0:40: Sean McDonough's golf tournament which included Bill Raftery and Charles Barkley.

2:58: Barkley being one of the most accessible athletes in terms of interacting with the public.

5:08: Barkley's famous quote while at Auburn: 'I didn't pay for the car. I'm not paying for the tickets.'

7:05: The NCAA's latest attempt at reform, which included some common-sense changes, but didn't address the amateurism model.

10:36: Players having the option to return to college if they go undrafted.

12:04: Why undrafted players might be unlikely to return to school.

15:13: The benefits of keeping the door open to undrafted players.

19:06: Why paying players won't single-handedly end the 'corruption' surrounding the sport.

25:04: The likelihood of high school players returning to the NBA draft, and how it will impact college basketball.

29:20: USA Basketball being blindsided by the NCAA's announcement on Wednesday.

35:16: The difficulty of being a professional player for marginal prospects, including low salaries and arduous travel in the G League.

39:46: Owners wanting to lower the age limit as a way to increase interest and revenue in the G League.

United States


00:00:03Hey everyone welcome into another edition of the Welsh pod finally my guest this week ESPN's J. bill us we talk about the change in legislation in college basketball how that relates to the NBA and how it really relates to the future of the elite basketball prospect in this
00:00:21country and how that's going to impact the NBA over time great conversation visit insight from the very best here's my chat with Jay bills welcome in two J. bill is finally get J. here on the pod Jay how are you what are you doing I'm doing great I'm
00:00:40doing great the first thing I've got to ask about it was either your Instagram or Twitter maybe both a shaman done is golf tournament up in Boston I think the other day bill Raftery in Charles Barkley the same charity event same golf tournament there had to be a
00:00:57few stories come out of there were plenty of stories we had %HESITATION %HESITATION not only Raftery and %HESITATION in McDonough and Barkley but PJ Carlesimo Mike Breen Jim bay I am %HESITATION Geno Auriemma we all went out to dinner after the parents party at the in the north
00:01:11and that some %HESITATION Italian restaurant and %HESITATION I don't think I've laughed as those guys have a story after story and whether you've heard of before and %HESITATION they're still they're still funny and I still think and you know this far better than I do but I think
00:01:25the most amazing thing in sports is not %HESITATION you know Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus when in eighteen and fourteen majors or anything like that or %HESITATION you know somebody didn't seventy home runs it's Peter Carlesimo being on the air as often as he is about the the
00:01:42the major atop the the best accomplishment I've ever seen sports no you're you're absolutely right right how can you go anywhere without strangers coming up and having some random story about bill after you would never imagined not only do like more people have bumped into warmer no never
00:01:59my people who were in the basketball sphere just how many average people have a story about Ralf yeah everybody's got a rap star and if you've been with them %HESITATION is you have %HESITATION you feel like your %HESITATION his best friend and you've known for for fifty years
00:02:14%HESITATION any treats everybody %HESITATION unbelievably well and another thing is you know better than I do one of the amazing things I well I flew into the the Boston airport I'm waiting for my golf bag come often Charles Barkley got him off his commercial flight and he's standing
00:02:28there waiting for his bag and there must have been no joke twenty five people that came up to get their picture taken with them and he was so nice you couldn't believe it I mean he he got to know people's names and %HESITATION he was he was good
00:02:43to everybody was really really incredible and %HESITATION now you know I know he's from somebody out a window at one point his career but %HESITATION but clearly that guy that he threw out the window was not very nice because %HESITATION everybody that's nice to him %HESITATION he treats
00:02:56like a million Bucks was really really neat J. we were at the %HESITATION NBA finals in Cleveland and I saw shockingly as son Charles in a hotel bar after after %HESITATION one of the games and he mentioned that the next day it was Hammond thing Jaylen rose a
00:03:12few people that were in there and he mentioned that he was flying out early the next morning and had I think like connect through Minnesota and he was going to Iowa and if so what were you doing in Iowa and as it turns out he had met a
00:03:26man I think this madam randomly somewhere an older gentleman a few years ago and kept in touch with them through text and the man that it up getting sick and ill and and I think a family member let Charles no kinda near the end of his life that
00:03:38he had gotten to know that getting to know Charles had been really special for this man and %HESITATION Charles was planning to why the Iowa and show up at the memorial service at the funeral the night before he was gonna dry and he did and in fact I
00:03:54looked on Twitter the next day and there were people posting from this funeral outside of like cedar rapids Iowa because Charles Barkley just walked into it and %HESITATION just remarkable yet eating way nice person and %HESITATION and you know sometimes when you think you know must be really
00:04:12difficult for a guy like Charles to walk through the airport I I remember this must have been twenty years ago we're somewhere and and he was talking about is celebrities that that don't go out very much and then %HESITATION surprised by the fact that that they get hounded
00:04:26when they go out and Charles theory at that time was if you go out a lot %HESITATION you know people are very nice they're not going to do is not going to be like a Michael Jackson citing if you actually go out and and you're in the public
