Samsung announces 2 new phones as Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. iCloud keys are stored in China. All 150 new emojis for 2018 revealed. Nokia's newest phone is a nod to The Matrix. GDPR and H.R. 1865 and their implications. Intel knew about flaws in chips but didn't mention it. Dropbox announces its IPO. Kylie Jenner's tweet takes down Snapchat and AT&T is taking advantage of the end of Net Neutraility.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Amy Webb, Brianna Wu, and Michael Nuñez

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00:00:01it's time for this week in tech gray panel for you Amy Webb Brianna Wu Michael Nunez to talk about the Galaxy S9 Justin s from Samsung privacy regulations in the US and China in their differences are Services calling nine-one-one thousands of times that chassis love people you trust
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00:01:53it's time for this week in tech news
00:01:58very good panel this week I say that every week but I mean it every week let's start with Amy Webb she's a futurist and at the author of a book that's actually how I met her call the signals are talking why today's fringes tomorrow's mainstream she is joining us from where are you now this weekend in Nashville I'm speaking at a big conference tomorrow on the future of energy nice watches at South by Southwest on March 11th we have 225 emerging Tech Trends this year this is the 11th annual edition of the reports are largest at 6 million Kimmel interviews so this thing is I can't wait
00:02:58Steven Advanced copy now on our website but on March 11th it'll be everywhere so you can download it to your house in Anton's but unfortunately our panels at 8:30 in the morning consumer security you know can Summer's here all the you know meltdown Spectre Equifax all the issues but what is really at stake for them and what should what are the real practical things we should do we have some really good Security Experts on says a lot of fun you all the way from Nashville also joining us from the Massachusetts 8th District where she is a candidate for US Congress Brianna Wu spacekatgal is back in the studio hey how you doing Breanna I'm feeling really good to tell you I've had so many conversations
00:03:58I watch officials is am running for congress hear about cyber-security so depressing cuz she will talk to people and they are in charge of a massive computer system here in the state of some specific technical questions and all they ever say is like we have an IT department felt like look if you got these machines is voting machines you've got to check and make sure the version of software that running on it is the same software you think it is and it's just it's a level too high for them to even talk like we've got to have technologically literate people actually making decisions I will probably be as far as I could tell Equifax has gotten off scot-free punishment done it all no consequences whatsoever they made money on the breach actually go out and talk to people
00:04:58sorry about Equifax as you can possibly imagine you talk to them it doesn't matter the Republican and Democrat not politically active see their blood pressure Rising you would think that just pure self-interest you would have politicians talking about it and they just I don't know if they're just so like caught up in the system or they just don't care but for whatever reason it's like you said they got off scot-free Abriana are you doing anything for candidates in the state of Massachusetts around election fraud and is there any what's what's happening I can't. I've had a really big toy box with the Secretary of State's office about that we are currently having there are concerns but when you ask questions I I hope I'm not burning any Bridges when I say I haven't like the answers I've gotten to that question so yeah we need to take it more seriously also in the studio
00:05:58over at did the Mashable headquarters were actually is at work on a Sunday evening I'm sorry Deputy ticket attorney over there hey Michael as always you're not everybody over there this is a reason Barcelona probably right that's exactly right yeah so I've been here for a little while monitoring our Mobile World Congress coverage obviously the Samsung Galaxy S9 release of the Android phones that came out today so it's been a busy Sunday but you know it's it's what I want to do so I'm having to be here range along with Samsung the event 9 a.m. our time noon your time in about 5 in the evening in Barcelona where they have cs9 looks like it went very well very pleased to see Samsung just did not follow Apple in almost any respect and there's no Notch we still have a headphone jack yes there's a fingerprint reader
00:06:58Fort Lee to me they didn't raise the hike the price of an awful lot there's this the S9 is $720 the S9 plus the 6.2 inch model with dual cameras under $20 more $840 that's not exactly holding the line but it's still not $1,000 phone
00:07:18Amy says it is
00:07:23well so I have an essay and I'm a pretty careful person and I've now broken two screens cuz the thing is slippery is butter and it's delicate so I've constantly getting broken and if you choose to repair its skin a couple hundred bucks so I was also an edge-to-edge slippery Apple yeah well okay but there's no Notch they're doing dual cameras but they're doing F 1.5 and F 2.4 which apple does not do it looks like they're closer to a Google's pixel because they have a dual pixel camera I'm very excited about the low light and they're doing something Apple can't do on the new S9 which is 960 frames per second Super slo-mo
00:08:23that's attractive what is the reaction you're hearing for Barcelona Michael what their copying apple is the animals the one I think generally the consensus is that this isn't a leap ahead of the Galaxy S8 so if you have last year's model there's not enough reason to go out to run out and get the S9 but they're building on a very solid foundation you know Samsung has nearly perfected this galaxy series with the display I think a lot of people like the the performance you know the Adidas play itself is really nice that the phone looks very premium so people still consider this one of the best Android phones available it's just you know it is not really pushing them
00:09:23laundry in the same way that the iPhone 10 is what is trying to you know Jess where were phones are headed in the future so I wasn't quite the same Benchmark but it's still a feature that they demonstrated on stage did not feature aliens monkeys Lions it just took your picture and turned it into something that vaguely look like you but is there more to it than that no that's it that's people love doing that I mean like people do that on the Nintendo Wii they do that through bitmoji I mean people are obsessed with themselves I guess that's the point is I could do this with bitmoji on a Snapchat on Snapchat this actually animates right now because if you can't talk and have its lips move exactly and so I think I'm sure Snapchat has the capability to do this obviously they have like three renders of your bitmoji in Snapchat but this is one
00:10:23the only apps or or features that lets you control a 3D avatar much like you would with a puppet or something like that so it's just it's a fun stupid feature but like not you shouldn't go by the phone just because of this one thing I'm however it's the nice addition I think if if you decide to buy it I could tell you I have the an emoji on the iPhone 10 and I used it a few times at the beginning when I first got it I've never even thought of using it again maybe that's just cuz I'm an old person I used it once or explode like last year they could have brought their the milliamps in the battery down a little bit today and put up this year did they are they betting big on the battery is going to explode so I can take off the top of my head what the size of my guys I memorized all the stats 3000 milliamp hours for the S9
00:11:24for the last 9 + 3500 that's still a lot but I think the Note 7 was 4,000 yeah I was going to say I think they haven't gone quite up to the same capacity as as the seven that was amazing I thought after the note gate after the Note 7 Samsung really hurt that this would be a big deal it did not seem to impact them at all they immediately than their next quarter that a massive quarter with the S8 and the Note 8 nobody held back I guess people believe I think it's probably the case that Samsung will be extra this is the least likely phone to explode now right so I mean if you're not you know if you're interested in Android they're just there are other models but I prefer the Google pixels but you're right most people
00:12:24oh the pixel 2 is an Abomination I think is only like 3 million units sold worldwide they just don't have it together babe that they tried to get hardware company a few times now and it's just not you know it's marketing dollar is tied to its Revenue so as they can as they roll in the dough and they really are rolling in the dough they buy more ads and you'll see some more Samsung ads everywhere than anything so I'm even even Apple which buys a lot of ads you'll see Samsung's marketing everywhere and obviously that's overcome any concerns people have and yeah maybe it's just no competition although these competitions people are choosing it has been
00:13:23monkey that Samsung has really cornered the market on so they're one of the year the biggest phone manufacturer is in the success of Samsung Hazard of Greater brand penetration because they're not just making phone like HTC has a problem as many problems as a problem because you don't buy other HTC products refrigerator and washing machines you know so it's it's a Brad was much higher capacity and and greater penetrations so I think even if they fault her for some of the other products in the market place that people do like and they're so far had another areas like i o t i just you know if they bring out an amazingly talented but they bring out a lot of these phones at you know we just don't care about if you want you know this we can talk or the birds are other things like that every week
00:14:23you know I've been really impressed with the quality of the one seeing them in person like some of the um the Chinese people I know here in Boston like it's I think it's a bigger brand in China than in the United States away had Adidas trace it out while we had a deal for their new phone with both AT&T Verizon and after the US government said no no no both ATT Verizon pulled out and Huawei was devastated they said if you don't have a carrier deal in the u.s. you don't cell phones
00:15:08is it actually now this is an interesting question I mean all the iPhones made in China is there something about a cow me or that makes it more inherently more risky than a phone that's from an American company made in China what do you think Michael it comes down to the software that package with the question I mean you know I think theoretically you know all things that that begin from the same origin would be would have the same risk what's this song people to go from going into Foxconn unbeknownst apple and saying I mean after all this company is a Chinese company and saying them here's a little something extra you put in the phone thank you very much. Tell Apple
00:15:58if yeah I think it's I think it's a great point I I I imagine that they're pretty strict quality assurance you know it's probably has people there watching for exactly the devices in the USC once they reach the US I'm sure that they have a team of engineering stir-fry trying these things out so that I'm sorry I was just going to say I feel like I have to ask you does is it theoretically possible for Congress to pass laws and back Channel saying Apple has to do a b or c to their phone you could be having that kind of pole dancers we don't know the answer is flat-out we don't know if they did have something like that we wouldn't be able to know so
