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00:00:01Cheryl audio New York City it's the Todd Barry podcast
00:00:13hello everyone welcome to the Todd Barry podcast Paul chowdhry is my gas to use a comedian from the UK very popular they're very popular there
00:00:34I'm at about 2 years ago had a brief chat with him a little bit then reconnected with him and another trip to UK to the UK and he asked to be on my podcast I think he asked anyway and then he followed up when he was in New York that's the exciting backstory to how I got Paul chowdhry on the podcast upcoming shows this weekend August 19th I'll be in Wilmington Delaware my first ever show their at the baby grand which is at the Grand Opera House August 20th I'll be in New Brunswick New Jersey at the stress Factory September 1st through 3rd I'll be in Seattle at Bumbershoot
00:01:16September 23rd I'll be at the Boston Comedy Festival
00:01:20at the Somerville Theater I have a tease me some shows coming up that I haven't confirmed yet but one of them will be in Charlottesville and it will be a benefit I'll be donating my money and then I'll be announced pretty soon
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00:01:46my book thank you for coming to Hattiesburg is out and hardcover and audiobook and Kindle
00:01:54it's sort of a tour diary playing smaller-market City's decent reviews on Amazon I haven't checked Goodreads in a while but yeah and this podcast is brought to you by feral audio brings you this podcast and many many many other podcasts okay here's Paul chowdhry
00:02:26how did you how did you get lost I ended up using Google Maps and Google Maps has a hard time here in New York City do they really a bike but the way these New Yorkers drive that's pretty much a suicide mission is I've never I would even consider riding a bike here in the city or I haven't been on a bike rally in like 25 years they said to me safe yeah I just pretty much end up writing on the pavement
00:02:53did you have a helmet first time did Golf Club in ruislip Northwest me you and Omid djalili yeah that's right what was the guy that book that is nice guy I was on this yeah box they were zombies crowd and tell you that was your first gig in England nothing I don't use my first ever gig in England but it was one of the first I don't remember which my first but they it seem like a very like almost like a small-town kind of
00:03:53suburbian town in England I guess they weren't really it's sarcasm or whatever I do and it's a function room yeah the top of a golf club driving range outside the window Amber is not doing well and then we went to we went to Central London with Olivia when gave me you and that's right lotion to Central London age you too
00:04:30she's promoter I guess what she I can choose I don't know if she was a manager and promoter somehow she got me booked in London so I can book or the time yeah but the
00:04:43yeah so then we can we go to like a private club or something do you think I took you to a private members Club where I like that strippers and shit was it I think we had a drink
00:04:59I'm just me you and Olivia side of the table token Club basketball at Salsa para what's the what's the big difference they can stay open later they just means like you know normal people conquered in game like super stars for the states and the UK Olympic golf clubs does those establishments why do I come up with a new toy starting in September if you cakes before that starts say my uncle is well in the line and there's no hope to it whatsoever in fact the material that works exclamation different to a Works in England you know really and you have to find these American heritage
00:05:59do you know if this I feel like if anyone doesn't know the lift is there speak English properly yeah we do what we do over here but you do I mean cuz I can when I go over to another country I there's like always end up who did I say dumpster here today but I I don't know if it's kind of fun to take a chance and see if they'll be okay I don't have to completely translate everything just say she didn't see Ryan sticks where have you added Gotham yesterday how is that New York tonight at the stand I did Broadway's Saturday is to quite a few tips on what to do my podcast on Fridays but can you save you were actually we were sort of a we mentioned it the last time I saw you where did I see you I'll show you do the tough crowd work
00:06:59why don't ya I came with your book that yeah that was that was that like my last shows their second to last after you do the Sunday yeah that's right it was like things were going well and then towards the end it stops going by also your last memory is that what then go out so where else do we get together was that the two times we met then I think so
