The Holy Fan duo discuss their adventures at the Cosmoprof beauty trade show, the most interesting products from the show, and the dangers of overly curious cleaning ladies when you have something to hide.


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00:00:00hi everyone this is shell for Holy snails we are finally back today we have Tracy with fanservice and chat of Snow White and the Asian pear and we're wanting to talk a little bit about something that Tracy and I went to recently it was called CosmoProf in Las Vegas it's a business-to-business trade show so it's not really open up to the public and it's like a Chinese Norma cvent has like hair and skincare and makeup and all kinds of other stuff on it Tracy is your first year going why did you go
00:00:34I have asked myself that you don't when you described it last year it's really interesting because it's like football fields of just Beauty vendors Mart vendors really their Beauty Brands and they have food and so it was like oh I should just go and like look at stuff cuz I like to look it up online it was interesting but I have some reservations
00:01:07I know yeah I definitely agree I went last year actually a nose is because Courtney from tallest lifting was telling me about it cuz she was gone and there she was talking about how they're like manufactures and like suppliers and all that other stuff there so obviously since I have a shop I wanted to actually go and see for a packaging stuff but no clue what to expect last year so we were completely out of her element because I feel like so much random crap and so I really want to go back this year and my whole purpose of going this year was to look at like suppliers for like bottles and stuff but I mean what did you like about it we should kind of explain more about what it is to okay so the reason that we're able to go in like if you sure what we're talking about and wonder like well it's not really like that are conferences kind of dimensions
00:02:07Judy fan right yeah like BeautyCon like we meet like people from YouTube and stuff in this case this is a it's a trade show like that is just for UT professionals and I applied as a blogger and luckily got in a lot of other people were denied press passes this year and so will my husband since he doesn't work in Beauty it's not like you could even like to get a ticket and pay at register like you have to work in Beauty and show that you do and so it's not design for like it is kind of fun but that's not really the purpose right so they were very few things and I have a post about what went down at CosmoProf but they're just a few things that are kind of stuff it like for example my mom could enjoy or you know like a girlfriend he's like not super
00:03:07industry can enjoy they had like a build your own Beauty Box thing and then I have $10 donation and you get seven samples of your own choosing to make a box which is really great until the last day hits and you have so many bags of that you're like oh shit like I need to like leave some of these products or you and Mikey had like a $60 piece of shame that she did for some reason because I had like A2 City trip my suitcases because my husband accompany me they were so full
00:04:07there was a accident balance my suitcase I don't like honestly only do because the woman like checking the scale said that she love my hair so that like Bonnie time to like scramble we have to stop here and we have to talk about how Tracy's hair looked okay she look like she walked right out of a magazine it was not just purple hair it was like unicorn hair like holographic perfect curls and it was just it was like she walked out of a freaking photo shoot is gorgeous so everybody fond over her hair people thought that I worked in hair and Selena talk to me or something you have to like show up and have like
00:05:07yeah it's not going to be close for me like I just don't care enough so I was magnificent oh my God
00:05:19okay so I think you actually wanted to a different section where there were like services like your nails or something like that thing for like $20 you could get caught with a makeover and so that was actually like pretty approachable it was a good way to warm up these are things I did in the first day cuz it was so intimidated walking in on that first day I was like I mean walk my ass back out do these like fun warm-up things because I was at the right side it was like yeah it to that side because this place is so humongous yeah it was I never made it there yeah so
00:06:04yes I got my nails done and yeah it was a good experience makeup and hair done the people who did like your nails or your makeup or whatever are those like the companies that make the nail polish or I mean what what is this so it seems to be a local nail okay and so she was just working with the company in question was and they do like a 7 free I think nail polish and so that's so cool like yeah it's like a little bit more natural and sugar top so you know
00:06:45it was a good experience after that it was just like a free-for-all yeah it was it was just chaos and and but I mean I got what I wanted what I came for which was actually like to see that manufactures which I think I dragged you over to the place where they were pressing was a foundation yeah I think the guy actually said those are like Foundation yeah as it's like machine the size of like an office desk and yeah it's just like chugging a little bitty Des pres translation things and there was that one where we were walking through and they they were actually handing out the lipstick samples fungus that's almost like three times the size humongous oh my God yeah it's like hidden in a really weird place but yeah they were just handing out these like pretty lipstick samples are full