00:16:58what people could have that same legitimate fear against taste especially because we literally just had this Big 5 Seville renewed which gives us and that's the important part is it a national security letter often says and you can't tell anybody we told shacklette yep you have three charges on the face of court that theoretically can give some push back and we can read some of their rulings but as far as it being transparent to the public know it's really scary the more you learn about it but there is a certain hypocrisy and complaining for instance that the Russians impacted our elections when we have been for a hundred years impacting elections over the world it's just that you know why we didn't think of using Facebook to to it here's the story that was big and writers this week Apple mousse to store iCloud keys in China raising human rights fears but I have to say
00:17:55this is not I mean apple is a company doing business in China any company doing business inside China is required to obey the laws of China just as any company doing business in u.s. is required to obey all laws and incidentally guess where the iCloud keys are stored in the US there started that people and they will get hand them over to law enforcement they give enough ice to request and then SL letter or a civil subpoena or more other words
00:18:29I think there's that there's there's a key difference you don't answer I lived in China for a while and in China you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy even if you're pretty digital digitally Savion and sort of on the higher end of the end comes back from that is in the United States of blindly using the package software that and that the tools on the systems that come with their computers and cellphones you know and I don't think the average person who uses keychain understands what that is and where the data is and who has access to the data and so we sort of blindly click buttons and follow answers here and we lack a certain amount of skepticism that and so you know sort of seems a little counter-intuitive but I think people who were who would be using the service in China are a little bit more streets Abby because I don't trust app
00:19:29I'm sitting there more aware and I would I would be surprised if it's been my experience that in the digital realm at least people are a lot less naive as a huge cup countries is not everybody but it seems to be a greater sophistication there among start of the average user in my experience that I've been I observe here in the United States the average person's relationship with the government and how they use technology in what they're able to see you not see I think is much different in China when you compare it to the average US citizen so course the government is spying on American citizens but not in the same capacity that China is spying on and clamping down on behind the Twitter Slayers so we don't know what the American government is doing sort of layers upon layers upon layers of a
00:20:29Information Network where there are tendrils that may Spann up through pre-sexual Governor's it's it it's different here this month The Wall Street Journal had this article about the Chinese police adding facial recognition glasses that they can walk around and they can see people and they get a media facial recognition this is the kind of thing Google Glass people were worried about Google Glass because the average Chinese citizen I mean it you did this in America will that be a big deal is the average Chinese well that's good we're going to be safer or do they say oh that's terrible couple things first of all this is been reported as though this is some kind of groundbreaking new technology in the 2008 I think it was World Cup this exact technology was at a much slower version of it of course and an n and less powerful but it was already in use and it was being tested
00:21:29just sort of predetermined who would rabble-rousers are on he's likely to cause problems China has a very different attitude towards privacy than a lot of other places to around the world so there are already systems where if you jaywalk you know you're there's there's facial recognition everywhere so if you jaywalk your face is shown on app on a digital billboard with your name and your employer and now it's a purpose of it is to publicly shame you considered a good thing or bad thing it's my sense that at least in some parts of China that's considered a good thing that's like yes that's keeping order from the other end up like you would never have something like gamergate in China with people sending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds there's no I talked to my father-in-law about this it's just it's a different culture different your priorities there
00:22:29are you talking about the parking at the Cyclops that your iCloud with all of your passwords we're not talking at your public and private key member during San Bernardino Apple said to the FBI know we won't decrypt the phone however if you had just thought to bring the phone to the guy's house cuz it's probably syncing to iCloud most I found it would be glad to hand over his iCloud data apple apple is never they they don't like to talk about it but it never hit in the fact that they've always had access your iCloud data Dropbox has access to your Dropbox data it's not that Google has access to Google Drive data that's typical in these situations your key does not protect you it's it's a mystery to everybody needs to be fixed but it shouldn't be but that's why this headline is interesting to me Apple music store I cut keys in China what course the Chinese say if you're going to store date of Chinese
00:23:29isn't it better be stored in China including the key just as here in the United States Apple Stores I cut keys in the US and is available to lawn forcement as it would be kinda I guess I incorrectly assumed that that would be encrypted because she kind of trust sample to do the right thing okay so they have to break the government official wanted to look at citizens iCloud account it would be easier for them to do that now that the keys are based in China rather than having to deal with like the US legal system
00:24:05that was my takeaway it was just a demand that the rules of the local place again like I just there's there's a level of statistical I think there's a dead Elite I think I would be surprised if people are storing copious amounts of very sensitive private data is on you know that's the way we're more vulnerable in the US because the general impression in the u.s. is oh no it's an iCloud Apple protect my privacy and safe life is a lot easier and we just laughed we lack the skepticism that I see in other places and we sort of blindly follow the the edicts that we see on our screens without stopping to think for a few minutes about the consequences
00:25:05so it is the case that China's process for looking at that data is different here in the United States you need a legal entity with a warrant or subpoena or an SL in China it's not quite as difficult for authorities to demandas Keys Court approval isn't required on your Chinese law so the police can just do it in Europe in a couple months this is a huge sweeping privacy regulations so I'm sort of now curious to find out how how keychain
00:25:41how does that work going forward again I'll be different if you like how many times do I have to wait on Decatur and how do they insured encryption and so that it still meets the standards of all that that regulation yeah because businesses are required to protect that personal data that's very interesting isn't it I imagine the EU will require that iCloud data be stored in doing it I don't know or maybe that's partly why it's it all maybe everybody's in Europe will have their data stored in China to get around some of the complicated issues I don't know there are a lot of Music Cloud Service drop box like service call Tracer it t r e s o re itna trumpet wear in Switzerland in general in the
00:26:41I'll run that the trend is away from gdpr but I'm actually at first I was a little skeptical of of EU regulation of American companies but now I'm starting to think they're the last stats The Last Stand that's our last chance to protect our privacy lot of talks about how he would pass out that I can Omnibus privacy Bill I'm sorry I missed that specially the people that donate to my campaign in the question is like could we actually get something like that through Congress because it's not I don't think I've lawyers I talk to to text some committee would have the authority to you do that so you know what I think we need the United States is I think we need to realize that most of our laws about privacy and online Behavior were passed in the 90s and I think we need a fresh look at that I just don't know if this Congress will ever have the will
00:27:41do something serious so I think when you're looking to Europe if they're taking stuff for words you know I'll take that the Reckoning this is not so I've been talking about this for a while you know where can I find up with a cigarette we're going to line up with splintered internet right where we have we have Internet service different versions of the internet with different versions of content that's defined by Geographic borders which is going to make our current fake news nightmare AAA insurmountable headache but it also makes it the other cost of doing business the practicalities are doing business and that it's just you could exponentially change in a in a sort of very negative way how all of us access information and each other right
00:28:32you know what I don't know if you're even more regulation regulation in absence of helping people gain digital literacy rights are the laws have changed in the 90s but I don't think a lot of people have changed either in their approach to what they're sharing and how they're sharing information and what their expectations for their privacy is and some of the onus is got to be on us to which is cancerous all the about regulation I understand that point and I really understand where you're coming from but I think when you look at something on Facebook I don't think Facebook is ever going to change I think we were right all the headlines in the world shaming them about their business practices I don't think they're ever going to do the right thing I think Facebook has grown so large and I think their leadership is really divorced from the reality of the octopus that they've created talk to people that own media companies like Facebook is really really really been bad for me
00:29:32media companies and I think you look at their role in the election and a real failure to have accountability about Russians buying ads on their platform in Boston and bought an ad for certain political candidate. Television station would be in jail and the fact that we don't have those same laws online I think we've got to take a fresh look at this really get it I understand it for is someone that's run a business it's really bizarre to be running for office and just start being the one talking about regulation I just don't see like a lot of these companies ever doing the right thing it's very challenging I agree with individuals are responsible but at the same time
00:30:17companies like Facebook shit I don't think should be allowed to run roughshod over people's privacy and the regulation and policy are written by people in such a way that it so that so that it passes right and what you wind up with his highly specific limiting language because anything that's too broad you can't can't make its way through until we just constantly have regulation that's out like the moment that it gets exhausted I mean Wilson Brianna I totally I support you and I would be awesome I'd be amazing but you know we also just as individuals need to need to come up with some workarounds
00:31:13yeah I may end up being I mean ultimately that's also the solution of fake news of people say well it's really going to be up to individuals you can't stop fake news is going to be up to each and everyone of us to be more critical about at the same time I think the reason the GDP are the general data protection regulation in your big sis is because the United States is abrogated its duty at gdpr is an American companies in fact here I think I would encourage people I understand the fear that like it's got all of Congress to vote on a technology Bill my God does she see what they're talking about I understand that but the way that Congress works in the way that the Senate works is when you're elected you get assigned a certain subcommittee it's like Al Franken was assigned to the Judiciary I hope to serve on the technology subcommittee and then you have a group of interested people hopefully with some queer experience in that field
