We are optimistic for Dune, excited for The Expanse, and hopeful for Stranger in a Strange Land. But we’re certain of what we want Emilia Clarke to be in the Han Solo movie.
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00:00:30there is a book club but it's so much more much more Everytime you interrupt me it really messes up my flow man it's like a background singer just go and do up and you're seeing in the main melody yeah what she loves me and do what they do
00:00:48okay you want to do up there let's start over and you do walk in the background alright already you Sir do upping and I'll bring it in I'll come in here we go and do what to do left do you know this is a little more downtempo than
00:01:02I was expecting I was expecting a little more upbeat like a do we want to be what we want to show up well yeah of course I'm glad to do that ready and go do you up shoe bailout botella do que shoes mail up on everybody welcome to
00:01:26the sore hand phaser I'm Veronica Belmont certainly this is a book club but it's so much more we author interviews author interviews this site and it is eight awesome discussions from fans just like you well that was probably %HESITATION that was it hi Heidi Hey everybody Hey if
00:01:58you've ever wondered if I appointed to the monthly silly this level kind of what I get I yeah we should not %HESITATION quit our day jobs are our own yes state jobs we shouldn't even quit the side to side job that that pays for itself sometimes Hey guys
00:02:17I hope you're having a great week %HESITATION this a sword and laser and and we usually kick things off of the what are we drinking segment on Tom wouldn't fill this out are you do you have a beverage with you homemaking air it's empty everything is empty and
00:02:32they live so that's good S. Tom striking air I'll put that in the show notes what are you drinking I'm drinking a bullet rye to be quite that way Tippy Tappy %HESITATION yeah I I I got home from work and I knew we had to do the show
00:02:48and I had about an hour to kill because I knew your recording another podcast is that right you were you were cheating on us with another podcast is that cheating is that how it took about Star Wars where I talk about Star Wars us you were definitely that's
00:03:01like sema same field like people could potentially be listening to let's talk about Star Wars instead of certainly answer no you did you would listen to it in addition to sort and laser to so many your hours Tom well you say okay when you have this side to
00:03:18point I had an hour to kill so I started playing civilization sex which later lets me feel like I have some control over my own destiny in in some manner and %HESITATION and I started drinking a nice Paul Ryan it was a pleasant way to to kill the
00:03:33time before we got here tonight that's so funny do you know why that's so funny now I literally have no ideas I'm done with this show because I could do it before I'm gonna go pour myself a bullet not rye and place it was a way that we
00:03:48could play against each other we should we've never done that before no I know we should totally do that I'm bad I'm pretty I had really bad it's of six I was great itself was pretty good serve to get worse every generation I was pretty good at four
00:04:04I was okay and for I guess I was not as good sieve two was probably my peak honestly beyond earth I was garbage is your play out the Centauri now yeah anyway this is not a video gaming show out let's let's jump into the quick burns let's do
00:04:21so legendary pictures and I know it's not a movie show either but they've acquired Frank Herbert's classic sci fi novel dune which gives them the right to make movies and television shows doubt again this doesn't mean they are going to do those it doesn't mean they have projects
00:04:39to do those but it would give legendary the chance to start over head of the art world colonies yeah I mean there's been several adaptations throughout the years I think probably most famously odd the one in the in the early that in the nineteen eighty four David Lynch
00:04:55film %HESITATION which was bananas and there were TV attempts I believe it as well and then in the nineteen seventies %HESITATION and then we heard about this their recent one two in my wiping that from my memory or whether there was a there was a BBC sci fi
00:05:12joint that June and children of dune which actually of the DVDs for they were good that they were TV but they were good and that was kind of the last attempt to do this well I am I I think I feel good about legendary I I feel like
00:05:29there could be something pretty cool here %HESITATION so I'm gonna keep fingers crossed we're going to not hold our breath we're going to hope for the best and now with modern technology and and and you know the graphics the graphics special effects like think I think we're at
00:05:51a brand new level now new level I think a lot yeah simple I think so too legendary apparel is looking for a franchise so could be worse I mean there's a whole thing about did the dune in the seventies that you're talking about was them trying what is
00:06:09that how what is that famous director the name escapes me now who tried forever to make dune and then they ended up just canceling is dealing giving it to David Lynch who then have problems making do and took his name off the picture it's been kind of a
