In part one of two episodes exploring intuition, Nastaran Tavakoli-Far speaks to a detective who had an intuition that someone was a serial killer, as well as hearing stories about firefighters who saved themselves from death after listening to their intuition.
She also speaks to psychologists, neuroscientists and a Nobel Prize winning economist to find out more about how intuition is formed and how it works, and also hears about intuition’s role in the world of politics.
Detective David Swindle – Head of Crime Solutions
Prof Gary Klein – Cognitive Psychologist and President of Shadowbox LLC
Prof Daniel Kahneman – winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in in Economic Sciences, Psychology Professor at Princeton University, author of ‘Thinking fast and slow’
Prof Antonio Damasio – professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of Southern California and director of the Brain and Creativity Institute
Dr Michelle Wright – Investigative Psychology Researcher and Chartered Psychologist
Right Honourable Lord David Willetts – Resolution Foundation and former UK Minster for Universities and Science
Presenter and Producer: Nastaran Tavakoli-Far
Editor: Richard Knight
(Image: Firefighter and Fire. Credit: Stock Photo. Getty Images )
United States


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