00:04:38once in awhile if you're if you're you know live a life of a celebrity recluse we only go out on rare occasions people are gonna try to take advantage of it but everybody that came up he was like yeah let's get a picture and %HESITATION could have been
00:04:51nicer and and %HESITATION on on several the pictures they they people came up we're standing next to one another they came up and and said can I get a picture and then they handed the camera to me so what I did was I took a picture of of
00:05:02them and Charles and turn the camera around make sure I took a so so they have that in there perfect Charles has and we'll get into this here but Charles has one of my favorite college lines ever %HESITATION I think they were hounding him at Auburn for unpaid
00:05:18parking tickets and and it's a story going I think Charles said Hey I didn't pay for the car I'm not paying for the tickets are yeah that that doesn't surprise me I mean it must be laughing at all the stuff with the NC double a now when the
00:05:33when when he and I were in college %HESITATION specially in the SEC men and and large red and they see see the stories about guys getting paid were were %HESITATION were legendary so %HESITATION this is the stuff about some guy taking an extra extra five Bucks or get
00:05:48a meal paid for %HESITATION that that seems like child's play compared to what was going on back in the day yeah that's the funny thing people say it's worse than ever and I'm so I'm not sure I just think now I think the money comes from different places
00:06:00that used to I think the money comes I think the coaches for the most part know how to get some plausible deniability Hey I'm gonna make sure you get paid but it's not me doing it and whether it's through an agent through the financial planners which is another
00:06:14one there's lots of ways now you know the old days of the guy walking in with the briefcase of money this mean that's how it literally happened I don't think it's really done like that anymore not as prevalent in that regard now %HESITATION %HESITATION you know I always
00:06:27make a joke about it but it's true %HESITATION that that I you know I kinda harken back and and miss the good old days the cheating when the player actually got the money now it's just everybody around the player that brokers the player that's getting the money that's
00:06:39exactly right and I think I'd feel better about it if the player at least got it and eat in you're exactly right it so many times I don't think the player even knows he's being bought and paid for I think he's being influenced and pushed in some cases
00:06:53toward a direction by people around them or others getting the money but I don't know that they see in many cases guy see much of an if anyone's going to get it at least allow them to but that's exactly right but that gets us to %HESITATION the NCAA's
00:07:07%HESITATION proclamation yesterday with great enthusiasm that they had made a dramatic and earth shaking changing college basketball then and you said it exactly right J. %HESITATION in in some of the sports center hit you did in %HESITATION some the interview you did on it initially after the %HESITATION
00:07:24there were a few common sense move that should have been done years ago all that did need an FBI investigation to do that were merely a step in the right direction and when you really look at it you see some very moderate moves that probably help a very
00:07:40small number of players but the idea that this is dramatic is silly because dramatic would be allowing which I you've talked about for a very long time at least allowing players to profit on their likeness of a car dealership wants them to come sign for two hours or
00:07:56if you know local hardware store wants them to do an ad for that whatever it is and then that way if the school so we can't afford it and it'll violate title nine %HESITATION they were gonna pay every but what whatever their excuses are you could just let
00:08:11the outside pay for it at the very least and of course this doesn't even come close to that it's in fact it's very much this is a status quo there's no change your this is status quo in fact I think they were letting Dan Wetzel said it they've
00:08:24doubled down on there amateur model yeah they did an end in one regard I'm not surprised by that I think that's fine I I get it that that they're going to %HESITATION they are going to double down on amateurism but even within %HESITATION the framework that the NC
00:08:40double a is doubling down on there are so many areas that they could make positive change and just even even if they're gonna allow players to consult with and have agents %HESITATION I I just thought it was this Rube Goldberg system that that they're trying to implement right
00:08:57now that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense that so if your %HESITATION if you're deemed by USA basketball to be a top prospect you can have an agent but if you are not a top prospect you can't if you get an agent in high school as
00:09:10a top prospect than if you go to college you have to terminate your relationship with that agent which seems pretty hard to police and not particularly helpful I don't see what the problem is of having a %HESITATION %HESITATION an agent when you're in college because you're not you're
00:09:25not making any money so what the agent on the take cut %HESITATION you know if you're taking money from the agent that violates the %HESITATION that violates agent rules and and certainly violates NC double a rules they can deal with that if they had to just as they
00:09:37could if you didn't have an arrangement with an agent but yeah I I know Scott and Paul was using the example Kevin herder who won the first round of this year's draft I use the example John Collins a couple years ago at %HESITATION at Wake Forest neither one
00:09:51of those players were top one hundred players so they wouldn't be allowed to consult an agent %HESITATION that doesn't make a lot of sense to me and why you're drawing arbitrary lines and asking %HESITATION outside entities whether it be the is the N. B. A. R. U. S.
