copies given to the images present The resolution noted that when puerto rico lost communication following maria's devastation it was
01:33:03the radio amateurs who first sent health and welfare messages to friends and families and eventually served as volunteers helping agencies like the american red cross fema hospitals and the puerto rico energy power authority with emergency communications arrest though accepted a resolution dedicated to the radio amateurs a r
01:33:26r l had recruited to deploy on behalf of the american red cross with plans to deliver it to the team Members at him mention the president of the house carlos johnny mendez offered gratitude for the help of radio amateurs in the wake of hurricane maria and hinted at
01:33:44the development of legislation favoring amateur radio in puerto rico congratulatory messages to the amateur radio community also were heard on several radio stations as well as distributed by social media The first science results from the solar eclipse q so party held last august twenty first had been published
01:34:05in the american geophysical union journal geophysical research letters in the paper entitled modeling amateur radio soundings of the ionosphere response of two thousand seventeen great american eclipse nathaniel frizzell w two nf and team president reverse beacon network our observations of the eclipse and compare them with ray tracings
01:34:25through an eclipse version of the physics based ionosphere iq model s a m i three frizzell a new jersey it's two to technology research professor explains that ray tracing is a method of calculating where a radio wave will go based upon the electron density essentially the same is
01:34:41calculating how light right through a lens hand s c i a ham radio science citizen investigation organization sponsored the event from a ham radio perspective This paper clearly shows the effect of the eclipse on not just the few but a very large number of contacts for zell told
01:34:58the double r l you could see from the charts that activity drops off steeply on twenty meters during eclipse totality well eighty in one hundred sixty meters open up on forty meters you could see how the contact distance increases in step with the eclipse for zell said another
01:35:12key aspect of the paper is that the researchers were able to use ray tracing to compare observations to a physics based numerical model of the eclipse ionosphere We did this by ray tracing hundreds of thousands of ray pass on the n j i t supercomputer frizzell explained The
01:35:29development of this method of comparison also gives us a new tool for comparing data sets like our bientot actual models fourteen megahertz or twenty meters eclipse effects were observed as a drop off in communications for an hour before and an hour after eclipse maximum on seven megahertz or
01:35:46forty meters Typical path flanks extended from about five hundred kilometers or three hundred ten miles to one thousand kilometers or six hundred twenty miles for forty five minutes before and after the clips maximum on one point eight megahertz or one hundred sixty meters and three point five megahertz
01:36:02eighty meters Eclipse effects were observed as band openings twenty to forty five minutes around the eclipse maximum by using ray tracing to compare these observations with sam i three models who has found that the majority of the forty megahertz signals refracted off the ionosphere at heights of less
01:36:19than one hundred twenty five kilometers where seventy seven point five miles in the region on the lower bands one point eight three point five and seven megahertz It was found that signals like the re factor of heights greater than one hundred twenty five kilometers seventy seven point five
01:36:34miles in the f region the's observation suggests an eclipse induce weakening of the ionosphere and are consistent with numerous prior h f radio eclipse studies The gop generated more than six hundred eighteen thousand rpm spots six hundred thirty weeks signal propagation reporter network nbsp arnett spots one point
01:36:54two million ps k reporter spots at twenty nine thousand log contacts the c q p research paper along with the geo located are being data with solar eclipse obscuration varies used in the paper are being published under an open access license to allow for further research The data
01:37:09files can be found under the supporting information section of the paper additional him as ceo apps data is available online this week an amateur radio is produced by community video associates incorporated a new york state nonprofit corporation if you would like to become an affiliate submit news items
01:37:27Send us comments about the weekly amateur radio bulletin service or just to support us please get in contact with us via our facebook page Just log in to facebook and search for the group this week an amateur radio you can also find us on twitter at twitter dot
01:37:41com slash t w i r for program audio archives and the latest amateur radio news visit our website at t w i r dot net this week an amateur radio version two point oh is produced and distributed under a creative commons noncommercial share alike License Now for the
01:38:00staff of this week and amateur radio this is jessica boeing Kc two v w x saying seventy three until next week

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