• The Failed Microsoft Build Hololens Demo
  • Microsoft's Build Keynote May Have Been a Bit Too Geeky
  • Microsoft Adds Linux Kernel to Windows: Is this the Beginning of the End for Windows?
  • Microsoft Word gets PC (Politically Correct, not the Other PC)
  • Should Facebook Be Broken Up? Its Co-Founder Says Yes
  • How Much Should Facebook be Fined by the FTC?
  • Snapchat Can Turn You from a Man to a Woman
  • Google I/O Keynote: Google Lens, Shrinking Machine Learning, and a Focus on Privacy
  • Google Promises Searchable Podcasts and AR in Search
  • Pixel 3a is a Flagship Phone at a Budget Price
  • How Long Will We Wait for Real 5G?
  • Google I/O: Incognito Maps, Project Mainline, and the End of Nest
  • One Broken Chip Can Brick Your Tesla
  • Uber IPO Makes a Few People Very Rich, but Still Loses Billions of Dollars
  • Bezos Shows off his Lunar Lander, Musk Teases Him
  • Jeff Bezos Really Doesn't Like Homeless People
  • The History and Future of Amazon Prime
  • Alexa is Listening
  • Hamas Cyber Attacks Israel, Israel Bombs Hamas
  • US DOJ Indicts Chinese Hackers for Anthem Attack
  • US Govt. Wants to Ban Loot Boxes
  • Samsung's Next Phone Could Have a 64 Megapixel Camera
  • Singapore Makes Fake News Illegal
  • Arya Stark's App for Creatives
  • Worldwide Helium Shortage Forces Party City to Close 45 Stores

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Mark Sullivan

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