Worried about fighting with the people in your life about money? Here's the way to end it. Even if you're just struggling to talk to other people in your life about money...maybe it's not you. People don't talk in one financial language. According to Tarra Jackson, today's guest, there are actually FOUR different languages. We'll sit down with Tarra today to learn just what those four languages are, and how we can best communicate with people speaking in a different tongue. Worried about fighting with the people in your life about money? Here's the way to end it.

In our headlines segment, we'll discuss weddings. Should we have a small wedding and invest the rest to ensure that we retire rich? Is it possible to do both (have a big wedding AND be rich)? We'll cover that plus another headline about employers seeking permission to send uncashed pension checks to the unclaimed proper funds. Should employers have fiduciary liability for former employees who refuse to cash their checks?

Plus, after we take some time for Doug's trivia, we'll answer a question from Russell. Russell wants to know what's the point of being an accredited investor? Why should someone become an accredited investor?

And as we finish up our letters segment, we're tearing open a letter from Jacob, who wants to move out of his parent's basement soon. Jacob and his girlfriend are currently living in the basement rent-free and are getting their finances ready to be on their own. Jacob sent in some info on their situation and want some input from fellow basement-dwellers. Are they going to be ready to move out?

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