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Unused Chris Eidelman Discovery music on Spotify.

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Chris on Twitter: Do u think the most popular Trek episodes are the ones that have time travel in them? If so, why are they so popular?

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From Nathan on Twitter: Sports Night S2, E3

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Episode insight: TNG S4: Q-Pid as requested by Chris on Twitter

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00:00:00this is Doug Drexler telling you you should be listening to this week and track today if my calculations are correct Captain we have 20 seconds to go 20 seconds to fly that's what worries me
00:00:15Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise I'm a doctor not a mechanic tonight and the price
00:00:29everybody welcome to this weekend track episode number 349 Michael Gaines & Arrow skills how are you good lunch for time so let's just get into the news what little we have
00:00:45this is the 530 new subject
00:00:58so what so what is this I did not know about this in and I follow soundtrack people on my Twitter and I had no idea this existed Chris Edelman who did the music for was it Star Trek 6 and yes he was asked by the discovery guy
00:01:18what's his name the original producer guy he was was looking to Chris Edelman to do the music for Discovery and said we're going to do this why don't you go theme song for it and so he did and did a few other things that were related to the pilot episode so there is stuff out there on Spotify that you can listen to this music that was never used soundtracks from from composers that never made it into the Final Cut like whole soundtracks that were never used
00:02:13so this is a thing but it's not a common thing
00:02:18yeah Air Force One I have that I think that was done in the end by Jerry Goldsmith I think and you don't know I think about it I don't know who do did the who won the rejected one but there were ejected swears it just projected score you'll find a bunch
00:02:36yeah some but I think they went I think actually they made the right decision cuz I like the hope everything that they use better than the one he made you haven't heard it yet okay it's very orchestral like a like a movie from the maybe 90s or 80's it's it sounds like it's kind of from that era like Star Trek 6
00:03:11it's a little quiet. Do you mind if I join you what is Chris on Twitter who's in our chat room what does he say are the ones that have time travel in them if so why are they so popular most popular you can fight me on this is sitting on the edge of forever
00:03:34let's look at some of the other ones does not you have where no man has gone before which is not that's just to your ass I'm out of time which is not
00:03:53alright TNG Best of Both Worlds not
00:03:57you have the Inner Light which is technically not a time travel episode know I'd I would say it's not on travel episode that's one of the most popular here's what I think I think that there's a time travel episode at the top of every shows list but not necessarily at the time except for because I think is like at the top of everything but I am
00:04:30icipher example so I'm in DS9 you have trouble the trouble episode
00:04:37and then in Voyager you have your from hell
00:04:42which is at the top of things yes true I was so sick of time travel episodes and then the show started with a dude for my the future I'm like no I'm out and I did not want that to start Enterprise that might have been Laura season 3 or season 4 to start a brand new show where were already burned out on Star Trek with a time travel thing
00:05:21tried it had too much time travel by then so and then now we have this we have discoveries episode this past week which was a time Loop episode here's the thing as it did very well and it was the first like self-contained episode 4 for Discovery and I think it just did really well I can't say whether or not it's the best yet because we still have 6 episodes to go we've got to before I left so I've got to before the break and then we've got six after that so I can't say right now if it's the best
00:05:59and I guess like the show would have to replace the whole show it have to be over before we can really take a look back little time repeat episodes so I can TNG yeah cause and effect and things like that but I'm not a fan of those
00:06:21I thought they were good I'm scared was okay
00:06:27Jimmy says in her late might be my favorite but I don't think it's very popular oh it's very popular yeah it is it's it's very very popular like in the pale Moonlight and Siege of ar-558 true very popular and so why are they why are they
00:06:56that's a good question will city was a great story because it was it was a romantic story it was an epic story it it took place over a long period of time as opposed to you know here we fixed it in 2 hours and in the consequences of it were just like heartbreaking where is like see as well yesterday until what are we have trials and tribulations which was funny I don't have an answer it just could be a coincidence that they're done well
