Segment 1: Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist who specializes in small business, entrepreneurship and careers. She is the author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, a look at how entrepreneurs are hitting seven-figure revenue in businesses where they are the only employees. 
Segment 2: Enrico Palmerino is a serial entrepreneur and investor. His latest venture, botkeeper, is the world's first robotic bookkeeper. 
Segment 3:Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.
Segment 4: Angela Ficken is a Boston-based psychotherapist and entrepreneur. 
Segment 5: Jeremiah Smith is the Cofounder and CEO of SimpleTiger, a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in SEO for entrepreneurs. 
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00:00:00Ready to take on a leadership role at your workplace with an online master's in organizational leadership from gonzaga university you'll become a leader who inspires builds teams and effects positive change visit gonzaga dot edu slash lead this is a business radio show where we talk about the craziness
00:00:20of small business it's that craziness that actually makes it exciting interesting and totally unpredictable this is business insanity talk radio with your host very moz Well thanks for joining this week's radio show remember this is your final word in small business for those keeping track this is now
00:00:42show number four hundred eighty one this episode of course is provided by next eva the answer to all your business communication lucien's in the cloud Well can you actually build a million dollar business with just you and nobody else My next guest is a lane po felled she's
00:01:01an independent journalist who specialized in small business entrepreneurship and careers She's the author of a book called the million dollar one person business A look at how entrepreneurs are hitting seven figure revenue and businesses where they're the on ly employees Elaine welcome to the show thank you barry
00:01:19it's great to be here so the book really has an unlikely title because a lot of people are told that you really can't do it on your own if you just are yourself it's nearly impossible to make a million dollars because there isn't enough time energy whatever it
00:01:34is how do you take people through this book what's the key for that that type of success the tea based on that more than thirty businesses i interviewed if to extend what one person can do beyond the norm what the entrepreneurs in the non employer businesses i features
00:01:52were doing was using automation to make their job easier and more efficient and often a combination of using outside contractors but it's freelance web designers and bookkeepers and even outsourced back office services so that they could focus on the hijack value activities have you'ii grew the business and
00:02:11i think that's a really important point because no matter what you really can't do it you're yourself and you've got to figure out how other people or other technology can really help you How do you figure out what you should do versus what you should automate find freelances
00:02:28for those types of things Well generally speaking the owner of the business should not be spending a lot of time on menial tasks like entering alligator into quick books and that sort of thing So if you find yourself spending a lot of time on the new show that's
00:02:44the first type of thing you should automate also the things that you really don't get too might be things that you should automate or outsource their tasks that on president accounting not everyone is good at that You could probably do your own taxes but is that the best
00:03:02use of your time If you're not an accountant probably not so it's looking at things like that It's will it's interesting to me because i think you gotta look elaine for the secret sauce and that's the part of the business that you really work on what makes your
00:03:18business really go What makes it different than everybody else And then if you're one person business you really should automate or outsource everything else What do you think of that You definitely do need to look for your secret sauce in the one person business Generally it is something
00:03:34that is unique to you as a person because the business is pretty much knew him during a one person visit Davis apparently one of the business brokers i interviewed for the book mentioned that when we talked about e commerce businesses and how can a small e commerce business
00:03:51compete against amazon It can compete by being a curator of something that the owner knows inside and out He gave me some funny examples like he was selling ceramic garden nose and mailbox flags and things like that but people can become very passionate about a certain type of
00:04:09product i'm curious the best of that product and stand out from the more corporate types of e commerce stores out there really do quite well emily and you don't have to compete against amazon anymore you could be a small business that sells an amazon and be incredibly successful
00:04:26they khun b your sales force your distribution team right Absolutely i mean where a number of examples in the book of that their last loan out lor sells planners that he designed paper planners where he would put your two dues for the week on amazon he's a two
00:04:43million dollars business hey recently hired his first employee but he moved in business since twenty twelve broke one million actually both two million on his own before hiring employees you know this is a really interesting time and i think in our business history because for a long time
00:04:59most of the small businesses in the united states they're actually just one person right there solo enterprises aren't they absolutely yeah the vast majority are and now is the time where you can be a solo oprah nure and still make a million dollars because you can use all