00:32:13kind of read about an issue and understand it so it's not like this hodgepodge of like useless stuff so I do think that when I do think the government at its best can write good law that is well informed by the fax I just think currently the people serving on that all too often sir powerful as we have seen with our discussion on net neutrality Verizon AT&T sure gave those people a lot of money for their elections
00:32:42yeah I don't want to throw out the political process cuz if you if you say while we're there if the political process is inadequate to it then you have zero regulation is that a Amy is that what you're proposing
00:32:55now that's the challenges to my job is to think very very far into the future right so the problem is that you know right now so deep fakes we all remember this raised all these thorny issues that I haven't heard anybody discuss and they they they you know and as a result so first of all who owns your face well that's not clear I went through with a fine-tooth comb all of Facebook's terms of service and every part of the website that addresses nudity and people in that would have addressed the issue of do you fake same thing for Twitter Twitter on Twitter and for Facebook did you guys see that if you feel like you've been a victim of revenge porn or of deep fakes their solution at the moment the last that
00:33:55read was that you have to you have to use Facebook Messenger to send in a completely nude photo of yourself so I need here so here's the problem the problem is that the platforms are constantly absolving themselves of any blame
00:34:19here's the problem who owns your face who owns wickets to be done with your face if your face is you if you had to get your face back right and I could I could list like 20 legal questions for which we have no answers and there's no debate and there's no policy and you know nobody's discussing that and I could do the same thing for you know various aspects of machine learning and who owns these different parts of your date in in the decisions that are made for HR 1865 allowing States and victims to fight online sex trafficking Act of 2017 which in effect makes web sites responsible for the content posted on the website it is a complete overreaction but it means that every website were responsible for anything that is posted on that website will become a First Amendment fight because somebody will make the case that it's it's limiting
00:35:19tendering and unnecessarily limiting the expression of free speech in the comment section with Reckless disregard the information is it furtherance of a sex trafficking offense to be subject to a criminal fine or imprisonment for not more than 20 years and
00:35:44Ajit bake sites so it takes like 3 motherboards did really great reporting on that so this is something listeners are interested in I would I would strongly suggest you take a look at their reporting so so here's the thing finally PornHub and finally read it take down the thread where the where this is all being discussed and how to guides or are being shown but there are clowns everywhere everywhere you can you can throw a rock on the internet and hit a website where you can find somebody who's willing to make a deep fake for you you know because out of the goodness of their heart or 4 in a fraction of Bitcoin the problem is you can't you can't regulate an idea and that's the problem that we keep coming back to United States over and over again that is our current problem with the Second Amendment that's going to become a problem with our fifth amendment and various different kinds of Technologies it's a problem with deep fakes once the idea is out there it's very very difficult to drive back in and all of the Techno
00:36:44what makes us so productive enhances our lives in so many ways can fork and and take us all in a different direction that's that's the problem with that the notion that you can't regulate or stop and idea you know like I think you can look at even just like copyrighted MP3 sharing and you know that was something that was a problem I think people identified it at some people made the case that you're making now which is like well cats out of the bag people know how to share peer-to-peer and the internet's only getting faster the demand for audio is only getting is only growing and so the second Napster came on the scene you couldn't put all the stuff back into into the box the reality is that most people use streaming services rather than rather than downloading illegal MP3 as they once did I think of the case of deep fakes you know you can't make an idea
00:37:44illegal but you can make the act of creating fake pornography illegal I don't think that's out of line or you could totally do that my point is that there were fighting last yesterday's were right so sure we could get together tomorrow and come up with a email that has capacitate anti deep fake belt. The problem is that in order to get that legislation through your using language for something that's already happened not for the next you know third fourth and fifth and sixth things that will happen and just going back to the MP3 shirt but you don't so so Canada has legislation on the books that makes it illegal and finable for anybody to post anything that's pirated on Google so if I search in Canada on something and I see a pirated version of it come up that's illegal and that's in direct response to the fact that they are at you know you may not so. If your file sharing may not have may not be super popular in the United States
00:38:44because people can stream but that's not the case elsewhere in the world right and that's that we keep losing perspective on your just because something no longer is attractive or popular here in the United States you know we have the decency phenomenon where we forget the maybe things are not a little different elsewhere of course we were talking about us policy in and then lawmakers you know taking responsibility for the things that are happening online I think you know as you said like sure there are there solving a problem that is sort of it's already happened in there and they're sort of losing ground on the next big the next big battle here but but I think that's kind of how that's kind of how does the law system works like the political system works and if you can't make his job is not to predict you know future crimes I mean
00:39:44why is to what strategic foresight is to map out given what we know to be true today and all of the data that we have what's likely coming and to monitor that and then write policy so that we can keep track technology is evolving so quickly that I can no longer keep up with her so I got the new policy can no longer keep up with technology the wave it has in the past and just really quickly on the internet so we don't see the internet as certified as the comments the same way that we do the air overhead right so so with different ecologically environmental issues we have multinational stakeholder groups where there are global scale regulations and not entirely enforceable in the way that it traditional La might be in a few if you break that that that the penalties may be enforceable the week to be absolved ourselves of that with the internet so there is no
00:40:44are different groups here and there but we don't have Global treaties we don't have Global regulatory policy so even if we were to pass a law in the United States and it became illegal to create a deep fry you know here there's nothing preventing somebody from doing that exact same thing and having it show up in the exact same way you know as long as they were outside the boundaries of the United States so I don't feel like I need to add something here because this isn't hypothetical for me I actually I know the people at the very Forefront of working on this area of legislation her name is Mary Anne Frank she's one of the most brilliant lawyers in the United States I've worked with her on this at Harvard and she herself like the person that's on the Forefront in trying to figure out the legal apparatus for fighting this she's not 100% on the side of government regulation like she talks to Google all the time about updating their policy she talks to read it she talks to Facebook then she goes and tries to work with local law like
00:41:44Massachusetts she wants to give prosecutors more power so I think with all respect to your point I understand like globally there's not one single solution can point to something like this is going to require is exactly of Mary Ann is doing she's looking at the problem for a large legislative point of view and she's walking working with all the evolved actor so like Google is Google Wallet like remove certain things from the search results because they agree it's an invasion of privacy than you know that reduces some of the risks so it's it's a very difficult problem to solve I just talked to her she spends all of her time doing this but I mean I certainly think you're seeing her move forward on that and I think the situation with revenge porn it's much better than it was 5 years ago because she didn't like Shrugged her shoulders like she got in there and work with the law and start making a difference here
00:42:42it's a challenge challenge you know we don't want virtually intractable and yet I'd you don't want to give up you need to try to make some steps you need to try to do something because he the alternatives to give up you're not saying we should give up Amy you're saying we should think more be more upset that's an absolutely right I'm I'm not saying to give up and I don't mean to sound like a fatalist what I am saying is you know that the problems that we are going to face over the next 10 to 20 years are nothing you are our orders of magnitude more complicated than been we've seen thus far and it's going to require very smart people like you know like Brianna and like you know I think there's a new crop of people who are running for congress there people who are in Congress who are very smart those people who are writing policy it's just going to require a different approach and there there is an inherent
00:43:42Ocean between the way that we have always created policy and law and the current ways in which we share information and use technology you are a stakeholder in your focus is in the future that absolutely has to be considered the women who are today victims of repent Revenge morning and fakes also are a stakeholder and need to be considered the challenge Brianna that your friend face is is you also have to consider Google you have to consider
00:44:17had a bad ideas like Foster which is going to be by the way for a chart 1865 should be voted on a Tuesday this is not hypothetical it's not in committee this is going to be this is about to but these the HS represents about to vote on this this is a bad idea there plenty of those as well but I think we need to find a way forward in the sentence fact that maybe that's the effect I don't know the fact of the matter is we are face right now because of the speed of the technology is changing our lives in so many ways with artificial intelligence self-driving cars free speech we are face was very difficult challenges that's why by the way Brianna I hope you win and I hope you understand what you're getting yourself into because this is a mess and I should look at that bill you just mentioned Leah I would vote against that bill in I would have no problem with that
00:45:16specs of the generation that's older than me I do think that if the new generations come up and take the helm and it's it's my hope maybe this is idealistic but it's my hope that like the next generation is going to have less of a ruthless approach to problem-solving and maybe maybe we can like change the culture in Congress to the scorched-earth approach anyway polarized and triangulation with Andrew Keno's for a long time said the internet is broken book on what we need to do fix an essentially that's his position he says this is very similar to the Industrial Revolution where you had technologists and you have them today were very hopeful that technology will just solve all of this is no need for regulation it'll all be fixed up Universal income everything will be super cheap it's all good
