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00:00:09Stick with tom like this's where we talk about the worlds of high end wines to still spirit craft beers and the good life that goes with all the good stuff we love to taste thank you so much for tuning in and being part of the program We're gonna
00:00:25talk about winery that i found that a very unusual way maybe most unusually ever you know in napa and sonoma together there are over eight hundred licensed wineries so you can't know him all and you can't have tasted the ball and i was try ving around the napa
00:00:43valley with my tesla model s and my battery was running low and that the time tesla had no place to charge aa battery in the napa valley nowhere so i called tesla and i said where do i go What do i do So the guy on the phone
00:01:02said to me well have you been to the sullivan winery Have you been there I said no where is it to He told me where it was he said they've got a charger and so knowing nothing else about the winery i drove myself there with a little bit
00:01:18of juice i had left in my battery and i plug my car in and because it was going to take at you know at least an hour to get a decent charge i went inside and decided start tasting the winds at sullivan rather produced eight that's where i
00:01:34wass and i tasted amazing wines the fact that tesla had recommended me to a winery and i love the wind it would to me it was an amazing story and so here i was at an event in the beverly hills area and i met kelly sullivan from sullivan
00:01:52rather for the state and here we are we're gonna taste through these wines formally thanks so much for coming in Well thank you very much for inviting me so i just amazing thing that you know it wasn't wine spectator wasn't robert parker and you may have been in
00:02:06all of those places it was tesla's that got me to come in and try you want so you just step your car and you just step yourself why did i tell you what i enjoyed both thoroughly wonderful Thanks so much for coming in Talk to us about your
00:02:20winery How did your family get into this business Well it's interesting because my father actually we were raised in l a in hancock park and my father used to make wine in his backyard for years and years and he i could never really find the greatest grapes he
00:02:35was looking for so the wine was mediocre and for years from nineteen sixty two to seventy two he was looking for better and better grapes ended up on the rhetoric bench in the napa valley and we purchased our first vineyard in nineteen seventy two Wow and so you
00:02:53went from you know just making wine in the garage of the backyard in los angeles to making wine in the napa valley Yes i've been washing bottles all my life home by you know a lot of people do think that making winds very glamorous profession but i happen
00:03:09to know that the wine business is full of people just like anybody They're farmers they're investors they're entrepreneurs They are families but the glamour part of it is usually visit yes it's Interesting because my father i was so passionate about the terroir the earth the quality that you
00:03:31would be able to get from the soil and the napa valley was just perfect for the cabernet sauvignon that he wanted to produce in nineteen sixty eight dry wine out actually outsold sweet wine And so my father truly felt he was going to be able to bring in
00:03:47a beautiful dry cabernet sauvignon with an old world quality to it You know today nobody even thinks to use the word dry when you talk about cabernet sauvignon that's pretty much the style now of cabernet but there was a time when people talked about it being dry or
00:04:02sweet yes years ago sweet wine was very very popular and now people's palates have really developed and love california wines and we're so excited that we get to bring it to you guys now talk to us about the concept every winery every family every company that in the
00:04:17wine business they all have a theme well they all have a an over arching theme that kind of ties all these wines together what is the theme that runs through these ones Well we are truly terroir driven so we grow our grapes on the referee bench in the
00:04:35napa valley the red river bench is famous for this rather for dust mineral quality in the wines and one of the things that makes our winery so unique is that we only produce forty five hundred cases in nineteen seventy to eighty one we only produced a couple hundred
00:04:54cases to twenty four hundred cases and we love the fact that you know we were one of the early wineries in the seventies and we're still very small very unique very family we're all family owned and my brother runs the winery and i do all the aesthetics and
00:05:13all the artwork and the paintings that you see when you come to the winery and in the house we have a beautiful courtyard where everyone gets to relax it's a very unique very kind of magical experience when you come and the winds themselves i'm amazed at the quality
00:05:31of the wines i'm amazed at you know they were consistent all the way through the line of wines i tried and i'm very excited be trying the current vintage here now as we sit but that's not always the case some winery specialising one varietal or one's great the
00:05:51others air good or whatever but i noticed a real consistency in the quality of these thank you we emphasize making big bold red deep flavored full body red wines we have a merlot and a reserve miller low that we call james o'neill merlot and we also have a
