Jessica Conrad is a Certified Life Coach with a Masters degree in Holistic Health Studies.  She works with all women looking to achieve life goals, but who may be stuck in their own way due to low self esteem or limiting beliefs.

"We work together to get to the core of the issue and learn how to move above it.  I specialize in working with women battling infertility/childlessness.  I am so passionate about this clientele because I was once there too.  I had Stage IV Endometriosis twice, had multiple surgeries, and was told by many doctors I wouldn’t be able to conceive. 

"Once I let go of what others had to say; once I stopped playing the same tape over in my head, - You’ll never get pregnant - I was able to live life to the fullest again.  I even became pregnant naturally and have a beautiful son!  My mission is to spread HOPE!"

Some of the topics we cover:

  • She will never be pregnant
  • Changed her mindset
  • Her miscarriage was a positive!
  • "You were wrong!"
  • Taking the blinders off
  • Contrasting cultures
  • Walking the desire vs lack line
  • Physical vs emotional readiness
  • Adoption or conception
  • Gabi considers adoption
  • How the pre-natal environment affects babies
  • Her clients find themselves again
United States
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