00:46:16find a worry there are the the naysayers who say this is all a mess let's destroy the loons go back to the past let's get kerosene and like the homes that way and then there's the me cause I'm the maybes that the people in the middle of this is what you need to be as we all need to be people want her stand this is a very difficult problem but not throw up their hands. Assume that it's going to happen by itself but actually dig in and have these discussions and see what we can do to fix it and you can expect agreement and I guess the the legislative process is essentially political it is about compromise but that's if that's a necessity I don't think you can write the perfect law do you think that that's it that that that's a feeling that's not that means it won't hatch won't work
00:47:08I was at the state of it which is it is just conference that happened this and this Gathering annual Gathering a DC and I don't know if over the first two hours I must have heard the word bought like you know ordered by senators and people and I got to the point where was like I don't think everybody understands what they're doing I don't think of me and here's why I found that so concerning because if our and I don't expect every lawmaker to have a very high level understanding deep level understanding of all different technologies that they could possibly regulate however our legislative process is necessarily slow and that's a good thing we don't want our laws changing you know every 5 Seconds the challenge however is that technology is becoming complex and it is presenting us with questions that we have now
00:48:08had to ask are an answer before it all we talk about artificial intelligence it's not just automation but for me this is the area that I researched the thing for me that's most concerning it has to do with autonomous decision-making you know by machines that don't share conscious don't have Consciousness the way that we do so that she knows that you know are making sort of non conscious decisions which is which will be the first time of humanity that's that's ever happened and the problem is that questions like who owns your face right will seem childish to do you know compared with the direction that we're headed in and if I have a lawmaker who five years after the fact is having a hard time explaining to a group of technologist what a bot is that signifies to me that we need to come up with for sort of the grand scale Society or our current system works you know
00:49:08works but when it comes to technology we need to think of weed to pick up alternate methods to have faster smarter conversations stakeholders who are not just hide the commercial sector and who are not totally politicize right so tall order but if you get two negative about it then what happens is you you leave the Democratic process behind because this is very good at handling this and move very quickly and maybe that's not the right answer either Michael Nunez hear from me mashable's I'm going to give you the final word Michael because we've been hogging the conversation so we take a break is the fastest thing at a try not to get depressed buy it
00:50:08thinking about the future based on precedent and then lawmakers react and I think that's just a realistic expectation that I've come to learn I think you know to Amy's point about what to expect in the future I think it's the pee pee tape I think it's the Donald Trump pee tape I'm surprised at that hasn't surfaced already at home let's talk about it which may or may not exist in reality we're being set up so that they can say that's a fake if it should emerge is that what you're saying
00:50:52yeah I mean I'm not I'm not not in this conspiracy or a larger-scale here's what I think you're saying that it's really important
00:51:10and it's the sad State of Affairs is that we've set up all of these things that if people are good and benevolent and wonderful are good in benevolent wonderful YouTube Facebook Twitter on and on on Mini the great Technologies who created but we didn't countenance and then plan for is people who aren't good people who are motivated a variety of different ways and they have discovered technology and if discovered ways to bend it that are problematic with every technology in any every technology that is always been created with benevolent purposes in mind has taken a turn for the eagle Essence so what are you doing hair in a cancer for the second attitude we have people in Washington DC who are not thinking not
00:52:07assuming that it's some point the catastrophic scenarios are plausible and if you're not in that headspace I'm not saying to be negative all the time but you have to acknowledge the possibility that these things could happen right or something bad every single day we probably should they have no idea they have no idea what the bank says they have no plans for us and they just this is the fundamental problem is they see it as they careful with Charity knowledge as someone with this like a backup singer that they can hire and bring in to solve the problem they have no stake in this problem by themselves and it is I'm telling you this is someone who is a software engineer and so would you like stopped to get involved into this and I am so depressed by the law
00:53:07full technological literacy that I see in government but that's why I need everyone on Twitter if it's listening to this to realize the process needs you go sit on your local political party Council especially if you're Republican Republican issues like let's the thing I found is technologist generally agree on certain things no matter what political party we belong to me I really agree with you is worse than I possibly could have imagined but that's why we have to not get cynical and get involved on that note this is a conversation Citrus and having more and more on this network I think that we are all kind of aware of this now and we're wondering what what to do if my fear is that will at some point abandoned a democratic policies and become a technocratic state because
00:54:07if there's if there's going to be a feeling at some point but only the technocrats can solve this and the Mark Zuckerberg to the world are going to step up and say I'll take care of this is Jeff bezos's of the world sitting up you know I understand how this works just let me take care of this and I I do see that as being one of the possible scenarios that respond to all of these problems were talking about is one that I don't think it would be a very I could pass to go down but there we go let's take a break we got a great Pam I said Michael Nunez for Mashable great to have you Michael Brianna Wu Congress running for congress the primary has been set September 2018 if you're in the Massachusetts dates you know what I think you're talking like today's Fringe is tomorrow's mainstream and will be very anxious to see the FDI Trend report when it comes out
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00:59:07that's what I had to run CD all my gosh I love audible really allows experience cuz you only had a month or just mail it it will send you a new one
00:59:33stuck in the middle of the books now I can't move on it's frustrating audio is so much better when you could download it would look right away if you say I like how to read that you're reading it 5 seconds later so that's really nice audible.com twit to thank them for their support of twit they make it all possible we should pick something more a cheerful I would kind of went down a bad Road there but I think we do that more and more lately because I take that these things are coming up for more often frankly this is become one of the issues in our lives we should have crossed over into this weird territory and I think regardless of where you are on the political Spectrum you know after the the last election I think things have worse word is in unfamiliar territory and
01:00:33people are just feeling more anxious in general you know what technology people would be feeling badly right now about social media accelerated it but I think we're starting to see this and routine I was talking about on Friday cause a surveillance capitalism he says Google and Facebook who are getting massively you know there's a good article in the Sunday Times by Charles duhigg the case against face okay since Google that is so big now that it needs to be regulated that that you just can't let a company become that dominant
01:01:17Isaac Moore I'm more worried about Amazon I just going to surprise that Amazon is more clever that's why I'm more worried Jeff smart are you so smart so yeah and if you if you stop and think about it they don't currently butt up against any Anti-Trust legislation or because they're totally Diversified but you know Amazon is Healthcare Company Amazon as a credit card company Amazon go to Korea is everywhere that's 30% of the GDP he said my friends in Korea have the Samsung health plan they go to a hospital run by Samsung the school is sponsored by Samsung their refrigerator and washer and dryer Samsung
01:02:09this is certainly the case in in other countries that these corporations are getting more and more dominant eye fact remember Korea prosecuted Samsung's a CEO for bribery put him in jail they just let him out
01:02:24yeah you know I just I worry that we're headed in that direction that we're headed toward towards a technocracy I really do here is something cheerful C we got the depressing thing again what's 150 new emojis
01:02:42this is from emojipedia there's a party face woozy face wait a minute wow there's a lotion bottle I don't know what that's for I think echos milk Cosmetics get cold face and hot face gingers you finally yes you finally have an emoji for you as do curly haired people and old folks like me for you there's a supervillain yeah I don't know is that fair to say the super villain the superhero look a lot alike I don't really know there is a completely weird disembodied leg
01:03:28everybody needs a leg when would you when you need to do what you need to like send somebody a leg board it's I run a lot I could see myself texting my husband this is what I need you to somebody now here's a weird one to listen boom bone okay by the way this is they have to go through by the Emojis are determined by the Unicode committee infect Jeremy Rouge who founded wikiera emojipedia this videos from emojipedia has been on her show many times he is part of the Emoji committee they receive a proposal for emoji from all over the world they have to then narrow them down and approve them they're looking for emojis that are of universal International in
01:04:28and a lab coat and goggles sure hiking boot in a flat that is a paramecium and there's a mosquito and a parrot a badger and a peacock a swan and a strange black and white raccoon is that a Japanese raccoon a Chinese raccoon a raccoon look like that by the way these renderings are not official this is just what the Unicode committee poses as a reference but everybody Twitter Google Facebook fail to the Apple all designed their own and they won't look just like this Kanga Roo okay now Andy ihnatko on our macbreak weekly show is it he's a New England that he had to point out that Lobster has been cooked is This Not That is not a healthy Lobster that is a cooked lobster cuz it's bright red maybe we need a green Lobster let's see we'll see if Apple does one that's not cooked
01:05:28nevermind this and that the lake makes a strange reappearance now it's as there's food leafy greens cupcakes and bagels there's a Mooncake what is that yeah that's a there's a holiday where you where you meet them by Brockington salt everybody needs salt a compass and Luggage Prix and a skateboard
01:06:14lacrosse in a flying disc AKA we should point out frisbee