00:07:45they just look like lipstick tubes and everything of this bright red lipstick and they were making them like right there
00:07:51what is the weird about the show is that yes you get this lipstick and when I swatched I was like damn I was nice it is that was really nice yeah at the color oh my God so except the problem is of course I can't say like oh yeah you need to go buy axe brand because like cuz it's not a brain it was like a team of like a formula machine like as in like a lipstick to write machine and I like a package at all like bonded together to like put on the slip stitch show. It's wild it's totally why I honestly like I walked away at the end like what the fuck I just want to make you to print this is so cool and yeah no no no and then we have like
00:08:44what was that one little Korean place is also in New Jersey that little booth in the back of the head for whatever reason is in the manufacturing section cuz that's where I hung out so I dragged Tracy over there out of Legos find some weird machines or something and then there is I don't remember
00:09:01yeah Englewood Labs yeah Englewood labs and they have like a base in New Jersey but they're also based in Korea
00:09:10and it had like the little ball concert where they just like little bubble tea balls basically and you can take one out individually and foam up and use up I guess glow jelly cleanser the whole station. To play with yeah honestly like if I were making a brand I would like Ron in that direction I had that was so cool cuz you just pick things up like jiggle the bubble guns are whatever and then we went by I totally forgot until I got two cousins I was like oh damn clearly I forgot something
00:09:53it's a good thing is I thought was so cool and weird is it a bunch of these Labs that are making amazing stuff that I think of as a great kbd or yeah you're actually making them in the United States and so it's like Asian American run with like a lab in Hong Kong or in Korea right now they're like shifting their operation so for example like something that feels very could be like this far as we know it could have like made in the US on the packaging until like that's wild it's going to be like harder and harder. I think it was like made in Korea that's a selling point harder and harder to like determine like what might be interesting to me if all of a sudden you know basically like K Beauty Brands are now
00:10:53made in America what about that other booth to have like the still cuz I like dissolved in that collagen can whatever was that do they have a u.s. space I don't remember yeah they make all the Oregon weather what yeah it so they have their Factory where they make everything I guess for Like Us distribution that is an Oregon so yeah that was like another one where was like holy shit this is amazing and I thought like there's no way this is Besame you are there products felt very Asian beauty did it did kind of value to it to you like cracked a little thing and it it flows into this thing was like basically a cotton ball and it dissolves into like a gel it was really cool yeah and what else
00:11:53or were there instances of K Beauty companies that were having their existing formulations manufactured in the US
00:12:02yeah there I know for sure that there's at least one k beauty company that was working with us lab and getting stuff made here until like that's kind of like the shift I think more Katy companies are going to I guess start to work with these kind of Korean American lab space in the US it's it's weird but it's it's really cool though yeah it's interesting I mean but then they wouldn't be a while but yeah they said they would be a pretty singing never shipping through here then the challenge and the volume to me you know like the other markets in other countries and expanding u.s. Market I wonder if it's one of those things
00:13:02problems with and translations of that where the FDA requires ingredients to be listed in English before they can be sold. Process tube companies that I talk to for packaging they have actually like three bases they have one in Spain and I think one in France and then another one in the US and they all make different products actually I think so I don't know it's weird it would be interesting
00:13:47sort of Americanized K beauty products and they like some cases go to Korea to oversee certain aspects of that production so they know that it's done properly it would be so much easier if you're based in your act like I am just drive over to Jersey and not wait for samples to come back and forth like you're so if you're making a product of the lead time on like cuz like the shipping the finished product that's one thing like that's like if you're formulating and you're trying to do owe you one thing I regret about recently was that Katie is like Fast fashion as in like new product affirmative very very quickly if you are having to like consult with us-based companies and likes on them samples and packaging samples all that back and forth then the shipping time is a problem
