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In this episode you will learn about course marketing.

Perry Marshall is an expert in marketing.

This is the 134th session of Smart Brand Marketing.


The number of unsolved problems never goes down… it only goes up.

An oz of prevention is worth a lb of cure


People will pay 16x more for an oz of cure than a lb of prevention

Proven Headlines That Work For Any Project

Most of your prospects never get past the headline. It really is the most important part of the copy.

I’ve tested all of these and they work for any niche

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  • The foundation of marketing online courses
  • Market research
  • Problems
  • What to do when things are not working
  • Pricing
  • The five power disqualifiers
  • Preventing vs curing
  • Personality
  • Creation of a fan base
  • Influence on social media
  • Bootlegs
  • Auto-Responders



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The Exact Outreach Linkedin Message I Use To Connect That Gets Results

Over the last few months I started testing different methods on Linkedin to get clients. I spoke with a ton of experts to learn what works for them.

Eventually I realized that most of my results came from one simple message

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