00:10:04A. basketball to make those judgments for you seems a little bit odd and it also seems like a like there there's their chances for corruption in that too so if you're gonna it's going to have a system where somebody is making the call on who you know who
00:10:17is the top prospect and who's not %HESITATION how is that any different from from money funneling to to those people to make those decisions and %HESITATION now I'm not saying that what happened but but the answer was always worried about corruption and corrosive what they call corrosive elements
00:10:33%HESITATION and in here but here's the one world only drives me nuts that you know I I'm a big believer as you are an education I think it's this is great I mean I I advocate for everyone to go to college and for for people who say it
00:10:47really drives me nuts when people say you know some people don't belong in college that drives me crazy %HESITATION they may not belong at your college or a college but they belong in college we got the house of the colleges in this country everybody belongs at school %HESITATION
00:11:00but if we really believe that that that school is a great place for someone and we believe in education why would we be drawing arbitrary lines as to who can come back to school at their undrafted or even if they are draft that we should be welcoming players
00:11:15back to school without without a line being drawn %HESITATION as long as they they are professionals or side professional contract if you want to if you want to go with the amateurism model fine but if they go into the draft and they don't get drafted or even if
00:11:27they don't their draft position and they want to come back with a come back %HESITATION that that to me seems like a no brainer %HESITATION so you give me a like look I give the NC double a credit for trying %HESITATION but they've been trying for a hundred
00:11:42plus years now they haven't tried very hard they're doing a good job what what what their terms %HESITATION so there they deserve some criticism with how they tried but they deserve some credit for the for at least that that they're trying to do something %HESITATION given that that
00:11:56that you know they have the %HESITATION they had the push from the FBI the Southern District of New York actually they actually get something done I think you hit on their J. with allowing players to come back to school come back to college basketball on scholarship if they
00:12:11go on drafted now in other sports think hockey baseball you can get drafted and the team keep your rights and you could go back to school so if you were the fiftieth pick in the draft you could still decide to go back but number one I don't think
00:12:26you're going to see many players who go on draft to decide to go back because you still get if you're an undrafted player in for the most part you're going to know you're going to be on draft there's very few players who as they get deeper in the
00:12:41drop process if they're not being delusion on there is a lot of delusion in this process for a lot of people often but you're gonna know listen I'm probably fifty to sixty or forty to fifty or forty to out of the draft but it even prior to the
00:12:57draft if team suspect you my going drafted they're already doing contingencies with your agent Hey if this player goes undrafted we're going to offer you a summer league spot maybe to a contract a seventy five thousand a hundred thousand dollar guarantee for next year and for a lot
00:13:13of guys that's gonna be plenty good enough to say I'm gonna go do that instead of another year of college basketball his history will show you if you're going on draft in this year's draft you're probably going undrafted in next year's too I mean there's exceptions to that
00:13:26but for the guys who might come out their status may not change a lot there's a whole crop of young players coming up behind you and I guess the thinking from in talking to the people the league office yesterday about why only combine disturbance verses nine combine participants
00:13:42was the NCAA once those players to go through that process of getting feedback from you know the team's about we're gonna fall in are you do you get invited to the combine I think the last three years there hasn't been a player drafted who had gotten an invite
00:13:58to the combine so usually they do a pretty good job of anticipating who's going to get drafted and it seems like they're fearful of that marginal player who would never have the chance to be drafted and has been told will have no chance to be drafted that if
00:14:15they allow all of them to come back there's going to be this roster chaos around late June or early July with the colleges but again to me that makes a problem easier for coach I understand why a coach doesn't want that and if the school and I saw
00:14:30this argument yesterday too well the school goes up and fills your scholarship while you're gone like Hey we're gonna go sign a couple guys in the spring we don't know if you're coming back I guess deal a player could transfer or that's part of the risk the player
00:14:42takes my waiting till the end of June when he's been told Hey listen you're not going to get drafted and if you want to ignore all that then there are some peril and is it to me does the NC have to be responsible for that guy who's been
00:14:56told for three months he's not gonna get drafted and there's only a hundred of those guys and then they can all come back I actually understand why maybe they're putting some limits on that because if they're listening to anyone they're not gonna be surprised when that happens to
00:15:10them at that point it had plenty of advance notice yeah I I agree with that it's just the I always fall on the side of of say you have an open system and it just you mention a baseball and hockey that say say we don't put any any
00:15:24restriction and say Hey if you want to go into the draft going to the draft if you'll get drafted everybody can come back and a top player that's going to a power five school %HESITATION that most of us would agree eight probably should stay in school because of
00:15:38the draft process anyway wants to come back but but his school has already moved on from him all they're a bunch of places that would like that player so let him go maybe have to go to a mid major in play and as long as he can play