00:14:47this is actually making more sounds like why you would want us office that does make sense yeah because I mean when we were looking at some Chinese suppliers for some bottles and everything just getting a sample from then we'll be like one sample which I mean the bottle itself doesn't cost that much but the ship it to us will be like $50 and we take like a week or two to get there Yeah Yeah Yeahs is insane she's like pulling like 20 sample yeah exactly it totally makes sense how many of those labs Jersey like funny you should mention that you know where they korean-american okay so it wasn't just realize I have to they were all New Jersey Honda Factory area for pharmaceutical manufacturing and then it has a huge crane American population so
00:15:47New York City area like really like the big very established in EXO members film like it's usually heavy balls like oh my God what kind of like make sense like you could totally does like the us-based shops now that many boxes out of the picture they're all based in New York and then the labs are just over in Jersey like some places that are looking to formulate their house brand new be so easy to do this that's really cool yeah it did suck really like you no conceivable
00:16:38the same formulations and they're just being manufactured
00:16:48what's the name of that you know yeah yeah yeah I mean like if if if the labs are in the Packers are completely in sync a problem right now because of political relations but from what I understand labs in Korea and factories in Korea while relations with China were good and right now as a record wild what channel is consuming tons of K beauty products it was really difficult for us Brands to get their stuff made because the demand like fastly larger numbers products were coming in from China and steel factories prioritize and so if your base in the US it's doubtful that another larger Beauty economy is going to come through and have swamp the New Jersey Factory whatever
00:17:45so they split up cousin probe into a bunch of different sections and they had a section called discover Beauty did you go in there
00:17:54yeah it was that the one that looked like white carpet and white walls and like something I think that area was actually like there was like a competition or something like that there was a going to win a winner awarded and vote it or something like that they got discovered BT Award but I saw a couple of very recognizable there wish I was there that they have in China Pavilion and then they have a Korean Pavilion in there a lot of recognizable K Beauty Brands there as well I felt like Tony moly like actual just regular Tony moly and
00:18:32I want to say dewytree and Cleo has their own
00:18:41section in the Korean Won
00:18:44what else was there that was Doctor not g OK Google where is a doctor Gia also okay
00:19:08this is like another argument not to use doctor in front of me so yeah you know I saw that section and I was like this looks really intense it was cuz like they try to like grab your arm and stuff and I said no no no no no I'm I just came for like potential free stuff but this is not worth it. Bye bye bye Papa recipe yes like inggar something like that and they have like another one so they said that something must switch is like a recyclable cards almost Nature Republic or someone did some sort of sheet mask like similar to the shape
00:20:04what words that are like the regular like almost like a V shape for she mess they went like with a bookmark I think one more time or something must just has like this folding patent so it was interesting it was really weird I don't know what if you had this experience but whenever I said oh I'm familiar with your brand totally shocked
00:20:51now that's a pot. The girls are puffer recipe where that's how they gave me like it's hot there sheet mask of all I know these are my favorite
00:21:05yeah it's about that obviously like normally at trade shows right there when it is open to the general public and her fans and vendors and things trying to Voxer product at what not
00:21:26how much of that is present in like how is it different when the understanding is that everybody at the convention of the show is in fact Tracy might have a different experience here because I mean she came as Express so she could potentially like amplify better and surname there where as for me I think it also is different because the regular part of the show you kind of have to like a person be like I explain to me your stuff here and though the side and dragged stand-up reluctantly and start talking about other stuff but other than that in the discovered Beauty section though I got think there's actually a voting thing
00:22:10so they want they want to talk to you about their product like they have like dudes in Speedos over there
00:22:20no I did not do that but three dudes all like the I think what they were advertising was there tanning lotion or something like I said they were like super shiny and glossy and oiled up in tiny little Cheetos I feel like Tracy would have definitely mention that if she seen it once you get her like Roundup post and I feel like she has mixed feelings and I was just I don't I don't although that I see that I'm not feel like it's awkward cuz I was like oh God everybody's in suits what are you doing and I'm stuck in the booth right next to them and putting getting a hair curler stuck into my hair so I live in one spot I mean. Like not look at this one dude