00:06:12cabernet sauvignon and a reserve cabernet called james o'neill cab earning and we also make a very delicious elegant old style old world bordeaux blend which is capt frank cabernet sauvignon merlot which is very soft and elegant beautiful Why don't we put one of these wines in the glass
00:06:35and we can talk about it I think we'll start with some sauvignon blanc we make two whites we make a sauvignon blanc and a chardonnay and i'm going to pour the sauvignon blanc for you today beautiful very nice We're talking with kelly sullivan it's sullivan rather produce states
00:06:52vineyards and winery and their web address so you know is sullivan wine dot com that sullivan wine dot com this is the sauvignon blanc Tell this bit about this one Well this is an interesting line because we grow the grapes in rutherford right along the red peppered river
00:07:11and ready for cross road so we actually purchase these grapes And because it's grown in a little bit warmer climate it has a beautiful tropical knows that's very different than other sauvignon blanc is very unique theirs guava sense a pineapple and a little bit of citrus on the
00:07:33nose and in the taste as well in that first taste it's interesting We put fifteen percent of this wine on a very light one hundred percent new french oak barrels for about five months which kind of gives it a little bit of a softness as well but it
00:07:50has a nice strong acid soviet bloc is one of my my favorite varietals and they run all over the place as faras what the styles are this one is layers of flavor it's a very big wine for a white wine of if people think white one is boring
00:08:09or bland this is not that no it's not has it lingers for a long time on your tongue and it has really nice acid so it's bright and fresh and it's wonderful in the afternoon on a hot summer day i must say now is that because of the
00:08:27barrels you uses that because just simply the the fruit that you get on that rather for bench the fruit is beautiful and ripe and the barrels added a new really nice bonilla nuance to the quality of the wine that is a delicious wine what is the price point
00:08:44of this one This wine retails for thirty four dollars a bottle and if you're a wine club member you get a discount on that i love that tell us about your wine club are well our wine club in ships three or four times a year depending on the
00:09:01lines and you commit to a about a case of wine a year and we have a few different clubs so you could be in the white club in the mixed club and then we have a founder's club which is just the high end very reserve wines that we
00:09:17sell right on with only forty five hundred cases these winds are in short supply so when you join the club you have access to the winds that the public probably wouldn't even see in there one shop no these winds are very closely held so no you wouldn't see
00:09:32it in your down the street in the normal wine shop at all usually people come enjoy the wines with us at sullivan vineyards and get to know us and then they you know take home they're winds for the year i asked the same question of many family vintners
00:09:47and that is this there are so many good wines so many good labels how do you step up How do you get people to know you're either obviously sitting here and having this conversation would be one way but how did you find the people to buy up those
00:10:02forty five hundred cases every year Well my father it was an amazing passionate very pure man who just truly felt honored to be able to make one in the napa valley and people felt that when they came and they met him and people have been buying her winds
00:10:19for forty years and they keep coming back we have such a loyal following its omit were amaze it's beautiful it's gotta be fantastic especially when you've got gray wines and you want people to know you want to bring more people to the party but you've got those loyal
00:10:38core customers who come to you time and time again that isn't that a great thing Yes it's wonderful we're extremely appreciative ing very very grateful to be able to take what my father had started and take his legacy and be able to take it to the next level
00:10:54and truly build on that and make greater and greater wines What are we gonna try next year Okay we're going to try a merlot Okay This is a sullivan Rather produce state vineyards and winery and the web address sullivan wine dot com that's sullivan wine dot com all
00:11:15right tell us about this merlot Okay this merlot is a beautiful merlot we had just re planted So this particular nineteen i'm excuse me Two thousand thirteen this merlot we have mixed a little bit of saint alina fruit and rather proved in this particular vintage But after since
00:11:37the new planting is coming around we will go back to one hundred percent of state It has ninety two percent merlot five percent cabernet sauvignon and we grow petit pardo on our vineyard a state which were extremely excited about because we get to add just a touch of
00:11:53it Tio are red wine so there is three percent petit for dough in this one Wow i pitied for dole really does give you some back bonnell tannic backbone in there and you can tell that that backbone is there that this wine you know people can joke about
00:12:08marlowe but there's a serious marlow that you can age this is a serious merlot that you can age It has amazing structure amazing acid and we are still drinking a ninety eighteen eighty former low and just yesterday a gentleman came up to me and the tasting him was