00:05:19these other things to leverage your business as you've outlined it one of the kinds of things can people do elaine to make sure they hit that mark and really have a very profitable in revenue rich business One thing is to focus on strategy i noticed that aa lot
00:05:36of the entrepreneurs in this book differed from the average one person business and that they took time to step back and think about what is the one thing i should be doing this week to really move this business forward instead of here What project So i have to
00:05:51get off my clean and get back to the clients they're really thinking about the big picture and high impact types of actions that takes a lot of discipline because you've got to pay the bills you've gotta pay you living in and you can get into a mad scramble
00:06:05in the one person in business if you're not careful but they'll step back and say is this project really profitable Should i really even be doing this project And i getting burned out doing it Take some time off so that i can't give my best and be efficient
00:06:20in my business I think that's a difference in line set that aa lot of people in one person businesses don't have that can certainly coke debate right Because what i want to make sure that people understand is when you're one person business it's not like a lane you're
00:06:33doing everything yourself it's not like you're being a reactionary right You actually do have a plan of what you're going to do and other folks that you've hired either as freelancers or outsource what they're going to do correct exactly because you should really be focusing on the big
00:06:50thinking behind the business you can't always do this one hundred percent there things that come up you know if you send an email that is having a virtual assistant do it i wouldn't beat yourself up because sometimes you just need to get things done But by and large
00:07:04you need to be focusing on the higher value activities like meeting your enterprise clients in person things like that because when they have a relationship with you they will do more business with you assuming it's a good relationship that's the kind of thing you don't want to really
00:07:19out source in the one person business if you're in a bigger company you would have a sales force but you might not have that in one person but seemingly being the sales force but that's important stuff but elaine as a one person business it doesn't mean that you
00:07:34have to be isolated right Absolutely not that's one of the interesting things i found about these businesses is they don't operate in a vacuum There is a community around every single not employer business there is there are people that do the work in it there the people it
00:07:50serves there's the larger community and no business exist in a vacuum the people that are quite successful and these micro businesses understand that they really understand how people are the key to their success and they value all of those stakeholders in in how they run the business and
00:08:09how they treat people I want to shift gears for a minute you know as a senior editor of fortune small business what do you really seeing the opportunity today for these types of small business owners Well i just for the record i no longer senior editor at fortune
00:08:24small is the magazine's close a little while back but i am a freelance journalist who contributes to a lot of if this publication but the opportunities i saw in writing the book we're in a few key areas E commerce is an area that's very accessible right now for
00:08:40people who want to build hi revenue one person business informational marketing things like running webinars or classes on teachable it can be a great area for people that have expertise in a professional area Whether it's copy rating law accounting it could be any number of things Professional services
00:09:01is still quite a good area There are a number of people that go out and put out a shingle and apply many years of knowledge to their business and do quite well there There are a lot of people not just in the one million dollars category but and
00:09:14the category is leading up to it you know the six figure businesses high sixty years et cetera there's personal services to you might have people like personal trainers or nutrition who often combined their practice with informational marketing of some sort they might rated book or have a program
00:09:32that they so real estate is another one and manufacturing is a really interesting when i'm seeing more one person yanyan fracturing businesses in fact there's a company that people we have seen on shark tank it's called booby doors and it was started by a nurse and make you
00:09:50nurse who was working in a pro bono group to help lactating moms be their babies and she started creating nutrition bars that would help them with their nutritional needs baking them in her kitchen they were so popular the chief used an outsourced manufacturing firm called a co packer
00:10:08do a package of the mumps and they could be sold in stores and i just got a press release She broke one million on her own that cheese now in wal mart And i thought well this is a mom a nurse who had not been in business before
00:10:20running this from her home and she's got a million dollars when person business it's pretty amazing it's really inspiring because technology has opened up so many possibilities that we didn't have before you can just go online and just the internet has signed a co patron which is a
00:10:39source manufacturing for as an individual and actually hired them which is just it's mind blowing when you think of the possibilities It's amazing elaine thanks for me on the show If you want to reach a lane you go to our website it's called www dot the million dollar