00:23:06words like flexing
00:23:09but yeah I know it was in the Discover BT white carpet area there's a reason that I got out of there
00:23:23alright so as press I really I only got kind of like grabbed a few times most of the time I have the same experiences shower like I had to like walk excited to get people to talk to me and then honestly like I went away for one day to do research and then I came back in the last day and by then people were so like beat down by the corner and they didn't get much attention they were like ready to talk I don't go on the first day and then let people get kind of like ground down by the experience sweet spot on the last day cuz you came at a good time I came like an hour to later and they were done talking they were done being at the show they wanted to pack up and go home so they're just like yeah here's our fire are you can
00:24:24somebody will contact you thanks I really like how how different all of the boots were cuz you have like I don't know if you went further to the right side there is like this area where they had logs and an axe set up look like yeah they're having a barber shop thing on a on a Podium and nobody was there to do hair they just had a day or so you could like get up there yeah so they felt it necessary to like reinforce the masculine as it's totally masculine to take care of yourself with our products know they have like they got intricate and apparently they did have to give so much face cream or there is an accident so would you know you laugh but that both I think or maybe another similar
00:25:24Skip One whatever Booth whatever they had mail specific sheet mask I don't know what made them specifically mail but they were meant for men and this one girl was dragging her boyfriend up and they were cited Lee fighting over the idea of he can finally mask with her so I mean you know they've gotta demographics
00:25:48police weapons are thing to be like
00:25:51you know quick bowl stir your manliness with some emergency wood chopping it wasn't very well-presented Booth. Like they say there's some marketing in there it was some money involved in other places are just like you know they just have their little bootsect set up and everything one day I thought was really really cool was they had this organic or green section which I normally like I don't really care about but I want it over there anyway and they had a what will be the word for this and for other care personal care don't add care like moisturizer or personal hygiene product or am I just like
00:26:51intimate care there you go not a company has like they specialize in like organic and preservatives safer preservatives and 7 free whatever but those are really cool because I had but everything else I had cleansers and their cleanser that have two different kinds of pH 4.5 Hunter and a and a newer one that's 3.8 pH cleanser and it's like how do you have pH like so so did you try it on your face I have the packets here I have yet to try it because I've been working on other things but no I'm very excited too and I'm going to let you should slide into my DMs with a picture of it
00:27:33I tried like they were like no but I think that it's not made out of like who had you sleep like you can put this on your face like it's okay people were concerned that you were that I was yeah that I was missing born in her eyes like ball sweat in it it's fine I'll actually looked at like the ingredients for Lube know the ingredients for Lube is like okay pan
00:28:19I feel like if there is any a time where I really okay you know normally I'm like a people need to get over themselves for yourself appear when I will be good and stuff it's meant for internal use yeah and you don't like people definitely worse from what I understand can I use Cocaine by putting it down there oh my God my experience of cocaine is not expensive in any way definitely I've heard this and sold like there are a lot of like receptors and blood vessels down there so like
00:29:19yeah you should have heard him there is problems with currently teenagers were consuming alcohol purchase using broomsticks in a better is because they were using like herbs and matching them up with the branches and applying it up there who has and so people were just picky and they're like tripping balls so they think they're flying or some shit I don't remember that terrifying please don't do that anybody but not like her is lube ingredients just regular water based lube it is purified water glycerin propylene glycol and 15th methylparaben Paula propylparaben that is literally a basic so I can gel that you would find on your on a shelf for your face and I mean the cleanser the
00:30:19the concert at CosmoProf I don't have it on here right now but I mean it was just a basic cleanser ingredients they're just normal and I mean like I didn't we have this weird stigma my ass about it but y'all remember like a couple years back that makeup forever primer yeah and then people were saying the perfect dupe for that was like the Monistat chafing gel I think it was like I mean a lot of people skydive but also a lot of people didn't want to pay 50 bucks for a primer Makeup Forever primer is a long time ago
