Cw: Please be warned- this episode is a bit more emotionally intense than our previous episodes, just in tone. Content warnings are listed below.

2:45- Eating disordered behaviors 2:58- Mention of child death 6:38- Eating disordered behaviors 8:30-8:36- Suicidal Ideation 9:50-10:25- Mention of child death 11:28-11:34- Threat of death 14:04- Implied marital abuse 14:11- Suicidal ideation 17:20-18:10 Hospital scene 17:54- Mention of marital violence 18:40- Mention of eating disorder 19:17-19:24- Mention of marital abuse 20:30-21:05- Magical violence and major character death 22:07- Eating disordered behavior

We wrap up the season by following the kids as they try to find Cola, Cola as she tries to figure out who to trust, and Junebug as she discovers maybe trusting anyone in the first place was a bad idea.

Starring: Leslie Gideon, Jeff Ebner, Julia Rose Herman, Elliot Frances Flynn, Dina Laura, Em Mantoani, Graham Rowat, and Vinny Ali

Produced by Jane Riegler

Music by Haylen Camelia Redwood and sound design by Cristian Ayala

This is a Whale Bus production

United States
explicit content


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