00:15:52right away why would we have any problem with that %HESITATION it would actually be helpful it in a lot of ways rather than closing the door forever on a player when they're when the truth is that a player is not welcome back to college after going through that
00:16:07process the chances of that player going back to school at all in the future are greatly diminished and if we really put that is that the student athletes centric system and we really put the the the student athlete first we say you know what come back to school
00:16:22like we realize you made a mistake it was against what the what the common wisdom was but come back to school there's a place for you here and we should be welcoming and we shouldn't be worried and we being a college basketball community I don't think we should
00:16:36be too worried about the NBA the NBA can take care of itself just fine %HESITATION my thing would be a if you get draft that even if you get drafted in the first round at the end however unlikely would be maybe you don't like your draft position maybe
00:16:48like the team that drafted you maybe maybe you're not you feel like you know what I made a mistake I'm not ready come back to school we should be welcoming of players coming back to school %HESITATION yeah if if amateurism means so much to the NC double a
00:17:00that make the bright line rule money %HESITATION if you sign a contract and get paid all right that's the that's the the differentiating factor but if you want to come back if you haven't signed that contract and come on back if we're gonna let %HESITATION we're gonna let
00:17:13%HESITATION drafted baseball players drafted hockey players come to college why would we draw an arbitrary line the basketball and %HESITATION you know I get some of the the logic behind it my thing just as the other bending over backwards and doing all this mental gymnastics to say student
00:17:29athlete welfare but the truth is in you know this loaded that they don't really mean it they're just saying it and what they're really trying to protect their interests first and foremost and most of this stuff most of the things that are being done right now are being
00:17:42done so that we don't have to pay I I hate to sound like you know %HESITATION Butch Cassidy here %HESITATION by it but I feel that way you know is that the same like look at all the money the answer please pain %HESITATION lawyers and the like so
00:17:56that they don't have to pay the players and it's %HESITATION it's gotten to the point of absurdity now and %HESITATION and now that the %HESITATION the %HESITATION F. B. I. is is got involved in the short run they're not gonna be involved that much longer it's another year
00:18:09or so and they're going to move on %HESITATION %HESITATION the NC double a field like what we have to do all these things and we have to do %HESITATION now what that's fine I'm I'm glad with the I'm happy about the deliberate speed but it doesn't mean that
00:18:20that solves the the NC double a responsibility to make the the the best possible decision and do it the right way and thus far I don't think they've hit that mark this today's episode of the world pot is brought to you by Spotify did you know that every
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00:19:14give up your life for this game we'll see given my body my everything every bit of energy for eighteen years to it so if you're gonna compete against me you better be willing to give up your life because I'm given online can sport change the way we think
00:19:31and actually attempted to hang myself and what I had used to hang myself broke I got up off of the ground and I turn on the television and there was a Duke basketball game on the students were jumping so hard that the camera was shaking and I thought
00:19:45man if I could be a part of that that would make me feel really good what happens on the field tells one story what happens on another I'm Gotham Chopra from religion of sports available now why sports matter on apple podcast radio dot com or wherever you get
00:20:04your shows two separate conversations here I think there's one within the scope of agent representation being able to go back to school early those things okay how can they make any of that benefit players in the best possible way and maybe cover the most players but then there's
00:20:24the bigger question that they again refused to address and may never address in Leicester forced to which is you said paying the players and I think there's this belief that if you pay the players that would end the corruption or that read that what went on in the
00:20:38FBI investigation that opened up some people's eyes to how this industry works and it's a supply and demand industry it's supply and demand you have college coaches who need to put recruiting classes together and and agents who need to book recruiting classes together and I do believe this
00:20:56if if we decided whatever the number was let's say we're gonna pay big time bass all players and football players revenue producing whatever the number is thirty five thousand dollars year fifty come up whatever number you want what will happen then is okay they'll get that and they
00:21:10deserve it and they generate this revenue in just like a child after child musician or somebody who fills an auditorium or a movie thing anything that's what they're doing and we all agree that they've earned it but the idea it's going to end the corruption is silly because
00:21:29whether school can give a guy twenty five or thirty whatever the number is J. you in our recruiting the same player and I really want this guy and I'm willing to do more than the thirty five thousand each of us can pay him well here's another fifty and
00:21:41the people who are offering this money and the people who are asking for this money because they've come up through an amateur system where they've been paid or they've been recruited from one travel team to another or whatever or speaker company who has made it profitable to be
00:21:56with them whatever it is it's not going to change the supply and demand it'll just be more money on top of that so don't say we're gonna pay the players at in the corruption just say we're gonna pay players because that's fair and the right thing to do