00:10:52one person business Elaine thanks so much This is an five six p m to be right back Help can you get from here to there We've got the answer for the alarm detection systems traffic center I'm technically and the alarm detection systems traffic sensors in chicago There are
00:11:27two crashes on holland and franklin and on grant and stay street on the expressways held in on the kennedy there's A question damn buren involving a semi and a car and tried to respect the randolph was twenty five minutes from the airport and fifteen from montrose outbound kennedy
00:11:44wide opening clear letting arterial theater ramp will be closed until seven a m the rest of the express place are looking good but looking at the hallways he's found on the reagan it isthe ledges from new york plastic to try a state in western slope for most of
00:11:59all to work all day to construction taking a look at the weather is defeated the reason i'm there with a high of fifty nine in the lower forty five The next update is in fifteen minutes on and five sixty answer Do you remember the race and class of
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00:14:55answer well with tools like alexa and cirie or cortana artificial intelligence and the zero interface to computer applications is my number one trend for two thousand eighteen for small business owners but now artificial intelligence or as people call it a i devices are making serious inroads into business
00:15:14applications My next guest is enrico palmerino who is a seer launch burn investor His latest ventures called bodh keeper is the world's first robotic A bookkeeper Previously enrico was imagine director investor in smart books and accounting firm which he grew from seven to forty plus employees in three
00:15:32years and rick also co founded think like a global lighting efficiency firm which grew from his dorm room to number forty six on the inks five hundred list he was ranked second among the top twenty five entrepreneurs under twenty five by bloomberg business week and named boston's impact
00:15:48lee of the year in two thousand fifteen Enrico man you've got a great pedigree you're gonna be great on this interview thank you very much thank you for having me so i think the a i is really this year making the transition from just something that's kind of
00:16:03fun to do in the consumer world with aleck xa and siri to now making serious inroads into small businesses how are these things starting to appear Yeah so i mean i remember kind of back when we were first getting product off the ground it was like the ah
00:16:22monumental pivot from using a i tio kind of match cats with like your face to now actually using eye to perform business functions that you know will prove efficiency there's certainly still a long way to go but you know i think the key is we've started to figure
00:16:39out bottles and you know like the right size data sets and how to structure things tio make a lot more effective versus find yourself like reach a point of effectiveness and then start um reaching a start following a declining scale on efficiency and improvements So say i don't
00:16:56have it Yeah i think it's a game changer because small business owners they get into business because they want to help a customer solve a problem and there's all these other things and rico that you need to do And if you they get these bots or or a
00:17:13eyes to do it for you that would really help every single small business owner Yeah i mean we make the joke all the time i don't think i know a single entrepreneur ever gone exactly exactly i always tell the story that you know i had an mba from
00:17:32northwest university but when i sold my last company i really understand how to read a funny abe balance sheet and i lost the million dollars off the sale so if i can do it anybody really can do it So why did you start Why just start doing ai
00:17:46ai in accounting Why was that an important um important application to deal with First uh personally i hate accounting It was always like the thorn in my side and with lighting company i started we were growing so fast are counting to never keep up so we we all
00:18:06make a sixty to ninety day closed and the downside of that was there was a month where we actually ran out of cash just because we didn't ever have a really good sense for what our true cash position wants only a little over leverage ourselves on a few
00:18:19deals the whole business almost came crumbling to the whole you know the crazy concept of being able to grow yourself out of business barely living that and we have to get you know unfortunately like a line get the business back up and running but i never wanted to
00:18:34go through that again and i only imagine other businesses felt that same pain and that's how i decided to say well you know i bet i could take some of the decision trees and the algorithms we goto automate lighting apply those two procedures and accounting process is to
00:18:48you know do the symphony bookkeeping field so how does about keeper work using a i so what we try to do is actually make it as seamless and for the user as possible so it feels like you're working with a bookkeeper as a matter of fact you also
00:19:03get a sign like a true live you know human bookkeeper that you know there to review you know what's going on in assists with any complicated accounting any last minute fire drills you know that might happen or anything urgent but behind the scenes they really behind the email
00:19:18address that you're sending request to our documents so are asking for financials what have you uh that's all actually just getting filtered and going into databases and then running through a variety of filters to determine um basically you know what aspect of accounting it's related teo and then