00:07:35I think we have what I used to be a nut for time travel and I used to love everything time travel back to the future and everything I just got tired of it I guess
00:07:51I have to agree that because you play something so much before
00:08:02which was supposedly funny are supposedly I'm done with time travel
00:08:09yeah so I just never watched it but it is an interesting thing to think about if you're not burned out on it true true and I think maybe that's why it's popular popular I think because of how well woven together the episodes were and picking at EOS favor to play off of a technical reason why it's so good not necessarily from a story point of view of white that's what I'm having a little trouble with his good for reasons that have to do with something else
00:08:46meaning of forever the future of the Federation in World War II that it's it's like I think it's good because you have a way of looking at things differently what if I think maybe that's it maybe people like the what-ifs it's a it's a mechanic where anything can happen that would be my reason is that people like the what-ifs so
00:09:19it's all take a look at this phone
00:09:26I'm not going to say what that's that's funny I like that okay so what are we have we have from Nathan on Twitter sent this in this is from Sports night season 2 episode 3 and I don't think I need to set it up so I guess I'll just play it
00:09:48you guys know who Philo Farnsworth was Philo Farnsworth cat
00:09:52what's going on invented television I don't mean invented television like Uncle miltie I mean he invented the television in a little house in Provo Utah at a time when the idea of transmitting moving pictures to the air would be like me saying I figured out a way to Bemis aboard the Starship Enterprise
00:10:13Sports night do I know that I do
00:10:17I think I might have heard of it but I've never seen it and it be interesting if we ever get transporter technology working
00:10:25oh yeah I would change the world I'd like to see if I had to pick one
00:10:37are you know what here's an interesting question if you had to put I'm taking away from Chris on Twitter cuz he comes up with the questions but I'm sorry I'm still in this one the way that I see is that if you had to pick one and the other one never existed
00:10:53I would have to say if warp-drive exists I would be all right with Transporters not but if transport is existed I would not be okay with warp drive not existing oh I agree
00:11:07so I would I would say that
00:11:10I really don't have anything for last week and check because Cara turned into a pumpkin maybe nothing actually happened just thought I did just thought so let's get to her episode inside let's go back to New York in the 1930s
00:11:27I guess you'll die let's go look at the vista Sports brain or Harry Mudd
00:11:32what did you pick Daryl what did I pick well I didn't pick it Chris on Twitter picked it for it so it's been in my list for forever who kindly I decided we better just do this okay and it's Cupid from TNG season 4
00:11:55here's the funny thing about this episode is that cute isn't even show up until like the second act yeah was at the very end of act one but like you know he doesn't he just there and then yeah we don't even know it's a q episode for a long time that's that's true alright so let's is the Enterprise is hosting a conference so essentially the Enterprises now the Jacob Javits Center Captain's Log stardate 4474 1.9 free enterprise is to service host for the Federation archaeology council's annual symposium
00:12:44I look forward to giving tomorrow's keynote address with great anticipation
00:12:50even back then I was just like what don't you have somewhere to explore
00:12:57yeah I would know I'm being silly sometimes but I think what I had a little bit of trouble with is that they talked about how the card is an Explorer but they don't really talk too much in the in the series about how well he knows archaeology something this Keynote
00:13:23yeah you don't really I mean until season 7 right is that what I was nuts about archaeology character of the last few seasons were in the audience like what does figuratively and literally and yeah we don't want to see a a business office with I don't know this boring boring boring off to go to these exotic places in and dig for stuff that would have been a great aspect of cards character if they had used in a little more
00:14:22I agree I don't think that you thought of it until later well this episode this is the clip about in his speech I'm going to be addressing some of the greatest scientific mind in the Federation
00:14:41superpower wiki guide bunnies
00:14:45I knew you were going to put something in there that I knew I had to the card has his conversation with Troy she says you have a brilliant speech good bad so he goes to his quarters and vosh is there from from previous episode how did she get in