00:07:33and then we've been best friends since we been extremely tight we are and he talked about this podcast did you so and then you follow it up people follow up on this like I get some people pitched and it's not big enough podcast were like putting them out how famous am I in in the UK seriously
00:08:02amongst comedians were among the public is that true as well know that you sold out how many weeks are so yeah I'm in the shows were all like you did like what two weeks I think I just did five nights there at 5 I do now and again the tour I'm doing now starting September drink too much the Apollo and Wembley Arena well I see how did he lost the trial stuff how big is Wembley
00:08:58that's that's insane right that's my first solo show that I've done the O2 Arena 4 times but that was for a TV show channel for comedy. Of cherry + 15000 the same room that Kevin all plays in Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor press conference so it's perfect for, he's way too early for that
00:09:33for the magnitude of it to prepare for the enormity of it is what are some towns I'm doing like five six hundred seats sometimes a thousand sometimes 300° not England some towns adjust DeadZone spray so then 300 people Town up that's pretty much the whole town. 3600
00:09:59that is why I prepare fresh of 10,000 is going to be an interesting one
00:10:04how long is it to do the thing where you do like an hour and a break and then another hours also I did like an hour to break in the neuron 10:15 this time of when I was a fool and I'll just do it like an hour off down 45 stroke in England texted that text Alex and say hello to people in England I don't like it when you drink on stage Yukon that's fine I can you close that laptop sorry city of beautiful it sucks it's not but let's talk about how you were we just talking about you call me cuz I drink on stage
00:11:03even over here like 10 minutes at you doing the 10 minutes and UConn not ring for 10 minutes I only bring my drink on stage for 10 minutes at cuz I don't know where to put my drink seriously I just hope I can get 10 minutes of rough but I always feel like it does look a little low rent kind of like that dehydrated you going to use that much energy up on the stage or there's like 7 water bottles out there it is
00:11:36alphamon open did you sell yet also I sometimes
00:11:42what a comic like kind of stops and show or her show to sip something I would have done it but I also can I think I do a kind of take a little breather but you do it at the punchlines rather than I do it yeah I do it right before the punchline attitude gets a little tension leave alone pause before what are there any other of performer Pat peas
00:12:04well you know how you Here for a Good Time Brian of course a good time so they're hateful what about Make some noise do you make some noise you make the noise right and they make the noise if he is going well about singers that put the mic to this to the audience
00:12:24ugh so they could sing you sing the track so we paid for
00:12:30I've always wondered like I know musician but I don't know whether that I guess it's there's worse things and everyone singing your song but I was feel like when I'm at a concert I don't want to hear the audience right yeah I could go to the karaoke exactly exactly
00:12:47Sodexo wimbley support act Julie and Dean is a joke joke joke she's been around for a while and she's his big break how long will he do you do about 25 done when I have an opening I have to do like 12 to 12 on Sunday at Radio City Ryan so that the opener was Arsenio Hall he did about 35 right but he's kind of famous then Chris Rock went out 45 that's it huh Jeff Ross one after Chris Rock
00:13:47very nice guy and then Russell Peters 100 about 7 then Dave Chappelle been on it about 10 to 11 and did about 40 40 ish. How to get tickets for that night I got to look into the hell another the promoters I probably know the promoters also I'm ended up in three of the parties with Chappelle show it to you next to DJ khaled's okay I know that name but I don't I wouldn't know if I sat next to him though but I have to be fair he probably would know if he sat next to I'm sure you would I'm sure he's even been in your own little twist with that at night
00:14:40are you joking I can tell people seriously I don't joke about stuff you don't treat them like in a royalty this is your old is not based on people when they're dumb people as much as I do you know if they don't like celebrities that tell him in England over here is like their daughter like to eat their summer I mean you can get some blow back here it's really oh yeah I've been on Twitter and comments I mean I've never had it cuz it look at me let me know what's going to start trouble with me in this straight if anyone has no I look like right the kissing that what you look like a killer
00:15:40who Could Kick Your Ass
00:15:44that's have you ever witnessed a turban with someone with their vote about it about about Comics getting in a guys coming up to people coming up to them getting to the Bay of feedback when you're in a soap in England from the TV so people think the couch is real