00:19:34running through decision trees and then finally you know outputs alive and accounting tasks are performed in your accounting software so we don't replace the tools out there like quickbooks or a zero but rather think this is just a layer on top of them that replaces the need for
00:19:51a bookkeeper so what happens is that through your body keeper your then getting information into quick books or zero exactly where is normally like a business owner would have to do it themselves or they would have to hire a bookkeeper you know the bookkeeper would be responsible for
00:20:07taking ah contract that your sales were up signed and actually turning that into an invoice and sending that off too the client and getting the entered into the financial system and recognizing the revenue appropriately over you know one month or several months or several years all that takes
00:20:24a lot of time in hours and it is very expensive for an accounting to dio where is you for if you're using bob cheever you afford the sales contract to your assigned bought and within you know a very short period of time it would get entered and then
00:20:39put it into your account so what does this look like so let's say i have ah i want to build a customer right what do i do so you just have your sales were up send a contract tio your boss so let's just say it's like we give
00:20:54the box like human man's like frank you send it to frank the next thing you know you know frankel respond back like very quickly saying thanks you know thie you know in voice we have extracted the data off the contract you gave me entered into quick books invoices
00:21:13ready to go up to the client and leading your approval and you just log in approved the invoice that go out frank the bought would send the invoice to your client and if your client didn't pay for some reason you know after like fifteen days or whenever the
00:21:28due date was frank would automatically followed with an email reminding the client maybe another email reminding the client again maybe if the client still hasn't paid ping you the business owner or the sales rep that you know the client and paid give him a call and if you
00:21:43wanted us teo you know one of our actual human accountants could make those calls on you're the house as well so we go how much set up is really required So the body can really understand that when i send you a contract or i say hey you know
00:21:58bill this guy five hundred dollars ah that actually knows what to do and put in the right place so usually on average it takes about two hours is that up There is a part of the process where when you sign up you link up the different data sources
00:22:15that you have so you'll connect your bank accounts credit cards bill pay expense reports timesheets google analytics social media accounts any data source that you have that would have any sort of like relevance to reporting that you might want to see and then our system goes in crawls
00:22:31all that data finds discrepancies or variances or things that we should identify and ask about that report gets generated provided to one of our accountings in the accounting scheduled to our on boarding call of you used the report and the info that they have asked questions about your
00:22:47work flows and process you know such as tell me about that five hundred dollars bill is that on a monthly basis you know do you do you ever charge upfront is part of it up front it's part of it recognized over appeared a time what other products you
00:23:01sell etcetera and then we program and build that all out into our system so that when you signed that contract our system no still like scan down look at the third page on lee to get the financial information look at the top left corner of the first page
00:23:17to get the client's name and ah billing address etcetera and then presto iran's and start sending out the invoices for you and so this system really does the bookkeeping there's a do any analysis Can you asks frank a what were sales last month so you can ask i
00:23:36wouldn't call that so much analysis is reporting so it will do your bookie thing it will produce your reporting it will give you a really nice looking visual dashboard that will show you you know trending over time i really think of analysis is tend to be more for
00:23:50thinking so like looking at the data looking at those reports and then making like hypotheses around you know where the business go in the future so think about keeper as will provide you reporting down to the present moment really time and all the historic so you trending our
00:24:07human accountants can look at that and make some insight for you but i try to like you know set the bar that we are a you know controller down function like think of this as the book uber we're not a replacement for a cfo i think this is
00:24:22really the future and i think it's really going to help a lot of small business owners with fifteen seconds we have left what does this actually cost if i want to use this with my accounting solution right now so small businesses will pay somewhere around like two hundred
00:24:38eighty five dollars a month uh you know faster growing more midsize will pay five you know five hundred thirty five dollars a month much quicker scaling you know larger businesses pay about eight thirty five months um and if you get to a point where you know you're bringing
00:24:55us in to replace multiple people at that point you know it's going to cost about two grand two three grand for employees that we were playing rico i think it's a great innovation if you want to learn more go to www dot bob keeper dot com his am
00:25:09five sixty answer will be right back larry elder says america is focused on the wrong thing again you know what it's like when you go into the starbucks and you don't want to buy anything you want to use the restroom and they tell you to buy something it