00:15:09well let's find out ya neck any memories
00:15:16did you get him yet
00:15:20the window
00:15:22now you know how she got in so they're making out a little bit this is the opener so then we go to credits and then act one opens where they're having breakfast together and it's interesting how the the the producers had them in their regular clothes to sort of not imply what happened the night before even though they're having breakfast together so that that's a bit interesting how they set that up
00:15:54I should explain why you hear all this banging because of the rough there
00:16:02roof the roof that they're putting on the house that I was from North Jersey and she would say phone funny I used to make fun of her for at all times has a phone like know the white shirts that sounds like it's been saying that it was very nice of the show where are we having a little breakfast in the crusher shows up it's a bit awkward
00:16:50excuse me
00:16:52I didn't realize you had company so I didn't mean to interrupt the cats and I often share morning tea together
00:17:17when was that where we met
00:17:23well that must have been during your vacation last year
00:17:30well I am surprised you didn't mention you
00:17:37episode 1 Captain's holiday right yeah yeah yeah and I talked too much about what's going on in his life a little strange that he didn't mention anything to Beverly
00:17:59what are you doing
00:18:01he just seems it while he's a private man while he says that a couple times where she comes up to me and says like I'm sure that I'm embarrassing you and I'm watching this episode going he's not embarrassed by you he just doesn't talk much about his life exactly Cara says that the card is so never said that's another thing that's her trigger something I was going to say and I forgot is that it's interesting to see how Picard can go up against the Borg in the Klingons in the Kardashians in all these things that he can't handle the situation now that was funny but anyway this next clip is the first of the I'm a very private man quotes
00:18:48tell me the song of come here often not often the captain is a very private man
00:18:54very private man
00:18:57and if I should know that yeah I would think so if she's such a world traveler quote on quote
00:19:05then she's done she should have been enough people that she knows that not everybody talks about everything that goes on in their life and everybody
00:19:13yeah I would say especially Picard especially the card because he has for example there was a there was a thing and there's a scene in Discovery this past week where ash for those who don't watch
00:19:27it was it was just in a semi relatable to this a Burnham saying that she doesn't frighten her eyes oh yeah which I really I really love that about her yeah yeah she's a lot like me in that way it would probably a lot of listeners Bosch member of the archaeology Council
00:20:01I think a she must have been better than you let on
00:20:08Ennis Michael makes a really good point he says she never really saw him in his element that's true that is true very true of how true I never heard of her either
00:20:22I don't understand I thought being the ship's counselor Matt the captain confided in he does when he and he never spoke to
00:20:34not that I recall
00:20:43I know
00:20:46and so she knows now and this is where she finally confronts Picard about it
00:20:57what would you have me tell him that we match for one thing that we have some fun why not
00:21:05it would be
00:21:08inappropriate regulation you just make that up yourself
00:21:24I'm sorry if you're upset and I'm sorry if my being here in Ferris is you
00:21:30what you even she doesn't embarrass him here Rikers eyebrows go up when he says I'm rice exactly exactly and so this is just shows up you mean q
00:21:51yakki oh and I know what I'm talking about
00:21:55don't just stand there say something get out of my chair that is a good thing for him to say that he that's when Corbin Bernsen Bernsen showed up and yeah so he feels that he is a debt to repay double cardan that's his clip
00:22:24tell me what is it you wish and I'll be gone just be gone that'll do nicely
00:22:31that's all he wants he wants why doesn't he get that he has to do something but he's got to do something Mister yeah that I would think that would get him in trouble again woohoo it's funny because you're impossible to to shop for order to get a present for to something which is something I can relate to but he says I'll take you to the ruins on Target's 3 and you can see in Picard's face that he's tempted but he says no that's against regulations and kisses I'll take you back in time I would have been like you know what that's not a bad idea I would have done that but then how it what do you do with that information cuz you're not supposed to know any of that stuff
00:23:30I don't know
00:23:34it was made off limits at one point that when people there one of them playing that people were there a Dick's at at one point so maybe he wasn't there but nobody's going to question him if he has better knowledge and most people because they will I just found some research and fell or something if my sources are confidential get you a thing at the Q Mall
