00:00:00hey welcome to another episode the snail cast we are at Casey's house we are all together for a second ever in person recording oh my God this is our last in person episode for this time but we hope to get together soon hopefully hopefully someday with I don't know just saying today we are going to talk about the things found at Tracy's house oh my God I snuff when we first started recording this now cats actually because like how we do this we do this on our computers in our own offices at home or whatever my kids would like you to start asking what's going on and I said the man to go to Tracy's house
00:00:59she's kind of like cookies and cakes and cookies which is true that's that's why I like holding off to tell her until I have to get home that I've been to Tracy's oh my God is a cat's the whiskey okay to tell her that I can't tell her where is the fancy fancy cupcake ATM in the refrigerator Benton fermentation
00:01:49so not only does trees have have cookies and Katie's I also have products this is yeah tons of product all though I understand not as many as the team expected in different places by the time when her her in law
00:02:27was asking about your mother-in-law came to visit my place while I'm here to kind of help out with my son and stuff like that and the first night that she was there she's looking around she was like okay so are these all the beauty products you have because I was using stuff out of my basket that's just selfish product all over the place so are you going to like Instagram one of those like after one drawer in the bathroom that's just sunscreens not much I have is like
00:03:26I think I like 15 sunscreens right now that I'm like trying to compare you have another jar that's just like random wash off masks and I can push it flashes and stuff in the hall closet organizer to it yeah right when you're just living in it and then someone comes over as it doesn't live that life inventory of Nordstrom's Beauty house gorgeous shiny unicorn stuff is Tracy did spray blush
00:04:26gorgeous at Coral pink and it sent as we revealed on the last episode my skin is paper basically that actually but we'll talk but I couldn't get the beautiful and too much for this world of mine on Shaw it looks testiclea Garrett your skin tone is like in NC work I don't have the Mac shaved in like probably nc25
00:05:27about 5.5 or 6 is a 565-586-9025 range and
00:05:46sweetheart I got some of the products that we that we that you actually changed today first let me have always had that though like I've always said that my face skin is like nc15 because I have so much damage and redness and it was like that before so I think maybe what's happening then is like the sun damage has transitioned into like actives Ready Step which still take it because this is not going to leave the skin cancer where is the other one I am actually
00:06:46currently testing a chemical combo sunscreen and I've never been wearing it for like how many hours
00:06:58computer half a day and I have not erupted it in like hives or welts on my face which is amazing to have a couple different theories it's like what's going on and we'll go all right about that in the post but as I might trying to put on makeup today I want to push workout at Tracy's house I realize that I normally would lie on the white cast from physical sunscreen to help bring my skin tone up to the level that my chest and my neck is and then when I use to dark foundations which is like everything balances out right so like had the white cast of the sunscreen face if he acts as a brightening primer to lighten up my bass product because you guys have thought you were talking about yeah it's like for you guys saw when I came with the siwa's who 13 you can see like it was too dark but normally I do that too late to equalize that she was so when I have this non white cat sunscreen on and I put on my base
00:07:58my face definitely looks like an N C 13 for her or is he 15 whatever right now video staying at Tracy's house so what you found you know what I've been so lazy when he care while I'm here oh yeah the Nephilim enough to do it after that I brought it to Shelly cuz she needed it oh my God I know this is like a famous product and there's always drama around the friend now and the stuff is really good though it's like the only cleansing water of you so it doesn't leave this weird kind of film afterwards on my skin like it really got everything off
00:08:50and I just lightly was like nine waterproof sunscreen and some cushion is lash and whatever so it's not about to get off last night like I use that and took everything off and then I just put moisturizer on before bed and went to sleep and it was fine like I didn't feel grimy it was good also Tracy has Skylake shampoo so this is like the the legitness of the legit hung vuong products and I've been using that ever showered it smells amazing smells like a ginseng shot it does the job in my hair and scalp feel really healthy yet it's really weird and yet I find it like really moisturizing and not stripping it's not something that's like the important
00:09:50oh Heather tonight but like myself could feel I really like it a lot but it's too expensive for me to use because I have so much hair you guys down to Hazard come inside it's a lot of here by like the family size bottles
00:10:40you can take the job stripping for me like y'all we have to disclose the actual egg yolks I'm not that weird Dollar Store junk up they found in friend of actor like the after like several Publications wrote about their lpp Hydro air conditioner beautiful like summer a regular color it was the most amazing condition it was honestly look skin care for hair
