Bigger Pockets' David Greene joins us to tackle a more efficient way to buy real estate, especially if you're interested in building a large portfolio of passive income-generating properties. It's called the BRRRR method, and we'll walk through each of those letters on today's show. specifically, we'll talk about how to buy, rehab, rent out, refinance, and repeat. Even if you don't plan on using BRRRR as your strategy, David will share lots of tips on putting your best real estate deals together, finding a great time to help you, and common problems with real estate investing and how to avoid them.

And in our headlines segment, are you in a race to reach retirement? We'll discuss one MarketWatch piece that shares 5 hard-earned lessons from people who retired early. It turns out that early retirement (or any retirement at all, is more about psychology than you would think...but it's still about math.

Later in the show we'll throw out the Haven Life line to Dave. His mother-in-law wants to invest in his children's college fund. What's the best way to go about that? A 529 plan? Something else? We'll all weigh in on a myriad of options.

Then, in our letters segment, Aly's Capital One investment account has been sold to E-Trade. What are the alternatives that she should use?

Of course, as always, we'll also make some room for some of Doug's fantastic pre-Memorial Day trivia.

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