00:24:01they have everything with you
00:24:12it was sealed off more than a century ago that explains it then
00:24:19how can you write about something that you've never seen I know why don't I take you there
00:24:29out of the question I've been breaking tag you in law must you always be so ethical
00:24:36I suppose we could travel back in time you can see what Takis was like 2 billion years ago they really knew how to party back in those days my answer is still no my leg to stand on its own
00:24:50will you please leave my ship you are simply the most impossible person to buy gift for
00:25:01if it was sealed off a century ago
00:25:05come back a century go back a hundred and one years
00:25:13they say he says that uses that they've been around for over 2 billion years
00:25:21I was at least that's a little long on that one or something because after 2 billion years like even plastic breaks down after a certain period of time are the I don't see the ruins being worth anything 2 billion years later
00:25:51yeah the long that's really ruined million years ago
00:26:0165 million bit of a stretch of believability. Yeah I'm just making a point but anyway
00:26:23where at where at 12 I was just trying to figure out the trans out leaves in frustration is I'll think of something the card goes to see Vash just wants to clear the air because you really couldn't make a scene in front of the archaeology community in 10 forward and says you're not an embarrassing me at all and that's who I am by no means embarrassed by your presence here
00:26:53on the contrary
00:26:58what's this
00:27:00map of the ruins
00:27:06that I was the only reason you came to Texas
00:27:11I never fooled you for a second
00:27:16still you are the most important reason
00:27:22that's a problem with being such a well-known wire
00:27:26even when I'm telling the truth No One Believes Me
00:27:30and so he
00:27:31what does I don't know why he did this because if he likes her so much and understands why she's there
00:27:38why does he search her quarters for gear quite sure that was out of character and character or did he just walk in and find the stuff he made a conscious effort to walk into the next room and look around some digging equipment and says this has to be confiscated confiscated it starts getting angry if I like where this is going. Cessary
00:28:20but arguing would have got you down there I'll come on you gave me the same warning about south on 5 but didn't stop me from going there I brought back some very impressive artifacts to the very impressive profit that's what I do
00:28:37Allen board my ship I would not allow it you or anyone else or Garage Royal
00:28:49and we have nothing more to say to one another
00:28:52and that's that that's that's exactly true sometimes two people just don't get along and that's okay it's a shame but that's just the way it is by Buckley says why why didn't he just use the ship's sensors to check that how did she get on board with that stuff because that that was some bulky equipment that he found giant detector of some kind and a shovel huge metal detector
00:29:24and so again just pestering the car in this is where they talk about love and
00:29:34she's really got to get a grip on things is human emotion love it's a dangerous thing and obviously you have an ability I've been looking for for years
00:29:50if I'd known sooner I would have appeared as a female believe what you wish into die would you care for this woman
00:30:07believe me I'd be doing you a big favor if I turned her into a clay being healed stay away from you for that matter
00:30:29you would have me stand idly by and she led you to your destruction
00:30:34I squish
00:30:40I'll hear something that won't let you go to your destruction
00:30:44it's intermission time
00:30:47guess folks it's intermission time to her about taking a break get out and stretch a little and relax before the show begins again the tendons are ready and waiting to serve you
00:32:45we hope you're enjoying your visit here this evening now on with the show and that was Samson's versus Star Trek by culture killer on YouTube that was the song you were trying to play last week in there was something wrong with it yes I had separated the channels and so only one channel is getting through this time I come by climbing the mountain one more time I'm sure we'll hear it again but twice a year at the most so this is a clip of a Picard's archaeologist
00:33:31so far this episode is really good I'm watching episode in a while
00:33:38I'm thinking to myself this is going pretty well I don't have anything really wrong with it except for the equipment confiscation which I thought was just a little outside of the cards character
00:33:50now weird things start happening
00:33:53Blues Club
00:33:55however I have I believe turned up some new information that if nothing else only raises a new set of mistress and I hope that we can discuss them here together 947 Nolan
