Want a super simple way to grow your channel to hundreds of thousands of subscribers? We’ve got the goods for you today. It’s so simple you’re gonna wonder what the catch is, but our guest beauty and wellness YouTuber Dr. Mona Vand will be breaking down her explosive growth to 200k subscribers in 1 year and give you real actionable steps to follow! So listen up ladies!

“It’s exhausting to be somebody that you’re not.” - Erika Vieira

Dr. Mona Vand started in a place where a lot of us start out. She was very hesitant to jump into YouTube because she felt it was too saturated. But after building her brand on Instagram and Snapchat, and wanting to give even more value and go into even more details on what she was teaching - going into detail is what she loves more than anything - she decided to try it out. For her first set of videos, she did everything wrong and barely grew at all. But in December 2017 she scrapped everything and started over. She dropped the persona she was trying to be, an embraced her flaws and all, and that’s when she started to grow. One of her new videos hit 5k views and she was off to the races after that and hasn’t stopped growing since!

“Create really good quality content. Even if it takes a while, it will come.” - Dr. Mona Vand

What’s unique about her experience was that she started already comfortable with being on camera, after having done many lives and stories on IG and Snapchat. One hack she used was to not reinvent the wheel. She was already doing well with her lives, so why not record her YouTube videos as she does her lives? If you watch any of her videos, you can tell how well that works! She is a lot more calm and herself than her older videos, and she’s gaining resonance with her audience because of it. She is a big supporter of just being yourself and focus on creating your best quality content and you’ll grow. Tune in to the episode to hear all her other amazing lessons.

“If you have the means to hire an editor, it’s the best money spent.” - Dr. Mona Vand

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