00:25:24can really ruin your dinner and again i am not saying that it could have been handled differently I'm not saying that at all but for crying out loud talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill in the population getting involved with all of these real problems
00:25:36the larry elder show weeknights at seven right before j secular oh at nine on am five sixty the answer fox news radio and mayo's special counsel robert mueller continues to investigate the president's possible involvement in the twenty sixteen russian election meddling Rudy giuliani the president's lawyers says there's
00:25:57no evidence at all there is no evidence of collusion with the russians dawn there's no evidence of obstruction of justice everything the president did he has perfect it's already doing their article to know what they want they want him to do martha stewart for them i'm sorry people
00:26:13he's not going to do that giuliani appearing on fox is justice with judge janine justified takes the kentucky derby He led the pack to finish in a time of two of four point two for the mile and a quarter Justify is the first horse in eighteen eighty two
00:26:28to win the derby without racing as a two year old He'd be good magic by two and a half lengths Audible placed third Fox is bob moore Tally Fox news We report You decide stuck in traffic We've got the answer for the alarm detection systems Traffic center Good
00:26:49morning the alarm detection systems traffic center I'm jeremy scott will be problems on three fifty five south bound where four of your right lanes are shut down an international parkway You're jim's our little boy back from fifty five trample face what gets buying that left wing but that
00:27:04doesn't sound too good over there Also if you're traveling through palace sites he saw close half marathon closes around eighty three From harlem to archer and that's when you and telling you and i anticipate there will be foreclosures throughout the day as this event kicks off this reporter's
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00:28:16make more profit at any company business gurus make it sound so complicated but it's really simple formula is p times p equal speed p times p equals p where people multiplied by process means more profit Learn how you could take a quantum leap in just one hundred eighty
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00:28:50to deal with the challenges of a business that just wasn't going anywhere It was a painful realization his business had flat lined and he had no idea how to breathe new life into it It was especially difficult for barry since his customers were not getting the service he
00:29:06was so passionate about delivering second he wasn't making any money Finally his business was sucking the life out of him Do any of these sound familiar Your sales won't budge in spite of your best efforts you have fewer new leads for customers coming in and existing customers fading
00:29:23away You're burned out and completely exhausted it's no longer fun and your family suffers as well if you're one of the millions of small business owners facing these problems every year Berry has the answer Check out very malts dot com slash unstuck to subscribe to his six part
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00:30:16do a piece on jimmy johns for her magazine What kind of piece Well you heard about a clothing optional delivery policy and did he tell her to make a driver incident was a momentary misunderstanding Yes sir but he tolerates our meats that are going on natural not our
00:30:27drivers Yes sir That's not to tell her Jimmy johns is committed to serving sandwiches with only the finest all natural ham rolls the salami bacon and real fresh turkey breast Yes i did sir so she wants to photograph our sandwiches No show actually she want to do a
00:30:37calendar or what a calendar you know the men of jimmy jan's dibs on january now back to business insanity talk ready health it's time to get your small business unstuck but am five sixty thie answer once again here's berry malts welcome back You know you and i are
00:30:59very much alike during my many years of running my own company had deal with the challenges of a business that just wasn't going anywhere for me it was the moment of truth and it was a boy painful realization My business had flat lined and i had no idea
00:31:15had a breathe new life into it This does this sound familiar to you You know it was especially difficult for me since my customers were not getting the service i was so passionate about delivering to them Secondly and probably most importantly i wasn't making any money Finally my
00:31:32stuck business literally what sucking the life out of me This was not exactly the way that i thought my business would turn out after reading all of those books Well it's kind of normal sort of during the life cycle of every single business owner they get stuff from
00:31:50time to time Do any of these things sound familiar Take a listen your sales won't budge in spite of your best efforts it doesn't get much more frustrating than this you have few new leads to customers coming in and customers keep just fading away you're burned out and
00:32:06you completely exhausted it's no longer fun and your family is starting to suffer as well you've got to get off the roller coaster I know what it's like to ride this entrepreneur roller coaster i'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that i've had my
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00:33:34throughout this course First modules about find new customers and grow the ones you've got you know the drill When business is booming you ignore sales and marketing and then business slows down As a result you go do sales and marking This is a hamster wheel to know where