00:11:40booty unrecognizable so I think my last little drips are like in the shower right now and oh my God I got to go bottle and going to make those last until I probably will be headed off to my kid when you get back to college kind of thing you can squeeze a pipe it like frosting and you wanted and then the other one is just Water half-ass Conditioner you and I was just like I finished it in like three uses because it's still watery you said it just it calls out of your hands. You know I used it when I stripped all the color out of my hair and it's trash is your hair so what I did what I did like a hair mask and empty the entire bottle
00:12:40to cover my hair and soak it would till I make an extra seal around it and it barely did its job there any bottles of those yay I see cat brought from my makeup table from thing that I gave her Skylake green energy Essence which apparently it was too hung on for Tracy which means that it's like right it's humbling just hard-knock should I could totally go harder than that but it's really really nice it's very herbal and then it kind of face like that smokey sent and it was nice. Going to be stashed in to myself somehow
00:13:40and it was just like oh my God this is like a brick of legit like and it wasn't super late cheaper anything's I felt bad when you don't like your face smelling like Twitter Johnny Cash I had like my gel cream that I already have so why don't you ask him if he plant stem cells even feels so nice but it closet and she can't take it either
00:14:40Sahara Crossing
00:14:51because I didn't even know where the sky like was for like a moment I had to like search in the teeny tiny little shop and I thought they were the the cottage cheese cream was all though I did really love sniffing all of it like Serhant stuff cuz I like some of the nicest packaging that I've gotten like that Blue Genie bottle that black nipple shell or whoever it was that it was like it looks like it was really beautiful those things where it's like
00:15:33it's it's expensive I mean it's only Beautiful affordably from for you if you're willing to be really nerdy about it like I am but it's still enough that you want to like smell it and try it out but there was a couple things I'm like like out of the actual physical patellas likes to the same girls are there in Chinatown on Canal Street it's just for the last few months and it's kind of like a triangle shaped like the style for a while. So what's the difference of why the shops have that shape in that size good there
00:16:33or like a moment and then there's some stuff that I think they were really organized so what every product had a character every tester was clearly marked every tester was clean and wasn't like the clouds right so so yeah I would say definitely that and like it just looked like they didn't have a lot of inventory on the shelves Michelle's really narrow but because the shelves are kind of narrow and the spot for limited they can give that like fully stocked look even the only had like 3 full size of a product behind the testers I also felt like it was really clearly organized I think as well like the Skin Care was logically laid out around the room like all the body care stuff was in one place and then like the makeup was in the center. I also saw that they
00:17:33little stool look like I asked us to give you a free makeover which one was done but I think it's a really nice perk what am I doing I can see that being apart especially when you consider is like Nature Republic for example you walk in and in the middle on top of all the makeup is like do not touch do not photograph sticker that says this is
00:18:11not the flagship this is a store that you eat that seem like it was like a flagship wake up in the middle of the big makeup tables all over this is not what you do that I'm not going to have the same report surprisingly
00:19:03like not bad I got the only impression that I've had from them have either been like that didn't Transit and like I have but now having like gone through and like sniffed all their stuff like if something popped up from them that you know look interesting I might actually consider it now smelling it was above the shadow line you just said it smelled really nice as a really similar to Soul misses you really seem like it's several steps above most device similar Road shot for Android
00:20:03Nature Republic
00:20:14Dora saw that giant pile of aloe vera gel like if you guys are not sure what we referring to if there's an episode called not regrets but writer a girl that we did and yeah we'll link that in the description but
00:20:35just mocking me and they had their I'm going to scream their commercials playing and so since our main point of white interest at first or the fact that she Dragon used to be the spokesperson Alex SHINee hello they had more posters of him in there than any of your other New York are kind of attracted to the brand because of their spokespeople do they pay lots of Nature Republic and not have the XO stand up
00:21:31the same recommended Chinatown find what about best friend Beauty I love that was awesome yeah they're like active in the Asian beauty community and I'm saying like Asian beauty like English Language Center for editing Instagram that you like community of heavy duty fans but it's interesting to people so they have like the like quality kind of brand things that people interested in getting had a pretty good size wild what's the best friend Beauty to I have to admit I was a little feeling a little bit of trepidation going there because when they kind of arrived on