00:34:27why did you find a clip of so much damn debris in it
00:34:33because it was good cuz it was funny cuz it was funny where did you get that clip from oh I don't actually made up of let's see what's at the one with the Borg Queen
00:34:58I have the CDs of Star Trek and Star Wars sound effects if anybody remembers from like 20 25 years ago or something that drawer and I'm going to get them as we talked about how now Q sends everything to Sherwood Forest
00:35:19about some 74 are generally believed to have revealed findings of major importance the earliest with some friends 2000 years ago
00:35:2974 does not qualify as 47 so I didn't do an alarm for that nobody should have played it backwards I thought about that why didn't you play it backwards I wonder if I can do that I can stop it if it if you can take 2 seconds to do it if you want we're not going to do it maybe all injected backwards
00:36:05my fox not while I'm editing Up played backwards
00:36:09okay will do that where are we I have no clue I wear on what number so they're all in Sherwood Forest now and I'm thinking why yeah why that of every time it doesn't make any sense
00:36:32and the episode so far and then Robin Hood
00:36:39and and there's a serious disconnect for me so it was almost like they did two episodes
00:36:46like two separate two episodes and they cut them in half and said okay we're going to have this episode and then we can have that up so and so the point of it is that Q wants to show because how he wants to protect Vash
00:37:03okay but I don't know what the what lesson is there to learn
00:37:09by what is he trying to teach him. I don't know why because of writers wanted to do a Robin Hood episode in the good parts of the episode where just a contrivance to get them there I read I did read on Memory Alpha that Robin Hood the movie The Kevin Costner movie was like a big deal at the time so is that it by Millbrook or or both or both but I'm I'm not I'm not buying it really didn't sell it to me at all there's only one came out of this whole thing and that was little
00:37:51yeah the Royal that's coming this is supposed to be
00:37:58somewhere around about the 12th century this is England or to be more precise Sherwood Forest, one should I say John Little Robin Hood on the contrary Lieutenant Worf your closing identifies you with the character of will Scarlet Justice jordi's mandolin identifies him as Alan a Dale and you mr. date of striking resemblance to Friar Tuck
00:38:36I will not play the floor for choosing music
00:38:42now it's just a little too silly for me it would have been more interesting if they actually did go back in time to this place or or just something related to the archaeology places that they were talking about this whole time yeah the Robin Hood saying no it has apps it just makes you say what in Fallout of the episode actually fall out of the episode through the world I should have actually falling off my couch
00:39:19and that's why we do these little Recaps you know after 20 30 50 years because we look back in and go what were they thinking what were they thinking I were at we are number where are we 18180 this is where Q comes in he explains why he's doing this
00:39:42the guy of Gisborne has decreed that Marion's head chug come off tomorrow at noon
00:39:50flash it's your choice Rob Sylvan Glade or risk your life to save the woman you care nothing about irrelevant the temperature of any innocent life as you well know
00:40:06yes but what about your married man are you willing to jeopardize their lives as well is Boxer's life worth more than data's or Troy's or Wars you know what I did not even Castle what's going to happen then you do
00:40:33so why is he doing this here's Here's my thought he's doing this because he wants to show the car that are really does care about this woman okay so what if he does exactly get out of this
00:40:47what does anybody get out of it but he's not going to let her die right yes exactly I've come to believe I've come to believe up to this point that Q admires humanity and that's why he keeps going with us he's not going to kill anybody the car to mess with them back and just saying that we're just not going to do anything about that he messed with everybody with the board but I think that was just to get the the board wall up and running I think this is a little different I think he's not really going to do anything
00:41:24personal from home the crew I don't know I just don't feel that there's any danger here but that's my opinion yeah which is what he says and then Q says where you can sit here and do nothing but then people will die you know that but they're not in place but what is this like a holiday that you put together that he has no off switch one of course you can
00:42:01the whole thing is just starting to fall apart about how good of an episode with this have been if they went back in time to billion years ago and actually met these people and have like some sort of Adventure that would have been a lot of fun have done that you could have done it for the same reasons but but the thing is is that putting them in Robin Hood or in Sherwood Forest just yeah that setting is just wrong