00:16:03I don't believe it no one knows what reality shows anymore seriously the difference between reality show agent a great job that's why I'm here for you think would be harder for me cuz I haven't been to UK since he was President would it be harder for me to get to just now to pay he like would I take she had for being in America or would they assume maybe always a comic think about your friends probably will it if you point to come out and say you were Trump support would be a revelation to them really tested them
00:16:52gelato political comics in the UK know that many I mean it's not as big as it is over here but yeah we got a few
00:17:03I suppose the biggest is just a John or so
00:17:13they took my American politics many does me the different character of the time so where you staying in the hotel turn off weeks and the room is like it's pretty much you can stand in the same spot take a shower and change your clothes and brush your teeth order the same spot so yeah but three and a half thousand dollars for two and a half weeks is a bargain it's just you know this is what you go to the corner of my block and you can have all the war for $4 each. 3 lb
00:18:13that's right when I did come early and years ago it was 2 lb it was $2 to 2 lb so it's sort of outside.
00:18:32So did you have to do an extensive Hotel search yeah go travel agent to do it did it really seemed like that was the cheapest in the area and to say when I said come out I don't say where I am now yeah unless I come out here
00:18:47I'm a nutcase you can hear the sirens emotions as I know that's one of the most of the trademarks of the top Berry podcast is it some point Sirens silent sour gunshots Sirens or a cat meow occasionally did you come over with any time I do some cake so go quite a few gigs lined up now and and overstay this is the this is the biggest Steph are you doing around here to get Michael Rapaport podcast does he have a pocket I was on Letterman with him once and his I think
00:19:31someone that I feel like I should I'm not going to use him but they give you a t-shirt you know what's going on Letterman and mine was missing and he had a bunch of I could be wrong so I'm not falsely accusing but I do know I was missing like a letterman t-shirt it took you 11 t-shirt I think either he did or maybe one of his friends who just like I'll just walk in there while he's in the bathroom he's the Gringo Mandingo isn't he I don't know how tall can I am Rapaport base where's the lawn it is obviously there's no swearing on this podcast it's where you talk about the beginning of everything up and getting up to
00:20:24you would you talk about how kontes acceptable in the UK account that I would on this podcast I'm afraid she would use a budget on stage but now you send me a link to a guardian oh yeah article on you and it sort of implied it was sort of saying like you may have seen this guy but you might not have seen this guy but he's also playing in the arena is that this an accurate but yeah I think we'll basically I don't really do that much tv specials now but I don't do that much TV in England so I think they're saying that he sells Bussell pick numbers but I'm not like the big TV at Brian but she didn't Lund most Comics do TV before they do this to Stadium
00:21:24the big ignore that money, as I do stadiums but like the Arenas and crying like the big Apollo type venues why don't you do do not want to even England exactly that's it was like 10 cats or something. I want to do when I think I've seen clips of that when it's 12:00 assuming you know but they pay a lot don't they
00:22:12I will most the week I don't know
00:22:16I don't know my friend Chelsea Peretti did it once Josie do that there's a big the big sketch not the big scare the big TV when you were there last time well I can tell you my TV's to okay I did but one time I was there I did the show they do at The Comedy Store I would live at The Comedy Store and it went very well the next time they brought me back and
00:22:45it wasn't that I didn't go out it was well they had me on blast right and it's like 16 x 16 x doing pretty plus I get the audience there well ahead of time and I don't know why they put me on last night because it did go well the first time but maybe they're like he's going to that point but maybe not after 2:15 conference from the UK in the UK bike ride but I mean Russell Cain was hosting and he he kind of told them and I know he didn't do this maliciously he just kind of told him all you're going to
00:23:31you going to know where this guy's from once he starts talking and they had no idea where you're from well now that I think it just put them in their head like to listen to that and then and it was about what I did but it dies by that I don't think his heart was in the right place but I don't think it made things I've never seen before in my life is okay did you yes I did that and then but I would I did was I