00:30:58jowls HD Micro now that's not it and forget it it's a bunch of likes ingredients chafing gel made like a great do for it and say yeah and I mean when you think about it it's just silicones that's the whole purpose of it is to provide slips you don't chase is not like there's ball sweat in their they're just regular skin to Orange. We talked about one is intimate or danger zone products and then the other is AJ Styles stinky they are like for Monday no I think with AJ that we stick to like crack sweat so slightly
00:31:58slightly different still intimate Zone I guess but yeah
00:32:07we were talking about the pussy cleansers was like why why are they so on their game with ph cleansing like to locate cleansing you know yep they don't want to but I mean like then why I apologize for these kids are not apologize even why make excuses and deny science for your fucking face the million-dollar question I mean it's because you should be oh my God no seriously like yeah eh it probably smells nice
00:32:55yeah I mean I've I've been looking at this pretty extensively for something and some of them till like the drugstore ones do tend to have SLS and sles but these are surfactants that for a person
00:33:08but yeah if you look kind of carefully and a shop online you can get honestly looks to be I have to try like I have a whole range coming it looks like the answer to all of our problems right like the really good low PH cleanser classic 30 fucking box at Sephora
00:33:36or you get Sephora actually like specializing did I say it like low PH cleanser or under $10 sounds good which is my problem with the cause rx10 really that's the only thing that I don't like yeah smells kind of like you but I'm kinda pissed about mine are getting better cleansers
00:34:10they are just talking about like external cleansing right we're not getting that much yeah like I don't think there's be equipment okay so like douching versus wish I could just imagine someone as low PH you know lady bit cleansers on your face then you should be able to use low PH facial cleansers on your lady bits and then like not understanding it there's a line between external and internal use a little Peach facial cleanser probably better for you then so I definitely like
00:35:10have to do it like butter your facial cleanser
00:35:20further on washing I think everybody's kind of does like face kind of like hovers above the rest of your body and gets different care and then the rest of your body gets kind of lump together clearly cat needs to make
00:35:45yeah I know I definitely use low pH for external there is no fucking way I'm going to use some like random shit that I haven't tested and I don't know about him like the drugstore and honestly like I think the thing is I don't want a pussy cleanser in my house one more thing that I have to hide when people come over when the disc so you don't have one more pussy cleanser to hide okay you have like what a dusting probably a dozen and then I can just kind of like when I made found my lube for the elliptical and it says Its a bright white and giant cap
00:36:45call letters in black ink says Lube it's not as lube Lube it looks like a giant thing of blue of course like this is just sitting out and yeah it's like I have to like put away the lube I did put away any marital kids dresser drawer full of do you have one that's one thing if you have 8 that's a project what kind of a substance when we had like somebody who has like a ridiculous amount of toothpaste and mouthwash and or breath mints like has bad breath
00:37:45when did they collect breath mints
00:37:48are you are you saying that like the person who cleans I has another thing that I reek like she has to have like a fucking Arsenal Hunters this is one of those cabinets with a lock on it I really hate the sex live tots
00:38:29one thing that I noticed last year cuz before I didn't really do that this year cuz I didn't really get to look through the China Pavilion in the Korea Pavilion in-depth as much but I don't see why it would be any different was I would go up to this one booth right and they would be like oh we have created this groundbreaking serum for example that is a powder and they would drop it onto your hand you could just like touch it a little bit of kind of dissolve into your skin will feel like a liquid nuggets time melts in this is our special thing it is it's our our trademark brand new product whatever I'm like okay thank you and you go to the very next boost literally right next to them and it would be the same speech the same product
00:39:16almost identical packaging is just like a different light bulb for the dispenser or different colors or whatever same exact product is the same with those little love the one those are machine things I heat up and you're supposed to like roll them onto your skin or whatever or you what kind of machine I would like a little ball on the end and specific heat up and help increase circulation or whatever and every single one of those that I talk to that I got this is our special brand new invention that we created and then right next to the same exact thing
00:39:57it was weird
00:40:01yeah I think people just kind of like say stuff yeah
