Colorado House District 2 Podcast with Majority Leader Alec Garnett and Producer Black (call me Ethan, please) Episode 1!
In this introductory episode, we talk about why we made a podcast in the first place, what you can expect to hear in this podcast, the Government Shutdown (they reached a "deal" right after we recorded), the SB19-011 (the "Beer is Beer" bill), the newly created "Office of Saving People Money on Healthcare," a shoutout to the Willow Room Hair Studio, and more thoughts about the future of the podcast. If you have name suggestions, Tweet at us at @AlecGarnett or email at [email protected]
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The Willow Room Hair Studio
Offering free haircuts to furloughed employees due to the shutdown
1223 S. Pearl St., Denver, 80210
United States


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