• Sony and EA MIA at E3 - does E3 matter anymore?
  • Computex, on the other hand, was huge this year
  • What is a Gamer?
  • E3 2019 was the year streaming gaming broke big
  • E3 2019: The Keanussaince
  • Why are games announced so far in advance?
  • Stadia, xCloud, and the future of streaming games
  • Think VR is Over? Oculus Quest would like a word with you.
  • Xbox Scarlett announcement
  • What will games look like in 10 years?
  • How Nintendo Won E3 2019
  • Pixel 4 Leaked - by Google!
  • The Ethics of video game journalism
  • Huawei stops making Matebooks, blames Trump
  • Apple doubles down on privacy, but Celebrite says it can crack any iPhone
  • Pax > E3
  • Microsoft buys Double Fine
  • Target cash registers fail nationwide
  • Argentina loses power
  • US attacks Russian power stations: the cyber Cold War escalates
  • US Border Patrol leaks 100,000 licence plate photos
  • La Liga app spied on users to try to stop piracy
  • Telegram DDoSed by China over Hong Kong protests
  • Facebook to launch "Zuck Bucks" cryptocurrency next week
  • Huawei delays the Mate X foldable phone, but it's not Trump's fault.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Cherlynn Low, Jeff Cannata, and Shane Satterfield

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