Fostering a pet is a unique experience that allows you to help your local shelter or animal rescue organization learn more about the pets in their care. Living in a shelter can be an overwhelming experience for some animals. There are new smells all the time, new people to get used to on a daily basis, and other animals coming and going regularly.

Sensory overload in a shelter environment can lead to behavior trouble, aggression issues or cause some pets to become extremely scared and introverted. Bringing a foster pet into your home allows you to see what the animal is like in a home setting. You can report this information to the shelter or rescue organization you’re working with, and they will pass it on to potential adopters.

Foster Dogs Inc. is an organization specifically dedicated to helping foster parents work successfully with shelters and rescue groups. They offer the communication and support that potential foster parents will need to make it through the challenges of bringing a new pet into their home. Today, I’m speaking with the founder and executive director of Foster Dogs Inc., Sarah Brasky to learn more about the responsibilities of pet foster parents and how you can get started helping animals in need.

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