00:22:09but all these other issues they will not go away that's true and it but it really boils down to on one hand you know what the what the definition of corruption is because if you if you take away what you know sort of the the principle of amateurism
00:22:23and say look it's an open system %HESITATION players can take what they like for name and likeness and and then if schools want to pay if they have the equipment of sour Capas they can't play more than X. or Y. or C. or something better come up with
00:22:35a good reason for for having that sort of restriction order pass and I trust muster but %HESITATION you know right now just take coaches like nobody's worried about %HESITATION what coaches are paid or what they get on the side %HESITATION they're not worried about that coach K. take
00:22:50a free meal when he was in Las Vegas basketball who paid for those files you know it nobody's worried about that stuff and so it's not an issue of corruption in that in that regard in it's the wrong word I think it's I think that but it's it's
00:23:04a pretty good what is word because that's the way the it is it's exactly the right word because that's the way the NC double a fuse that because it's corrupt if their rules get violated and I do think the Southern District New York I happen to think that
00:23:16I do not think these are violations of federal law but %HESITATION %HESITATION you know that the the subdivision your sees it differently but but that's kind of my my issue like one of the things that came out yesterday were it was you know the NC double a is
00:23:29is trying to put in there or putting and increased penalties and sanctions on coaches and others that break the rules as it and I hear this all the time well you know the incentive to cheat is greater now because the penalties are so great and then wait a
00:23:45minute there are you guys paying attention like people are are subject to going to jail right now for breaking into W. A. rules do you think that a post season band is going to deter them when they're when when they're they may be facing jail if you look
00:24:00at what's what's going on with the FBI and the southern Justin York is kind of like when %HESITATION the Jerry Sandusky case was going on is there a way you know %HESITATION Penn state is the death penalty we need to show does that did anybody really think that
00:24:12Jerry Sandusky or or his ilk would be worried about a bowl ban is their behavior right of course not they're looking to jail for the rest of the is looking to jail for the rest of his life and that's the kind of thing that that drives me a
00:24:24little bit nuts about the way the NC double a does businesses there they're looking at the %HESITATION thinking that Hey you know we put in some increase penalties and that's really going to stop people from doing things that the money incentivize them to do and I don't think
00:24:36I don't think deterrents work that way %HESITATION the death penalty you know we have the death penalty for a from a %HESITATION %HESITATION college sports standpoint back in the eighties it didn't stop anybody you know they they gave SMU the death penalty that stop anything it didn't and
00:24:51it's not gonna stop anything now if it makes us feel better great I get it but but it really is is a lot of meaningless stuff and what one instead of going the route of reasonableness like what's a reasonable punishment what's reasonable as far as responsibilities concerned like
00:25:08would it make all of us feel better because they said something the other day about %HESITATION presidents and chancellors being responsible for violations in the same regard the coaches are %HESITATION it did it did I don't know if that's reasonable frankly %HESITATION that that that if if a
00:25:24coach sheets that all of a sudden the president is going to be fired you know maybe that's the right thing I don't I think it is the in Westwood in less the president knew or reasonably should have known about it that's just that's just adding another layer of
00:25:38on reasonableness took to it in my judgment and I don't think it advances the ball that far but %HESITATION but if it makes us feel better great because I know you know you know and I know I've got a little bit off topic I apologize but but there
00:25:51was one person in it that it that was out front the last few years leading the charge for it the slightest violation kick the coaches out forever and that was urban Meyer and and my guess is he's not thinking that way right now no probably not you the
00:26:06chances that the high school player will be back in the draft are significant the commissioner wants it union wants it I'm not sure all the teams wanted I don't get that sense from general managers and even some owners that there's not a tremendous appetite with all of them
00:26:23to go back into high school gyms and to really have to expand their stabs and all the things and and take a lot of risks on players they don't know very much about but but they're headed that way this role was in fact in the nineties how much
00:26:39different do you think college let's say the start in two thousand twenty two which right now seems to be the most likely year that door opens back how much different do you think college basketball's gonna look when the NBA goes back to this role I think it'll work
00:26:53a lot different we won't have probably fifteen or sixteen of the best players coming out of high school in a given year I think the numbers will be far greater than they were back in the early two thousands when guys like lebron were coming out %HESITATION coming out
00:27:07early %HESITATION so you'll have a wider %HESITATION a wider range of top prospects that colleges are going to feel like they have to recruit on the chance that they come to college rather than go pro %HESITATION out of high school and then I see this floating I don't
00:27:22know if this is going to happen but I see this as being a potential issue %HESITATION what we may not have as many high school players come an end to the college of the best players at the side to go pro out of high school but we are
00:27:34going to have more Marvin Bagley that decide they're going to re class income in the college early and thence they're still one and done so the changing of the one and done rule would not have affected someone like Marvin Bagley %HESITATION you know he was an older high