00:06:24curse to property in film but maybe legendary pictures can get around that maybe just because it's so expensive when you're typing and typing legendary pictures now okay Louis says the expanse to us season premiere for sorry bullet rhyme and makes it hard for me to talk Louis says
00:06:45the expanses into premiere date has been announced with teaser on it's going to be February eight twenty seventeen not that far off which I'm really excited about that that feels closer than I expected it to it's farther than I wanted to be because it's not right now it's
00:07:03farther than I expected to be because last year remember we got like four episodes in December if you bought the season pass got them ahead of the premiere but it's close enough that I'm not going to despair that's good so this is all about the the with the
00:07:21war that is brewing between earth Mars the colony and the belt and yes he's a looks pretty explosive of the crew of the Russian on today and the fate of detective Miller and the strange alien substance whose name I know from reading the books but will mention because
00:07:41I can't remember if he said it was alright look you know no spoilers here we if you haven't seen the first season it's an eco logic jungle books do it's one of the best sci fi shows in the past ten years it's the spiritual successor of Battlestar Galactica
00:07:58it's like a battle star Galactica the new the new series and and game of thrones had a delicious scifi baby it would be the expanse yeah I sometimes shy away from that because I think if you go in expecting Battlestar Galactica you'll be disappointed because it's not it's
00:08:16not the same questions of what makes us human if you go in and looks ready to really well because there is a question of of what make that but it's not the same question that to how why I phrased that the way I phrased it is not the
00:08:30same question of what makes us human because it's not about androids thought about robots in silence that there is an essential question of humanity you're absolutely right and and and how are we similar and how are we different even if were raised in the belts verses bars verses
00:08:45are for sure but it's a different question it's not it's not that kind of question it's not a rag tag team on the run although he got a rag tag team it's more fire fly to me and that's what the person on today angel successor of firefly selectica
00:09:04had a delicious scifi baby there's not as many kings either so yeah you know what actually I don't really know where the game of thrones and came from at all well because you have the powers you have earth Mars and the belt all like trying to manipulate things
00:09:18there that aspect of it the strategic aspect of game of thrones is definitely in there I think I really like that show I think they did a great job with it which one all of them yeah all of the shows that I've talked about %HESITATION I feel like
00:09:32it there is it okay if western world and fire fly no no no I'm talking about star Galactica Battlestar Galactica is like if Wes world and firefly had a baby or adopted a baby adopted a baby and the nurtured it and had an effect on its life foster
00:09:56maybe also were really they were really there I mean to the baby that was their mother and father they picked up a lot of their attributes through learning but genetically not really similar okay alright I think I think we've come to a consensus here hopefully sci fi can
00:10:13do the same thing with stranger in a strange land which apparently it is adapting to a TV series okay I'll probably watch that I will definitely watch that but wow that's a challenge it's it's a great novel not in any way disparaging the novel but it is a
00:10:31hard novel to translate why I haven't you know I don't think I've read it so this is a running parole tell me tell me one more difficult so much of the book is about thought is about you know the the other and and what it's like to be
00:10:50someone who's got an entirely different perspective okay it's about a human who was raised on Mars into early adulthood tracks how he changes in affects terrestrial culture let me drop this bomb on you okay all right so you said it's too cerebral and I think it is in
00:11:09the mind it's it's a little too loud in the mind right so arrival didn't incredible job of a radio that I just might drop the Mike on your head totally ouch my head hurts set up dropping a Mike on it totally they did an amazing job translating story
00:11:27of your life by Ted Chiang into a film that was eminently watchable and touching and beautiful so there's hope in in the right hands you know there are a lot can be done with that kind of content no word on when the series will arrive or who will
00:11:43be heading it up so paramount television pick the right people do it right John never it's over on the form says one thing I'm not forgetting is that world builders the annual fundraiser for have for international is starting up again it's a great organization to support with many
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00:12:19one of the options actual cartoon title cards from adventure time a firefly dictionary and phrase book Kareem Abdul Jabbar's ana Waterhouse's Mycroft Holmes novel I have a lot of the use of I was very thrilled because I think maybe two years ago now I have got a signed