00:42:35not right where are we wear number 19 oh yeah so far oh by the way if if you watch the episode and the voice of Sir guy sounds familiar
00:42:49what is your from he was the person who played the emperor in the original cut of The Empire Strikes Back oh before they replaced him with Ian mcdiarmid again so
00:43:11I prepared walking one last chance to change your mind
00:43:22an execution will proceed as schedules
00:43:31this pathetic attempt of training Madness will not save your life
00:43:36and I'm the one being executed sir guy we couldn't talk this over
00:43:44I meant I haven't been myself lately this is this was intentionally done to mirror a scene in Animal House is trying to play his Luton you can and work comes up and smashes and says sorry
00:44:22and then this is another silly thing anybody who's anybody who's been to a Renaissance Fair knows you try out the bow right you go to the thing you try the bow and I'm pretty good at it I even like the cheap plastic ones that they give you so Troy is trying to practice herbo
00:44:43she want some shooting data whose like it look from the camera angle look like he was like 20 feet are left how that could have happened I don't know how that goes over there like almost at a 90 degree angle to her as if she shooting forward don't do that yeah I don't know what could have happened to cause the arrow to go 90 degrees to the left another reason why I just heard of like fell out of the episode
00:45:17are you all right
00:45:19sterile impacted just above my 6th intercostal support penetrating my secondary cell processor fortunately none of my bio function seem affected
00:45:29do not be concerned counselor I believe your aim is improving
00:45:35avash being the trickster that she is goes along with this whole thing it says alright I'll marry you
00:45:50the most beautiful bride-to-be of the Holdings
00:45:57could be poison
00:46:07Robin Hood well that was over long ago
00:46:16he Bewitched me some evil spell
00:46:22you can add sorcery to the list of charges against the Rogue cigar it's you
00:46:35taking some like to see them try that says what he says he has no control over any of this right I don't I don't get this this is I'm just like already blocked anyway card shows up he's climbing on top of the tower
00:46:58but he was there the whole time that they had a shot of him he was dressed up as a peasant and in this shot he's like in the tower for climbing on the tower and he goes to save Vash which again I thought it was odd but
00:47:13School Robinhood Kristoff and I were both here by now
00:47:33is the best strategy you can come up with one man against the entire Castle how about this I'll stay here
00:47:43I forgot if I have to if there's a way to escape I'll find it eventually with my head still attached care of myself
00:48:07I just got an ear to the door I mean is I must be right
00:48:12and that argument that two of them were having was just silly also the doors open if I revive should be like yeah the writers were making them argue just to make him sound like I'm like a quote-unquote old married couple cuz they are you know it just like silly things
00:48:38kids say the same thing
00:48:41you would someone for several decades that's what happens I suppose it's like you start arguing like the mic like my grandparents used to on the radio like dumb stuff like that the point is is that they are not an old married couple
00:49:01I guess what they're trying to do the writers of trying to make them seem like they're familiar to each other and that was the best way they can do it and so again I offer an alternative instead of making them fight to make them seem like they're comfortable with each other so to speak why not make them work together
00:49:20yeah that would make a lot more sense so they take Robin Hood away and vosh writes a letter to to the Sherwood Forest and to comes in an interception that's clip
00:49:39a letter to Riker quick
00:49:43come to the castle save the captain like this is wonderful and I asked but unfortunately we just don't have the time
00:50:04take this trailer away witch
00:50:18again I would have I would have done it differently but anyway
00:50:22this whole thing is your fault
00:50:30I grabbed your sword to prevent you from being killed by you're the one interfering I was just trying to rescue you. Next time don't blame the writer so that way anyway so it turns out that has like something in his arm and he throws fire get this at all I don't know does he have bombs implanted in them so anytime he needs them out of his again I'm sure it was something useful but is this is flammable let me do that
00:51:25does not compute
00:51:39right okay so they distract the the the guy what were they called the Executioner from cutting off Picard's head and now everybody is fine and then this is where Q says I think it goes up to vaj kisses her and says okay well now everything is over and in this is work you says this is the lesson which whatever