00:12:25just he kept begging for the nineteen eighty nine merlot which was just had a phenomenal rating and and was reviewed as one of the best merlots next to patrice so we're truly very very proud that we have a great merlot to share with you beautiful and again while
00:12:45merlot has had its years where too many people were making it too many people were making something bland and mainstream this one definitely stands out i'm enjoying the nose on the nose i'm enjoying the oak it has a beautiful vanilla knows to it and it has deep cherry
00:13:05quality that you would find in a cabernet sauvignon and truly if you're a cab lover than close your eyes take a taste of this wine and you will go back to merlot absolutely oh no it's it's fantastic much in the way that france never stopped taking marlowe seriously
00:13:24during all the years we were joking about it or people were replanting getting out of the merlot business this's a serious wine that could be taken as seriously as any cabernet Yes for sure the french they just don't put merlot on the label the french have always taken
00:13:41marlowe seriously and even during the years when we were joking about marlowe are aa lot of wineries we're getting out of them are low business they continue to take it seriously if barlow is the backbone of most bordeaux's and so depending on whether you're left bank all right
00:13:57bank there's marlowe in that blend most of the time and it's a serious one and taken seriously by the french so this wine is kind of for me it's in that tradition in that this is not something bland you would order by the glass because he didn't know
00:14:13what to order This is something you would look for you'd seek it out oh definitely people love it with lamb and flame in your just a beautiful cheeses any cheese with a little bit of pepper or truffle truly adds a beautiful quality to the flavor of the wine
00:14:30of delicious and the price point of this one This wine retails for sixty five dollars a bottle and we actually only made three hundred ninety seven cases of this wine wow yeah so when you get it you've got something no doubt about it Kelly sullivan is our guest
00:14:45sullivan rutherford a state vineyards and winery sullivan wine dot com is the website go see the wine toward tasting order some of these wines and see if you feel the same way about them as we do that sullivan wine dot com and there's more to come on the
00:15:02tasting room with top like this don't go any you know how much i love red wine and you know how passionate i am about it I've been doing this show for eleven years but at some point i decided to jump a fence to become a vintner and i
00:15:29have worked very hard on this project and i am so proud of the result itar twenty fifteen sending as valley pedal to the metal sarah i made it in conjunction with our friend and partner here joshua clapper and he is one of the great central coast winemakers and
00:15:48did such an amazing job with his beautiful deep dark rich some might say for voting red wine and this beautiful sera goes so well with things like barbecue brisket i've smoked my own and it's just amazing with this wine also pedal to the metal twenty fifteen goes well
00:16:12with stakes chops maybe about pork ribs coming out of your smoker right And it even goes well with pasta I am so proud of this wine i've worked so hard on it with josh i want you to taste it and the only way you're going to taste it
00:16:30is to get your hands on some pedal to the metal and you can do that this way All you have to do is go to our website it's tom dot wine tom dot wine as in w w w dot tom not wine by the way you know the
00:16:46best pairing i have found the pedal on the metal I took some organic ground beef and some garlic pepper and i made a couple of hamburgers which i made on a cast iron skillet put them on some beautiful big buns and tasted them with pedal of the metal
00:17:04and they knocked me out Look don't take my word for it Try it and see for yourself Go to www Dot tom dot wine for pedal to the metal way continue with suspicion of tasting with tom like its way We're joined by kelly sullivan sullivan rutherford estate vineyards
00:17:35and winery there weather does sullivan wine dot com we're tasting some of these great ones We're talking about them What do we have coming up next year We're going to be tasting a two thousand thirteen cabernet sauvignon with ten percent petite their dough tell us about fatigue for
00:17:53dough now people starting to see it more like one hundred percent petite for dole and bottles But when it's used as a blend what does it do do for that one It adds a beautiful floral quality to the nose and as an elegant spiciness onto the finish of
00:18:11the wine it adds an extra complexity that adds depth And longevity to the wine and it's just an elegant it's traditional in bordeaux wines to add a little bit of petite their dough and we're fortunate enough to have the greatest soil for that particular does so we we
00:18:28planet just about i think about five rows i'm i think and we're pleased to put a little bit in our merlot are a little bit in our gordo blend and our cabernet sauvignon yes and petit verdot go adds a bit of that tannic backbone that makes a wine
00:18:43age gracefully elegantly beautifully Yes we're actually going to be coming out in the fall with a one hundred percent petit cadeau wine I'm a lover off what they call the blending grape so petite for dough cab Franck is now more mainstream than it was when i started drinking