00:40:08go back to my question earlier about like how is it is it any different in the way that they approach I suppose it'd fellow Beauty expert versus an average consumer just like you they assumed you have a basis of knowledge or they do not like hey let me introduce you to the wonders of double cleansing and its marketing all the way down and it does not just at trade shows it's my own suppliers they will sell if I can Diamond extract and their cortical Diamond extra is glycerin that has had at once had Diamond powder in it and then they still turned the diamond out there for this glycerin is Diamond extract and suck me
00:40:58contact with diamonds is special enough apparently whoever the best at least they have not tried actually making a scientific claim so that they literally in the product description to to Market this to you they say diamonds convey an image of luxury and so to show this to your clients we have Diamond extract and gold extract and Ruby excited they have the actual product in it not at all or do they do anything not at all but you can make your product so you can charge them a whole lot more
00:41:37and it starts all the way from there you know so it's not just like one business to another they're going to give it to you straight like look okay so this cream doesn't do jack shit but you know whatever they think they Market from top to bottom it's gross
00:41:57so was there anything that you guys saw that was kind of like revolutionary or if stinging you
00:42:12I didn't really go to see cooling products I was kind of looking for them but I don't think I really saw anything that was just like I fucking need this in my life you know
00:42:27I think that one boost that we were at that had like the little
00:42:32dissolving silk thing was pretty cool the capsule but then there little cleanser which was actually like a dried Puck and then you would get it wet and it turned it like almost like a contact that had clear foaming cleanser in it already we don't have the pH of it but it's kind of like turn into a perfectly round ball and you could theoretically just use it and then save it and then use it again for like a couple more times and then dispose of it
00:43:02so if there was welcome and if it was low PH make a really good like traveling cleanser
00:43:10nothing is like when I got home I actually talk to half of these Brands were already in my inbox after that I just I don't feel like dealing with the email because I'm over by and so I really think like four people even like it so I obviously like I have a Blog about you like for money even then like I'm not professionalize enough for this to really make sense you cry like and I like to enjoy the experience of scrolling through Instagram and then going to the kind of smokey overwhelming giant tree right which is kind of sad but yeah
00:44:08it honestly like this place was gigantic I mean I went all three days and I did not make it through half of the trade show is wild did you see any of any meat boots just in general you would think would be worth mentioning or anything
00:44:29ocean I'm trying to think of like what I talked about a wine that a mom developed for her kids hair on her kids have kinky curly hair and so this is a line that is designed to be like natural honey and actually like healthy for their hair so that there have breakage and comforter without screaming and crying and all that like I did when I was actually I bought this product I bought the shampoo and conditioner it was really great and you're not supposed to
00:45:29yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what they feel like it's not even like you can shop like it's literally like either you get samples for free or better no business card so I went home I actually bought this and it was good I'm really excited with the brand and they're already in Target everything smells good it looks good it's just like one of those things like this is not going to like this is a total winner so I was really excited whenever you kind of take some time to like play with a lot of that and it's very very recognizable Brands and then you see a lot of like these no name brands yeah I don't like for example I saw so there's a basically like a child squeaky toy
00:46:29call Sophie the giraffe it's a fancy French rubber giraffes that kids can like not on and choke themselves with the discovery Beauty section and I was like what the fuck is a chew toy in the Discover Beauty section it turns out they started making like their own kids skin care line stuff cuz I have like shampoos and it's weird I did not something I think be like noteworthy is just something that gave me like a really big WTF moment that wasn't Organics in the organic section there was a company from India they actually I think they started off by making rose essential and so because they make rose sexual they have a lot of excess rose water so they make like they use rosewater and I think like all or a whole lot of their skin care products just because they say it's like they're byproduct of their rose essential oil stuff
00:47:29and it was really need to have like a little under which I think is also low ph and like specifically was low PH which is really really neat and they have so they put rosewater low PH cleanser on the other side of my office give me a second you can send it to me after the show cast so does she she messaged me on Instagram she's like oh wait you're going to cause if I come see me oh my God that makes the day she works she works for the company but yeah I also like that idea of