00:27:49school player that re class that came out of high school essentially early to come to college and still left after one year and we're still gonna have guys like tray young that were not considered a pull perhaps quite good enough to come out of high school but yet
00:28:05go after one year college so we're still going to have a ton of one and done players were just gonna take you know fifteen or so out of the you know so out of the equation the come right out right out of their last year of high school
00:28:18and somehow the NC double a and I I do think college coaches are complicit in this that that the NC double a has been blaming all of its problems on one and done as if that's because of problems and it's not %HESITATION it is not it is that
00:28:31no causal effect in in %HESITATION you know paying players at the like %HESITATION %HESITATION but but we it's been a convenient target to blame and %HESITATION it we're gonna have the same issues going forward but we're gonna have like people seem to forget and I know you haven't
00:28:46been a lot of people seem to forget what the landscape was like in two thousand five or so when the %HESITATION the one and done rule the cortical wanted done real came in where I think if you took a poll of college coaches back then they would have
00:28:58said you know this is great having him come to college at least for a year %HESITATION because we have more certainty in recruiting and all that in the NBA I think was very happy with it because they were tired of being a high school gyms and talking of
00:29:10going to a U. events and all that the only thing they really do now is the NBA scouts anyways they go these policies and %HESITATION %HESITATION post season of absence of USA basketball that's that's pretty much it now they're gonna be back in high school soccer high school
00:29:23coaches a U. coaches %HESITATION it it's gonna it's gonna bring an aspect to it that that I know the the NBA would rather not be involved in but %HESITATION but you know right now everybody is being asked whether to you as you know better far better than I
00:29:38do everybody outside of the NC double a is being asked to shoulder responsibility that really belongs to the NC double a so the NBA is going to have to start doing more %HESITATION to help to help the %HESITATION NC double a and U. S. A. basketball is going
00:29:52to have to do more pack USA basketball now being put in the position and in addition to winning gold medals %HESITATION USA basketball part of their their their their %HESITATION mission is to grow the game and the impossible is asking them to shrink the game to limit the
00:30:08amount of opportunities the player sap during the summer to play %HESITATION and and I can't imagine that USA basketball feels comfortable with that or they're they're particularly pleased about what happened yesterday yes and that's what happened yesterday and and we know we reported on it that US about
00:30:24swabs socially blind sided by the announcement by the lead the NBA wasn't keep people there weren't aware that this announcement was coming and they had met the NBA and USA basketball the and say they sat down they park plenty but it was made clear to the NCAA that
00:30:42USA basketball wanted no part in a rating system up top high school players if whatever than there seems to be like there's going to be a number that the NCAA is going to put on it whether it could be ten fifteen twenty thirty no one seems to know
00:30:56of high school players at the end of their junior year and this is once one and done is gone so we're talking twenty one or twenty two that those players will be able to hire agents and the rating system the NCAA says will come from U. S. A.
00:31:10basketball who told them we don't want to do this we're not going to do this we don't have the infrastructure to do it and yet to me it showed you I think with the NCAA like they're haste in wanting to get something out and the fact that maybe
00:31:24they were really looking for solutions here they were looking for a P. R. hit with the announcement but yeah like you said that they're not in the business of that in and you know they've got a state you are the USA basketball tends to want to be independent
00:31:36of everything they have to serve you know they serve a lot of entities they they work with the NBA with college with high school you know they have obviously the Olympic team but they also have sixteen and under seventeen under eighteen under teams that are led by usually
00:31:50college coaches in the summer and do those things they they don't want to be in this business yeah USA basketball doing coach certification the and and %HESITATION my campus actually is work with USA basketball certified coaches that that we bring in for coaches development program they do a
00:32:04great job with that and they do a lot of of youth development and %HESITATION and teaching of of young people and how to how to bring up players in the game by the fact you know the idea that USA basketball maybe the NBA %HESITATION and in the end
00:32:18so Blair gonna partner for camp but that that's fine if they want a partner for camp that are gonna be competitive in the market place but if they're going to be exclusionary or exclusive camps then I think that creates a problem within the marketplace at the NC double
00:32:32a basically has has %HESITATION has set up according to its recruiting rules as recruiting calendar and then there are the issues of who are gonna staff these camps that if you have people within the NBA structure maybe their G. Lee coaches are younger %HESITATION younger aspiring NBA coaches
00:32:48what's gonna stop colleges from hiring those coaches that develop relationships with young players and %HESITATION it it's basically going to be the same type of system you know you're not gonna be able to tell a school wait a minute you can't hire ex NBA player that's been working
00:33:02at these camps as an assistant that's developed relationships with these players %HESITATION %HESITATION that that a record of all athletes it just creates the it's the same system in a in a in different garb and %HESITATION and I don't I don't like it I don't think it's necessary
