What are some of the biggest lies of retirement planning? Today we'll finish off our rewind week with one of our old school roundtable episodes. Back in 2017, we discussed 9 lies we're told about retirement planning. Going through the list with us was Paula Pant, former roundtable regular Greg Mcfarlane, and special guest Rich Jones from the Paychecks and Balances podcast. 

Plus, long time listeners may remember this old segment: we also had a rousing conversation about a Marketwatch Moneyologist piece. If you had two kids, and one was irresponsible with money, would you disown him? That question spurred some interesting estate planning chatter that may bring up points you may want to address in your own planning. 

Here is our original show description:

On today's podcast we're talking about lying. A recent news piece reports that there are nine lies we're told about retirement planning. We'll break them down with Greg, Paula, and special guest Rich Jones from the hit podcast Paychecks and Balances.

We won't stop there, thought. We'll also discuss a recent question to the Moneyologist at MarketWatch. If you had two kids and one was irresponsible, would you disown him? We ask our roundtable that very question and come up with some interesting estate planning themes you may want to address in your own planning.

On the Freshbooks FinTech segment we talk to Michael Asare from Fee Belly. Ever feel like the fine print in a contract is completely against you? Fee Belly was designed to show you ALL of the fine print by highlighting it so you can easily see where contracts might not be in your favor. We'll ask him how it works on today's podcast.

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