00:19:00and you could even get a hundred percent cab Frank you couldn't even get it most places and now you're starting to see it a lot of places these blending they called blending grief because in general over the years you'd see five or ten or fifteen percent of these
00:19:15wines in a blend but you never saw them by themselves right and now we have planted a small area of cabinet franck now beck and petit cadeau so that we can use those blending all of our winds and make them a little bit more elegant in a little
00:19:33bit more finesse So what do your fans and you guys have a hard core A group of fans fan base your wine club What did they tell you What kind of feedback do you get from your biggest fans Well our fans love to tell stories about my father
00:19:49He was an amazing man and had great integrity and purity in terms of making just this beautiful full body structured cabernet sauvignon They they just loved coming and sharing with him and eating with us at our family table and my mother loved to cook and my father was
00:20:09out making wine in the barn and you would drive down the are dusty little dirt driveway which was fantastic and my dad would get off his tractor or he'd be in the winery you know blending some wine and you'd walk in and he'd say anyhow you do and
00:20:26you won't try some wine and then they too dumb for hours hours isn't just talk and about line and taste all of the barrels and the bottles and then my mom would you know she would just be cooking away because my dad was drinking so it was like
00:20:40let's beat everybody so everyone would walk across the courtyard to the house and we'd all have a wonderful large family dinner every night with you know wonderful guests that i loved the sullivans that that family element i think is so important to the people who are your big
00:20:57vans they love knowing about that and they feel closer to you as a result yes they do they love having the family running the winery growing the grapes making the wine and out there selling it it's it's we're a throwback to the old times and we we appreciate
00:21:18it and we're grateful and we just we love to just make just a little bit of great great great wine and your location looks like a family home it looks like what it is so it's not something that was created by a wall street company toe mimic a
00:21:34residence or maybe this is a place where you guys have grown up and hung out and done all this work and and and your fans know it yes it's fun because when we built the house it was in nineteen seventy eight and the boy scouts from l a
00:21:50that my brothers became eagle scouts and they all came up to the napa valley and we put up the winery together all the boy scouts it was amazing it was great they stayed for a couple weeks and we and they pounded it out and after that let me
00:22:05tell you the houses is a beautiful beautiful home that's designed by a general by the name of john mars davis who loved frank lloyd wright john l sullivan and there's just tremendous high beamed open beamed ceilings and glass walls and you can see three hundred sixty degrees almost
00:22:24around the vineyards because we live up on the second level So you just have this stunning view of just of oceans of vineyards all around us and it's was before its time for sure and special to you as a kid right I mean could you ever imagine not
00:22:42being there No i could never imagine not being there was very very very special special home for us So they obviously you guys pay this certain attention to the wind that maybe a big company wouldn't pay attention to In other words you know your customers you know many
00:23:00of them by name Yeah and they if you didn't get the job done and didn't make the great wine they expected they feel comfortable telling you that Oh definitely they would say hey this one's a little lighter than last year What did you do Different Yeah yeah sure
00:23:15And so i can tell that you've got this dedication and devotion to it that you don't often see one of the great things is that we've done a tremendous work in our vineyard to really bring the level of our grapes up and we've also done as well in
00:23:31the we rebuilt the winery and everything is on brand new french oak we are we've really risen to the occasion in the napa valley to truly produce a great great one and by the way there's always more wineries The most amazing thing is that how that number continues
00:23:49to grow Many of the wineries are not even literal wineries they are river jewel wineries so there are labels winds that produced it custom question facilities like napa wine company So the number of wineries continues to multiply and so having that relationship and making great wine and having
00:24:09a pact with your end use or your fans your customer base it really means something it does and they love to come to the winery and truly share in our family They love to be part of that success and they believe in our family and they love to
00:24:26hang out with us so we're we're invite them for dinner and we'd love to have them come as often as possible It's wonderful and you i imagine you recognize faces names when people coming yes definitely yeah you remember you know they bring their dogs and and their children