01:06:20there's a Jace jigsaw puzzle chess Pawn softball magnet tool box post a list of the rejects let me see if they if they there's that there's your lotion bottle by the way yeah Abacus and fire extinguisher she had to reject see if this is these are these are really what matter is these textual descriptions because that so-called super villain in a superhero so maybe they'll be a better distinguish distinguishing characteristics safety pins sponge Infinity pirate flag
01:06:59Mississippi mentions the rejectz when you when Jeremy comes on he always talks about the rejects but I don't see that on the on the article in emojipedia but yes I talk about something positive that's working I took her standards committees that working pretty good example of something that works in technology like the USB committee and the Emoji I think it's because she's stack it when people there vested experts in a field that are not politicians my God they're broken it's a fight there's big companies come in at but I think you're right I think that while there I've been examples of Standards not let you know being influenced by the big companies I think in general it kind of does word certainly works a lot better than government so maybe that is a model for the future
01:07:55I don't know here's a little word of warning for people who sell their apple equipment Brendan Mulligan was an entrepreneur designer he says I sold it on old iMac to somebody and I had access to a location for a / 3 years this doesn't happen if the new owners signs into their iCloud account but apparently the new owner did not and erase the computer you install a fresh copy of os 10
01:08:30he says the mistake I made was I didn't sign out of iCloud find my Mac before erasing I thought a racing it would do it but doesn't do you have to remove to remove it so you sort of like Purgatory if you don't know it just means that that metal show up and the worst thing is maybe this is they were telling people something they shouldn't know but you could he could have pointed out with two clicks at any point I could have shut down the user's computer wiped it clean they couldn't stop at that have no control so there's a message to both sides if you're selling a Mac log out. Not don't merely erase it remove it from your find my iPhone from your iCloud account you what you could do before you erase it and then if you buy a Mac or an iPhone for somebody make sure you log into your iCloud account so that the previous owner can't lock you out of your own stuff
01:09:25so I guess my question is if you erase
01:09:30everything on your computer right if you don't sign out of iCloud is there no way to go to another device I think I sync multiple device sign in with my iPad the other day I was trying to sign on and it says it's really easy it's really confusing and I'm a pretty tech savvy person I can't imagine how to spice or what if somebody stole your backpack and they have all your devices to prevent screens out there of what iOS was like like for Iowa one two and three and like compared to all the setup screens today and it's like you go through so many modal-dialog seas days and I just measure of what I feel
01:10:29people can get is like watching my husband he just completely changed it out we bought him a new machine and just it just doesn't want to deal with it so it's very easy for me to understand why someone would buy a Mac with Just Hits do later do later like later today he says I'm a technical writer I've been writing about tech technology for 40 years I have a Windows computer I've been using Windows for 30 years I have a Surface Pro right here somebody gave me an iPad I can't figure out how the hell to use it one of those pictures mean what am I easy give it to a two-year-old manual for this thing and actually I found out thank you to the chat room there is a manual it doesn't come on the iPad but you can go into iBooks and download Apple's hundred set 300-page manual Now using iPad
01:11:30for old people does kids I swear I've seen on verbal kids launch Netflix and launch Phineas and Ferb completely right here's a here's Apple repair center doesn't really know how to use apple technology they've accidentally a called nine-one-one about 1600 X in 4 months and no one knows why is Elk Grove California the Elk Grove Police Department said yeah we get about 20 calls a day from the Apple repair center there's nobody on the other line
01:12:06if there's a Harley they're coming from iPhones and apple watches I know if you know but there's an emergency call feature now if you press both buttons and hold it for a few seconds it'll call nine-one-one Apple said we take this very seriously and we're working closely with local law enforcement to investigate the cause doesn't continue I guess it's a little I don't know there's something they're doing in the recycling center play broken iPhone since like the digitizer is all randomly pressing answers they need to they need to do something 30 so if this is not unusual it's a problem course for Elk Grove because they're their lines are cons
01:13:06play being Pepperdine fake 9-1-1 calls but I get I didn't know this been 2011 Google research study looked at 9-1-1 calls in San Francisco and found this is seven years ago that 30% of the 9-1-1 calls were accidental from wireless phones but 37% from wired Dunley calling nine-one-one from your landlord is trying to watch Phineas and Ferb the landline come on tonight
01:13:42when now what's weird is they can't just hang up if no reason why they could be somebody who's you know tied up and so when the dispatcher receive calls they they they listen for a while when they only earn up in line they have to call back and leave a voicemail I mean it's it's it's not an easy problem to solve all right that was happy Segment 1 calls I don't want to go to the case against Google but do you have an opinion on that on that story
01:14:20anybody have ever thought on this decision we we talked about a lot on our show on Wednesday this week in Google critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins that uses an example of vertical search a shopping engine called what was it found me something like that I'll get the name right and this couple Adam and Siobhan Raff who have basically work at a business by Google they created a vertical search shopping search and when they went live with it
01:14:53they disappeared from the Google search page because Google in their algorithm said will that do you're just generating
01:15:02link Farm basically you're generating links to shopping sites and we don't think that's what users want and essentially that they would they had they went out of business they been suing the problem Google is a commercial entity it's not the de-facto you know it's not an art they're not archivists right so they don't have any obligation to show every single Dino page in an index that so that it can be listed publicly for favoring their own shopping against the competitor but Google is Google's explanation actually is kind of credible which is what we don't surface sites that don't have any outbound links are inbound links they just have a lot of outbound links because we consider them
01:15:57spam of course is a point on the circle that's all Google is outbound links alot of pause is I take if you look at the anti in the 90s you basically ruling them in Monopoly and I think now how many years later if you look at that I think it's a very mixed bag if that particular legislation did anything just if Microsoft hadn't been slapped on the wrist by the doj a process it took 10 years cost a lot of money a lot of people said it went so slow that by the time the doj one that case it matter anymore right I guess it's like I want to look at Facebook I see if that Facebook has had on media it's like I understand that argument like that is.
01:16:57is in anti-competition case I would be very interested in looking at for Google I can see it I just give it to any of these when you're involved in in in slicing up a business as important as Google it gives me pause I don't think we should do it I just think it's something you should think very very deeply about
01:17:20yeah I mean I think what worries me here so I think it's a totally valid for Google to say that that this company was just sending links outward and Anna and therefore you know maybe it wasn't the best the best website but what's a little bit scary is that Google can you know by flipping a switch Google can either create a multimillion-dollar business like this company had solved the problem that people legitimately wanted solved in and it could have run into a very successful business but by turning the switch off Google was able to eliminate a competitor and so you know it does tie into I think the Microsoft Microsoft that you're talking about because you know you could have made the same case for for Internet Explorer I think you know Microsoft had every right to put Internet Explorer on the machines running Windows but luckily we we were all given better better choices you know we were given Netscape ever give me the Firefox we will give in eventually
01:18:20Roman and and the reason that those things were able to take off is because Microsoft got slapped in the wrist for this Internet Explorer thing and I don't know if it was in this New York Times article or separate story that I read this week but I think a lot of the employees working at Microsoft around that time said that there was it did have a residual effect after they were slapped on the wrist by the government Executives were thinking twice before making decisions about about some of their business article want to go through that ordeal again because it was such a a painted the company in such a Negative light and it was such a headache for for the higher-ups that there was careful consideration around decisions that were made after the fact and so I think with you know you're seeing that right now with Facebook and the way that it handles news and also the way that way that interacts with y
01:19:20Washington I think right now that you know from what I've heard from people inside Facebook like the number one thing that Facebook doesn't want is to be regulated and so so there's a lot of special consideration around things like deciding whether to flag whether the flag fake news or deciding whether to hire more curators to 2 to check her big news you really really careful consideration of long debates about any tiny little maneuver that has to deal with either the news or politics in in the US and any of the sensitive content on Facebook right now because they're basically on high alert because because the one thing that they don't want is is is exactly what Microsoft went through in the 90s so that's beneficial the article says that the United States courts of increasingly held at the government has to show consumer harm to win in a case like this and that's part of the problem is consumer
01:20:20are not complaining it the people playing at school or other companies that's why I succeeded in the European Union where competition is considered a more important that are more important way to protect consumers is to preserve Innovation and competition between companies it's a difficult challenge it's clear though is Google and Facebook and Amazon get bigger and bigger the challenges are going to get bigger and bigger and this is another one of those
01:20:48difficult to legislate let's take a break and talk some more great panel here Amy Webb she's a futurist created the future today Institute the publisher of the annual ft report just out and our book which is really worth working I'll help you think about the future differently the signals are talking why today's fringes tomorrow's mainstream Brianna Wu she's running for congress in the Massachusetts 8th District primaries coming up September Rihanna's working hard she's raising money you go to Brianna Wu 2018. Com to help out if you think we need more smart people like Brianna and Congress I do
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01:24:13now we have of course we have a law firm and I think every time I get on the phone with lawyers there's three of them on the phone I can't help it I'm thinking that cost $12 that cost $1 its they're saying hello and you're just like listening to how was your day