00:48:29I also like the idea of people finding ways to use what would otherwise be a byproduct that was so I feel like that's also a nod to their sustainability which is great still like they don't go and get like a private company or whatever yeah so it is arminian like Armenia yeah really yeah this is ever heard of any
00:49:15yeah I'm back it's an Aryan and a i r i a n they got a base here in Cupertino but yeah they actually have like a farm there wherever they're their company is based on their level of fly her that over 70% of our ingredients are sores from within 100 km of our facilities like they actually grow all their flowers and stuff for the extract there
00:49:39it was really neat yeah I got at the samples from that she gave me like a full kit it's really pretty pretty sure I got it right here right now this is a moisturizer oh my God there's sample kits are so cute that because like they have a three-pack thing of tiny little moisturizers and one of them is oily skin one of those dry skin and one of them is normal skin yeah and it's like super cute Lee package and everything I don't know if they smell any different but it has a very very very light floor smell like I don't think they add in artificial fragrances or anyting the oily skin has a more of an ugly smell to it my skin care talk. They were really really cool like she was awesome too but I mean the the company itself is really cool on its own and yeah the cleanser she said
00:50:39which 5.5 yeah she packaging to take a picture to send you guys I have apparently hand cream and foot cream also and body cream I don't know what the difference between those are but sometimes throw stuff can have that that really overwhelming fake rose smell yeah but like rosewater itself is just as floral but it's not really that overpowering or anything like that it's very light cuz most of the scent will be in the oil painting in their ingredients I have no idea the one I have literally just says narian face cleanser uplifting and revitalizing all skin types so I have no idea this is a body care tree okay well that makes a lot more sense I took them all out of my packaging their of their packages so I brought home the packaging on its own and then I brought all of the products in like my little clear TSA
00:51:39yeah it was really cute how they did everything and it was really neat cuz they they grow later on calendula and they are roses and they extracted themselves and that's a whole lot more holistic than for the court holistic companies that just don't want to fucking use parabens yeah so it was just it was really cool oh my God their website has a picture of a whole bunch of smiling middle-aged ladies picking flowers in fields and I'm kind of halfway in love with this already but I think the clothes are have is the calendula one actually since it's got calendula flowers on it except the Grammys have some major sun protection headgear going on
00:52:39an expection like 1 mile down from the loot lady I did which is really weird because a lot of those people were also like there was another thing like this other boy which was an American Booth they were selling konjac sheets yeah they were cuz she was very happy that I recognize what contact was but it's konjac but it's like a washcloth so I don't know how well that would work cuz I mean it's kind of really soft but it's all dried up and folded into quarters and you're supposed to just wet it and open it up and use it as like a body scrub I guess so be extremely light exfoliation today what else would be worth mentioning for CosmoProf their packaging cute too
00:53:39so I guess that's what they actually grow their and distill regularly since this is the first time that you gone do you plan on going again only go in order to hang out with people I like that was like the fun part like I got married by Elvis I was there yeah I was awesome and that was awesome so awesome and it was over a hundred Ten Degrees they leave and everything smell like smoke and you know everything
00:54:38yeah it's actually. Yeah I just picked up for ages cuz the casinos
00:54:45so I can look like inside of their most of the food was like in New York and it was expensive to me and it was horrible so yes it was really not a pleasant experience in terms of keeping yourself alive Vegas that was the issue either always in Vegas yeah yeah the cause of death in America is in Las Vegas the one in the international one is in Italy bologna yeah which that's even crazier cuz like bologna is so it's like way way bigger and the one that is not that big so apparently people have to reserve like their hotels like
00:55:45yeah and then I have one which is also so I can't even imagine how much bigger it could be cuz I mean we could not go through the whole place and people must just go to like their specialty sections yeah I can imagine like if you were like a Green Spa like you could trim your visit way down like the professional professional you're there just to find new face creams to add to your company or whatever yeah yeah but it's like g y going without a plan yeah it's kind of like any conference like any annual conference most the time for this go to like have meetings and see their friends so and it's like weird things get done so like I'm not