00:24:04told the audience I go on you know I realize is going well but I can play to the camera and pretend I'm doing well so that's why I did that all can fix everything in the right stuff done live at the Apollo and died on the night and they've been austree record the set I want at the comex name rerecord the set to an empty room I was seriously to the crew waiting for the polls this but they've been forced to do this at enough cut in why you can fix everything I've never heard of that before I mean what year did recorded or is he like well whoever is it looks at after he chokes his sister is not going to be fixed anytime see this is going to be a few
00:25:02she likes slandered someone I think I've done that too many people already in his book me to the clubs anymore so it was just great cuz you tend to me a lot of comics culture over there just have the same Prestige suck over here and the club called you there's pretty much dying other clubs are in trouble is that you're like America was in like 20 years ago is junglers is that still a thing or so I think I'm struggling at the moment that's my that's my cat but she's cute so it's hard to it's hard to get mad at her house or less cut. What kind of cat is this
00:26:02I always forget what it like a ragamuffin yes did you make him get his people can't see her on the podcast so it's really freaking pull up maybe but this is kind of Darkrai streams thank you and I'm here looking at are going for what is good do you walk in England like the I read that you have and the guardian said he has a big Garden oh yeah I don't even like an actual house water when what section of it that's in face like I want to give away the area to an international audience
00:27:02say something stupid to the subway to Baker Street so is it at separate house or is like a rubber semi-detached yes like to have houses that house next to us it's 2 hours and then there's a division in this to at this separation is two houses just like a four-bedroom house down the damn seriously London like the most expensive city to live in in the world bank so yeah I think it's probably in December bedroom apartment in North London for
00:27:43which I've still got by just gave it to some tenants to you I have you ever thought of it do you ever thought of sort of I know you're over here in the States but he trying to work over here like two gigs or two gigs and then that wants it. So I'm going to be doing UK on 507 show so far to the tool and then Australia in April so that extends to Australia same tool and then come back and finish the UK tour then come back here seriously I don't know if I'll be able to I'm just wondering cuz I've never scheduled that many shows ahead of time I do a lot of them in over 6 as descriptive as a kind of a theme but
00:28:32I don't know if improvise a shin in the show as well so that me cry work a little people come to my shows for that so I was getting trolled so few years ago I was getting a little trolls and on Facebook and doing all kinds of platforms and then why I used to do was filmed them on my Snapchat expose them to film their profile so it did Prince me about something I would destroy them about something so I treat him like a Heckler and that I made about 10-12 videos of those and they must have done about 10 million views and then that off the back of that I started doing Victorious
00:29:07Annapolis all sold out 3 nights the Apollo + 1/4 of Brixton Academy in another it's 97 shows right so that's like you're a big turning on your career is I think so pretty much yeah what my online stuff but does that I mean does that encourage that's a problem sometimes too but right this is like this yeah he's here he's going to roast us so they want you to roast them sometimes which is so thirsty yeah okay great cuz I had the tamest except for one on its there
00:29:49it was great Matthew people in the UK talk about that special go to a lot of people talk about your specials I mean that you were at your Legend monster legends in English class and I'm not I'm not going to I'm not going to lie to you I'm curious about this
00:30:06how did they know I always wonder like how people know like aren't these guys videos are doing real well let's put them in a 3000GT place I don't take a chance I just put the shows on the most of my shoe show sold out without any PR so it shows when I was sale it was announced in that would sell out in town I don't know another part about it is if you don't see him doing everything on TV the only place they can see you is life so that is the downside to having a special I think it's like special so you know