00:12:43poster %HESITATION from of of Kevin hurt one of Kevin Hearn's novels Saddam from the iron druid series this beautiful drawing of the that the tree of life %HESITATION get you yet Grasso your I can't say the name it has too many consonants and and vowels in weird places
00:13:03why G. G. D. R. A. S. I. L. Grasso its Celtic I turn to say it on and so there's just a ton of really great things on here so definitely definitely check it out om it's it's a wonderful cause and of course brought to you primarily by
00:13:20%HESITATION Patrick Rothfuss and his his Cup all of friends and there's a lot of great Pat Rafah stuff on there too yeah definitely I mean she doesn't thinkers packs all year round said this this never really ends but but this is the time of the big push totally
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00:14:24and as about magazines are going by monthly they both currently publish ten issues per year with eight regular issues and two doubles I in a forthcoming editorial as a mother she Williams says the magazines will not publish six two hundred eight page double issues per year I was
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00:15:03like they're actually warping time says that if you buy it as a money magazine for a magazine you experience sixty days worth of experience and one not so unfortunately no they're not going to be doing now twenty four very tiny magazines they're going to be doing six magazines
00:15:23but he wants good good solid ones so sixteen page increase over the current double issues and allows them to have the same number of issue months but hold the current subscription prices where they are without having to raise your price gets no Steven says guess who got a
00:15:40role in the new Han solo movie Veronica spoiler were alert it's not Steven it's the mother of dragons of the makers of the great lego movie are in charge so it has to be good right yeah this is %HESITATION so I try to hold the line and say
00:15:55look we're science fiction and fantasy book club it's it would be easy to just start wandering off into the world of talking about comics or movies or television shows we try to keep everything in some way related to books this is stretching my definition because it's a million
00:16:11Clarke who plays Kelly see in the television show based on the book game of thrones okay I mean you can't be tell me there will be a book version of the Honda element we can act as a real well you know what there's just there's just a lot
00:16:24of news in this vein right now I want to see this this Han solo stand alone movie like what do you think yesterday car parts going to be that's what I'm curious about because they didn't announce who she will be I will like they did when they announce
00:16:37Landau and Han's casting they just announced that she will be they say this is kind of like a side character so maybe she's not like I'm I mean she's kinda such a major star though like she has to be like a super important character right I mean she
00:16:53has to be a side character in some respect because it's a Honda non Han solo anyone not Han solo outing Landau is a side okay that's fair but the fact that after all dinner and write a Donald Glover she's the third to be announced I mean I think
00:17:08that means to think she's Han solo's mom now she's to y'all know no don't make her be a mom moms don't do well this for skin of her parents do you think she's an early love interest yeah you think she's just a bad **** like other that's what
00:17:22I want I want her to just be like not interested just like a cool badass smuggler friend like a maybe maybe there's a is she or isn't she love interest that's never you know this is just just on the side kind of like Lou could lay a in
00:17:38the first movie except that turned out to be a bad idea because she's his actual sister maybe she's Hahn says she's on the older sister should be Han's older sister and she shows in the ropes and teaches him to be a smuggler yeah that sounds cool what kind
00:17:53of like that needs to who can I call to make this happen is working on this scary is not working on the sissy I don't think he is too bad and when she drops an instrument because his friend I am I'm but you know what he is doing
00:18:08he's doing to be talk about this he's going to be his one of the writers or maybe the writer on the new guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movie guy Ritchie is doing it for local levels here is the now the the dot Robert Downey junior yeah yeah yeah okay
00:18:26sorry that's how I know if I I kind of I I through though call the dark I know it guy Ritchie deserves credit for that I just I was thinking his here's where my head went it was like will Benedicta batches Sherlock now he's going to do a
00:18:40movie but Steven Moffat is going to direct its gonna be guy Ritchie and it's confusing yeah that I'd forgotten about the Robert Downey junior which was so great I mean that really regrets like are there I love those I think they're really fun %HESITATION very different from all
00:18:54the other adaptations or or you know versions of of the Sherlock Cantwell out there it's like they're halfway between right like they're they are set in the time period of Arthur Conan Doyle unlike the Cumberbatch Moffett Sherlock but they're also got this like kinda Mary good sensibility that
