It’s time to get your LinkedIn game on and turned all the way up! It’s becoming a huge platform where business gets done, it’s losing all its stuffiness and there’s a huge opportunity now to explode your YouTube channel, connect with brands in meaningful ways and grow your business. Our guest today, LinkedIn superstar Judi Fox shares her secrets and tips with us to have you rocking it on LinkedIn in no time!

“You only need to know one or two more things than somebody else behind you. You don’t have to be running a 6 or 7 figure business to be able to teach other people.”

Judi developed her skills at LinkedIn by putting in the time and effort to grow her profile over the years. At first, she was using it to network and get clients and job opportunities. In her 20 years in corporate, she never felt satisfied. She was inspired by Marie Forleo and saw the impact she was making and she was drawn to sharing her story with video as well. Now she helps people get leads, clients and huge connections on LinkedIn and in her 9 months making videos, she has reached 2 million views!

“Even if you can only spend 10-20 minutes a day, go all in and comment on 10 people’s content.”

LinkedIn has been the unsexy social media platform for so long, but it's making a comeback. We talk all about how to make the most of it on today’s episode. There are so many things I didn’t know about before our chat (like the difference between a follow and a connection) that I’m sure are going to help you to grow. We also went specifically into how to use LinkedIn to grow a YouTube channel and we uncovered a lot of hacks along the way. You’re going to take a lot away from this one!

“Think of your LinkedIn profile as your sales brochure and make it super easy for people to work with you. Sales happen when you’re clear.”

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