00:52:08I told the truth
00:52:17my compliments because I don't Robin Hood himself could have been much better if you would have heard any of my people View All For the Love of a maid
00:52:33night at UB card is paid if you've learned how weak and vulnerable you really are if you finally see how love is brought out the worst in you and him is nobility courage self-sacrifice
00:52:53oh you're good you're really good
00:52:58and he's impressed with her so much that back on the ship he says Picard that well we're going to be hanging out together. I'll tell you why not
00:53:13I'm kind of a model and I'm reliable I'm irresponsible
00:53:23I'm definitely not to be trusted
00:53:28matter of fact it does
00:53:33we're going to have fun and has ever seen
00:53:39how can resist an offer like that
00:53:44as payment in full of your dead to me you will guarantee your safety she will not be harmed I promise you that
00:53:54I want to 10
00:53:56the Robin Hood saying was not good and I think it was just there because that was big at the time
00:54:07I don't hate the rest of it
00:54:10but I like it a lot less than I used to
00:54:20okay I'll give it a
00:54:25I'll give it a four point
00:54:40I'm just going to cut it right down the middle and give it a five because it was half good half bad
00:54:47yeah it started off so well and then ended so badly
00:54:53yeah yeah I almost gave it a 5 but I can't quite get it there
00:55:02alright store character in sight this week review another Holodeck recurring character Captain proton from Voyager
00:55:19when we covered holiday feelings at the end of last year one of those segments was on dr. kaotica from The Adventures of Captain proton now we cover his Foyle the title character of this holographic novel Captain proton himself Captain proton can often be seen swashbuckling his wife who the plans of evil Machines of doctor kaotica and queen arachnia is first appearances in the episode night or tries to have seven of nine experience the Holo novel is proton secretary Constance good heart it was often the Damsel in Distress in these stories predictably it doesn't go well proton have a sidekick like all superheroes this one being Buster Kincaid when Harry Kim joins Tom Paris on these Adventures Harry plays the role of Buster in addition to having this be another way these two close friends spend a lot of time together the Holo novel provide the place of Escape for Tom Paris when events in real life or too tough to handle
00:56:15of course sometimes real life invades this holiday as in the episode bride of kaotica aliens mistake the holiday for real existence and Tom and Harry must figure their way out of the mess that, although this episode was very close in time to the first two episodes involving this Holo novel and these characters the real story is that this episode was crafted to keep the action or seen on the actual Bridge of Voyager to a minimum to allow time for repair to that set damaged by fire in real life you know
00:56:56Spaceman first class protector of Earth scourge of Intergalactic evil. Your service Captain proton 1830 s comic book character we see many of the same character traits in these holiday scenes Captain proton was not just another Escape for a voyager crewman on a long journey home but instead an opportunity to dive deeper into the Harry Kim Tom Paris relationship and opportunity for the show actors to have some fun playing some campy scenes interestingly Captain proton has been the subject one story written in the real world by regular track author Dean Wesley Smith
00:57:37he wrote the story to fit in as the background material to Tom Paris what eventually bases Hollow Adventures off of if you want to look this up it's called Captain proton defender of the earth Captain proton Tom Paris are played by Robert Duncan McNeill who is hurt more as a director in Hollywood since his days on Voyager he was offered the chance to direct it season 1 episode in Discovery but the timing did not work so maybe we will see his return to the series the director in season 2 thanks for listening please provide feedback and segment suggestions to me on Twitter at Buckeye 15
00:58:15all right that's actually going to do it for this episode because we don't have any subs but it's Discovery related so we'll do that on Sunday in a Darrell has to go to work was running a little late if you want to get ahold of Daryl he's at the truck nerd on Twitter I have stomach on Twitter this week and check on Twitter this week and check at gmail.com is an email address Discord. This weekend trick.com is are discarded dressed you want to see everybody in there talk and chat and having a good time right yep alright that's going to give us episode I want to thank everybody for watching this and will talk to you later you next time bye
00:58:50Rikers beer means the opposite of Jumping the Shark

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