01:24:34and a bill in 15 minute increments I really love our attorneys there really great but I kind of wish I were back in the LegalZoom days that I got to say let's see
01:24:53let's talk about machine learning an ad buys
01:24:59Google has announced something called Auto ads they're not ads for automobiles but their ads that will use artificial intelligence they say to help you with placement and make choices for monetization I feel like this is the beginning of what we're going to see big time and it's
01:25:24I just curious to find out if we've just listen I'm talking about that and I think there's a problem with can say that like on Twitter and Facebook ads they do work for a for Congressional Campaign at least I can people do pay attention to that I buy businesses that would say that they were all birds have been made in the past I have all birds I have all birds yep they work for me I actually hate Instagram because they put an ad everybody's at 8 to post and I bought so much crap
01:26:24Google doesn't Google's not selling ads on Facebook very much but I have Google answer Mashable I'm sure
01:26:38yeah I think so I mean I don't I really don't know cuz this is good because they stay separate that away from you as they should. Yeah that's right I mean I imagine since that people like are like there's avoidance and I like I don't even I know that there are ads on my screen I have ad blockers up but I just I don't even know they don't register anymore you know I know you got for me that's very true except in the case of like you know when they're inserted into feeds and I'm looking at it they're very effective I've ever really clicked on Google AdSense ads my suspicion is this is exactly why Google's doing this because they want to make it as more effective they claim
01:27:23that they are seeing with this Auto you know these artificial intelligence Auto ads placement that they're seeing average revenue lift at 10% with Revenue increases ranging from 5 to 15% I would guess that's exactly why because they're the other using things like keep Maps where people look and they're really starting to get smart about ad placement I guess it makes sense to about how much time for us on a campaign we do a versus B testing and different keyword testing to be no would like and we do all kinds of you know appetizing like mailing lists or buying certain kinds of bad either is a candidate get in get really deep with like what is my message on trying to do here who am I trying to Target or you have to hire some of this very very expensive to go life work that out for you if I'm at Market segmentation so like I read this and I'm like I would absolutely you something like this if it was effective
01:28:23so yeah I think it's it's certainly like removing the human element from now shall I guess I'm actually curious you have Consultants who help you with this to be honest when big Democratic party Consultants call me I I just I think it's a dark road to go down you know when I run into people that are passionate about say cyber security and want to get involved with our campaigns we do hire people like that that have experience with marketing but yeah as far as like you know like that he's going to step up and say okay we'll take it from here aren't they I guess I've upset people at the DNC and running and I'm very upset about that so we won't we'll see we'll see
01:29:20yep I hope so much that so do they have to or can they don't have to do anything but see what you what happened with Bernie yeah I think that's really fair I just curious because they're of course it was a big article in wired this week about saying in effect forget Russian Bots that wasn't Trump the Trump campaign use Facebook very effectively they won because they use it very effectively is actually a fascinating article in one of the things we also so that door so he was the former head of advertising on Facebook he wrote Antonio he's a jerk
01:30:18worst torture mean okay wired this is not a toriel this is a this is an opinion piece by the way and opinion and by the way somebody pointed out Casey Newton Road essentially the same story in the last year about how you know the Trump can't lose if I can fight at the Trump campaign very intent you know it cleverly here it is how face. Trump conquered Facebook without Russian ads this is this doesn't say opinion
01:31:02I mean it's kiddos and see if it lists his sometimes like they'll put a disclaimer at the in the tagline at the mom
01:31:13I don't even see a bio at the bottom of the chaos monkeys which made him persona non grata in Silicon Valley for some time up look at this page can you tell anything about this page there's a little ideas that is that mean it's an opinion piece work on the editorial side
01:31:44did this this is surprising was just a new behind at a wall wired right yeah and I have other issues with wired this month but but but that you know that the story isn't I just think that that should be disclosed I mean while on the left so but I didn't write you know now that I see it I guess it's an opinion piece but it sure felt like a right heavily researched piece on how and I think there's more in this on how Facebook really does give some real tools to political campaigns are do you advertise on Facebook Brianna for your kids absolutely Trump used for his election nation-builder we use that as well it's it's a really amazing thing like it's really good like you type it in you got all kinds of data about who's following you what their interests are
01:32:44I forget the number I think it's so ridiculously high number of software Engineers have contributed to my campaign and so you know but yeah like she was all that data out there so you got to use it we think of them so we think of right now the Republicans being further behind and you know with Obama was the start of Advent of amazing technology and grass roots and social doing all this the Republicans in the early 2000s were light years ahead of Democrats and for a hot minute I don't know if you guys ever saw this it was Bush and Cheney when they were running for about 5 second that was more than 5 seconds for a couple of hours they had this poster generator on their website or Champion site where you could type in whatever you like yes for 2004
01:33:44free to print out but they created a gallery and so they were all being funneled into this gallery and it took like less than an hour for you know neighborhood moms for Bush Cheney 2004 to turn into like the most ridiculous crazy and the whole thing got taken down actually I was looking metafilter had a link to all of them but they're all 404 is now they've deleted all of them and here's an article from wired Bush site unplugs poster tool
01:34:26you're pretty. We don't we don't now in the era of trump don't think about this but the Republicans were really far ahead and a lot of the technology in the early days like really far ahead right so treat this wired article really as an inside look at how it works me find it again I I put hear this from the guy who was the product manager for custom audiences I should have read this more carefully thank you Michael for pointing this out and he created this custom audiences is the tool one of the tools you said Nation Builder Brianna that must be another one that allows basically allows a Advertiser to understood by specific
01:35:09groups right
01:35:13it Jackson Target Target specific groups I think that's correct mailing list and find like-minded people feed it to Facebook the Facebook algorithm says what he's people are on on them or not on the mailing list but are like-minded you should be talking to it's called lookalike audiences it's expensive the mirror mastic from our hypothetical campaign manager Facebook Now searches the friends of everyone in the custom audience trying to find everyone who looks like you using a witches brew of mutual engagement and by the way
01:36:03every day this tool becomes better right because Facebook is more data all the time and it's and it's just self-reinforcing better and better and better
01:36:13is it is Facebook going to dominate every campaign from now on in
01:36:18I mean think about it like this Leo I would ever think about this the other day like I was going to go drive to talk to a group of a disabled people here in Massachusetts this is very important because my constituents I've got to meet them and listen to them but you know it's like 3 hours to drive there and back and come to another event it's like if I'd spent that time on like that same Facebook group disabled people like you get my questions so much it is and it's you see what's important to them everyday so honestly I think in this sense it's more of a net positive than is a net negative you know when people can genuinely talk to you I think that's that's better than she now trying to get you a campaign with 500 other people and shake their name for 4 seconds have a chat room
01:37:16that is a very Adept at this thing called the internet thank you Blake has provided me with some of the where there is there got to be screengrabs of some of the other posters stealing elections since I don't know up The Amazing Race hate is love Buzz change before coming from the 1984 truth speak
01:38:00from a technical standpoint just on the back end it was a pretty like obviously the implementation get through but the technology was actually pretty good. It was clever
01:38:15there were some really funny ones there was a whole series of Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane lyrics for one side makes you taller alright well we're going to take a break this is so much fun and I'm so glad we have the smartest people on the internet with us today to protect me from whatever I might by next on Facebook Michael Nunez for Mashable thank you for staying late in the office tonight anything more coming in from you in a bit what other phones are new at the Mobile World Congress what I think so calm
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01:42:39slash twit Michael Nunez Mashable is Manning the mwc desk in New York City you're the only one there to you right yeah I mean they slow down at this point I think everyone in Barcelona is probably sleeping right now but a lot of big Android announcements I feel like a lot of the news is bigger in Europe in other parts of the world but it's still really interesting to follow if you're if you're at all interested mobile technology I mean it's it's all happening this weekend Apple Google Microsoft Facebook they don't have their own events they all make their announcements at those events they don't they don't piggyback off other events but for some reason the rest of the companies including Samsung
01:43:32think they like to be at Mobile World Congress when he said yeah I think it's just because there are so many brands in and companies in one place at one time and it's also just I think like you said you know that piggyback is a good word you can fit in the case of Samsung they're able to piggyback off of some of the excitement and and some of the the surrounding that event they've definitely try to do their own thing in the past I know there was one year where they rented Radio City Music Hall in New York City. That was the worst they're out of it and so they try to do that was the one where they the fake Broadway play and at one point they were talking about how you could hover your fingers over the phone you don't have to touch it and they had I was I'm sad to say woman said when my nail polish is wet I can use my Samsung phone
01:44:32yeah so I think like following that you generally regarded as it's kind of a failure even though which is host its own advantage in create a lot of Buzz around that was off the market during that presentation that we're just chillin. And so I think they've reverted back to what they have been doing which was what would you sort of using other industry events to to make these big announcement so this case I don't even think the Galaxy S9 event is associated directly with Mobile World Congress I don't think it was an official event at the show it just happened to be this Sunday or today I guess which sugar-free date which will just happen to be Barcelona's yeah it's the weekend right before the conference.