00:33:19not all of this is bad %HESITATION not not all of this is crap that I always in a game I'm going a little bit off off the the reservation here but often times when we're talking about NBA decisions for for players people talk about well you know this
00:33:33could get bad advice or a lot of people in his ear walls you know bad advice basically the person who says that that someone else is getting bad advice it is usually saying this guy's not listening to me all right and %HESITATION and so you know what the
00:33:48these players nobody's worried about the advice they're getting to go to college they worry about the price they're getting %HESITATION that would steer them away from college and %HESITATION and I just don't think there's the it with that something that we can regulate I think you have to
00:34:01offer %HESITATION %HESITATION that the best you know offered the the best information that you can do a player about what college can do form and then say Hey listen and if you decide to go into the pro spear and you don't stay there and you don't sign a
00:34:14contract you know you go when you find out there some brick walls are closed doors then you are welcome back into college we want to go to school we want you to play %HESITATION and and we'd like you to come back %HESITATION I think that's the way it
00:34:27should be instead of instead of us putting up barriers to players %HESITATION that that are mostly artificial and are mostly saying well wait a minute you know if you turn your back on us %HESITATION we don't want you again I I'm not a big fan of that I
00:34:40think we should be more inclusive and and welcoming a players and let the NBA figured out if they draft somebody in the second row late the second round of that player decide Hey you know what I don't think I want to go there so I'm gonna go back
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00:36:17so anti the NC a is this brought entity and and for lots of good reasons you sometimes hear this thing of all good for that guy because he's leaving school and he's going to get paid or good for this guy because he's not going on he's not gonna
00:36:32be part of that structure and I get that except for what the reality is going to be and for most players for most players the reality is gonna be a lot of time to Julie almost no matter where you get drafted a lot of first round picks are
00:36:46gonna spend a lot of time in the G. league and now you might be on an NBA contract and and that makes it worth it I totally get it but you know a guy who's on a two way contract can make to a contract means you can spend
00:36:57forty five days up to forty five days in the NBA in so you can make up to two hundred thousand dollars in a season which is you know much more than you could make in the G. like it like I think a to a contract I think it's
00:37:09like you're gonna make forty five or fifty thousand and you can make up to two hundred thousand and that might be better than college basketball for some guys but the guys were just on Julie deals making twenty twenty five thousand and traveling getting up at six AM and
00:37:23find southwest connecting through mid way to get to you know to go play the Memphis Hassel and then on to the next one it's not real glamorous and it's no where near playing in the big east ACC big ten where you're chartering and the facilities are great and
00:37:40you're playing in front of big crowds on TV you know the rush to get to the pros for the for the elite player of course go but for that marginal player and I think too I think in some cases you're better off in development with certain college programs
00:37:56in some cases I think the development with the team that does their G. legal right might be better than some colleges where I think it's a case by case but there is almost I think you see this two J. the longer you stay in school if you don't
00:38:10leave right away there's almost like this cred you lose that what we mean you're not good enough to go yet and where is when most guys really look at what the reality of pro life is it's really not that appealing especially your first couple years that hit the
00:38:27nail on the head and so for me the NC double a perspective %HESITATION you know my thing is and I realize there are number of players out there and a high percentage of them that that are looking at their pro pro futures as sort of pipe dreams %HESITATION
00:38:42they don't see it that way but but the rest of us are looking at their chance to sample a bit of a pipe dream for you to expect this and and your future but my thing would be you know what dream big but but you can do both
00:38:53you can get your education and have and still have those dreams because I know one thing all these NC double a colleges and institutions are not are not talking to the regular students about know what you know what you need and lower that people say well I'd like
00:39:08to go to Silicon Valley and I'd like to %HESITATION to get it is to have a tech start up the nothing you know what ninety percent of those things fail %HESITATION don't don't don't even think about doing that %HESITATION you know they're not doing that and they're not
00:39:20telling their their scholarship musicians or their scholarship %HESITATION %HESITATION acting students do not tell them you know how few people make it in Hollywood a lot of people are bussing tables they never make it they're not telling them that %HESITATION what they what they need to do is
00:39:36sell them on on pursuing their dreams athletically and getting their education and having you know having bad in their back pocket %HESITATION because you know it I did it a number of the issue almost everybody I played with that %HESITATION you can go to school pursue your athletic
00:39:53and get your degree and if you leave early %HESITATION you should be welcomed back to finish your degree and I think most schools are doing that most schools are welcoming back but %HESITATION %HESITATION we have to confront the reality %HESITATION that these kids are facing rather than this
00:40:08old cool idea that we have about well this kid's making a mistake and I've heard a lot about %HESITATION you know what you need to take responsibility is if you make a mistake that's on you if you leave early %HESITATION you know that's on you %HESITATION I don't