00:19:15the traditional Sherlock television shows and movies didn't have their their little more swash buckling which is kind of like the Moffitt Cumberbatch but they're much more action packed yeah yeah way more than I think they're probably the most action packed version of Sherlock out there more so than
00:19:33elementary and alright I'm gonna get always forget elementary because I haven't seen it but apparently it's amazing to all its really great you've never seen it now I'm watching all Lucy Liu is so good it's really really fun we're talking about shows again yeah but they're based on
00:19:48a book which is a fantasy about a detective okay now it's a mystery sorry %HESITATION end Hey we just %HESITATION yes about that wraps it up I guess I we you know we don't really have a ton of sorts I'm not gonna bother to play the sound no
00:20:02sound a lot of our audience is American they're gonna be in Turkey this week yeah they just had an election and all I'm saying they as of now what has now we didn't also have idea there's just the light comes on the World Series Microsoft during the Lennox
00:20:18foundation it's a crazy world over here right now but we did get a very nice phone call from Sean so let's take a listen well certainly there I think John just wanted to say thank you very much for all the work certain right there I had a it
00:20:35means you guys or thousands upon thousands of miles as I travel across the United States for work thank you so much for your record and what has changed is growing by leaps and bounds really appreciate all your hard work I I think he said Shawn Shawn I I
00:20:57really appreciate that's nice to hear that you've enjoyed the show and and I I I'm glad that we've kept you kept your company on your on your many drives across the country I don't know what your profession is but I know that when I'm driving I like to
00:21:09listen to podcasts as well so glad to be in your ears thanks for long can you believe that guy honked at him right then I know that was what I had to edit that out early road okay Schantz trying to drive awesome us so we're not quite done
00:21:25with the book tech yet it's not quite the end of the month %HESITATION so we're not going to wrap up futuristic clouds and fancy suits I'm I won't go we can we can announce the book pick first you're not talking about it yet I'm just letting them know
00:21:37non no I just was just backing you up like not quite yet not quite yet wrapped up that's all I was saying okay as quite yet but next month why it you I said quite yet I I can't I can't I think it's good for working here and
00:21:52can finish in a am I doing George W. bush now assessing Ross still watch it I was such a young blessing back then %HESITATION where was I okay talk about Lassie I guess this is Tom is Tom in a well let's see a little of my brother's name
00:22:14is Tim he never like that that's because you have specially him real well we are we are wrapping up we're gonna talk about futuristic guns of anti suits but we're not wrapping it up quite yet that's right because we're going to suck talk about the %HESITATION the book
00:22:29pick for next month which is the rock by Daniel o'malley finally finally we yeah goes remember that guy who is like you guys need to read the rook any sentence the review and we played on season one video version of certain laser on you can sundry and then
00:22:45we just harmlessly didn't read it until now and we finally given him is do so the fun thing is is the main character in this book has a first name that I have no idea how to pronounce so this is going to be a really fun month of
00:22:57me but trying this name which is spelt M. Y. F. A. N. W. why Thomas **** any money fanning her now my family well it's definitely Welch my family my family it would be mullah I pretty sure if it's Welsh but I don't know how to do the
00:23:16WYSP and it's probably pronounce like Susan moving someone on the forums please tell me how to pronounce a weld M. Y. F. A. N. W. why it's pronounced Susan there yeah perfect %HESITATION so this is a kind of a paranormal fantasy our urban fantasy tale %HESITATION Susan Thomas
00:23:41that's not her name awakes in a London park surrounded by dead bodies with her memory gone her only hope of survival is to trust instructions left in her pocket by her former self she quickly learns that she is a rock a high level operative in a secret agency
00:23:55that protects the world from supernatural threats but there is a mole inside the organization and this person wants her dead that's the book damn so there is a singing snowman song called ms envy from the knees male voice choir and I'm about to you all here and I
00:24:20don't think that I'm about to try to listen to and maybe they will tell me must follow my father mother Banu there you go Nevado Thomas I'm Millikan pronounce names because that's my favorite website all right so there you go the rook by Daniel Malley spend your nights
00:24:45wondering how to pronounce ms Thomases first name and your days enjoying the mystery of waking up in a London park surrounded by dead bodies all right so %HESITATION pronounce names says it's pronounced mo Vaughn mo Vaughn only five months and at the same as the way I said
00:25:05it my family and I finally finally finally okay well we'll figure that out so before we bore everyone into stopping the podcast lets up to update people where we are with futuristic violence and fancy suits by David Wong I know some of you didn't want the futuristic violence