01:45:32there were yeah you know what it one of the more interesting things for me at least cuz I'm just kind of weird is is the Nokia banana phone I can't wait cuz I was in The Matrix from The Verge showing it off also it's this is slides down as if it's a feature but it's not a smart card or is it a smartphone
01:46:11it's a future that has 40in it okay but it doesn't have a operating system if you are a few calls and that is why I'm by myself I remember watching the trucks and trying to figure out how to get one like thing in Mississippi when that came out and I did the math I was going to cost like $3,000 and I couldn't get it and now I can get it so I'm very interested and I would do it do it now this is the phone that I wanted for more than a decade I guess you can't click it and have it
01:47:01watch a bad so you're right you're exactly right I mean I know that I was going to point that out cuz I wasn't sure how people respond to that but in the movie there is the bottom shoots out to just slide off which is critical feature another phone I know you I still I get excited Banana Phone is mr. Smith and I have never felt
01:48:01I don't think that's the phone ring ring ring once once again they've been deceived by YouTube
01:48:14I wanted to find the actual video here I think this is I hope this is it this is a banana is phone the rest of the day no Kyojin S2 the 3310 last year or the year before which is also one of those candybar phones and how did that sell do you know is it was it I don't see any actual numbers but my impression is that it it didn't it into spectacularly but it just kind of interesting to know that there still a demand for these dumb phone and I don't know if I need my I need a Samsung super slow motion for that he's opening up the FedEx package yes they do have FedEx in The Matrix
01:49:09maybe I wanted that phone so bad. Smiley I love that movie but I didn't I didn't get finished I said about the phone like that I've been looking for you now they're going to need it to Matrix pretty soon and I wonder what the Matrix would be like in the air of smartphones does the premise still hold true to UT create these situations where the running to a landline and that's what it's saying the architect the whole series 2 plowed over now I don't see the whole premise of the Matrix I was The Matrix except at the height of their civilization which I clearly the 90s right it's not going to be today so
01:50:09Spice Girls MTV has gone downhill
01:50:15here's a little tip just for those of you who don't remember of Neo in The Matrix may turn on the is that Will Ferrell as Justin because you my friend fuck completely whipped up dude you haven't answered my question yes I did
01:50:43you see why you haven't answered you just need to let me talk
01:50:55I'm sorry once again I've been fooled by YouTube Ferrell and Justin Timberlake mocking the greatest movie ever made the Matrix 3 first the first Matrix was and would love save the day was like the greatest thing I've ever seen it's a good idea to remake I think I can read read
01:51:34that shows that run out of ice use rare true fans of the Matrix so did you see the did you see the when did you see the Matrix where you did you say the movie theater or did you see it later on later on though I saw it in I saw it on a plane for the very first time that I bought the DVD I didn't know what I was going to I went to a matinee I had not read anything I know I didn't I had no idea and I walked out of that theater
01:52:18with my draw on the grass live by trying to figure out if I was in The Matrix yeah not have a 3-hour Aikido practice and so like the Kung Fu seeing this guy suppose I swiped that's why I had this like I've never felt that way I felt
01:52:43I was just absolutely blown away and that's why the two Matrix is that came afterwards we're so like unbelievably pressing cuz I expected so much more to say the PlayStation 2 game actually win in filmed all these like scenes at Works in conjunction with the second Matrix movie and you got like all these awesome sayings with Ghost and Jada Pinkett Smith's character it's like the game itself the gameplay is very mediocre but it's it's a really good story I thought that was very successful real fan Michael like you will actually play LMFAO that game I really like the used across the movie so like yeah back doors where were the physical parts of of the Matrix and and what else like viruses and there were
01:53:43computer jargon that was used in like really creative ways was the first movie where at least slot look plausible the technology it felt like yeah they're getting it right all right I fell apart do things like amazing movies always makes me really nervous
01:54:12Total Recall
01:54:14Arnold is the only Total Recall I'm sorry there's no reason for movie that's what makes it so good now you realize my god did we have no taste back then what I think is the worst but it's fun I'm at the light I mean but it but I have to say it sent it was Terminator 2 special effects in those days were not you know even believable listen no matter what evil is going on in the world somebody green-lighted Sharknado Steve Twitter lockout not a thing anymore is that like to be with is that the fastest mean that ever ended
01:55:10this was of course Twitter earlier this week decided to delete a number of bots we don't know I don't know if we give her got the details on how many but conservatives decided that they were they were being targeted because it turned out oddly the lot of those Bots followed conservative users and so this is an example of how there is a Divergence ended the reality of the people live in conservative thought this was proof positive proof positive that Twitter was out to block them and hurt them and another symbol of course you're the first people were going to lose followers
01:55:55now some people actually were real people who were locked out and they were asked to verify their phone number but that's not a big deal we don't know how Twitter at it you know what is criteria were we don't know how many it deleted this is a real guy apparently or maybe who knows all I know he's actually a Russian controlled can't count that decided to make a big deal out of it actually that's the part of the problem of this is you don't now and you know no longer trust anybody you don't know what that it's like we're in The Matrix accounts like when things to my number went from like 15100 like 10,000
01:56:43you went that you lost $5,000 that you would block those were Russian Bots the most of the accounts I blocked murdering gamergate but yeah. You were one of the chief Target said you had to move but everything is terrible did you think that a lot of that was internet research agency now in hindsight you think that they used specialized in a Twitter spots to attack me but I don't think it was like a Russian propaganda thing I think people found out they could buy bots to have certain behavior in being that we actually worked with Twitter quite a bit in car shows 2016 2017 to work on that and they were very effective in timely something that interesting very interesting
01:57:34so you think that these were just accounts for sale that were used by was it mostly you think American trolls were going after that's what I believe
01:57:45we've learned so much ice is the indictment about these this internet research agency which had a significant budget and was using real accounts fake accounts sock pocket Public Accounts to influence I don't want even say American election in floods America thought until it needs a crate to disturb America I would be surprised if gamergate was part of that camp it was before really this all became an issue right I mean it's not right it's not ideological that doesn't is left on? People on the right angles are in town getting a little bit of heat they apparently a new about the chip clause in this the Spectre meltdown ship flaws in months before they told the US cyber officials and search internet Volvo and others before they told this u.s. government
01:58:43this is kind of a known issue on their end though for like 20 years Ryan or throat for like a very very long time well that's also part of the story isn't it the speculative execution which is a technique that Intel AMD and arm all used to speed up processor performance had a potential problem of leakage of information and yes there was a paper written in 1994 saying exactly that that you got to watch out because there's there's a there's this could be there's no I don't know if they mentioned timing attack but these could be problematic so until probably did have some idea
01:59:22but I don't know if they knew how serious it was and I really respect you in meltdown were discovered kind of simultaneously but Mr security teams because timing attacks at Pep become
01:59:35something we were all we're up and they were really looking at timing attacks there were other there was rowhammer another timing attacks have been discovered and I think the security Community then said yeah we should see what else we can do with these and that's when spective execution you don't really piss speculative execution been in the Intel chips for the long wait that long zero execution something because until was running that was hitting the wall and these were ways to speed up at work so well by the way everybody adopted it current and former US government officials are raised concerns that the government was not informed about these flaws before they became public in fact we had the screen savers yesterday and Thompson from the register the register revealed is it was until the register report published this article that Intel and by the way until first reaction was he or she
02:00:35spitting till fell out and now we got to tell everybody so this is it was a Google's Project zero the deformed Intel AMD and arm Holdings of the problem back in June as with most security Revelations they gave the chipmaker's 90 days before public disclosure
02:00:54wait who's the VA alphabet was the Google security team to discuss the project Zero The Fabulous in his his team over there anyway I don't know if I was just talking to my husband who is also in all of his friends work at Amazon and apparently Amazon web services to deal with the problem at the centers are configured so well that it was down time minimal down time it it wasn't that huge of a deal and four people running on Microsoft her first social structure of the the back of phone companies that we all rely on that are sort of invisible
02:01:54processor so if one of them is a bad guy
02:01:58right and the virtual machines apparently were part of a problem too because if the if you had enough sleep and the problem could propagate and so many machines are in a virtual assistant that that's like that's like another weird problem that nobody probably thought of but first let's talk about Google's Cloud platform and something they called Cloud spanner as often as the case Google tri-c's technology uses them internally Cloud spanner the first parmesan Lee scalable strongly consistent relational database service tested by fire in Google's own usage and now I'm Available to You on the cloud platform you know it's it's kind of common common wisdom that distributed databases can't be both relational and scalable