00:24:45and you know in a lot of the young girls that came when they were very young with their parents You know they love to have parties and a few of them have wanted to get married at sullivan even though we don't really do weddings And it's been wonderful
00:24:58We have a huge extended family that we share our winds with a great life right it's A great life Yes How great is that Yeah Now we have time for one more wine and you brought one more right I did I brought one more wine It's actually a
00:25:12cab Franck Cabernet and merlot blend it's forty nine percent cabernet franck thirty seven percent cabernet sauvignon and fourteen percent merlot Wow all a state proved this particular wine was named after my father named it the kurd avian which means heart of the vineyard And that was his belief
00:25:34in growing great great quality grapes And that makes the wine itself So this is something i always like to pass on to our listeners You know uh wine is not just about drinking the one it's about savoring it in every possible way The color that the nose on
00:25:51the wine um it they get that little wine a swirled in the glass guettel oxidation going it truly helps when you can open the bottle decanted let it breathe and within fifteen twenty minutes it's like the world just opens up it's the rainbow start to glow it's beautiful
00:26:11this particular wine has a very interesting it has a raspberry tone in the aroma well that's nice we talked about this at lunch that i'd like to taste this wine tomorrow morning oh yes you did yes because a lot of people the next day after a party right
00:26:30they just dump out there the partially used bottles and they don't realize that wine has been decanting now for a good twelve fourteen sixteen hours you're throwing out something really great don't ever throughout yesterday's redwan oh definitely and this is a two thousand thirteen so it is very
00:26:48very young and it will taste it actually will taste better the next day no doubt and you can tell right there what's the price of this bottle but it was a one hundred dollars a bottle amazing quality incredible and i think anybody who enjoys good red meat whether
00:27:06it is a steak or whether it is a smoked meat coming out of a smoker barbecue brisket they would work with all of them yeah we love to cook a fleming yell or a dry aged rib eye is just real thick cut thrown on the barbecue with some
00:27:24salt and olive oil It's just fantastic This wine goes so well with food it you a little bit of cheese a little bit of pepper cheese or steak and it's you'll enjoy it so much more there's One thing about this wine that's really interesting is that the tannins
00:27:42air very resolved so it's very smooth even though it's a boy big wine and those tannins just kind of culture tongue and it adds texture to the quality of the palace These are beautiful ones I want our listeners go to your website I want them to discover see
00:28:01the wines that we've been tasting you just go to sullivan wine dot com and you can you can see the labels and you can see what we're talking about Order some of these winds Let us know if you agree or disagree We'd love to know but i can
00:28:14tell you these red wines would be top notch with with barbecue any red meat delicious and that's The next thing i'm thinking about is doing some serious cooking ad using just ali Little bit of these red wines and and see where that goes it's going to be fantastic
00:28:31Kelly so much fun talking to you about your family in your family business and these delicious wines And do you have visitors who are strangers Were not members of your wine club D do you have a tasting room People Oh definitely We have a tasting room and by
00:28:46appointment but where we love to have everybody come if if there's time for us to meet you and share our winds with you but please come We have a beautiful courtyard it's very intimate and relaxing there's always a nice cool breeze running through in the shade and please
00:29:05come and visit us Fantastic Thanks so much for coming in Thank you kelly sullivan it's sullivan rather for the state vineyards and winery go to their website sullivan wine dot com that's sullivan wine dot com and there's more to come on the tasting with top like this don't
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00:30:47time when past dina at lucky baldwin's trappist public cafe and with us wear talking to the owner operator of peggy simonian peggy thank you so much for joining thank you for our environment How did this whole lucky baldwin's concept begin How'd you get into this Uh my business
00:31:06partner david farm with was part of the old lucky baldwin's that has been around for many years s o we in nineteen ninety six we took over the lucky board winds and created what is today um through a lot of hard work uh working night and day we
00:31:29actually were the pioneers of many of the biz that are available now here on the west coast of the belgian these and that's how we go about right let's talk a bit about the whole craft beer movement and you guys have been like the epicenter of that for
00:31:46a very long time What was that like when you started How did you come up with the concept of having all these taps Everyone in first came to l a in the eighties to live really There was not a lot of beer you know there were the mainstream
00:32:01brands and that's right Maybe a little sam adams might creep in and that was it and i'm looking over at your bar here that looks like about one hundred tap handles air show well there's that here a trappist there is sixty five beers on tap that we have