00:40:22necessarily think we need to we need to do that though I'm more of a look if you if you change your mind if you don't think you made the right decision come on back not just telling it while you're in the lead player so you can go and
00:40:34make a bad decision but but if you're just outside of that elite player status you're not allowed to make that decision that's gonna that's gonna negatively affect your life because we're not to let you come back I don't think that's the position the NC double a should be
00:40:46and I think a big part of why the league wants to open the doors back up to high school players is there was a time where would they want to go the other direction it was a high school player who come out but then you know players gonna
00:41:00stay two years in college of summer that baseball rule and that's kind of gone out the window here in I think the negotiations I think the league is moved off that I don't think the union would have gone for that but I think the motivation with the NBA
00:41:13isn't about what we're going to do the right thing this is the right thing to allow young people to pursue their dreams at eighteen or coming out of high school a lot of owners are putting a lot of money to these G. league franchises and they like to
00:41:25see a return on this money and I think they would like to see TV deals that might pay them a little bit and so this really on the end of this is not a been nel of it moved by Adam silver league I think a big part of
00:41:38it is dictated by getting star players into the G. league and selling tickets in those places been able to market those teams because that's where most of these guys %HESITATION whether they believe it or not %HESITATION really pay attention that's where a lot of these guys are headed
00:41:53especially at eighteen years old coming out of high school very few guys Kobe Bryant Kobe was unique but Kevin Garnett average five points a game his rookie year Kobe they those guys even go back there it took guys a long time to be able to make it in
00:42:09act and they're going to be in the G. like I think that that's the motivation of the NBA here and it'll be engine to see once those doors opening and maybe some guys initially flood through and see that reality if some of them don't say you know what
00:42:22anyone your college still is better for me than going to do that for a year yeah that's where I think we classification is going to be %HESITATION increasingly a bigger deal and we'll see what the US double A. decides to do with that but you know to my
00:42:34point on a guy a guy like Marvin Bagley and they're a bunch of guys that are doing this now %HESITATION you know used to be that that parents would hold their their kids back a little bit so that they be older players in high school in there for
00:42:46you no more physically and emotionally prepared for what they're going to deal with and they might going to college at age nineteen you know I started college just barely eighteen eighteen years old but now guys are nineteen and you know people were talking about last year Marvin Bagley
00:43:00well he really should be a high school seniors nineteen years old when he was well he was way older than Jackson was %HESITATION the for Michigan state they got they got taken in the top five in the draft and does so he wasn't he wasn't behind in any
00:43:14way %HESITATION he was he was %HESITATION you know he's held back in order to to be that old when he was supposed to be in high school so we're gonna see more of that and and so we're still going to have only yeah we're still gonna have a
00:43:26bunch of guys leaving after just one year so the the dynamic in college I don't believe will change all that much and as you mentioned it's not gonna change before twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two anyway but even once we get there %HESITATION people will have figured
00:43:41out more effectively how to manage their high school years so they can graduate early get into college and then take advantage of that instead of you know playing high school basketball before they go pro they'll be able to %HESITATION to train get better nutrition and better better facilities
00:43:58and all that in college and then go after one year and and you know the bottom line was which is all these things that the NC double a is doing right now do not address and then the way Brian Bolland getting a hundred thousand dollars or or things
00:44:13like that %HESITATION didn't address that in any way and what they're changing the recruiting calendar and in July did not address that in any way %HESITATION we're still going to have those same issues %HESITATION you know we're just kind of spinning our wheels in a way here and
00:44:28making it look like we're doing something meaningful but we're really not and %HESITATION in you know the rights commission came out and said %HESITATION Condoleezza Rice says we need to put the college back in college basketball and I was like what does that mean %HESITATION because you know
00:44:44if if a player is going to do Kerr St Bonaventure or we went to school %HESITATION and they're not going to class whose fault is that that you can say about about your fault if the kids are going to class was a freshman sophomore junior senior they can
00:44:57remedy that right away not going classic their uniform way to kick him out of school you know that's on them know incidentally rules gonna fix that %HESITATION so I've never I've never bought that idea that eight a one and done players don't even have to go to school
00:45:11their second semester yes they do right and their their their rules in place that require that if they don't do it that's on the university and %HESITATION and it's not on its not on the system itself so we got a lot to figure out in college college basketball
00:45:26but %HESITATION %HESITATION though though I'm sure the coaches that are trying to keep their heads down and and not talk about this %HESITATION football coach is the idea that this %HESITATION the the the same issues are prevalent in football is kind of laughable because they are absolutely he
00:45:40J. this with this was awesome I appreciate you %HESITATION taking the time I know will %HESITATION will catch up soon order anytime my friend thank you for having me thanks for listening to this episode awards pad and a big thank you to my guest today ESPN's J. bills
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