00:33:52your business remained Flat line is stuck As long as you stay on what i call the double helix treadmill i'll show you how to grow your business by tossing out the old paradigms and traditional sales techniques through my easy to follow step by step guide I'm going to
00:34:06show you how to increase the revenue of your business without ever having to sell again Module number two is finding money to manage your business because guess what it's already there as a small business owner there's a great joke it says I sleep like a baby I go
00:34:21to bed early and wake up at midnight screaming my head off does that sound familiar Cash flow keeps a lot of small business owners up at night we've all felt the crunch of following the great recession cash flow has slowed to a trickle bank financing islamists impossible and
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00:34:54elements of growing a business is hiring and then holding onto the right employees ah good rule of thumb is to be slow to hire and quick to fire Unfortunately not many business owners follow this advice instead they hire the first person that fits the role Then when the
00:35:11employee doesn't work out they hesitate to fire them No matter how many team members think they are incompetent i mean show you had effectively higher train madge and fire people to maximize the leverage in your business module number four customer service is the new marketing while this may
00:35:28surprise you the truth is that customer service is your biggest marketing tool in this age of social media Traditional advertising really has become meaningless and people are looking for earned media based on buyers recommendations in this module i'll teach you to be create an effective customer service manifest
00:35:47though so your customer can be served every level Your organization module number five you gotta break that social media addiction it's no secret the world wide web can be a way worldwide waste of time most small businesses have no idea what they're doing I'll show you how to
00:36:04make sure you use social media as your new marketing voodoo model number six The real trick to all of this is boosting your productivity recent studies have indicated that multitasking can cause brain damage at the very least a prevention from doing what you do best It certainly doesn't
00:36:23allow you to get things done effectively You see here's the thing your employees will mimic the way you work you could soon have a team filled with inefficient multitasking workers all running around tracing their tails chasing their tails Get the picture i'm going to uncover ways to get
00:36:39more done in half the time i'm going to make sure that you're productive not just busy If you want to be part of this wonderful program go to www dot barry multi dot com slash unstuck use the special value code fifty off w andy and get fifty percent
00:36:57off the price you'll learn the exact steps you need to take today to move your business to the next level i guarantee it Help can you get from here to there We've got the answer for the alarm detection systems traffic center good morning the alarm production systems traffic
00:37:23santorum jeremy scott three fifty five south i'm pretty heavy right now from fifty five down international parkway where the crash with injuries blocking the four right wing we have heard from scanners that at least four people have been transported to area hospitals and so this should be picked
00:37:36up here i would say within the next fifteen to twenty minutes other than that seen on the tollway's eighty eight eastbound after sam a dock road around the mountain from mile marker eighty eight any reports of a crash once you get past sad slow from the south bound
00:37:48tristate ramp to the north on tri state with overnight road or taking out a couple of lanes you're also seeing a full closure of around eighty three from harlem archery pale pale site for the southwest half marathon until noon rest of the roads are looking good and looking
00:38:02ahead to that race temperatures get me in the mid to upper sixties still good temperature running weather but that's a good with the chance of showers only thirty percent fifty five here as traffic on am find sixty the answer thinking of starting your own business get on board
00:38:16for a crazy ride be the first person to tweet harry at very mult and get a free copy of his book You need to be a little crazy The truth about starting and growing your own business You will need the company thinking of starting your own business Get
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00:38:44in small business he's finally discovered the magic formula to make more profit at any company Business gurus make it sound so complicated but it's really simple formula is p times p equals p p times p equals p where people multiplied by process means more profit Learn how you
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00:39:19many years of running his own company he had to deal with the challenges of a business that just wasn't going anywhere It was a painful realization his business had flat lined and he had no idea how to breathe new life into it it was especially difficult for barry
00:39:34since his customers were not getting the service he was so passionate about delivering second he wasn't making any money finally his business was sucking the life out of him Do any of these sound familiar Your sales won't budge in spite of your best efforts you have few new
00:39:51leads for customers coming in and existing customers fading away you're burned out and completely exhausted it's no longer fun and your family suffers as well If you're one of the millions of small business owners facing these problems every year berry has the answer Check out very malts dot