00:32:16we offer sixty eight old town location and we've got actually forty eight at sierra madre but yeah back in the day back in nineteen ninety six when we started lucky baldwin's we didn't actually there wasn't a specific concept but my business partner david farm with was very much
00:32:36into beer in those days the craft beer was sierra nevada on dh craftsman brewing company was only just starting then he's a local brewery here in al tina which we feet it featured all of his beers and it was a platform for him tio showcase his biz so
00:32:56as we were in the business in those days and back in ninety six old town was not a desirable place to be so it was empty um but through word of mouth on dh opening long hours way decided to build our business on dh slowly we started to
00:33:16just keep adding more taps and adding and adding and adding and and it is what it is now and many of these beers unlike other the craft beer bars made these beers are not local many of these beers in from elsewhere and you talk about the belgian the
00:33:32style ales with belgian ales i always wondered how do you get that beer economically it's like belgium that capacity well it's funny you should ask me that question because in the early days many of these bears were no available oh here on dh that's where lucky baldwin's really
00:33:51played a great role in a pioneering and opening the road to get the's biz to have access here on the west coast so in those days we when we started off first belgian beer festival in nineteen ninety nine i believe we were mohr educators and i remember the
00:34:13the guy from the owner of global beer his name was johnny in those days he would come and sit on our patio on dresses a monk and a lot of beers weren't available on tap There are only available in bottles on dh he as a monk he would
00:34:30go and we would describe and talk and taste on dh it was really educating people about the different belgian beer so as more mohr was demand for it and we would actually have to commit to a whole palette of one beer to be shipped just for us from
00:34:49belgium It wasn't economical then but it was mohr where where lucky baldwin's is is more on the path of giving everybody the opportunity of experiencing these good quality beers and that's and that really is where we are today A lot of is that we have currently on tap
00:35:10Many beer bars don't carry them because they are very expensive and the belgian beers that we do carry ah premium top quality biz they are expensive but you have a new option of you know being able to try these days now you have educated people and obviously you
00:35:32build a client base a customer base and people now come back and they have a certain level of expectation I imagine that barket getting raped it does and it's becoming harder and harder but over the years the craft beer movement here on the west coast has really taken
00:35:51a huge stand and so a lot more people are more educated in beer today as they were maybe twenty years ago uh people's palates have changed people are expecting mohr you know there was a time when a lot of people were in tow epa is very hoppy beers
00:36:15but it's what's really great about beer is that the brewery's can play with beer they can make all sorts of beers so is is just never ending it's a never ending yeah daddy still unlike some of the problems they have in the wine business or in the spirits
00:36:32industry that you know we we hear people talking about a supposed bourbon shortage or uh in two thousand two everyone was planting surat because everybody wanted to rob five years later when those winds were producing people were sick of sarah but but with beer freshness is such an
00:36:51issue that you can stop making a beer and start making another beer you could turn on a dump exactly there's many different opportunities and avenues with beer there's so many diversities thatyou khun take with beer that it's never ending talked about why perhaps you selected these that we're
00:37:11about to try here well you have a selection of four beers here on dh and of course i couldn't i would love for you to try them all because each and every one of them is very unique in flavor and taste and everything that we have here on
00:37:27tap is premium quality beer so starting off i have given you what's called the lucky baldwin's triple crown which is brewed by mother earth down in san diego you brood just specifically this beer for us to serve only exclusively in our pubs now this is it's a hoppy
00:37:51beer but it's not over the top up that's right so um we had a discussion of what kind of beer they were going to make for us and that was a way we have a huge clientele of that light hoppy beers but it's not overly hoppy i'm not
00:38:06a huge hot head there's many people that love hoppy beers but i wanted to be that i could have several drinks of it it wasn't too strong and it's just it's a very easy very easy and flavorful beer it's an excellent bear everyone loves it now is this
00:38:26an idea What is this it is they would process an ipod yes yeah well we're fresh so my dad by the way i i am hopping on i'm not ashamed to say so um and and some hoppy beers are challenging in that you can't sit too much can
00:38:45drink too fast then when that's quaffable beer it supposed be on every day you could drink mr in the morning you can drink it lunchtime you can drink at night is not aggressively hoppy right which is exactly what we wanted delicious but you can only get it here
