Hurricane Florence has been a big threat to many that are along the coast of the Carolinas. Thus, the same are our lives when we are not focus. This 4 part series is almost over as Dr. Marcus Hart presents part 3 of Focus that Delivers Results. Today on Transform U! Live Show he talks about the importance of Attitudes that Triggers Actions. He emphasizes that having a handle on your thought management is how you can begin to realize you attitudes are to start creating the right actions for more success in your life.This show is presented also on WXRW-LP 104.1 FM - Milwaukee on Riverwest Radio and YouTubeMore information is found here at these links:http://transformubroadcast.comhttp://realmarcushart.com http://riverwestradio.com http://youtube.com/c/MarcusHart Music snippets are credited to Bensound.com (royalty free background music) and WMG (Mac Miller - Come Back to Earth - Swimming copyright 2018)
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