00:40:09com slash unstuck to subscribe to his six part video series stick around and get your small business unstuck more of business insanity talk radio with very moz now on a m five sixty the answer Well let's start off with the understatement of the year Every small business owner
00:40:30actually experiences aa lot of stress it's the stress that can ultimately be the undoing of your business here help with a new solution is angela thicken who's a boston base psychotherapist entrepreneur she started career at mclean hospital working to harvard university is a primary therapist for students before
00:40:49moving into private practice angela specialized in o c eating disorders and anxiety related concerns shortened for the huffpost marriage dot com buzzfeed and pop sugar angela welcome to the show thank you so much for having me so everyone experiences stress isn't necessarily a bad thing there is either
00:41:09a different types of stress test certainly help us feel motivated There are times when we are e can feel productive and we're under the gun or there's a deadline to meet we can kind of zero in and just get stuff done but all the other stuff the harder
00:41:25stress where uh we can kind of get tripped up and making decisions or we get in our own way anxiety comes in and it can be So what causes the most severe stress for small business owners Would you think why does it happen Yeah so it's part of
00:41:43it is you know it's not entrepreneurs and small business owners it's not your standard nine to five job you're not going into something where someone's going to train you to do a specific task and then you go do that thing We're flying by the seat of our pants
00:41:58kind of taking risks creating our own path and that can cause a lot of stress because we probably haven't done it before and looking happen is it can be difficult making decisions there's a lot of variety that come into play s so that's why the entrepreneur was icy
00:42:17who come in who are really looking for specific strategies to manage theirs said they want things i agree with what you mentioned is it's not a nine to five job it's twenty four seven and you can have that fight or flight mechanism stay on constantly almost permanently instead
00:42:34of when you need it And so what kinds of things in your practice angela have you seen that entrepreneurs can do actually to reduce their stress So my name to go to that i've seen a lot of entrepreneurs is you know when we get dressed the first thing
00:42:52to go is self care hey think ok i have to spend more time in the office i'll just trimming the fat and the rest of my life i won't see friends as much i won't eat a full lunch i'll just grab it back and of course that gives
00:43:06us more time for the office but over time it just breathe more stress So what i tell entrepreneurs is please think about self care and i'll suggested in every time you wake up in the morning think about how you want attention yourself that day It doesn't have to
00:43:23be some grand master plan It could be five minutes like a bunch of starbucks without matey that you've been craving or a twenty minute podcast that you really enjoy on the train to work to having dinner with friends we're going to the gym but if you could just
00:43:38remember to tend to yourself every day that will help you manage the hardest stress over time and i think that break is really important I mean a lot of entrepreneurs think that if he only work harder faster better longer it's really going to work out for you but
00:43:55you need that downtime me the time where you can say all right i was stressed and i'm gonna do something for myself right Yes we need the brain grape And what was the second strategy that you that you think works well to reduce stress So the other pieces
00:44:10but i see this a lot again is that entrepreneurs will come in and they'll show me their schedule which is jam packed with fifteen to twenty items that they've got to get done that day and they never get it done so they wake up in the morning feeling
00:44:23incredibly stressed out already before the union starts today So what i tell them is to just try to simplify the list think about before you leave the office that day think about the next day look at the list and just pick the top to the items that you
00:44:39want to get done that's it just three put them in your schedule so next time you come in you cross off fight of one two three then you go back no longer list that one or two more and then just keep going from there and what can happen
00:44:53is when we stood something a smaller simplified list we feel less overwhelmed it increases productivity we just feel better by the end of the day you're probably not going to hit the fifteen or twenty items maybe you get eight to ten but the rest is probably the plus
00:45:11stuff that can wait to the several days later in the week so those two things health care and look at your to do list and try to simplify or two ways that i think entrepreneurs can help reduce their stuff and we have to understand angela that that to
00:45:26do list is really never ending so as you said if you could pick the two or three things you're going to do first so you feel like you've had a good day you've accomplished something made a difference here business i think that you've got to make some kind
00:45:38of progress i mean i've heard people calling it micro progress ing right or if you can just make a little bit of progress you'll feel some kind of sense of accomplishment what role do you think interruptions that we constantly get through all sorts of electronic devices and no
00:45:54vacations play in stress for the entrepreneur i think that you know technology certainly to be an interruption so sure it can make us feel more overwhelmed or more distracted Sometimes it makes it difficult for us to fall asleep before kind of always uh on our phone or on