00:30:42he wants punch you you do a special you buy the material and you going to need special so I don't know what else I got a special coming out I don't know when but it's hard like I don't necessarily have like the brand new our ready when we pull special comes out but then you go right it for like a year since you guys have a different way of doing it over there with your Attenborough different than our people do 5055 cuz of the turnaround time so they ride that is pretty much since September so obviously I didn't result August the whole month if you do the whole run Bryant Plus I'm headed to week from which is much that's what I did last did you tell me how much is a grand if you're not like maybe if I was really famous a pack of them in for a month ago. Is a nice little boy first time in 2004 or 2003 I can remember I play the assembly
00:31:42oh yeah I was there as well that was rough that was a rough month didn't like it and it was like the best of the fast was in like the Next Room in a pack of that I'm playing this town this weekend and I think you'll
00:32:15you'll be fine there I think Airlines as well so I came here years ago parents and end comic strip Lucian oh wow you know he passed away right yeah someone told me before I go on that flight it would have been
00:32:35it would have been easier to know it's Welcome to New York instead
00:32:51probably a typo I think everyone think of doing everything so these hundreds how far ahead are they booked until next April 18th so that's a year
00:33:13tour dates and he is that's just the way you guys doing over there huh I don't think so really it's not that there's only like to 1015 Comics that do it that way doesn't attend I think I'm in the top 10 of the UK top selling acts so what you mean obviously Jimmy's TV so he doesn't you do that's true too he I think he told me that he he likes to keep it relatively small
00:33:47small rooms as much as I enjoy doing big but it's a different type of performance Riot Room when you go above 3000 that's when it becomes more performance-driven
00:34:00fried is it to still do the crowd banter with a yeah you still do it but then nothing once you go over 5000 is when you need two screens how can I so once me the screens than the the intimacy of the band over the front row changes a little bit do you do get nervous at all find a big broom
00:34:24pretty much the same
00:34:26yeah pretty much the same yeah but obviously when there's so many people that come see you in one room
00:34:33you know but even when 500 people or 200 leaving one of the previews to that you people that's where I write the show son even when we write the show you punch to the clubs for a while get the beach together then I start doing previews in this like 80 people 200 there sometimes 5200 that's when you put the show together rice then it end up your mat 2 hours and I'm trying to choose let down so I can turn off
00:34:58as long time an hour and a half is a long time yeah but I think it's quite normal in England right are there any, so do just like an hour or an hour but yeah that's they may well be in that was for the first off bathroom that's a model of a that call inside was an hour a year into this HBO Spain Ryan right and then obviously Louie Lily stole that idea very good friend of yours in it good friend of mine and I haven't seen him in a while to routine if I'm in the show HD really came up to him and wanted a picture take pictures Ryan's so do whole story about my fans wanting a picture of them so I don't take pictures of my fans sleep at this time routine
00:35:57when America Row in England and I'm going to I need to I need what you got here just like a man choking a cat like being in the Bond film do you get the alarm system so maybe I shouldn't talk about how to get my friend there with his gun I left the door open can you check in your texting you can Facebook post you responded to the person's name every now exposed in my film that profiles I would rip them and you also bicycle
00:36:57and and Twix. Sticking to it sometimes YouTube what was their angle like what would a man it was a racist there with a everything but the feedback I get from from fans fans anybody, say but yeah that would be racist homophobic I'm not gay but that be homophobic abuse
00:37:25what you did was homophobic saying announce you're not going to be taking some heat from some of your jokes jokes let's hear some heat
00:37:43so you can that's the thing about this is about everything sort of meal comes back he stations who else is one crakes take you jokes.com text I think that's the worst part where they put they put in the build-up on the punchline diminishes will responsibility for any offense but they'll just stick in the original setup like one of my status is I don't believe in gay marriage Brian does pay off that joke which right retrieving contracts but then you'll see a great book put up a joke about gays
