"My name is Jeff Dauler, and in May of 2019 I got fired."
"And my name is Callie Dauler, and I am SO HAPPY my husband got fired ..."
Callie is a talent assistant who is really insightful and sensitive and kind. Jeff is a radio personality and comedian who loves to make people laugh and usually says what everyone else is thinking. We've been married since 2016 (Callie’s first, Jeff’s second) and are working on our first human baby. (We’re already parents to a couple rescue dogs.)  Give us both a follow on IG (@CallieDauler and @Jeff Dauler) for a visual peek into our lives.
We've had the idea for a while to create something to spread the message about gratitude and finding the positive in every single situation.  That mindset has changed our lives for the better ... and we want EVERYONE to understand what we have learned.  It was just an idea ... until Jeff lost his job. We decided just a few days later that NOW is the time.
You're going to hear real life, real talk, and you're going to laugh. But it's not going to be the ‘life is always wonderful’ stuff that you get other places … we’re going to keep it real. And we know that sometimes, no matter how positively you WANT to process things, life hits you so hard that it seems impossible. We’ll handle those issues together. 
We'll share the ups and downs of our lives … the exciting and the mundane and the embarrassing.  We’ll talk about pop culture and news and whatever else comes to mind. And we'll constantly remind you how amazing it is to Live For The Upside. 
Our website is www.CallieandJeff.com and if you talk about this podcast on social media, please use #UPSIDEPODCAST.
United States
16 episodes
since July 21, 2019


episode 16 / August 16, 2019 We survived the first road trip EVER in our relationship! We are still married, but will Jeff ever take another long car trip with me?  I left something out of my normal routine all week and it's made me a nasty person. And Jeff has a surprise for me ... one of the members of N’Sync will be joining the podcast?!? (The above was recorded on July 7, 2019 as a 'practice' show.) Jeff has the equipment set-up and we just needed to record something so he can see how it sounds. He asks me questions you that came in on Instagram as we use our studio for the first time.   What’s the best item of clothing to spend extra money on? How do you stay positive in life when people can be so mean? What’s the secret to balancing all that you do? (The above was recorded in mid-June, 2019 as a way to test our equipment.) Thank you for listening, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us 5 stars, subscribe, and tell your friends about The Upside with Callie and Jeff!
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