00:46:18their laptop So why couldn't they just try to tell people is at the end of the day specifically you know when you're heading to bed trying to think about wrapping up no electronics just try to get some good sleep have a nice sleep hygiene routine where you can
00:46:36spend fifteen or twenty minutes of you know tonight just doing something quiet to try to help you that's asleep So electronics aren't interfering with your entire life for me angela to go to sleep I read a good apocalyptic fiction novel each night and it really sells the believer
00:46:54not angela thicken thanks me on the show you can reach her at progress Wellness dot com is an five sixty the answer Be right back You've already upgraded your cell phone to a smart device which lets you use the internet to be more productive on the go But
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00:49:05the blue star in the first aid section feel blue star work fast or your money back now back to business insanity talk ready health it's time to get your small business unstuck but am five sixty the answer once again here's very malts well the search engine optimization industry
00:49:26or ceo you know getting your company on the first page of google is really played by smoke and mirrors black hack techniques and lack of transparency but night my next guests really wants to change that for good Jeremiah smith is the co founder and ceo of simple tiger
00:49:42a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in s e o for entrepreneurs Jeremiah welcome to the show thank you so much for having me very happy to be here today so what advice would you have Because i think that most small business owners are really confused about what a
00:49:58handful of things they can do to make their website more effective when it comes to search and optimization where do you start Sure yeah so i really recommend a three part strategy that starts with that technical structure first so your site needs be built on a good technical
00:50:17foundation After that you need to produce quality content on your site and when i say quality content me long enough pages of text describe your product or service or talk talking some way about your industry Typically when you produce content i recommend providing ah value to the reader
00:50:40So they learned something so they advance their knowledge and that ultimately helps define that quality element bitching about content and then last but not least i recommend getting length to those pieces of content Links are where other sites actually point to your website and drive traffic to your
00:50:59web site because they kind of vote for your content They point a link over to your pieces of content and that will help those pieces of content rank This is of course very high level of very loosely oriented but that's the framework that i recommended usedto like well
00:51:15on google So germany let me ask you a couple questions are these things myths or truths So the first one is should i try to rank for some key words i say all right let's put their key word i'm gonna go out i'm going to try to own
00:51:29that one from annette ceo standpoint is that a good idea So for a very long time that have been a very good idea and i have personally still say it's a good idea toe have some cured targets but you're aiming at however the way searches changed in the
00:51:44way searchers operate is very moreover finding that more more people actually searched different variations of key words than the people who search that same keyword often does and then those people that search those different variations of that key word typically are more likely to convert depending on what
00:52:06they find because they're looking probably for something more specific and so if they find that they're further down the buying cycle than someone research is more generically you have to consider that in your strategy as you're targeting things could be cured perspective more example if you're a company
00:52:24in sarasota florida targeting specific service like maybe a tv repair in service of the florida if that's if that's what you specialize and it's good to see repair as opposed to just be a sarasota well jim i i appreciate your time i wish we had more time we're
00:52:41going to have you back if people have been interested by this conversation where can they get in touch with you sure they could just check us out a simple tiger dot com and they are more than welcome to shoot me an email anytime jeremiah at simple tiger dot
00:52:55com jeremiah thanks so much for your time and thanks all of you for joining this week's radio show i want to thank our sponsor next eva of course they're your answer to all your business communicate solutions in the cloud i want to thank our incredible staff especially our
00:53:08booking producer sarah shefrin our in studio producer debbie shriner our marketing manager courtney gill crest if you're serious about being more successful this year you've got to give me a call and several private line for that that seven seven three eight three seven eight to five zero or
00:53:25you give me an email at barry at most dot com isn't this the year that you'd get your small business on stuck isn't this the year that you finally finally make the money deserve that's why you got the business in the first product place remember love everyone trust
00:53:41a few and pal your own canoe have a profitable and passionate week you can find very on the web at very most dot com you've been listening to business insanity talk radio hi it's amy jacobson and progressive presents get palms inspiration to help you do insurance stuff okay
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