00:22:31sad Western Social Media Forum theme they were like kind of the epitome of that trying too hard thirsty shop who is like you love us and we just want to love you and let's all be friends so I kind of like instinctively worried about that but having seen the shop and I really had no idea they really just do want to be friends friends best friends that expensive the girl came over and she all she said or the cast of if I could if I needed help and as I feel like you something okay we'll just these brands are buy one get one free for all of these products and then she walked away and I felt like that was actually really useful because she was giving me important information about something like this sign applies to all of this stuff
00:23:31not going to get out of your way now and I really like that no no no okay so when we were in best friend the one thing I saw your face with so I grabbed it ran to the opposite side of the store to show the rest of the snail cast and carefully watching from a distance which is not something that has happened in any other place when she's like just there always that great the sales people are really really doing a great job and it never feels
00:24:16like rushed or pressured or anything like very very positive screening over there makeup testers and stuff for looking a little a little a little sketchy but those are things that are hard to keep clean because people are gross and they test testers so you know where in New York they could go to find the equivalent of an online shop that had like a range of popular brands of masks of makeup of skin care of yeah that would be the best recipe for authentic Asian sticker If a mass is coming out and it's been produced in the last
00:25:149 month or so by pot recipes that have no stickers so I was really reassured to see that had the authentication sticker so they have fresh sock and it's thicker than ready for verification so I feel really comfortable recommending this but did you also notice that the expensive stuff in the store was more towards where the counter was like a low-key way to have to keep an eye on the stuff without them feeling like there hovering over you like you're a criminal like they're just like literally she's just sitting there at the counter she can see everything and she doesn't happen and yeah like I said I took that fancy pants Bachelor from the nightstand like ran off and she didn't chase me around the same van of like cool stuff that we pride at Tracy's house
00:26:14to Arkansas and then I brought from like your labeling yeah so I realize that I had left all actually brought sheet masks for the rest of the snail cast but not for myself so I was like oh shit I need you Leann is not like sucks Bass clean but it's still kind of similar to that just a little bit thicker and yeah I would totally use those again so that's why my radar so one one thing to note shell and Cat tried the whitening which I think are the weakest the paparazzi so you didn't grab the regular bomb be okay
00:27:14they are like verging on salt solutely like Divine like top of the Heap with with authentic authentic also discover that there is an authenticity it's amazing that I was wondering when you started that Journey with fake know the first time I tried pop arrested after I published the authentication both
00:28:14like once I had my kitchen light randomly turns on a fairytale house in every sense it was only once my evidence was revealed that I got in trying to match but like this is the original hunting Reginald so nice oh my God you finally got to try I brought the money until I move but I've been loving since before so fast when do we use at like the first night we were those at home and I kept it on for like an hour and I'm like I'm ready to fuck and go to bed now
00:29:14does soaking what slime skin forever is the only sheet mask a standstill actually use the next thing I should have used it okay I don't really like too many sheet mask reviews anymore because I don't know if it's just my skin or what or just being jaded but I feel like it's become super hard for me to tell an egg not a difference but like a difference between us so there's good asking there's not going to ask until we're definitely like good masks they sunk in nicely and they did the mask thing
00:30:05I don't know that they really stood out from other good math but they were good they were really super Pleasant to use the material was nice and never do but yeah I just realized I don't really like hardly do sheet masks reviews anymore if their goods and it comes out the same day if they're not good at East here to review but yeah I know they're really good magic
00:30:32and whatever highlighter Tracy used on you was the first released I bought and it's the pigment made in Italy and you put it on and like it looks different and always and it's like to keep it like kind of can become wash like and yeah it's all this shit is limited edition at least right now just like fire but now they know now you know in case she does come over so she's got you by the balls
00:31:26and she'll got to try my turn signal is on but it's not purple like I suck up all the purple instantly and it turns into like it was reddish and Berry color like after like 30 minutes the purple is gone and regular Berry but yeah it's really beautiful I think from what I've seen I feel like that color in general is better on its still nice it was really cute she is very exciting that shall tried my Dior Rouge bone in French and I got covered with you buy it that it wasn't the perfect nude yeah it is
00:32:18and comfortable it is inevitable fate of beauty bloggers is that you know we at some point as we evolved were going to try expensive shyt and then once we try the expensive shit would like to know and then like it's so hard to go back like I can't imagine myself ever getting hype about Amazon release you know what I mean it could happen but like it because I mean I loved the day you know what they're at with our product they're really good entry-level products but like like