00:56:45unlike stress about it it's just I'm not professional enough to want to like the business side of that did you go to any of those talks or the classes or whatever that they had no they had some that were offered through the organization that I'm with in order to go and those are like thousand-dollar classes and I think it was like how to Green Market your product or something sounds like nothing's I don't mean like how useful can the dollars
00:57:24so I mean clearly they thought there was a value in that but I don't know because I can just imagine like it's some point like who on Earth is so valuable who has an Insight that valuable they had Magic Johnson what he what he wasn't there to talk about Greening your beauty products we're not going back cuz we just went to get contacts or are there other Expo shows like there's like pack Expo which is like just packaging and stuff they're not cosmetic packaging exclusively there's kind of like everything shipping containers to whatever else so we might go check something like that but I mean I kind of hate Vegas we hated the fur
00:58:24hey there the second time I went it was awesome to see Tracy like the whole hallway smells family got to meet the whole family family with acceptance to her cats and that wasn't I was really a cool brother that I hated Vegas yeah yeah yeah
00:58:47you know theoretically shell more than me in the beauty industry and it was not even really worth it like it is tricky but like it's not worth enough yeah it's it's enough for first-time experience I think it's fine we had to go back. I had no idea who to contact and who not to contact and I still get spam from like 7 different manufacturers who is just I need their weird crappy airless pumps so you know by me week we got what we wanted out of there which ultimately was just like contact for decent production of like supplies and stuff plus I got to see some really cool companies like sex Lou companies that have correct pH cleansers for your.
00:59:47hand so one last question what I think you said you had too much that you couldn't even pack it into your extra suitcase how did you decide what. Did you know what I took everything except for like just a few things and I'm sorry Papa recipe but like the baby got locked I got a gigantic they were sanitizer I left that it was really not good first of all I can't do this and then the other thing was I saw it cleaning ladies at like conference and someone must have given them and they were so like excited about it I was real high so if I leave yet if I leave shit I think somebody is legal to use this until like maybe
01:00:47yeah cuz like last year I actually got I went as press last year and so lashy there she gave out press bags which was literally you know the cause of proof bag that they get the tote bag that I gave you it's the tote bag packed full of full size random shit and I don't know what happened but the giant tote bags if they cover profile on that everybody's turning around I basically left that entire bag and I just took it on the table and said I can't bring this with me please take it and I went to a meeting with Tao people in another city and the the hotel people once I found out where I was they were like just contacted all the free stuff so I think I think that you're free stuff is going to get you yeah I didn't have nearly as much as you cuz I wasn't really going for trying to get like free things other than like the popper I said she mess
01:01:47but yeah I think I just mailed a little pile and was like I hope you enjoy these because I don't want them to meet us CosmoProf is not the place exactly concert like do it after they perform the war and we had a chance there or the the eve and we had a chance to recover all we haven't talked about shiny you need to talk about Shining
01:02:39will it make sense to Obama I just we just need to mention I just need it to be put out there somewhere to repeat it to be repeated again yes it needs to be just repeated as often as possible President Obama gay K-Pop group a shout out and he said he said that like it was like how how American teenagers can listen to for example K-pop boy band SHINee and then they're over here eating like In and Out Burgers and enjoying them and like just like cultural diversity or so bad remember what it was but it was just like he knows you over and over and over streaming on YouTube trying to get I need to believe
01:03:39yeah isn't it was awesome it was so cool yeah I never thought that like my original by a screw that was amazing that was really weird but yeah if you want to catch this Now cast it's much more likely you'll find a sudden nexo constant screaming screaming hysterically yes no
01:04:09so we have a lot of things going on but we will be trying to get more episodes to you guys in the meantime you can contact us at ask snailcast at gmail.com we're also on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook as stuff now cast I think we're all logged in on there it might take us a little bit but we will get back to you and we will try to get more episodes to you soon I am so from holy snails from fanservice and we are also joining Spirit Peter unfortunately suffered a catastrophe little moments before we begin recording could have had her join in on the 20-minute talk of pussy cleansers that and that's a great tragedy upset missing asking Tracy if her
01:05:09it's a jungle
01:05:14hopefully the next time we record after dinner with us as well I was still route also could buy

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