Staying in the topic of transportation, welcome to this episode where Thomas Pfammatter, the co-founder at Dufour Aero, shares his experience in aviation, entrepreneurship, and why not to procrastinate with your ideas. The transportation system worldwide is developing and transforming rapidly, and Dufour Aero could be the next big advancement.

Thomas Pfammatter is a helicopter pilot and an experienced entrepreneur. After 30 years of professional helicopter flying, he decided to build the first electric aircraft with his partners. This triggered the project of a vertical take-off and landing electric-based aircraft. Seeing how great it flies and how advanced electric propulsion can be for aviation, they designed this new aircraft as a sort of combination of an airplane and a helicopter.

The team behind Dufour Aero has built an aircraft that is not only able to take off and land vertically, but also flies with speed and stays safe, ecological, and cost friendly at the same time. This aircraft is intended to be used as a new mode of transportation at a cost that would be affordable for everyone.

Website: https://dufour.aero/

Watch the video to find out more about the Swiss ecosystem in the area of aerodynamics, similarities between a pilot and an entrepreneur, and about the current trends in the aviation industry.

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Skip to Questions:

00:59 Who is Thomas Pfammatter?

01:25 Having been a pilot, what triggered the idea for Dufour Aero?

02:27 What previous experience helped your entrepreneurial activities?

03:00 What are the similarities between being a pilot and an entrepreneur?

03:26 What is your focus as an investor?

03:48 What is Dufour Aero?

04:33 Who is this plane meant for and who can fly this?

05:46 Looking at the specs of your aircraft, what are the possibilities?

06:23 What is the selling price range?

07:00 What are your developmental goals in terms of getting the first aircrafts out on the market?

08:00 When would you like to have it launched? Is there a date?

08:30 When talking to potential customers, what are the risks they are seeing?

09:19 Focusing on the technological side, how do you prevent engine failure for example?

10:12 How do regulations need to be altered in order for your aircrafts to go into streamlining the process of selling?

11:05 What is your target customer?

12:04 What did your founding process look like?

13:44 Where do you see the current trends going in the aviation industry?

14:39 What do you think about autonomous flying?

15:40 Looking 20 years down the line, where do you see yourself in the aviation space?

16:10 How helpful is it to work closely with academia?

17:22 How do you see the local startup ecosystem?

18:26 How do you fund raise?

Quick Fire Q&A

19:24 How do you keep your productivity high?

19:37 How do you foster a positive company culture?

19:52 What is your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur?

20:23 How do you keep a balanced life?

20:40 Who is your role model?

Expert Advice

21:03 Expert advice from Thomas Pfammatter


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