00:38:18yeah it's not a lazy lazy Rider pretty much yeah Comics don't and they said they were going to the end of the Run yeah I was not able to I was just I mean I would forget that first year was really sweating cuz I I wasn't used to that like you're over here you're not the guy for the time to seriously why but are there examine you would have full comedy it's in in in in Edinborough it's like students writing students are like yeah that's usually weeks in his leg that 19 year old kid sometimes Roofing comedy
00:39:18yeah they just like the tide spill is going to hell yeah you seem right about sports you want to preview some shows yeah I can do that sometimes it's just so what about Siri don't you do right on it is yeah I feel you I'm not trying not to I probably don't we order them that the big ones sometimes it's hard not to but we just came through them have you have you ever had a reviewers make a good point where you like that's actually legit criticism I don't think you should be taking good criticism is the same as taking back what you mean when you get bad review and then you get a good review Yukon you know if you stop believing for the Rye about you but I said he said this and maybe
00:40:07is it tough question no
00:40:12I just got done doing what I think is funny how those I think they'd be doing it right then you have to do it then be sitting on the toilet Berry podcast that's right now so I got pretty good reviews Admiral the first year I did but the first since UK and then and then I got pretty good reviews this is going to change everything but I'll be playing with your weiner after this we're on the books anyway but once you tour start cuz we have to I have to wrap this up September 1st
00:40:47I'm not short-changing I have an appointment who's coming along I do in America to get bumped because you got lost two big comic stand up the sella famous enough right heel cut you off I don't thank you but I could tell you once we're done here
00:41:39it'll be easy yeah you're close, close yeah you are close you probably 10 minutes. How many thousand miles from England what you mean how far is England from me from here and is it like four thousand miles thousand yeah I got some friends and family and in some ways that get me in I'll get you free flight free but you know
00:42:10you don't know much money he just saved $10,000 from business is which airline I'm allowed to say I look pretty with people and then let's give him a free ticket to the gate
00:42:39I need a hook up like that tickets I mean I asked for free shipping I get it stations but I think it's going on the black market in England for 350 lb the $10,000 ticket on British Airways to actually but the problem was the venue the game called Big also I was sometimes in the 48 longer than I was asking the show for Brian so you know you're out there for an hour-and-a-half sometimes things like to have here where it's like a VIP package and I pay extra that's a good they don't have that yeah she getting paid more to this little greedy right the first time to see you afterwards it's good idea
00:43:34I think who does that Jim Gaffigan might he might I shouldn't say that he does like yeah right if I'm work GM if I'm wrong about that I apologize but I feel like it's listen to this book cuz I think he's busy but I'm sorry that guy does it yeah he's like the r version of You by Kidz Bop Kids. Single man. You know I have a girlfriend let me send look at my list I made a list of this is a good list yeah I know just as meet? NYC? Already in Wembley same in the US every right now anyways I would recognize you a few times but I think I've been briefed people or so in a little people are at this is peak season is the fall holidays
00:44:31I know you know I got gas for a few selfies but
00:44:37yes different female HughesNet you come over the streets if you're famous in America in New York you can I'm in table I mean I get it a little bit but I don't I don't get it yes yes your picture I can picture then I was being like hey I'm doing a shower as a guest list that you can do that I just gave you a picture and block the entrance to the coffee shop you can give away free tickets. You don't need to your big shows in England as well
00:45:28I don't know what to tell ya is Louie bigger thing pretty much I think it's very well
00:45:39so and you on that show I know and I smell like how I should I should play like half-size place yet you should be doing 5000 in England easy
00:45:51I'm surprised that I don't have one this is the problem I think I need to promote you an English man alright I'll start September 1st and your website for charter.com charter.com and same with your Twitter but I have as your Torah tsoul down some tickets so I don't know why are you here then condoms kind of tied up loose ends and just saying I saw that last 500 tickets and then it's Nottingham in shutesbury or or oh you know but Devin will the depths of Manchester Inverness Inverness and setting that what I Think We're Alone
00:46:51child refuses thanks for being here man thanks man I'll see you guys later

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