This Week's Stories:

  • iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: the end of the Thinner Era
  • No High refresh rate for iPhone Pro
  • New iPhone colors: corpse purple, baby poop green
  • How durable is the iPhone 11 Pro?
  • Night mode, 3 lenses, high key: is iPhone 11 Pro the best phone camera you can buy?
  • iPhone 11 will be unlocked on day one
  • Apple seems ever so slightly more price sensitive this year
  • iPhone 11 camera bump: why not just make the phone thicker?
  • Apple Watch 5: always on
  • Apple Watch 5: aluminum vs titanium vs ceramic
  • Apple Arcade and Apple TV+
  • Apple can't get JJ Abrams, even for a half-billion $$$
  • 48 States coming after Google
  • Tech backlash? What tech backlash?
  • Are we building our own surveillance state?
  • Google's $995 Project Jacquard backpack
  • Where do we go after GDPR?
  • Want $125 from Equifax? Please jump through these flaming hoops.
  • Pixel 4: is there anything that hasn't leaked yet?
  • Which voice assistant is the best, and how can we make it better?
  • Microsoft Surface Event October 2
  • Minecraft hits 112 million users a month
  • MoviePass finally folds

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Devindra Hardawar, Georgia Dow, and Wil Harris

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