00:33:07it's a high-end stuff is like 10 experience, so they put a lot into things like packaging like it's all brand storytelling like fragrance and things like that but like Legend who is the pretty shity high-end stuff is really trying to like keep in a meeting but it looks like it seems like they're really trying and they're coming up with a lot of different stuff and I tried the sea Buckthorn cream at best friend totally different pricing it was a lovely cream 15
00:34:07even if you buy it in New York City so I think that they have things to offer and there are things a little lower and stuff you know companies with get tapped out and hit the like switch to a different kind of low price company every time I go browse them I'm like roseroseshop or even just like some of the random nose smaller detailers that carry them like everyone don't have something a little bit different in the new catalog as weird as shit they will like the Kings Avatar online and they got some water and stuff and it's got like the college in line and I feel like we hear about thirst yes nails
00:35:07and like a really interesting products just like I haven't tried it yet
00:35:25come back and it's just right for us
00:35:43everybody can have some snow plows cuz we're actually Michelle was telling me that she's actually changed the formulation a little bit but just said yeah to so it actually has like more of the extracts and like more of the good shit a little bit of flakiness around her mouth and she sprayed it with the snow long and it took away the flakes like it like almost like instantaneously yeah it was amazing
00:36:35right now but it is what it is so yeah we have like a community sheet math pile through down as well because we need you
00:37:01what is the earlier but like secretly she attended Hogwarts as a child picture of a tiny bag I did my guitar and a bird and I also have
00:38:01oh my God show right now it sounds kind of cute but I have asthma can you open it it's like oh Lord I almost forgot about you speaking about things I brought when I ordered my peach blush is it to Fiji so I wanted to try to find that bought the
00:39:00lavender colored one that was like lavender blush do you want it and she was like yeah it's pretty and it doesn't really come out lavender on me I think the reason that I love it it's because like regular pink blush when I put it on always ends up feeling like a little bit to peach or Cora and that's not what I want so it's so people that have my skin tone maybe this will be helpful for you too if I use lavender blush that it pulls it into pulling more of like a cool pale pink kind of the effect that I want in the first place so it doesn't get that like an orgy cast to it that a lot of Pinks can get on me I love it it's really nice it goes on while I used to brush is really buildable it's really light and I just I don't know you can just tell it's quality it's a really good example to a difference between
00:40:00was talking about this is well you know that people drag Korean makeup because it's not pigmented not that I think that if you know a western Beauty consumer try that blush they probably like this thing as shit the payoff isn't great but it's such a fine light texture and it is so buildable it does so natural and we can link videos that we've seen of that hers and some stuff like that so you guys can see it it really goes on a natural and share the Cowboys safe easy lucky when I was able to use it without being like oh sweet Jesus quotes orgasmic shell for Scott like the spray Sephora effect and then we have cat working with the JSM which
00:41:01for most people most days having some left tricky blush really really useful tannish kind of one or two. Then like perfect cuz it's like too much color on me but like I'm sure it was absolutely perfect and it's just like it was easy to do I think like
00:41:42I'll give you a shout out saying that she has been attractive and I'm going to give her some holy snails stuff or oil smells good things we did when we got to Tracy's house to him was we like went over and like sniffed a whole bunch of things and her stash over at times like the wrong warm kind of descended and yeah and there's a lot of traffic
00:42:42like that smell just like a hell
00:42:47Sarah Sarah the toner sticky sweet
00:43:16mr. smoke like way too much of this is been episode Now cast you can email us at ask Now cast at you can take us individually it might be a bit easier to reach us that way oh yeah cuz yeah
00:43:40It's Tricky for us to like remember the password for
00:43:53so what we can take comfort in knowing that like we are so genuine than that are like level of sophistication is below remembers logging into it on a regular Xbox One in case you didn't listen to the previous episodes because we eat Tracy found white girl Rose a
00:44:29we have to
00:44:30ceremonial for male cats related things you should be able to peel it back freaking silicone all right oh my God oh my God
00:44:58easy her teeth to pull out of them
00:45:05well, I thought what you like getting it wet to get it out Yeah I broke the dick is not well maybe I'm close I'm close
00:45:55it's almost there
00:46:10oh my God where do I find head of Tracy spinning the dick around
00:46:36okay now we have to go out somewhere cuz it's back or y'all look at my glasses after concert alright well do we have a concert to get to focus hope to see you soon glad oh my God

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