00:25:29and bailed out so you can bail out of the pack has now if that's you I do still do not feel like the violence is troubling to me here any more so than it would be in the gun powder trilogy or or anything like that it is implied
00:25:50to be very nasty but it is not described in graphic behave detail I get it I get it now I understand as I was reading there are definitely in it you know what it is and and that maybe this is what you know frustrated or or from some
00:26:07people out it's one of those books for the ice like a constant threat of rape like every like her constant danger chapter by chapter is the threat of sexual violence by the bad guys yes and that they hadn't happened yet when we kicked off the the book to
00:26:27me when I was like ten percent of the way through but then as we get more further into the book and %HESITATION the the the lead bad guy who consistently getting his name right now %HESITATION ma no dammit come on Tom what's his name you don't remember either
00:26:49no dammit on stress minorities and more mortars kneeing Moncrief nope Mister man we don't want to say is name because he's a jerk if that's like Baltimore you can't say it too many times or whatever on anyway though that so frustrating I'm so sorry you guys %HESITATION our
00:27:13members always name because she's always remembering so is always awesome and and very funny yeah I'd there's there's definitely a lot of threats of sexual violence and to me that sometimes feels like kind of a cheap ploy but maybe this is just the world that they live in
00:27:28%HESITATION this is I'm not I'm not right I will totally respect somebody who's like yep not my scene not don't want to read about that yeah and that's that's fine I don't think it's wrong of the author to write it that way because it is a reality and
00:27:48there are people who talk like this now threats and and deliverance are two different things and I'm not excusing it when I say that and I think that is kind of the point is that this bill and is somebody who says horrible things but it's because they are
00:28:05insecure it's because they actually don't understand the reality of situations because they they want to use that wrong this and that threat to beat someone down and and and I think it's a good story in that it's not like this is a story we're so he gives in
00:28:24to that or or is or is killed by that but she prevails over it yes except when she didn't I which was in I don't want to die there was talk about Shaq's seeing yeah numb so yeah it was it was that that was you know that can
00:28:41be difficult for a for a lot of people on you know whether or not you can experience something like that of course and it goes back to any any story where people say well why can't it just be a happy story right we get this all the time
00:28:54about violence and war and and there are people who have experienced killing and that sort of thing and and and there are people are like yeah you know what I don't write even if it's fantasy I don't want to read about that I said this is totally into
00:29:07the same it in a different arena but that doesn't mean it isn't a valid subject for the story yes I think sometimes the people feel like that's an easy easy trope to take because it pushes buttons and makes people feel a certain way and that sometimes there can
00:29:26be you know more creative ways of of doing it but you know I I I also understand that it is a thing that happens and I don't it will just frustrating sometimes sure it is the problem that David Wong did it or is the problem that it gets
00:29:46used badly and then what do you think of the way David ones story is going and I know you're not done with it yet so you can't really form a full opinion but I think that's the question if you are reading it that you need to to ask
00:29:57yourself is is that is not the the breadth and depth of this entire story that is not what the story is entirely about now and I think it would be just as bad to say and one should never bring that up because that's pretending that it doesn't exist
00:30:15so did he strike the right balance that something that you're gonna have to decide for yourself maybe I'll say now I I think I think he used a cheaply and I did like it and that's that's a fair perspective personally I feel like he was very cartoony all
00:30:27the way through and so he had a cartoon villain using that but I also think he was trying to show that those sorts of attitudes aren't the ones that can prevail aren't the ones that are powerful and Zoe is able to stand up to it and you you
00:30:45won't fully understand that to get to the end of the story I don't think what I do enjoy about this book is that it does feel like an extended conversation about I the discourse of like the current internet like to me it feels very last like that that
00:31:01the troll you type of behavior and I'm sure you know the author as experienced things like this as as a right as a the other crap yeah on he he knows how the internet works and I think that's it's a better point to make them more than that
00:31:16I think that's where I was trying to go with which is there are definitely people talk like this and act like this and so you yes you put them in cartoon situations here because it's a fantasy but I don't think it's an invalid character to explore yeah gosh