02:02:56but what if she didn't have to make trade-offs what if there were no compromise solution a fully managed database service that's consistent the scale horizontally across data centers it speaks equal so you don't have to learn a new language introducing Clan Spinners a mission-critical relational database service from Google Cloud platform built from the ground-up in battle tested at Google for strong consistency and high availability global scale Cloud spanner delivers scalability High transaction performance and strong consistency across Rose regions even continents with an industry-leading gets his SLA 99.999% that's five nines no plan downtime enterprise-grade security multi-language support you can choose from C sharp go Java know. Jas PHP python Ruby for the client libraries that got to JD's jdbc driver for conductivity with all the popular third-party tools and it's
02:03:56very affordable pricing is very simple and no surprises very predictable you can even try free so find out more about Cloud spanner I'm going to give you a short URL makes it easier for you to type it in G. Co / gets spinner that's G. Co Google search URL shortener G. Co / get spanner
02:04:18find out more about the mission-critical relational database service from Google Cloud platform
02:04:25battle-hardened in the Google servers G. Co / get spanner we think I'm really thrilled to have Google cloud platform as a sponsor on our shows it tells me that Google knows there's a lot of Geeks I listening to listening not as many as listen to Kylie Jenner
02:04:46Casey Jenner I don't know anything about the Kardashians she is a generation Kardashian
02:05:01and she is apparently very popular with the young uns is that true
02:05:08yes I think I can get is the youngest person going to tell us everything so on Thursday
02:05:19Kylie Jenner tweets so does anyone else not open SnapChat anymore I don't even know she talks like that but I'm actually shortly after she realize I maybe I haven't did I go too far so she immediately says still love you that is not my first love Snapchat immediately this is 1.3 billion dollars in value on the stomach. The doubt to be fair it also happened it analyst that they downgraded the stock and they got a lot of this is coming from Snapchat fans were saying we don't like the new Snapchat but it's it's worth like they have no business of completely blown there IPL I mean this is not the best like social media company in the world so yeah I think I feel like Kylie Jenner is just one more
02:06:19people take problem on the coffin. Maybe we should point out that the CEO and founder Evan Spiegel is perhaps one of the highest paid Executives in the US after the IPO he collected a 636 million dollar stock grants the best fully for 2 more years so you know don't go hit him up for a billion now
02:06:45but I like the story I'm more optimistic framing right so content still obviously matters a lot she's photos and in a nonsensical videos but they drive traffic and people seem to care and if the content is threatened to go away and you know market value is lost actually think that's a good thing for for Content creators of reminds me of what we good at me like it is it the FCC order became official yester Friday the restoring internet Freedom order which in fact of course kills net neutrality under the federal federal registry now that the key here is that now all the lawsuits can begin now that it's
02:07:45the regulation of the land so to speak all of the there many states Attorneys General there are many entities BFF and others who are going to be doing so this this begins but meanwhile net neutrality is dead at least until some Court comes along and protected which I don't think is going to happen he's really trying to get through the show without dropping the F-bomb nothing positive to say about this process running really well we still have to worry cuz the big isps are not good you know they realize people are watching them
02:08:33360 The company took out the full page ad saying yeah we love net neutrality immediately roll down two features that are basically zero-rating they expanded their sponsored data program if your prepaid wireless customer you guess who guess who you can watch it with no cost you in data AT&T own products DirecTV U-verse in full screen if you have an AT&T product you no longer have to pay it doesn't count against your data plan if you watch our stuff
02:09:07I think that's exactly what we were talking about Paige Fast Lanes
02:09:14and it was 18 teaser no no no no we believe in there net neutrality time I start getting all these DVDs in the mail
02:09:29they're screeners dinner for your consideration screeners and just as this was happening I got this giant box of AT&T shows even know existed what yeah it sucks but save it Dropbox other big stories of the week Dropbox on Friday went public with their plans to file an IPO talk about other company that doesn't take your money but the good news is they're losing less money instead of losing 207 million dollars as they did two years ago they only lost $110 last year a hundred years and telling everybody like if you're going to be a success if you're if you're like losing your lose $20 a year
02:10:29what's up
02:10:32you know I don't buy stocks in the tech company so I don't listen to me but
02:10:39I don't even understand it you know I do you buy stock in a company that has no that is not making money and because well someday they will or or what they want to see who is a bitmoji is going to call you right now Kylie just remember this future / past person it's coming drop boxes of value privately value now a 10 billion dollars a plan to raise about half a billion dollars with the IPO competition it's you know I find myself asking all the time like why do I continue paying Dropbox $20 a month when I have you know iCloud drive and all these other services to well-done service but I identify myself increasingly ask why I'm paying for it it's hard
02:11:39inbox or Google Drive is is for a lot of businesses I think it makes more sense to use dropbox because it just so into it if you have a you have a folder on your desktop things to the cloud and it's just it's a lot easier to use you can see in the photo previews much more easily than you can in a lot of services and so I don't know why I always thought they were all part of the same way I can just kind of interchange any one of these cloud services what it would have come to realize is that they are all vastly different from each other in the blood Tristan don't want my friends that are the phone operator I had all of them and I still have many of them I had iCloud I had the Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive some Oddball ones like treasure it and I just recently killed them all except drop box because Dropbox it's an ecosystem thing
02:12:39best apps save to iCloud in Dropbox and actually log out don't even say too loud and so it's just it's there now I also am aware of his we talked about earlier the Dropbox is not private that the keys are held by Dropbox so you shouldn't put anything there that you want to put up Riley so I just use it as a as because service is an iOS expected for their storing their settings and storing your phone like that so it so maybe they do maybe they do have a
02:13:07a reason to be I think we should wrap this up with the going long enough you guys are car champions you haven't gone to the bathroom in an hour's dinner is cold at Amy Webb you can tell your husband I got the computer glasses you recommend he recommended yeah yeah absolutely after we talked we talked last time I realized that's what I need to sit in my desktop cuz I can barely see it and I and I took your advice and got the blue filter in it and they're slightly higher magnification in a squid so thank you for me just but he also is good for advice about that kind of thing and Amy is a futurist the book The signals are talking as much as really great she gives away all the secrets of a trade in which is bizarre but she's going to do it you might as well read it why today's fringes tomorrow's mainstream and we will be looking for the future today in
02:14:07tattoo Trend report which you can get from the website or go to Amy Webb die Ayo and find out more about everything Amy's up to so nice I was always great to have you on thank you Amy for you Brianna Wu in 22 no that's wrong we need a slogan
02:14:30I love you need a meme generator on your website you can have people make posters 2018 positive attention is almost as valuable as negative that's a good that's a very good point that we don't don't forget bush-cheney they they did they win in 2004 I believe they did they did Brianna Wu that's who I like if I can pain it's support.com so certain shot calm support Brianna. Com and find out more about her candidacy Brianna Wu 2018. Com and if you're in the Massachusetts state September Market in the calendar the first Tuesday in September you have a job to do
02:15:20who you going to call you going to call me or send me a tweet how many congressional candidates will be like yeah I'll come have coffee with you and so proud of what you're doing plastic lot of people would just you know disappear move to an island you said I'm going to take the bull by the horns let's do it Michael Nunez from Mashable where he's seen your text editor there his day has been long Deputy ticket I just promoted you sorry this day has been long you started early with the Mobile World Congress that thank you for staying late with us always a pleasure yeah really awesome I thoroughly enjoyed this like more than I should have as a participant I know I know what you mean that's why I do this show I just to me it's all about just I get friends in
02:16:20I sit back and go aren't you guys smart you make me think I learned I love it and I include you in that Michael thank you for being here thank you all for watching if you want to watch live we do at 3 p.m. Sunday afternoons zip time 6 p.m. Eastern 2300 UTC we have a live stream at TWiT. TV / Liv you can listen to live audio stream voice-activated device I was just playing with you actually now have to say Echo listen to TuneIn twit live but if you say that your Echo will play our lives James you can see whatever is going on in the studio at any given time or you can ask for any individual podcast in here the most recent version Echo Listen to This Week in Tech you get the most recent version you can also go to our website twitch.tv / live if you do that either join the chat room cuz that's a great way to give us feedback I'm watching the chat room as we go I get great ideas links all sorts of information is really important part of our broadcast day
02:17:20live shows please IRC. Twit.tv if you want to be in the studio light we had a great live audience today fantastic email us tickets at Twitch. TV and we will make sure there's a chair out for you if you can't watch live we always have on demand versions of everything we do both audio and video at our website and wherever you find your favorite podcasts effective you do me a favor and subscribe. That would be great don't forget I think there's a little time left to take the survey twitch.tv / survey once a year we try to learn a little bit more about you. Cuz you're going to share that with any third party but just cuz it helps us to do a better job and when advertisers ass cuz things like hell are you we have it we could say yeah 5% of them are or whatever I don't know what the number is I'm sure it's fine I'm not so I don't know thank you all for being here I appreciate it we'll see you next time another twitch
02:18:18you and the two it alright baby alright

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