-Google Home Hub
-Nest Hub Max
-New Branding Google Nest
-New Device Google Nest Hub Max
-Added Built in Nest Cam
-Gesture Recognition
-Bigger display
-Person recognition
-Better Speakers - Sub built in
-State of where things are at with Google Assistant in the Smart Home Space today
-Playing catchup to Amazon but investing heavily and moving fast
-Heavy investment in CES
-More integrations with more vendors
-How many devices in Adam's home are integrated
-What's missing?
-No ring - feels glaring
-No Moen (Announced) / No Delta Faucet support, either
-No TiVo
-No Rachio
-Schlage - has integration but can't run simultaneously with HomeKit
-Very quick response time
-Voice understanding is good
-Wake word
-Robotic John Legend
-State reporting requirement
-Feels like moving towards something bigger
-Model for creating new types of devices
-Have worked with all 3 major ecosystems now in adding new device types
-Apple has device types they need to create and release
-Amazon has new model for this called Alexa Primitives
-Great talk about this at ReInvent last year
-Google has an almost Lego like approach to this, where they have created all the pieces and you can put them together in a way to represent your device
-Much more extensible
-Requires less time and work from them via Knit

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