00:31:32I have been searching and searching and searching trying to find the name of the bad guy from this book and there's just not enough out there on the internet I'd just yet and that's driving me crazy but anyway I will pick it up in about an hour and
00:31:46it's going to make me crazy when like when I figured out something to put it in the description of the of the episode okay maybe I'll do that frustrate don't want to remember his name he's that horrible and it's pretty horrible that's actually a testament to Wong's ability
00:32:00to create a character is that di di hate him that much yeah he's he's pretty terrible %HESITATION and I have I I do look a some people were saying in the forms that they felt like the book was little one note and they didn't really care about the
00:32:14characters too much mom I'm not at that point yet I still find the characters pretty interesting and I want to learn more about them %HESITATION and I think it's fun I think there's a lot of really really funny lines and it is pretty violence and and pretty over
00:32:29the top but I am a person who likes to watch for example the the transporter films and anything with Jason Statham in them and ridiculous over the top action movies where you know stuff like this happens us so for me it's kind of the book version of that
00:32:44just a really over the top kind of pretty pretty darn funny action novel that takes place in a weird dystopian internet future where everything is constantly being recorded and and feels a little bit like a combination of the Truman show and Idiocracy yeah now I I I love
00:33:05the sort of periscope future he describes in here when when people are picking teemo lack so how did you find that we're doing that buffalo live dot org's review the buffalo and Erie County public library thank you for having people post reviews Molech yeah he doubtful I'm but
00:33:32yeah blink the technology that they use to record everything feels like a natural extension of like Snapchat or Instagram or any number of services Katz the periscopes that we used to to record our lives now enter below Rossa as sort of a you know Las Vegas for people
00:33:53who thought Las Vegas was too restrictive there's even a line very late in the book and I don't think this is terribly spoiler free where they say that the people who founded to berasa got kicked out of Las Vegas because Vegas had become a theme park you know
00:34:06it did it did it stop being the the land of the wild west of that it had once been and it feels very real I mean it and in a scary way it feels like the kind of future we could someday have yes you know I heard people
00:34:21calling it like kind of a libertarian like internet future I can see that %HESITATION yeah for sure yeah and there's real people having real lives in in this world to I mean there's there's poor people there is middle class people it's it's it's still and it's it's not
00:34:37too dissimilar from from what we have now in many ways just a little more extreme the risky thing you're doing if you have a story like this which is very snarky it's it's very like you know snappy dialogue cartoon situations bigger than life villains bigger than life heroes
00:34:56is when you try to bring in these real concepts into this fantasy world it can it can verge on it feeling like you are dismissive of them or disrespectful of them and I think not just the the rape threat that the violence threats the treatment of the poor
00:35:15people in double Raso you know that the treatment of minorities I think all of that can come off as offensive to some people because they're like this is it goofy world and you're just throwing these very serious concepts in there and that doesn't give them the respect they
00:35:32deserve right right I'm I feel like we're almost wrapping this book up without knowing the endings we should save some of this for for the next episode but yeah we're Berber pretty close to the ending so will definitely try to do something maybe even next week as a
00:35:45wrap up yeah we might give you a a special episode just just wrapping up more thoughts on the book bonus so that bonus so I think that kind of ends this episode thank you guys for listening I hope if you're in the states here you have an awesome
00:36:00thanksgiving %HESITATION don't try to kill your family members with opposing political opinions too much I know that's a that's a problem for yourself I was talking to my mom us who I won't be seeing this thanksgiving and she's told me some very not I don't want to get
00:36:16into it just drink lots of wine have a good time stay off of politics and you guys will be okay yeah the old the old saw avoid politics and religion in mixed company is never been more appropriate yeah talk about those cubs how about those cubs so please
00:36:31note don't talk politics religion of the cubs if you're around cardinals fan ours so is currently entirely funded by our patrons thank you to all the folks who back our show and if you'd like to support us you can head over to page around dot com slash sword
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By Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont
Read along with the Sword and Laser book club! From classic science fiction to the latest gritty fantasy, we cover it. Subscribe for book discussions, author interviews, hot releases, and news from the genre fiction world!
United States
194 episodes
since Dec, 2013
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