00:39:04in lucky ball that's right Only a lucky baldwin's yes school of lucky baldwin's triple crown lucky baldwin's triple crown very no yes what am i trying next year though the next one is from craftsman brewing company who is a local brewer who has been with us from day
00:39:22one actually he is a has a brewery up in al to deny a very local to pasadena hey was very much a supporter of lucky baldwin's and were equally support his beers and you are tasting lucky bull s craftsman poppy fields which is his pale ale delicious and
00:39:43i do love the color of this particular beer um it sells extremely well we have many people that will only drink poppy fields ah love a loyal customers that really enjoy poppy fields and it does extremely well for crossman brewing company he's actually expanding and doing many different
00:40:06brews s o is always available here at lucky baldwin's and again another quaffable beer and i like to differentiate for people listening because you love these porters and stouts you know you just need tio drink them slowly and enjoy them as you enjoy your day but and then
00:40:29some beers you can down a few and watch the game and feel good about it and these both are very quaffable the cross from pale ale is a cz a four point five percent beer so it's a very easy drinks understood it's five percent s o moving on
00:40:45yeah now i've given you a couple of belgian bees you are now have the goon carless noel which is a christmas beer was teaching in our christmas festival is one of my favorites because it has so much flavor and a lower body and specifically the flavor of aniseed
00:41:05and one year we actually weii stored it away and forgot about this particular case andi last year were tapped to two thousand four keg of the good across noel and it had matured in the flavors in that beer was just absolutely delicious it really wass now that's so
00:41:23interested because people would expect that the beer is and fresh oh my god you know it's going to be ruined but now that you've actually got better it's actually says particular beers that even the brewery hold on to and if you hold on to the business they can't
00:41:37do with every beer but there certainly is that you convinced ege and the sugars within the beer as she bring out the flavors the flavors just change and sometimes it is just almost times is extremely delicious and this one in particular is very delicious it's delicious and it's
00:41:56unlike any beer i've ever tasted really different yeah all the christmas biz typically are you can eat is so is one of the sweet some of their just so many flavors going on in the palate that's a very interesting brute delicious so the next year that we that
00:42:15i have for you is a scale this noel scale this is another excellent premium quality beer and it's very very well liked by all of our customers i do they know from year to year do they come back and say do you have this one from from last
00:42:32year or two years ago Typically because we have many loyal customers they call it the king kong of beers because it's very high and alcohol i think is ten percent in alcohol on dh they love that particular bigger and each year is a different batch so is it's
00:42:50quite interesting to see what the flavors are going to be in the next batch So yes we do have repeat customers we do have people that want to see what this year's batch coming up is going to be like wow delicious and you i could envision spending an
00:43:05entire day just sitting and what we did that it wanted your locations directors trying one top handle after another and seeing what's there how much rotation do you get into your tap handles How many How many times you change up the lineup of beers there's enough variation enough
00:43:21different styles on tap that whenever you come in there'll be something always for you to drink here always fabulous tell everybody again where you're located so lucky baldwin's trappist is located on seventeen seventy east colorado boulevard one block east of pasadena city college thank you so much peggy
00:43:43really a pleasure Thank you very much Thank you all i did there's more to come on the tasting room with godlike is stay right there So many of your passport and now it's here they all knew twenty fifteen pedal to the metal sending as valley cabernet sauvignon here
00:44:05is the ultimate companion for steaks chops roasts even burgers hits also incredible on its own it's a deep dark rich one that i proudly serve at home i stored in my cellar and i share with my friends the fruit comes from the extraordinary brave and maiden vineyard in
00:44:27the santa ynez valley consulted by legendary cabernet guru paul hobbs and just like our pedal on the metal suraj are twenty fifteen pedal the mental cabernet is made with acclaimed central coast winemaker josh clapper Get your hands on some of this wine it's in limited quantity just goto
00:44:46perfect with steak dot com that's perfect with steak dot com well we kind of the end of another tasty group with tom leykis roberts alive we love hearing from you like tom tasting with top dot com that's top at tasting with top dot com follow us on facebook
00:45:07facebook dot com slash texting with tom work you can follow us on twitter twitter dot com slash testing with top tasting with dot like its peers every week at this time that tasted todd like the world is coming to twenty four seven You're listening to the new normal

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