Cameron Huddleston joins us to tell the story of her aging mother, and the time she nearly missed the chance to have an incredibly important conversation: how her financial assets were managed and what arrangements she'd made for the future. She'll share that story and strategies on talking with parents about money (especially what NOT to say), on today's show.

Plus, in our headlines segment, more retirement plan lawsuits hit the court system. The Supreme Court is looking at an interesting case, which largely revolves around when the participant was told about allegedly sub-par investment options in his employer plan. If you get a prospectus, does that mean you're on the hook from that day for everything that's inside?

Dave and his wife are debt free, and their children's college and retirement accounts are fully funded. Dave calls the Haven Life Line because they've been thinking about opening a taxable brokerage account to have funds outside of their retirement. Are there any tax implications they should know about? Is there anything else they should be considering?

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